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Some (OK, much) more on Atlanta flameout

"We've got 15 more games, man. What were we, 0-2, last year?" -- Dolphins left guard Justin Smiley

"You can't bank on what we did last year. This is a totally different year." -- Dolphins quarterback Chad Pennington.

Two different ways of looking at the Dolphins 60-minute flatulation here in Atlanta Sunday. Both came from the quiet, quickly clearing Dolphins locker room after Sunday's 19-7 loss to the Falcons, both said by bright men who can think and analyze quickly. David J. in Atlanta, doing what'll probably be my last bit of subbing for Armando before he fully returns to the blogosphere this week.

Smiley's an optimistic guy and chose to look on the sunny side of the street. He said they were on the road, in a "hostile environment" against a good team, got Atlanta's best, didn't play their best by any stretch, but were in the game most of the way. And, what if it the first Fasano fumble didn't happen, Smiley asked? Atlanta linebacker Mike Peterson cracked Anthony Fasano with a shot that woke the guys buried under Secaucus strip malls, thus creating a fumble that Brian Williams raced off with, killing a probable Dolphins scoring drive and getting the Falcons a field goal right before halftime. Instead of 7-7 or 7-3, it was 10-0, Atlanta.

Fasano admitted, "The guy put a good hit on me, but I didn't have the ball secured" but that wasn't an every day hit. Smiley's right in that regard -- it's not a common play. Then again, he's wrong in that the Dolphins got the best of the Falcons.

(He's also wrong about "hostile environment." There were significant numbers of Dolphins fans in the Georgia Dome. Besides, a "hostile environment" is a Hell's Angels meeting gone two drinks too long or a married couple's house in the hours after an argument.)

It's not common for Matt Ryan to blow the two wide open touchdown throws he did, to Roddy White on the Falcons' first drive and to Jerious Norwood after the aforementioned fumble. Those were throws Ryan or any above average quarterback makes regularly. Instead of down 10-0 at the half, the Dolphins easily could've been down 21-0. Jason Elam missed an extra point and field goals of 42 and 38 yards, one off the left upright, before nailing a 50-yarder in the fourth quarter. That's seven points one of the best kickers of the last 10 years left on the field in a dome game.

This could've been so much worse for the Dolphins. They had all of two red zone trips. TWO! Which is worrisome going into the Inidianapolis game next week. Those are throws Peyton Manning doesn't miss, unless the Colts are facing Baltimore. The Dolphins might want to take a page out of the Ravens book and wait until just before the snap to get in exact position, just to make Manning's reads tougher. Then, it'll be at San Diego, off a short week and a trip to the West Coast.

Tough way to make an NFL living. That's why they needed to come out stronger Sunday.

You'd hope the Dolphins would run the ball with more consistency against Indianapolis, which is getting bigger and younger. Then again, Atlanta went with youth and relative inexperience and blew up running play after running play against the Dolphins after being one of the league's worst run defenses last year.

"They did a lot of line movements, darting, pinching, spiking, those kinds of things," Smiley said. "Teams like that have to do that against a team that can run the footbball. They did a good job of it."

By the time the Dolphins got anything together in the run game by going with pitches, thus giving the runner more time to examine his options and the line more time to open running lanes, the score was 10-0. NFL coaches tend to get antsy down by a touchdown and get downright panicky if they go down by double digits. There was no time to truly work the running game.

Chad Pennington had two very strange plays, either of which might've changed the game's course. The first was in the second quarter. Atlanta blitzed. Wide receiver Ted Ginn, Jr. was a good 6-10 yards behind the defensive back. Instead, with time to see the open Ginn on that side of the field, Pennington chucked the ball out of bournds.

The other play, a third-and-5 from the Dolphins 33, began with Pennington in shotgun and Ronnie Brown going in motion to the right. Nobody picked up Brown after the snap, leaving him all alone at the right sideline, a perfect safety valve that could take the pass a long way. Alas, Pennington never looked at that way and dumped off to Davone Bess for no gain. Brown stood in full fume before snatching off his chin strap and exchanging loud voices with one of the Dolphins assistants.

The skill position guys didn't appear to be on the same page much of the day. Or, maybe they were on the same page, but were reading different books. You know, one reading the Torah and the other, the New Testament.

