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Pennington out, Henne in, Dolphins trail 10-6

The Dolphins season has taken a drastic detour in the third quarter of this game.

Chad Pennington injured his right shoulder and is out for the remainder of the game and possibly longer.

Chad Henne in for the remainder of the game and possibly longer.

And the defense gave up a TD that has the Dolphins trailing 10-3 to start the final stanza.

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Miss you Bobby. Don't cry. We will take you as a jets fan.

Henne is throwing past 5 yrds atleast.

I see Henne improving every throw

can we atleast throw one play for 20 yards down the middle?

here we go again

I have no interest in this team anymore. I hate them, seriously.

Ricky, Brown, Bess!!!

dont you guys watch football? With only occassional qbs it takes years to get good. Brees wasn't a star right away or Rivers, or about 80 percent of the others. You have to play it out

Are running backs are catching all the passes.

Ricky Williams!

henne sucks
he sucked at Michigan
he sucks now
hes a big stiff

Ganja rulz.



As I can't see the game, I notice that the QBs try to throw either to Bess or to Ginn. Are they plaing with 2 WRs packages or is Camarillo still not over his injury yet?

Trademark Dolphin garbage time TD

Maybe a hint of the future?

garbage TD's don't count

Carey is obviously ok. But that TD doesn't change much. Still a tough day for Miami.

Armando and other reporters:

I hope someone is going to write an article about the playcalling. This is so lame.

Why all the short passes in front of the 1st down marker?

I want to see P. White start next game if Penny is out. Henne has had his shot. Give White a chance. He cant be any worse than Henne. At least P. White can outrun most all defenders.....

scurrilous, right...

Yay a meaningless score!! To Little to late nice run though Ricky.

k Henne haters! Take that! TD!!! 139 yards passing

Like I said, I like Henne

Shouldn't they have gone for two there?

I'll give henne some time. Let him get all the snaps this week in practice, and see how he fairs next week in Buffalo.

Hint of no future.

This is no longer a team game for the Dolphins. Individual efforts is all that matters. Look at the smile on Brown's face.

Dan Marino didn't win his first start

85 of that is Henne and would have had 40 more if Ginn could catch a cold

Anyone wishing pennington was in there need to loon at henne throw, that's what a football as supposed to look like thrown from an nfl qb. Th pick six doesn't bother me. Ginn is done. Pennington is done( both thank god). It's time
For te future. Let's give henne a chance.

Start the future now! Every body have a shot!

Fields is Miami's onside kick specialist, not Carpenter.

We should not have beaten any of the first three teams on our schedule...we have a good team, but not a great team...if we lose next week, then start to worry....everyone who wanted Henne, you got him!!

10 yards Fields!!!

I love Jet fans all talk. They start great and die. Watch.

Look at that, our kicker can't even kick it 10 yards. This is very funny, I hope they all have a heart attack on the flight over.

Chargers eight yards from FG territory.

henne is a stiff

benz....We want him!

Bring back AJ Feeley !!!! Lol!!!

trade those sorry arses of Camarillo and Ginn!

I am following this blog as I can not see the game live and oit helps me to follow it

What I do not understand how poor your life must be to be a fan of another team and join this blog just to insult people or make some stupid comments? Do these people have nothing better to do? Makes me sad to see people with no friends

It really is sad that our best receivers are also our best running backs!

we can't even kick on offsides kick right? it's time to start really looking at this coaching staffs ability.

Turnover 3 and out something Please!!!!!

We just might not win a game this year.

yeah we needs some wide recivers. we need to draft them early next year. big strong fast. but the have to be able to catch

Well, we have a team that can run the ball and stop the run. If we add another element next year, i.e. at least become better passing the ball or defending it, then we become a contender. Team is still light years better than Cam's 1-15

Harry... He is a Jet fan. Need I say more?

To be fair, JT doing a great job of calling those time outs


This team is uninspired....I'm blaming the coaches...

The play calling is bad, the execution is bad, and we can't even make adjustments.

SD came back from 1/2 time and started throwing long....we did nothing.

Well, 1 st game offense sucked; 2nd game defense sucked; 3rd they both suck! Congrats!!!

Nice to see the ball flying down the field. Henne would have had to start this year anyway so it is good to start now. If they unleash him next game we can see where he is at. He will throw interceptions becuase he wont know the reads. That's ok. He needs to learn. Rivers learned

I like Pennington but remember, when he retires, I bet he retires as a Jet

so benz, 0-3 is Ok but 0-4 is time to worry?

Wow, the Lions are 1-2. What is our record?

How is it possible for ANY NFL team to lose to another team missing so many (8?) starters?

Anyone, anyone?

Just have Ginn return kicks...that's why he was drafted....remember?

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