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PRESSURE points for tonight's Indy game

If you read this blog, and I know you do because you're reading this blog, you know how I feel about the importance of Miami's offensive line. Just in case you need reminding, here is today's column on the OL I wrote for Mother Herald.

If you want the matchup breakdown of tonight's Monday Night Football meeting between the Dolphins and Colts, you now have the link for that.

But in this post I want to approach things from a different perspective.

I want to show you the pressure points for the Dolphins. These are the areas that the Colts probably think they can attack and perhaps even win at during the game. These are the areas where the Dolphins need improvement over last week.

These are the areas that, finding resolution, will bring victory to the Dolphins. And lacking resolution, would send the Dolphins down in defeat. The pressure points:

The secondary -- Last week the Dolphins dodged a bullet. Sean Smith had terrible technique on two or three plays and Matt Ryan found him each time. But the Atlanta QB either overthrew, or underthrew passes to open receivers that would have shredded the secondary. So Smith's first game was not a disaster. It was fine.

The Colts have nearly as good a complement of receivers as the Falcons -- although Anthony Gonzalez will not play tonight -- and their QB is much better. Peyton Manning makes throwing mistakes in tosses to open receivers, too, like any other QB. But he doesn't do it two or three times in one game as Ryan did.

So Smith must show improvement. He told me his greatest problem was keeping his technique good when running with a receiver that went in motion across the formation. He said he worked on that all this week. We'll see.

The offensive line -- Read my column on the unit. If gives insight into the difference in philosophy between the football side and business side of the Miami Dolphins. It also makes the point that if the OL plays well tonight, the Dolphins will likely win.

Interesting perhaps only to me is that the Miami OL has struggled in games against smallish offensive defensive lines recently -- with the Tampa Bay preseason game and the Atlanta regular-season opener coming to mind. It wasn't just Jake Long, either. Miami is big across the line and all five men had issues with opponents that were generally quicker.

Justin Smiley told me it wasn't all five guys struggling at the same time, either. It was four guys carrying out their assignments and one guy blowing it. And it was a different guy every time. So that tells me the OL needs time to gel. The struggles against the quicker opposition is a timing issue as much as anything.

So it's not about proficiency. It's about efficiency.

That makes me optimistic a better day is coming soon. We'll see if that day is actually tonight.

Chad Pennington -- I love Chad Pennington. He's a great leader. He's a winner. I recognize his arm-strength issues but don't necessarily believe they are the reason he hasn't won big in the NFL.

But ...

The last two meaningful games he's played, he's been terrible. He was terrible in last season's playoff loss to Baltimore, throwing four interceptions. He was better against Atlanta, but still had a couple of turnovers -- one via interception and one from a lost fumble.

So the last two games Pennington is 46 of 67 for 428 yards, with two touchdown passes and five interceptions. That's a 64.7 QB rating.

More troubling than those statis is the fact Pennington has gotten the Miami offense in the end zone only twice in the last two games -- once against Baltimore, once again Atlanta. And both those TDs came in the fourth quarter when the games were all but decided.

It's the quarterback's primary job to get his offense in the end zone. Pennington hasn't done a great job of that the last two games.

He's better than that. And he has to start reminding people of that starting tonight.

Finally, I'm having a hard time seeing a victory tonight. So it's on you. What is the recipe for victory against a team with a solid D, a better QB, an OL that is the equal of Miami's and a better receiver corps?

Coaching? The Dolphins have the edge there. But what else authors a victory?

[BLOG NOTE: Yes, there is a live blog of the game tonight! I'll have it set up a few hours before kickoff and be on here with you guys to discuss pregame activities and news. Come back then.] 


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I'm glad you're starting to come around Mando. Nothing against Chad but he is not the answer if we want to win a superbowl. With that being said the recipe is quite simple.


wait for it....


Ricky can ride the pine for the rest of the season IMO. Bring him in on 3rd and short.

We need to give ronnie the ball 17 or more times a game. Bare minimum 17 times a game. Not passing plays or trickster plays. Give him the ball at his given position.


D4life, A lot of us are fired up for tonight. We need this one really bad. Go Phins

Dear Mr Amrado, How are you today? I am fine.
Mr Armdo I know that you are smart and that you know alotta football because you write to us about it. BUt I really, really do think and know that the Miami Dolphins can win a game tonight. I will tell you why also? OKay?
Mikal TUrner did not have good running game last day on Sunday. Is right? He is much much a better running back besides Josph Addi. I like that.I we will stop Turner then we will stop Addi too. But now we have to worry because Paytin Maneng will throw the ball. SO then we will have alots to pass rush and to stop him from passing too much.
ANd you know what other things we need to do is to make ROnnie Brown run the football many many times?
And best of all we are playing at home!
We will win game tonight this time Mr Armdo I promise to you we will.
Mr Armdo we will win this game tonight for your mom. You told us she was biggest Dolphin fan? Well she will be happy to watch in heaven because we will win the game tonight. I know we will too. You will see it.
Sincerely your friend,
Juan Huron

Jessica Simpson or Jessica Biel???? What are your thoughts guys????

You know our coaches have been very interested in studying the game film of the Jags/Colts matchup in Indy last week.

Reggie Wayne had 10 catches and a big yardage day. So we will scheme to slow him down, especially with Gonzalez out.

But the Jags were +2 on turnovers.
Jags sacked Manning once, but did often hurry him and flush him out of the pocket .
Jags who like Miami don't have much of a passing game either, but yet they averaged 4.4 per rush to only 2.3 for the Colts.
The Jags stuffed the Colts 0-2 on 4th down.
Jags played tough red zone D, even picked Manning in the endzone..
Jags held the Colts to only 14 points, and held the Colts scoreless in the 4th Qtr.