When I asked Chad Henne when was the last time he dressed, but wasn't even the lead backup, just a guy that would be used in case of emergency. He quickly iterrupted, "I'm still the backup." then went back into good trooper mode, admitting he's never been in a "third quarterback" role but he knew it was a possibility if they had a package they wanted to use with White.

Speaking of which, Tony Sparano indicated there was a lot more to the White package the Dolphins didn't get around to using. "Get around to?" It's not as if the score or halftime or the third quarter snuck up on anybody.

Jake Long had some interesting words: "We had some great battles today. He's a great athlete. He's got power and he's herky-jersey. He's super quick so he can go inside, outside or around the edge. It was fun playing against him."

 Uh-huh. Fun? To get his first sack, the 268-pound Abraham treated the 317-pound Long like Abraham's daughter Endrayce was in a flaming car back in the pocket and the only way Abraham could get to her was through Long. He plowed Long so badly, the sack was sponsored by John Deere. And next week, Long gets to have "fun" with Indianapolis' Dwight Freeney.

Hey, the sack collectors are going to get theirs, especially if you get down a couple of scores behind and/or don't have the running game working. But you must minimize the damage. Long gave up two sacks, one to Abraham and another to one Kroy Biermann, a second-year backup who had two sacks and 21 tackles in 16 games last year.

Pennington's fourth quarter drive against an eased up Atlanta defense boosted his final passer rating to 84.8. After three quarters, with the score 16-0, Atlanta, Pennington was 12 of 16 for 100 yards and one interception, which works out to 64.6. Very mediocre -- if this were 1975. Nobody could get open downfield consistently, which didn't help the quarterback.

The defensive line might've been the bright spot of the day for the Dolphins. Second-year man Philip Merling, a second round pick, didn't practice well enough to keep his starting spot. He certainly played well enough Sunday, with a tackle for loss and affecting several passes. Merling, Starks, Jason Ferguson, Paul Soliai and Kendall Langford all did a good job of stuffing the run like Grandma Bessie stuffs cabbage around this time of year. Michael Turner and Jerious Norwood, averaged 4.6 per carry last year. Sunday, they averaged 3.0 and it only got that high because of a couple of garbage time runs.

But, downfield, the Dolphins obviously had their problems, especially covering Tony Gonzalez. After Gonzalez's five catches for 73 yards that included a diving 19-yarder to set up one touchdown and a 20-yarder catch-and-lope that was Atlanta's second touchdown, safety Gibril Wilson said he didn't think Gonzalez did anything special.

"He's a possession receiver and he's a body kind of guy," Wilson said. "A lot of times, when you're right there, you can't get through him and to the ball or they'll call PI. He did what he was supposed to do, but it was nothing special."

If you say so. Gonzalez has been so nothing special that he's bound for the Hall of Fame some day.

The special teams avoided disaster, not allowing a kickoff or punt return for a touchdown, but did allow the 18-yard punt return  in the fourth quarter. The receiver most targeted was White, who has had 10 balls thrown his way. In a second place tie are Gonzalez with nine. Dolphins' wide receiver Davone Bess led the Dolphins with seven.

The wake up call comes early and it's late with little else to say about this game in this forum.


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Well it's official the Phins should have taken Matt Ryan in the draft. The knack on long was he can't handle speed rushers and that was evident today.
By the way the Dolphins had no spark to thier offense last year with no reciver to scare anybody plus we could not throw a touchdown pass to a wideout last preseason plus all of last year.Many teams in the NFL see thier problems an address it.
Can anyone please tell me who did the Dolphins get to help (contribute) to the offense this offseason?
Anyone in free agency, draft?
Where was Mr. 6'5 226lb. Patrick Turner who was supposed to be the red zone threat, a big target to throw the ball up on a fade route?
Inactive. Can't crack the starting lineup.
I am starting to question upper mgmt. and thier picking of players in the draft and free agency. Does anyone remember last years draft when we had the first pick in the second round and EVERY wideout was still on the board because no team had picked one yet?
What did the phins do? Draft Mr. Merling couldn't even get his underwear on because of a sports hernia.
Pat White another Q.B. picked in the second round, please don't get me started on that pick. I'm going to bed it's going to be a long season of pain .....

