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Pennington out, Henne in, Dolphins trail 10-6

The Dolphins season has taken a drastic detour in the third quarter of this game.

Chad Pennington injured his right shoulder and is out for the remainder of the game and possibly longer.

Chad Henne in for the remainder of the game and possibly longer.

And the defense gave up a TD that has the Dolphins trailing 10-3 to start the final stanza.

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You Henne Lovers!!!!!!!!!! NOW WHO CAN YOU BLAME FOR THIS LOSS?????????????????

It's easy to sit on routes when you know they aren't going to throw deep...EVER

HEY kevin11c, Guess what ? this team SUCK ! GET READY FOR THE DRAFT !

2 yards, 80 to go!

yeah well everyone got what they wanted, henne...

So you want Henne Now?


thats ball game

Need to draft a QB

For all those Henne fans begging for him to come and solve our problems, there u go.

Ahh...the joys of watching a qb learn the game...I miss those

Sure Mando.

Someone call John Beck.

the worst part is that they are so boring to watch. at least when marino lost it was exciting.

the future of our team the henne era has begun

GAME OVER, Dmanit...so all you Henne and Ginn fans, here is what you get...Ive said it all along I dont see the future in this QB. And Ginn, he needs to return his ass back to Ohio. this sucks


we had a receiver wide open 20 plus yard downfield. nobody covering him for 10 yards. wonder why they think we won't throw to him

MF why did they show this game in CT.

An 0-3 start and possibly no Pennington going forward. Wow this could be a long ugly year.

Wow, just wow. Henne is a scared mouse. We could be worse than the lions. Henne lovers rejoice.

How can anybody blame Henne? You have to see what you have in henne this year because the Dolphins will be drafting top 10 this year. Lots of Qbs available. Have to know what to draft

Let's not pretend that Chad P never threw interceptions.

chad henne is not the answer

We will pick within the first hour of the draft now.

Joey Harrington is around, just playing his piano.
Btw Beck is on the Ravens

Thats what happens when you DINK and DUNK all day...and game plan it every week

Watch Henne light up this prevent D now

Who was it that was asking for Henne? Let's hope Chad P only has a stinger

For all those Ginn haters: at least you can be happy that Brady Quinn - the guy that so many analysts said we should have drafted and who was supposed to be the next great thing - sucks as well and was even pulled today

0-3 here we come

In case you missed it. TOUCHDOWN CHARGERS!

A well prepared backup quarterback, I use the term loosely! Sorry.
What a waste of good money!
The whole darn lot of them!

Jake Long protected Henne well as he threw that pick 6, glad we picked Long over Ryan

should have stuck with the number 2 qb pat white. henne has done nothing good.

It's almost 3am here in Dubai and I have to get up in 4 hours...I can't believe I stayed up for this.

Still want Henne, or maybe we could have Penny for the rest of eternity. That will get us somewhere.

Let's see how he responds after totally screwing up

Hhmm may drew brees would have been worth a few extra dollars

the mental mistakes have got to stop

Give henne some gametime he will get better, payton manning was 1 and 15 his first year

Oh no its just becoming embrassing!

Hennepin dances nice. Hey they just mentioned that ginn doent have a catch.

That kid has the same look Ray Lucas did....hey maddog where's Henne from??? Miiiiiiiiichigan!!!

The team smells worse than mount Trashmore on a sunny day.

This loss falls on the playcalling. Why did we completely abandon the run at half?

We can't throw downfield because Ginn can't catch the ball. Darn not even happy pill helping today.


woohoo love bess

so what if we score a td we still lose

Devon Bess is the only bright spot on this team

bess is the best receiver we have.. he is in full speed at all times and runs over the middle

Bess is the best wr we have

Does anyone else think the playcalling has been awful, how many screens and dump passes have we thrown when we need 8, 10, 15 yards, this is ridiculous. Ginn is garbage dropped two passes and Henne is lost

Eat another big mac Vernon

umm why cant henne stay in the damn pocket....he keep moving into the pressure

Like the 1st round of the playoffs, that was so fulfilling.

We only need 3 TD s to win. Oh never mind.

Eddy 07 we already did 1-15 in 07 rememebr.

He's not even looking downfield....?


CP10, Henne, JT, Porter, Ginn, Crowder. That would be a start.

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