Mind you that the Colts also had a very good defensive effort at home against the Jags.

However if the Dolphins can play solid D, harass Peyton "Pumpkin Head" Manning, if we run the ball effectively, and get in the endzone 2-3 times instead of just kicking field goals, then we can have a great chance of coming out with a SWEET HOME VICTORY!

GetterDone Phins! 24-20

I have been looking forward to tonight's game, and the changes that will result, for 13 months now.

Jessica Rabbit

The answer to a victory would be Henne! Leaving Pennington in as QB leaves the game as a toss up....leaves it with who makes more mistakes, doesn't get the win....with Henne in it goes to the big play as the game changer.....the bomb to Bess....the bomb to Ginn..the 25/30 yard slant across the middle to Cam.....with Pennington it's a lets hope he doesn't cough it up and hope that Williams and Brown can break a few runs....

Yo Menace,
I prefer Lisa Simpson.

Our chance to win tonight is the backdoor playbook.

P.M, What changes are that ??

Back door play book??P.M are you trying to tell us something??(not that theres anything wrong with that..)

My message has been consistent since last years NE game: The Wildcat Is Backdoor Football.
Men throw frozen ropes into tight coverage and give thier recievers achance to make a play.
Non-Men can't throw frozen ropes and so they have to rely on Backdoor Football to try and score.


1. Fire Dan Henning
2. Make Chad Henne or Pat White the starter.

Pricemaster, give it up already dude.
Your hate on the Phins is obvious. You sound like a broken record or a squeaky wheel on a grocery shopping cart!

BTW, did you notice all the upsets around the league by teams who looked like crap the week before?

Bungals beat Fudge Packers on the road.
Texans won at the Titans
Jokeland won at the Queefs
Cubs beat the Squealers

A lot of NFL teams start slow on offense, but can bounce back and round into form.
Hopefully Miami gets their rhythm going on offense starting tonite!

miami will tee off on manning and double cover wayne. dallas clark could give our lb's fits tho.ronnie should get the ball 20-25 times tonight.

hoping, just hoping, just to see a couple passes, a couple looks DEEP. pleeassse throw the ball past 15 yards! keep the dinks and dunks to a minimum...

wonder if Bobby still would rather take Pennington over Sanchez and Ryan...what a stupid thing to say!

Find a stud QB for next season...in the meantime, THROW THE BALL DEEP! just at least TRY it Penne!

I go deep every nite....

Why on earth would any Fins fan want Crabtree on our team? The guy is a total d-bag and would absolutely kill us internally. I don't care what kind of talent he has...he hasn't proven anything on the pro level, he could very well have been a product of the offensive system at Tech, and has proven he has serious character issues. Why fans and owners continue to feed the egos of these prima donnas is beyond me...I for one hope the 49ers hold their ground...the guy is clearly an idiot. By the way, the Jets are scaring the hell out of me...the last thing I need is for them to be good...now we'll have to put up with their fans. Can you imagine what they'll be like now with a head coach that talks more trash than they do? Totally pumped for tonight...go Fins!

that is because you have a rocket and Pennington has a squirt gun...

Run run run. Miami has to use brown & Williams more. Start with the run and end with the run.

Look for the Colt to put two safties in the box untill we prove we can beat them down field with some throws. We should come out in a no huddle offense and throw deep to Hartline on the first play !!! Oh yeah, Hartline needs to make sure he lines up at least 10 yards from the sideline so the deep throw doesnt get caught out of bounds !! Okay enough on the negative.. I feel a win tonight !!! I think we will see a diffrent team on the field than the team we saw last week... Go fins !!!

there's no way but up for miami's OL after last week.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN

That statement is utterly illogical. It is equally possible that they play the same, or worse. Perhaps last week was as good as it gets.

But the statement is entirely representative for the emo bs that passes for logic in NJP's narrow little world.

"I hear the Monday night game is a big one for Chad Pennington, who has to show the Dolphins he can do more than just manage the game. He must prove he can make big plays in the passing game. Pennington needs to show up or the Chad Henne era might be starting in Miami sooner than later." SI Truth and rumor

Phins Win!!! 34-24! We shock the world Not by win againts colts But for scoring 34 points!!!

Greg Z. I agree pass to set up the run spread defenses out !! Running the ball with everyone bunched in the middle doesnt work. We prove it every game . That is why our o-line gets put down . We only averaged 2.5 yds. per carry the o-line did a bad job. The coaches did a bad job by not throwing and spreading the defense out with 3 and 4 wide receiver sets to move defenses out of the box. If the coaches want to run straight into the middle of 20 guys they should have the HULK in the backfield to carry the ball or pickup 2.5 yards per rush like we do now a waste alot of chances to score points and win games..

Thats funny finatic...

Maybe we should paint Ricky With green ganja paint.

Dolphin loss tonight = Pennington's last start

To those that say the fish need to come out running are crazy, they'll be stacking the line cause they don't fear chad p. Now if you want to scare the colts put in Mr. 96 inch neck in there, just the thought of seeing that neck gives me chills down my spine......Chad henne has a great future out of football in any circus, I can see it now He'll be in the tent between JoJo the dog faced boy and the bearded lady...

definitely jessica biel, she would whoop on Simpson not that that wouldn't be fun to watch though

Hey I know, jeffry(Hollywood)Ross could finance the circus seeing how thats what he wants to turn the homesite into a cheap three ring circus... not sure which idiot i hate more wayne(be kind,rewind)Huizanga or Mr. Hollywood... What do you guys think????

Mando its wright in front of YOUR FACE were going to pound the rock down there a@@ BACK ON MONDAY NIGHT WHERE WE ALWAYS WIN !!!!!!!!!


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