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Pennington out, Henne in, Dolphins trail 10-6

The Dolphins season has taken a drastic detour in the third quarter of this game.

Chad Pennington injured his right shoulder and is out for the remainder of the game and possibly longer.

Chad Henne in for the remainder of the game and possibly longer.

And the defense gave up a TD that has the Dolphins trailing 10-3 to start the final stanza.

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Can't wait to hear the crud that SParano and Mando try to shovel on us this week.

Dear Mr. Salguero

It mite be the hard liquor but I swear my Dan Marino action figure is crying.

Soiled :)

Henne can not see over his 150 million dollar line...maybe we need some little smurfs for him..man, he is not ready

Will Allen on ground AGAIN!! We got lucky!

Ha HA Ha aha ha ha

Guess what folks, looks like a hs team.

Defense is tired (first time they have really worked all season)

offense missed the two opportunities in the 1st half to get TD's. Anybody who understands FB knows you don't get a TD twice inside the 5 as a visitor you might as well get back on the plane.
Great Job Coordinators! Maybe both O and D Coordinators need to go. Maybe Tuna needs to go. Maybe Buffet has some pull somewhere. Bet he is enjoying THIS investment.

Let's see...Chargers up by 10...divide 10 by 3...it's only a 4 score game people!

whats so funny is we never see them going after sean and vontae. Guess they are playing fairly well. it's always bell and especially will allen

Game over..season over..us and the Titans are done. Ronnie Brown for Pro Bowl.

Big im with you, horrible personnel moves this offseason and we had cap room to use. Cant address wr in the draft especially if these guys arent even in the lineup half of the time. Tuna has lost his ability to identify talent via the draft folks. Where are his draft picks from last year? Long is getting used badly, Henne obviously hasnt gotten the reps necessary, thats our first two picks last year folks, should i even name the guys we could have drafted??? Im guessing you know who im talking about

At least Henne can throw 5 Yards even if it is past the L.O.S.!

This over boys....Henne cannot even get the team out of the huddle.


Will got lucky there

Gee, can we dink and dunk our way to two scores in 6 minutes?

M floyd, a third wr has owned us today. Rivers reminds me of marino tho don't mind losing to him he is a baller. He make our DB's look stupid. We have a loooong way to go people. Top ten pick next year.

Ten point deficit in 2009 might as well be Four Million points.

Do we even get a First Down? I say one, maybe, tops.

This dolphin team is caught in the shallows. If only it could figure out which way the sun moves in the sky, it might be able to swim to better waters.

Just makes the Pat White pick look worse and word with every passing minute.

it will be nice to see henne with a week of preparation. i want to see if we need to draft another QB

not ur fault fins

ur not good enough to win

tuna has set u up for success

Please sit that lazy piece of @;$$ ginn out

Yeah no negativity. Be happy your dolphins suck.

so down 10....

7 minutes...

henning calls a useless 1 yard play

Kevin11c, get a clue. True Fans hate, love, etc are REal with their observations and feelings. Don't tell us how we should act. This is still not a socialist state...yet.

smh i expect them to get the ball down the field


Could you Henne bashers tell me what he has done wrong? He didn't drop the passes and he is running the plays that the coaches give him. Should he do a coup and call his own plays?

Pass pass pass

Stupid ass short passes

pat white = bust

Are we trying to run out the clock???

Yeah don't be negative guys it hurts their feelings. Knowing your team can be better but isn't doesn't mean you are not a real fan. Noticing gaping holes doesn't make you a bad fan. Loving the dolphins for over thirty years even when they suck is a good fan. I'm not blind I'm realistic. I'll still be a fan after this.


Goodnight Miami

U guys happy now?

Season over.....

And that is the ballgame. Now you can call it a day.

chad henne = bust

First TD of the Henne era!

Happy now?

How bad was that.

Damnit, Henne late on the out route for a pick 6.

and there goes the 2009 season

Omfg coaching sucks


hennes first TD!

hennes first td!! nice job. i guess we will get it twice



Where's Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco when we need them!

WOW! 0-3 Nitemare!


season is done!!!

What was that chantI saw earlier, oh yeah. HENNE HENNE HENNE HENNE HENNE HENNE HENNE HENNE

Yup, the kids got "it" alright

I miss Chad already.....

try this, http;www.vshare.tv/live/skysports3_nfl_titans_vs_jets_miami_vs_san_diego

Can we get Beck back? Cleo Lemon is still available?

With Pennington you know what you got. 9-7/10-6/11-5 seasons first round payoffs. That's it, he can't take you any further. People want Henne because he is unknown. If he stinks it up then the Dolphins know what they have and what they still need. We weren't doing any better then 9-7 or 10-6 this year anyways, might as well see what we have and what we still need. I rather go 6-10 with Henne and see if he is the answer then 1st round payoff lost again with Pennington. So what if we suck now with Henne, he just threw a pick 6. At least at the end of the year you'll know what you have. Good or Bad

His arm strength helped him there.

The painful thing is Henne looked right before he threw left. THat was a very good play by Weddle.

my god

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