PENNINGTON IS A GOD AWFUL QB. I'm sorry, with all this talent around him (Ginn, Ricky, Ronnie) a decent line...is going to waste because girlie arm can not throw the ball further than 8 yards. WEAK. it is such a waste to have a top notch front office, coaching staff, superbowl caliber D, pro bowl RB and world class speed at WR with a mediocre weak arm QB. we haven't "gone after" any possible stud QB's in the draft since Danny Boy...and recent names such as Cutler, Roesthlisberger, Flaco, Ryan have passed us by.

Time realize right now that we do not have a quality QB on our team. and definetely not a game changer that can MAKE PLAYS with the skill players around him. Don't tell me Chad Henne is the answer, because we would of seen at least a GLIMPSE of something special if he was FINALLY the heir apparent to the empty Phins QB throne...

We getting ricky and ronnie killed because the oppossing D is stacking the line against us. we are not putting any fear in the D's secondary because Chad can not throw the ball deep or medium. what a waste of Ginn. no wonder the Jets tried so hard to get Favre then Sanchez. at least they tried and we are stuck with Pennington...what a waste. FIND A QB!!!

It's a shame we could have taken Brees when Saban was around and instead we took Culpepper which was a mess. Look at Brees now he is one of the best in the business 6TD's yesterday and yep we passed on Ryan, Flaco!!!
If this Dolphins team does not do well this year because of their tough schedule fine but Henne has to turn out as the real deal otherwise it will be a failure as far as the Dolphins go.

I'm know it is early days but they cannot play like that the rest of the season otherwise you will get your butts kicked every weekend. For god's sake show some mettle we are supposed to be the AFC East Defending Champs, go out and win at home to them Colts.

Guys you have to be kidding me. Matt Ryan? This team is built on chewing up clock and delivering a balanced attack. That's Parcells type football haven't any of you watched Parcells coached teams?? It's all about long drives that's why Pennington is a solid addition to this team. Short throws over the middle of the field. Big olineman big dlineman if you want the run and gun show go be a colts fan. This team is going to be fine with Chad at the helm one loss that's all this is they will get it corrected and all you haters this week will eventually become praisers. In the Trifecta I trust and they will not dissapoint. Go PHINS!!!!!!

.....hands AZPhinatic another glass of the kool aid.

Three completed pass's for zero yardage????? WTF. Throw it down field and pray!! D-backs are licking their chops playing up close!1

Out played, out coached! Best turn it around next week or we could be looking at 0-3 after S.D.

Thank you D-Fence for the under, 1-1 betting better then 0-2!!

Several things disturbed me. The offensive line was horrible. They gave Chad no protection. He was rushed and hurried all day. Matt Ryan was rarely in that position, and when he was he magically got the ball out of his hands. Also, there were no running lanes. Either that or Ronnie Brown isn't that good after all because I thought Ricky was more effective.

I thought the Pat White stunts were a waste of time. It's too early for the gimmick plays. Try those things when your winning not when your having your butt handed to you all day and it looks like a last resort. I think it messed up whatever momentum Chad had with the drives by pulling him out of there so that one is mainly on the coaches.

Finally, kickoff return game was crumby. If you can't at least get to the 20 yard line don't run it out of the end zone. Several times, our returners ran out of the end zone only to be stopped at the 18 yard line or behind. Just down it in the end zone for crying out loud.

Other things, I thought Brian Hartline looked solid, but of course his first wonderful catch was nullified by his own pass interference penalty. Didn't he have one of those in the preseason as well? The receivers had a pretty good game. I don't recall any dropped balls other than Pasano's TWO fumbles. I bet the coaches are kicking themselves over the David Martin thing.

Death up there states "Mr. Merling couldn't even get his underwear on because of a sports hernia." Merling had one of the better games yesterday so I don't think you can knock drafting him over receivers that may have been on the board in last year's draft. Miami's problem has never been the receivers, it's been in the ability to throw to them. I thought the receivers did a decent job catching most of the stuff thrown their way.

Guys buried under Secaucus strip malls? Watching Long get manhandled was bad enough but taking shots at a small Jersey town is the cruelest of cuts. Shame on you.

