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Pennington out, Henne in, Dolphins trail 10-6

The Dolphins season has taken a drastic detour in the third quarter of this game.

Chad Pennington injured his right shoulder and is out for the remainder of the game and possibly longer.

Chad Henne in for the remainder of the game and possibly longer.

And the defense gave up a TD that has the Dolphins trailing 10-3 to start the final stanza.

The live blog continues in the comments section below.


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Chad Henne looks like a high school kid playing right now.

ANY Fin Fan that clamored for him to start over Pennington needs to turn in their blogging rights and go home.

I like how you guys say "because he can throw it deep he should play"

You guys were wrong then and look stupid NOW for your comments.

"Ted Ginn Jr is a Miami Dolphin"

Defense hasn't forced a punt this half. Jason Taylor 0 and 19 as a dolphin.


both of those were 100% catchable balls...

no we wont get off ginn until he is cut

Where are the 'Long over Matt Ryan is good 'cause we got Henne' folks now?!?!

At what point do you give up on the 9th pick of the draft?

Ginn is garbage

Down by 7, 12 minutes left and we go shotgun, 3&out

Get off Ginn you have to be kidding. Why does he get paid... o yea to lose 2 games by not catching balls. NOT!


what i want to know armando is what did henne do to the recivers. he must have pissed them off somehow.

tuna = myth

Even though he was across the line of scrimmage, that last play from Henne gave me hope. At least he showed some fight.

Bring on the Michael Vick era!

Seriously, what would stop the Chargers from going deep again?

get the ball

Let's activate Pat Turner next game....I don't care if he doesn't play special teams, we drafted him to Catch a ball not make tackles


Yeah! Penny did so great.

Ginn sucks ooh but henne in he can throw the deep pass Ginn just need a QB with an arm eat your word Biatchs

This is just painful

Now they are going to run it down your throats.

Now even the punter is getting into it. Geez, things fell apart quickly here. Someone throw them a life ring as they are drowning.

Nice job JT

I wish the fins would make their own qb look good.

Porter out of the game with hamstring inj.

Pennington won 11 damn games last year PO WHITE TRASH

Wow Jason Taylord is playing?

For the record---- I NEVER said Henne over Penny----I ALWAYS said Henne's a fraud & a Fail--based on his fugly preseason work over two preseasons.

Finally JT makes a play.

Can we get Turner out there next week?

A bag of rocks is better than Ted Ginn

good thing SD decidied to run instead of going deep.

Jets09, too bad ur whole family wasn't in the Twin Towers, u would deserve nothing less ahole

What a pipe dream to think this team was going to compete this year and I dont want to hear anyone blame it on the running backs. The offense is as bad as any in the league. 4th quarter and less than 75 yards of passing? really! What exactly did this team work on in the off season and pre season? Looking good in the airport. Horrid!

Gotta go back to the run. We were walking all over them. We're still in this game. And will all the Pennington haters have the kahunas to admit their stupidity tomorrow after henne has a single digit qb rating?

can't blame Henne for any of this. are you kidding. His throws are all catchable and he got out of a sack and made a great play. He was over the line but still better than a sack. Great play for a young qb

MANDO, Will Allen AGAIN!

BS call!

This sucks...it is not even fun to watch...

Go to heck Will Allen!

Thata BOY Will.

C'mon, I've seen all I need of Ginn. Seems he is good for nothing but gimmes. Refuses to come through on even one clutch play given every opportunity to be the hero.

So when do the chants for Pat White start, haha

Last year.............

Bad call guys. lets go DDDDDDDDDDDDD

OUR DB'S are soooo poor.

why are they giving up
armando question their heart next week while you are there.

When rains it pours

Wow folks imagine how bad the Bills and Jets are going to kill us............. gonna be hard to watch

This is testing my NO Scotch pledge.

Hamatring porter

FAT TUNA. Are you having fun watching this from home? Get your useless ass on a plane and go be with your team.

I can blame Henne for being a country mile beyond the LOS as he threw...he sucks.

wow that was a no call on that

Matt Roth is chuckling...

Henne is not the problem here people. If ginn made those catches which were easy catches we would have our td by now

dline playing well this half

Thank God the Chargers are coached by Norv Turner, gives us a chance

10 minutes left and the chargers are not showing us anything. Still as chance if we can look slightly better than a HS team

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