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Pennington out, Henne in, Dolphins trail 10-6

The Dolphins season has taken a drastic detour in the third quarter of this game.

Chad Pennington injured his right shoulder and is out for the remainder of the game and possibly longer.

Chad Henne in for the remainder of the game and possibly longer.

And the defense gave up a TD that has the Dolphins trailing 10-3 to start the final stanza.

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Norv Turner resorting to his old Dave Wannstedt play calls. The reason the Dolphins are still in the game.

with the first pick of the 2010 NFL season, the Miami Dolphins have selected Tim Tebow from the univ. of Florida ..

For the record - I never said Henne either - I was chanting HEINE!

As in the beer.

Another 3rd down....

0 & 2 last time I checked..

Those people critizing "fairweather fans"... while many are these type of fans, I'm one of the ones critizing and I'm just plain tired of the crappy personnel moves. This guy we got from the Raiders is horrific, no WR's which was a desperate need (we could have addressed in free agency-Houshmanzedah?), and no QB since Marino. Look at the guys we have given up over the years-you could make an all-star team with those that have been traded or not signed (hell, the Patriots had about 6 or 7 former Dolphins over the last few years)...its just sad

good job wilson

garbage as usual

My brother was in the towers. His ghost has more guts than your dolphins.

Goodbye gents

0-5 then bye week and then maybe we can bring in Ryan Leaf to run this stellar offensive unit

Gerbil outta position again.

Another tight end roasting us. I am gonna vomit.

And then the Chargers remembered the Dolphins still can't cover the tight end.

bobbyd12 that comment is disgusting. This is a football game for goodness sake. Not the end of the world. Get your priorities in order.

Keep your hopes up fellow fin fans. Positive thoughts will yeild positive results.


Yea lets dump on Norv but leave the Dolphins coaching staff completely unscathed. Nice work Mando, grow a set and start calling this team out. Do your job.

Our DBs seem to lack talent, discipline, toughness, tackling ability and awareness. Other than that they're SUPER!

link to the game anyone?

Why do I even subject myself to this. Why.

was tat gates or usain bolt ?

gabril the moron was giving a 10 yard cushion

come on df give us a chance

The Fins cannot even make it interesting.

here we go Dolphins here we go

i was ok with our record not being as good this year but i thought we were supposed to play better. we have really regressed this year. it sucks.

New Rule: opposing offenses will automatically be given a first down when it is 3rd and 15 or less. We suuuuuuck!!!

Where are the Safeties? Anybody? Anybody? Anybody?

Nice tackle Akin!


I almost had a heart attack just to realize that the play got called back because of the flag. I hate this team, I'm dead serious. I refuse to do this.

defense gave up. i am sooo disappointed in them

ok need to go take my happy pill. THANKS Dolphins!

Aww man, and I'm coming all the way from Scotland for the next two games. :(

Mando decides to start pointing out coaching flaws and picks on SanDiego. What a total douche. Not a word about the Dolphin's gong show the past two weeks and now he gets on Turner. Wouldn't say a word I'm sure when Norv was here but now he has the tiny balls to say something.

Regression is one thing, what's happening in San Diego (& over the last two weeks) is DISGUSTING & REVOLTING.


you had 6...

jason@!!!! that would have been another td

JT make the play! Please!

our d sucks. Play calling on o is just as bad. we deserve to lose. almost don't count either on the jt int. we suck


It's not that the Chargers are winning this game, the Fins are just losing it.

even if they get a field goal i dont think we can get the ball twice. and how many times have we heard ALMOST and int.?

Yeah don't be a fairweather fan real fans love it when their team sucks.NOT A good fan wants to see a good team not poor defense and play calling. I'm a fan not an idiot.

FG makes it game over, it's just trash time for the O if we get it back. 0-3 here we come, even Detroit is 1-2, re-hire Cam Cameron!!!

Another "almost" play......we specialize in that.

fins to the left
fins to the right
we're not an nfl team tonight

LALALA LALAA HEY ! HEY ! goodbye ! 0-3 . Get ready for the draft people,

Well another year of losing in Miami. Enjoy the beach for the next couple of months and save yourself the agony.

Henne is so ready, Huh? There was a reason why Pennington was the starter. We have to worry about this secondary. They are lost.

smh another almost for the defense

JT could have become a huge hero just a second ago.

Sooo Henne is the future. hmm, I dont see it. He is to unsettled in the pocket. And Ginn?? Give me an FN break. Yall kept asking for Henne and Ginn combo, well look what we got.. We do not have a QB. And Ginn is an over rated kick returner that needs to return his ass back to Ohio.

Norv Turner is kicking our a&* Mando

We have not defended the middle of the field at all this year!

This site is so full of haters and wannabes who have no idea what it means to be a fan. NEVER say your team or your players suck. You guys disgust me. Check your negativity at the door or stay outside.

come on d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We'll win 4-5 games this year and get some playmakers in the draft (WRs and DBs).

We could be playing anyone today; we'd still lose the game.

Allen got lucky there

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