I said it when the schedule came out, they will start 0-3. I'm 1/3 of the way there...

I think if we get behind like that again that the coach has got to replace Pennington with either White or Henne but just somebody, anybody, who can throw the ball down the field with some accuracy. Late in the game I saw Pennington literally throwing a pass he could have almost handed to the running back,,,he was like 2 yds away. AND it wasnt even like the RB was open, there was somebody on him,,as if chad didnt want to get caught with the hot potatoe and tossed it 2 feet so the back could get tackled.....THROW THE BALL DOWN 10+ yds down THE FIELD just not in the defenses chest/hands,,,give our receivers a chance to make a play. Maybe we get a pass interference who knows. I have seen Chad throw the long passes when WR's are WIDE open, but never liek while a DB is covering tight. Can he not hit a WR that is slightly covered?? Or is he to careful and not wanting to error?? I also dont like any of those responses either from the players but I think Chad should speak up and take alot of ownership and just say we stunk and had some bad luck as well, but we did stink and not execute properly to be a champion caliber team. Atlanta did.

NO OFFENCE.Our offence was offensive we have none other than Ronnie Brown.If we dont trade for a legitimate WR not like WOFFORD what a long season. Defence played great but no one on our team has big play ability.ALL are #3 recievers .YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO SCORE AND WE DONT HAVE THAT ABILITY.

Re: to Marc,
Excellent post my man couldnt agree with you more, I was at the Dome yesterday and you and I mustve been the only ones who saw the same game because yes: The offensive line was horrible. They gave Chad no protection. He was rushed and hurried all day..., there were no running lanes.

Ricky was more effective and I like him better but it wasnt Ronnie yesterday. That O-line stunk from Davie to Stone Mountain, I know ya'll smelled it down there! 156Million has to do better, also this guru O-line coach we got this year needs to be fired already if Coordinators can be canned weeks before the season then what's an ineffective assistant coach move him!

Re: I thought the Pat White stunts were a waste of time. I think it messed up whatever momentum Chad had with the drives by pulling him out of there so that one is mainly on the coaches. - True indeed out talent level did not get us beat yesterday we got outschemed in every phase of the game Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. When the secondary was in position to make plays they made them, problem is most of the time there were out of position and its the COACHES job to get them there.

Special Teams stunk too, just take the knee or bring back that one kid who returned kicks in preseason.

Re: Other things, I thought Brian Hartline looked solid, but of course his first wonderful catch was nullified by his own pass interference penalty. Didn't he have one of those in the preseason as well? The receivers had a pretty good game.

I disagree Hartline is virtual Camarillo but not actual, and yes he made same mistake in preseason, if he's so polished and ready why does he keep making the same mistake? But I do think as a whole the WRs did thier part.
The Fasano fumbles, it is what it is man his two cost us dearly, and anytime you give the ball away four times in a game your basically telling the other team, "hey you guys can have this one, we dont want to win today!"

And thats just what we did!

As for AZPhinatic dont sweat phinsfaninne either, your right we are buit to run the ball, stop the run, play solid D, create turnovers to give the Offense the ball, sit on the ball some more, and make plays when we have to to put the game away. Our Miami Dolphins did not do this yesterday and if its not fixed by Tuesday September 15th, 2009 we will start the season 0 - 2!

Bottom Line is FinFans it is just the 1st game, however sloppy, unprepared, outcoached, and unspirited this loss looked, you have to believe that this was an anomaly. Parcells has a proven track record and theres no reason to believe we wont be competing and contending for the rest of the season.

Fins be the Dynasty!!!

This team has no chance. It's painful watching Bree's, Flacco, Cutler, Ryan and all the other Miami "passes", a QB that can threaten with the passing game is what this team needs. That's why Baltimore is opening up the passing game, even though their run game is rock solid.
Cam Cameron will have more success this year than Miami...
Goodbye Phins...lets go G-Men.

Like I said THEN, not just now:

Jake Grove----major mistake; minor upgrade over Satele at best; should ave paid whatever more it would have cost for Jason Brown, or even the aging Matt Birk, or drafted center if available.

