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SI: Dolphins 8-8 and out of the playoffs in '09

The one thing you will be pleased to know by the time this post is over is that Sports Illustrated, despite being a beacon for excellent sports writing, is awful at predicting what the Dolphins will do in the coming NFL season.

Remember the magazine had the Dolphins in the Super Bowl in 2006. The Dolphins finished the season 6-10.

So in the 2009 NFL preview edition that hits the newstands (those still around?) tomorrow, the magazine is telling everyone it believes the Dolphins will follow their 11-5 season in 2008 with an 8-8 record in 2009.

That record, by the way, would not be good enough for Miami to be in the playoffs. SI has the Patriots winning the AFC East with a 13-3 record and the Dolphins finishing second.

The playoff teams, the magazine predicts, will be the Steelers (11-5) winning the AFC North, the Texans (10-6) winning the AFC South, San Diego (11-5) winning the AFC West, and Baltimore (9-7) and Indianapolis (10-6) earning wild card berths.

The magazine has the Patriots beating the Bears in Super Bowl 44 to be played in Miami.

So what do you think of the prediction?


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This is bullsh*t

i say consider the source...

I guess they are entitled to their opinion. I think it sucks. I don't think the Pats will be 13 and 3. Maybe 10 and 6. What a bunch of azzzzwipes.Go Dolphins

the bears ? are you joking?

1966...it's time to change the logo on the helmet. a new dolphin, without the helmet, a more steamlined version...maybe a little agressive
a helmetless dolphin on the the dolphin's hemlmet.
do something...get it started armando.

Who cares! What did they predict for the Fins last season? We all know how that went!!

Dead on

that should have been helmet...not hemlmet.

One more question... Does anyone know when the last time SI correctly predicted the Super Bowl Champs? Or even the participants?

Redneck Harris spells like a redneck

Yahoo !!! I can now find something else to do for the next 16 sundays ! Can they tell me what stocks to buy ? I know they know the future, they are in the media, the greatest know everything profesion on earth !!!

Is SI still even around? They have been irrelevant for a decade.

SI should fire everyone

every mag, paper, sports network in the country lives with the pats nutz in their mouth. makes me sick. i hope we wax those fagz.




hi haters

12-4 Afc East repeat champions!

Bears to super bowl?

Not this year

One good thing about SI!! The swimsuit issue!! Other than that, their predictions suck an egg!!

Super Bowl will be Dolphins vs. Eagles just like Ace Ventura

I believe that SI will be giving Tony Sparano and the Miami Dolphins a huge apology in January. They should also dedicate the cover of the Feburary issue to the team.

Dolphins will make playoff this year!! Nuff said!!! Go Find

I try not to pay attention to SI. I'm still annoyed at their issue years ago with "Why the University of Miami should drop football" Besides, it seems like everyone is writing the Fins off despite their 2008 campaign. I say 12-4 or 11-5.

The Patriots defense looks VERY suspect. I see them more like 11-5 / 10-6. I see more Pittsburg at 13-3 and Tenn at 12-4 as the cream of the AFC. Solid teams all around.

Pitt against Philly in the superbowl. Pitt repeats.

Miami at 7-9 to 8-8 is pretty accurate. weak secondary with rookies and Wilson (not a good cover guy). They will miss Goody! He has looked very good in Denver so far. QB will also be an issue. Chad will not repeat last years performance. WR is also weak - by committee. Ginn will disapoint.

NE 11-5
Mia 8-8
NY 8-8
Buff 7-8

Chad Henne will probably start by week 11 which is not a good thing given he has yet to prove he can play in the NFL

Very interesting how much love the Patriots are getting...once they fail it will be because Tom Brady was playing hurt etc. What ever happened to actual reporting... the fact is they have no idea anymore due to the parity in the league. Parity we took advantage of last year. Texas will also not win their division.

8 and 8 sounds about right. I'll predict 9 and 7 because I'm a fan.

Crystal Ball is cracked...

Conservative Perdicted wins:
Bills 2 wice
Patriots 1
Jests 1
Falcons 1
Texans 1
Sandiego 1
Carolina 1
Saints 1
Bucs 1
Jags 1

puts us at 11 - 5

Andre Smith timeline:

1. Leave combine unannounced
2. Get draft by bad team
3. Long hold out
4. Sign huge contract
5. Break foot next day

I am glad we have smart guys like Parcell, Ireland, and Sparano to not draft these rookie bust and bad character

I wouldn't be surprised if the dolphins went 8-8 because they don't have a good offense that can throw the ball downfield and don't have a RB that can make 5 yard runs be 50 yard TD's. BUT I also wouldn't be surprised if they went 11-5 or even 12-4 just by having a good defense and not having to put the scoring pressure on the offense.