Jake Long---there should be no more argument that it was 'wiser' or more 'strategic long-range' to pick Long over Ryan. First, that needs Henne to develop, and he ain't. Even if he does, he's no Ryan. AND more importantly, Long was a HORRIBLE MISTAKE. He's a RT pretending to be an LT at best. The highest paid lineman in the league?!?!? He can be good (please let's hope so), but not great. He was abused Sunday.

The D played well Merling in particular. They were able to run the ball especially in the 2nd half. What was puzzling about the running is that once they had a good rhythm going they would switch it up and try some wildcat stuff that didn't work. It seemed to take them out of sync with the running game. Special teams was bad, not necessarily the coverage but the return game was non-existent regardless of who was back there.
Finally, once the fins fell so far behind, Pennington's inablility to stretch the field became more apparent. We needed chunks of yards and he was dinking and dunking. I was kind of hoping to see Henne come in and see what he can do once it was 19-0 and try to stretch the field, but that obviously did not happen.
One more thing: Pat White can't throw accurately. He hits the ball to Ginn and it becomes a different game. Until he hits one like that no one will respect the pass threat out of the wildcat.

some of you people posting on this blog are the reason everyone in the NFL world knows that Miami fans suck! one game in the books and its "Penny sucks" "Long is weak" "we should've drafted matt ryan". ONE GAME INTO THE SEASON!! you people make me sick! get a new team and move on please!!
horrible showing? yes. terrible blocking? yes. weak running? yes. star WR? no.
its the first game of the season! they will get better. IT NOT HOW YOU START THE SEASON, ITS HOW YOU FINISH IT!!!

It isn't just the OL - it is head in the sand coaching and the QB's inability to throw over 30yds accurately and quickly.

The Falcons gave us a poor man's cover 2 version of the last loss against the Ravens. 8,9, 10 in the box.

The model: Take away the inside run. Bull-rush CP's 3 step drops, blitz the run anf knock Penny on his keester. Roll the safety to Ginn if he goes deep. They accept and give Henning a few trick plays here and there and don't worry about RB throwing from the Wildcat. Actually, I don't think most DCs worry much about the WC period anymore.

Almost literally, this offense is THE SAME ONE that got destroyed by the Ravens. Minus David Martin and substituting Grove for Satele. A wash. IF they execute nearly perfect -- they can keep it close assuming no STs screw-ups. What a waste of talent @ RB and on the OL, frankly. Coaching/Ireland are to blame for making no effective changes in personnel, strategy or play-calling. Their answer so far: Brian Hartline and 2 plays with Pat White. The better get it changed this week or the result will be the same.

Thanks for yous helping us in Mando's abcences David. We likes you cause you don'ts break no news on our noggin'

But we do miss our-Mando.

Just about everyone on her must be 12 years old...First, the majority of the greatest quartebacks in the NFL were on the bench an average of FOUR YEARS before becoming the starter...Henne will be in this league and have a better career then Ryan..This offensive line, stunk Sunday...bit they are young, big and will be a force in this league for years to come...Our defense is young, strong and up to the task...Two years ago this team was 1-15, it's great to win NOW, but some of you need to be realistic. I watched Parcells build the Giants into a powerhouse up in New York that won year after year..I want a Dolphin team that becomes the same, not a one year wonder by trading for old free agents who are on the downslope..As for "formerfinsfan" and all you burger flipping football experts, your not "REAL" fans, your front runners who jump on the hot team to make yourselvrs feel better about yourselves...Parcells has a vision for the future to make this team into the next Pittsburg of the 70s or Giants of the 80s...I'll take his vision and wisdom, keep buying my season tickets and watch all you "FAKE" fans and experts jump back on the bandwagon in the future...The Dolphins will be a good competitive team this year, and the team to beat for many years to come...so stop your baby ass whining since I know not one of you has a Superbowl Ring on your finger or have built a pro football team, fantasy football don't count

Thank you DC
Your right on every word!!

Thank you DC
Your are right on every word!!

Here we go, everyone that was on the BandWagon is now trying to get off. God I Hate this damn town you love em when there winning and hate em when there down. IT'S JUST THE FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON, but them again I would ride an Ibis and Dolphin pulled sleigh into hell because regardless if there winning or losing there my team.

Yes Jake long called pushed around...so did Vernon Carey, if the OL Fails the QB Fails and so dose the running game.

Fasano fumbled twice...that shouldnt happen..

First game of the season guys and you can already see who the true fans are.

This team is a joke. They will not catch anyone by surprise with the WIldcat this year (nice waste of a pick on White). They will not get the benefit of just barely being able to beat the worst teams in the league. Instead we will see this overpaid bunch of sloths trying to protect for a QB who cant throw the ball more than 15 yards to a bunch of receivers who cant get open. To call this offense pathetic is a gross understatement. History will continue to repeat itself and CP10 will have yet another lousy year because he is not a quality QB. Sell your tickets, go to the beach, and don't waste any time on Sunday watching these losers.

This team was 1-15 2 years ago. People need to have patience. It was one game. Everyone thinks this should be a playoff team because of last year. Do think the lions are gonna be in the playoffs next year? Thats were the dolphins are. Penny is the best we have. And trust me if we are out of the playoff picture then Henne will get his shot. So everyone relax and let the coaches do their job.

Here we go, a loss in the season opener and all of a sudden "we don't have any players", "our drafts were busts"....blah, blah, blah. The only reason we lost, and will continue to lose games is that our guys don't play balls to the wall. ATL's defence and offence played physical - damage your opponent- football. MIA on the other hand always seem timid like their trying to protect the health of their opponent or something. The one "bust" i'll aggree with "death" on is Ted Ginn. That guy doesn't want to take a hit so he looks for the easy out every time. We lost that game because our offensive line couldn't hold against a defence that had something to prove. Maybe next week Jake Long will bust a guys head just to make a point, and Crowder will knock a guy on his A** after the play just for the hell of it al la Brian Cox. All that being said I'll always support the phins win, lose, draw.

There's enough blame to go around for everyone. Ronnie missed his block, but Chad has to get rid of the ball on that first fumble. Jake got his @ss totally kicked. Inside, outside, bullrush, spin move, got his @ass handed to him all game and he calls it "fun"? But he has some cool tattoos though. Rest of the line played well, for the most part.

Chad P looked scared out there. Quick throw aways, not lookin downfeidl at all. At least try to make a play downfield will you? ATL's secondary SUCKS. How Chad didnt test them all game tells me the guy is scared, or handcuffed by the coaching staff, which I doubt.

The defense was solid, but do we have any playmakers? Sean Smith got beaten deep TWICE, but the passes were overthrown (first) and underthrown (second). I'd like to see more stunts on the DL, Porter and JT on the same side, with a corner blitz from the other side when the OL slides protection. Its too hard just going one on one every play, we dont exactly have Reggie White out there. Crowder is worse at blitzing than Zachary Thomas. Thats no easy to do, either.

Gibril Wilson is better than Renaldo, but Dallas Clark and Antonio Gates are salivating at the chance of going against him. He's late on the dig routes out of the Cover Four. He's out of position vs T Gonz in man coverage. Missed a couple tackles too.

Ricky hits the hole before he even sees it, Ronnie hesitates, he wants to see the hole before he hits it. Both are decent backs. Neither is a home run threat. Cobbs is decent. Why is Hilliard on the team again?

Can we please get a KR man who isnt scared sh^tless? All our drives were starting at the 15, 15, 18, 20 yd line. Hard to score points that way, I dont care who you are.

Jim Mora decribes Miami's performance in yesterdays game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tie0tz7jGDI

Can you all quit wasting our time by blogging about who we should have taken in past years. Who cares? Whats done is done. The Phins looked like crap but it is one loss against a playoff team on the road. There are still 15 games to go.

looks like armando was very right on the dolphins in pre season and his take on the draft . now it's time to find out if his concerns were real or not .


The Pittsburgh Steelers had like the 27th ranked offense last yr, thats a bottom offense in the entire league and their o-line was terrible and a big reason why, big ben was constantly getting sacked and the o-line was considered to be one of the worst in football and had the league's toughest schedule. ( all this sound familiar? ) Their defense made up for it by being #1 across the board in every category. Am i saying we have the best defense in the league, NO, but the point is Super Bowl championship teams have flaws just like everybody else and can look horrible early in the season. i love that everyone's jumping ship off the bandwagon and the analysts are saying " i told u so", a nice reality check and ego check in the first wk of the season, now these guys have 8 days to be pissed off and hear about how super-awesome, terrific genius Mark sanchez and rex ryan and the jets are and how brady and the patriots have already clinched the division. now they should be really pi$$ed and ready to play come monday night in front of the nation.

future GM,

you don't need any one to tell you how horrific this team looked yeasterday.
no coach
no QB
no OL
no wr
no TE.........NO NOTHING ......only pla pla pla from fans who over rated below average players in pre season . like burger,turner,long,ronnie,chad, white and TED GINN .