Sports Illustrated is to serious football fans what Greg Cote is to the rest of Dolphin journalists.

See today's article for yet more evidence. Actually, don't click on it. EVER. Make sure he gets NO credit for his crap. Same for LeBetard.

Armando, I don't always agree with what you post, but you are so much better than your cohorts I really don't know how you stand it.

who liatens to s i anymore. they only get mag sales when they release the swimsuit edition.

well, i agree w/the 8-8 asssessment. I don't think the fins will be as good in 09 as they were in '08 but they will still be a better team overall(if that makes sense). biggest laugh I got was pats going 13-3 and playing the bears in the sb? the bears? Pats not a surprise to reach big game but I don't see 13-3. I think they will be around 11-5 or something to that effect.

SI: Not even good for lining cages filled with monkey poop.

Miami will win the division at 10-6. Brady will get hurt again and with no good backup pats will nose dive out of the race.

Finatic...I agree..you can see it coming...

tzey sounds like you're quoting espn...what an original assesment.

2 words for S.I . CHILD PLEASE !

tzey... i take my comment back.. it wasn't a nice thing to say...

Well I say.... Denni said it best if you want to crown them....

I think the bears couldn't make the superbowl this year if the rest of the NFC teams played them with 9 guys on the field vs the bears 11.
Typical SI mudd prediction.

miami can go 10-6 and win the division. we will get a ton of pressure to help out out so called bad secondary. people you gotta remember miami isn't game planning and implicating their defensive scheme. the coaches are basically telling them to go out and play. things will change once a defensive plan is in place. patriots are overrated. defense is old now without it's leader bruschi and their o-line will have brady getting smacked around every game. their offensive tackles get beat alot.

Sports Illustrated is a joke. Why are allthe supposed football "experts" on New England's jock every year? F@!k New England and F@#k Sports Illustrated.

Sammo is so right. 10 and 6 sounds good. I would love to see Brady go down. A crushing blow by Wake.

Amused, no offense taken but understand...that IS my asssessment-just a coincidence if I'm channeling espn on some level or vice versa :o)

Hey Jason Taylor has sacked T brady more than any other qb and now with Wake, crowder, porter..... Wow!!!!


Child, please, the dolphins are going 10-6 or 11-5

Make sure u snap ur fingers twice while saying child please. Lol

heh heh, SI also had an article quoting Belichick as saying "Asked whether Brady had an X-ray, Belichick said, "I'm not really comfortable getting into a public diagnosis."

When we find out Brady got broken again, their funny little prediction can go out the window and we can pencil the Dolphins in as AFC East champs again.

Predictions are like aholes, everybody has one and the majority stink

Si's prediction of Bears in the Super Bowl is the same as 06 prediction of Culpepper and Dolphins in the Super Bowl

Its the same thing all the so-called experts are saying. Greenberg from Mike and Mike says 7-9. Dont really know myself. After the Arizona game last year would have bet my house they wouldnt win division. Have a better all around def and off line is better. Chad has been around all summer and knows the playbook backwards. 10-6 if off struggles and 12-4 if they dont. Look for pats to fall some,brady looks fragile and team has lost several key players. All great teams have a window and believe pats is shutting fast.

Finatic: exactly. Child please. Let's not forget the pats are like the Yankees now. And when was their last ring? U know that accuscore has the pats at a 94% chance they make the playoffs?!!! We are at 39 percent. Also, when will the analysts realize Houston and sand Diego and Chicago are overrated every year!!!

The Patriots?

Child Please!

Who is the defending Afc East Champs?

Ha Ha Ha
yea right

SI is a swim suit biz not a pro sport magazine .in sport no one can predict .no one predicted 11-5. only the players are the one to decide in games not some one never played the sport .



What do you think algordo? I say 10-6 Wild card.

As brutal as the schedule is 8-8 would b a huge disapointment. With that said I see us beating the pats 2x and being 11-5. Good for a playoff berth and I see us afc champ bound. The pats are old on defense and will need every ounce of thier "great" offence to keep the in games.

I looked at SI's predictions for last year. They only corectly called 4 teams win/loss record. They got only 3 division champs right. They thought the Lions were a 7-9 team and the Falcons were a 2-14 team. Their Superbowl champ did not even make teh playoffs. I think I could through numbers in a hat and pick better than that. My question to SI is "Why bother!!!"

mike, it's a thing to sell the magazine .this is the time when fans watching their team very closely .it's about money to sell the magazine until the swim suit issue comes out .

PS....in 3 years from now will be no magazines left to sell .things changing fast .

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