I actually loved the pat white play where he overthrew ginn... I didn't like that he overthrew ginn... I think he launched that ball just being overly excited... I don't foresee him overthrowing receivers by 20 yds everytime he throws... Think there will be alot more exciting formations this season.... And win or loss yesterday, I still say Miami takes the afc east again!

As bad as EVERYTHING was yesterday, this game would have looked much different without FOUR TURNOVERS! No team, & I mean NO TEAM, looks good when they turn the ball over so often. Miami will fix this & fair MUCH BETTER in upcoming weeks (at least look better in losses).

The line sucked, Chad looked scared, Miami didn't establish the run, & Ginn proved why he wasn't returning last year. But, two turnovers stick out to me the major game changers. Chad NEVER gets the ball batted while being indecisive. Then, that freak Fasano fumble killed a score before halftime. The next 2 turnovers were just nails in the coffin.

Mary Deleted My Post. So delet this to FU

i've been a fin fan since '69 so dont call be a bandwagon boy.

first, i am so tired of the dink & dunk i could puke. i am a Chad P fan but it looked alot like the 2nd Baltimore game, stuff the box and pour it on. no way to run on that & its gonna happen until there is a down field threat.

Chad Henne should have come in in the 4th. I would hope he can move in the pocket better than penny.

that white experiment just screwed up any flow that we might have gotten into.

that throw away by penny was just nutz, penny knew he couldn't make that throw.

white looked just like he did in preseason which was like 1 out of every 4 MIGHT be caught. dump that package.

how r we gonna recover against the Coltz? wonder?

I hate constantly reading that Dolphins receivers (especially Ginn) can't get open. That's BS! Unfortunately for Ginn he's stuck with a quarterback who has a limited skill set...and knows it. I purposely watched Ginn yesterday and he got open on quite a few plays. The problem? Pennington refused to even try and hit him because the easier check down option was open.

Don't get me wrong. Pennington did wonders for us last year and I thought he should have been league MVP. But, it appears as though he (and possibly the coaching staff) doesn't even have the confidence in his own arm to take big shots down the field or make difficult throws. Take for example that 3rd down play on our last drive of the game when he just threw the ball into the ground with no pressure on him. Maybe the play was blown up, but a confident guy looks for any way to get that ball into the end zone.

Pennington will win us games, but he will never win us a Super Bowl.

correction: don't call ME a bandwagon boy....

amen silence

Terrific synopsis, 'Mando.

I also agree with the writers who support what the coaching staff are trying to do with the Wildcat 2.0, Pat White and other trick plays.

We need to experiment with all of these things to see if there is truly any "there" there.

Any reasonable person would have figured before the season that the Fins will probably lose more games than they will win--just like last year--so why not take some chances. It worked for us last year, and we need to determine if it can work in the long term.

And, finally, let's just hope everybody had their "bad day" on the same day, so we don't have to suffer through that again.

Wow! What a disappointment... Pennington looked rattled and hurried alot of his throws after he fumbled. After that he wasn't making his reads and check downs and was just looking to get rid of the ball. He missed alot of open receivers. Although most of those times he was under duress from rushing D-Lineman, but it seemed like he wanted to get the ball out, and get it out fast with out being hit. Looked like for a moment we were gonna see Henne. Front seven on Defense was Awesome, the secondary needs to be able to cover just a little bit better but they were Aight. Offensive line... No comment on them, they were a big disappointment. But its only one game, they better get it fixed this week before Monday Night. And you know the Colts will be bringing their "A" game for prime time. Offense better not show up flat for Prime Time. Go Phins!!

i blame T-pain and that god awfull fight song! they probably played it for the guys in the locker room before the game. that would explain alot.

Chad Henne wakes up in the morning and wishes he was Mark Sanchez.

Jake Long wakes up and wishes he was D'Brickashaw Ferguson.

Jake Grove wakes up and wishes he was Nick Mangold.

DolFans wake up and wish they hadn't.


Ryan continually threw frozen ropes to covered receivers and gave them a chance to make plays.
Pennington won't throw to a covered receiver because his passer rating is more important to him than the team is.
Gonzalez wasn't open on the catch in front of the goal line - he made a play which is what receivers get paid to do.

And for all of you retards that thought we should have drafted Ryan: if we had he'd be on the bench behind Pennington.

Well guys as we know, our team's called the Miami Dolphins. May its fans should be called the Miami Cry Babies. Anybody got some cheese to go with our wine? LOL

Chad is horrible. I'm so sick of hearing all of this crap about receivers not getting open every year. They are open, even if it's briefly. Chad just can't fire it in there in time. He can only throw timing patterns and dump offs. Let's face it. He's horrible. He's barely an upgrade from Fiedler and the reason why we can run either. Their safeties play up and corners are tight because they know Chad has no arm. We have to get this guy out of there.

The crappy thing is that he never looks REALLY bad because his numbers are safe. He has a high completion % and low INT's every year. But it's simply because he throws 5 yard passes all day.

Comon coaches... Put in Henne already. I'm not even sure he's the answer but at least he can throw the ball better than my wife.

Hate to say it but I seen this coming. The clue? The pre-season games.
I can hear it now: pre-season doen't mean anything. Well, certainly the W/L doesn't but how the players execute does. With the exception of Pennington and a couple of others, Sparano played starters through the 3rd and into the 4th quarter and we still looked like crap long after the other team(s) pulled their starters.

I hope the Herald (Mando if you're back) ask Sparano some very direct questions this week. Hold his feet to the fire and no coachspeak.

Henne needs to seek a trade!! We have talent sitting there on the bench with not way to prove himself. He would be starting with lots of other teams. Penny has been found out and that game was a continuation of the Ravens game last year. Pro football is a busniess so why does the coach call dink and dunk when we needed a chance to make quick scores. The reason Penny's feeling. Enough play to win if it dosen't work change it......

word up Mike exactly...our offensive problems are not from not having weapons (ricky, ronnie, Teddy) it is from a QB that can not get the ball to them or has the defense stuffing the run b/c Penny can not throw more than 10 years. face the reality whether you are a hardcore phins phan or not. season tix holder who has watched the phins religiously...WE DO NOT HAVE A GAME CHANGING or future SUPERBOWL QB. no it is not Penny, no it is not Henne. Both Chad's would of shown something by now if they could help this offense be respectable and sometimes dominant. last year's playoff game and this year's first game show us what our biggest problem is; a weak armed QB that defenses are not afraid of so they put 8 players in the box...obvious. WE NEED A QB!

I thought it was "FUN" when I had a full fecal blowout in the toilet when I kept remembering how our 50 million dollar investment spent the day on his back staring at the top of the dome while Ryan Clady was busy pancaking everyone in his path.


I agree. Our team is the type that if we are behind by 2 scoring drives then unless our defense scores on a turnover we might be out of the game because we do not have a quarteback who can throw deep and get us the chunk yards we need to score quickly.

I think if all we need to do is ball control and TOP then thats Pennington's type of game-but we won't win many games doing that this year. Heck even with short passes our receivers don't get any YAC so that doesn't seam to work. I ope our Oline gets it together.

I am not trading in my team but if they perform crappy I am gonna vent about it. I have the right, as do others because without the fans the team can't sell tickets and merchandise. Thus we have a right to complain...and with a performance like that who wouldn't?

Blah, blah, blah of the should have, could have crap.


just a note on pennington... i know he is supposed to be a smart qb that doesn't take many risky decisions but during the game i got the impression that he was way to quick to throw the ball away... smart? i think timid describes him better... i think we may be in trouble this year.

i know martin got hurt and would be out some games, but just putting the guy out for the season when he could've possibly been back in a few games i thought was somewhat a stretch of a decision...

not having martin showed up in the 1st game imo... big target; tough; stretches the field; good hands...

can't replace this esp on a team like this which is already working bare bones on offense...

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