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The book on Jake Long after two games

Normally, one does not pay much attention to the offensive line, and much less to an offensive lineman, until there is reason for doing so.

Reason for doing so No. 1: Jake Long was Miami's first pick and the first overall pick of the 2008 draft.

Reason for doing so No. 2: Long is the NFL's highest-paid offensive lineman.

Reason for doing so No. 3: Long was in the Pro Bowl as a rookie.

Reason for doing so No. 4: Long struggled this preseason, hinting at having regressed from his rookie year.

Reason for doing so No. 5: Long was terrible in the regular-season opener, causing some concern and a change in Miami's blocking scheme.

So colleague David J. Neal has become something of a Longaphile in that he's tracking the big man's every snap so far this regular season. And here are the results of that focused microscope:

Long has faced John Abraham and Dwight Freeney the first two games. He was matched up one-on-one with these star defensive ends 43 times.

On those, 28 snaps were mano-a-mano meetings against Abraham and he allowed two sacks and one pressure.

Against Freeney, Long was one-on-one only 15 times, although seven of those came on the Dolphins final drive. Long has had 13 snaps in which he got help from another offensive lineman, with that player almost always being Justin Smiley. Smiley and Long battled Freeney on 11 of those double-team snaps.

That signals a departure from Miami's confidence to leave Long on an island against a defensive end as it did much of the preseason and in the first game against Abraham.

Long also got help from a tight end or a chip block from a back four more times against Freeney.

And how did he do in the game versus Freeney? Freeney had one sack and one hurry.

The DVR also showed that Abraham and Freeney were blocked by a tight end, a running back, or a combo of the two five total times. That blocking scheme, considered less than desirable, was quite efficient. Neither Freeney nor Abraham had a sack or pressure on those five snaps.

Keep in mind that Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said Long looked bad the first couple of snaps of Monday night's game but recovered and then played well after that.

On Sunday Long is expected to be matched against either Shawne Merriman or rookie Larry English. Merriman is questionable with a groin injury but he practiced full on Friday after not working at all on Wednesday and Thursday.

Long's blocking buddy, Smiley, was limited in practice on Thursday and Friday with a shoulder injury. Smiley is listed as questionable.

We'll continue to chart Long on his progress -- or at least David J. will now that I put public pressure on him by saying he would.


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Pete Stoyanovich should die of ghonerea and burn in hell.

LOL@genothefox. what ! Why ?

NJ it is because he missed that field goal

I just watched the game too; it wasn´t even close¡¡¡¡¡¡

We had a QB & a great coach back then¡¡¡¡¡

he did suck but where did Pete stoyanovich come from???

Assassin , that was ages ago. Did they repaly the game on the nfl network or something.

I"m tracking how many lame blogs Armandooo
writes. So far, the tally is in the triple digits.

Nevermind , I see they did. They're going to show it again at 2 am.

Long is a Rt.

Dear Mr. Salguero

It was sujested to me in your last article that I stock up on radio's for all Dolphin broadcasts because buying TV's from a pawn shop is getting on the expensive side.

Then it hit me....Why dont I buy some bullit proof glass to encase a TV in it.

This way I can watch the game and not have fear of another acidental gun mishap during a dropped pass or a missed tackle.

Well I'm gonna get my gun cabinate key back from my neighbor then its off to the liquor store.

Your friend

Soiled :)

I'm assuming he "genothefox" watched the replay of the '94 season playoff loss to the Chargers - a painful loss, if not the worst. My buddies still remind me of wishing syphilis on Pete that day.

dont youse underwater mud bunnies quit yez day jobs. the none's of yezs! hahahahahahah........

Soiled , can the bullet richochet off the shield and hit you ? Just asking. If it can , you might want to re think that idea.

Jetset09, another Jet fan addicted to crack cocaine

I still can recall Marino giving us that last gasp of hope with that final drive. Hard to lay it all on Stoyo though. How about that BS that Keith Jackson did with the forwrd lateral which sapped all the mo out of the best drive of the second half. We can all say shouda,couda,wouda but our beloved fins would have played the niners again in JRS to have been the only team to host and break the AFC jinx. Its too bad because Steve young would still have that ape on his back and no one would be giving us sh!t because Marino could not get it done.

humphfries? i'm going to try and hang myself again.

genothedumbturd please dont quit yez day job as superintendant of graphic art for public restroom stalls. I met your mother the queen of gloryholes initiations there also.

Marino, Shula & others have said that '95 game was a great chance to get to sb that team blew----thnx you Stoyo!

Dear Mr. Salguero

It has been recently brought to my attention that a bullit proof encased TV would indeed protect the TV but could lead to collateral damage from a ricocheted bullit.

"Soiled , can the bullet richochet off the shield and hit you ?"

I'm at a loss on what to do. I dont have enough money to cover a season's worth of TV's.

And the good lord knows I luv my hard liquor, ugly women and the right to bare arms in my home during a Dolphin football game.

If we have the technology to land a man on the moon then why cant I watch a Dolphin game on TV without it giving out to a little gun play.

Concerned and wondering

Soiled :)

has to be the worst QB to play in a super bowl, (humphrys, stan) maybe rex grossmen.

Dear Mr soiledbottom , have you considered shooting a paint ball gun instead ? It will require some cleaning , but at least you can keep your TV and save some money. A concerned friend and fellow dolphin fan.

Dear Mr. NJ Phin Fan

"Dear Mr soiledbottom , have you considered shooting a paint ball gun instead ?"

Now thats just plain silly, I can see it now....walking around my house with a mason jar full of corn squeezins and a paintball gun strapped to my side. They would laugh me right out of the trailer park.

Soiled :)

LMAO@soiledbottom ! Trailor park ? and you concerned about how you look with a paintball Gun ? :)

Damn it , You're.

Dear mr. NJ Phin Fan

" you concerned about how you look with a paintball Gun ? :)"

No....well yes me and the old lady just rented our selve's this nice little fixer upper single wide and noticed that all our neighbors pack some serious heat. So walking around with a paintball gun would be like a poor kid at school wearing "Nikke" sneakers while the rich kids wear "Nike" people would just point and laugh.

Soiled :)

LOL@soiledbottom. Well if that's the case , go get a AK47 and fire away my friend. That should show your Neighbors you mean Business. Just let's see what the dolphins do first on sunday. :) If they lose on sunday , i may be joining you at the pawn shop buying a new TV. :)

Hindsight is 20/20. Obviously Matt Ryan would have been the better pick, but it would have been a very risky pick. There really is no one else who clearly would have been a better pick than Jake. I think he'll be fine in the long run. He went 16 games last year and wound up in Hawaii. He must have done something consistently right.

Something positive to look at:

Wildcat AVG. YD's per play

Rest of NFL 6.1 yds
Vick (career) 7.3 yds
DOLPHINS '09 8.5 yds!

And Vick called himself "the wildcat originator" child please!

Long is so lucky to have smiley long needs to hit the gym he was on his ass every time he is lacking in the strength Smiley on the other hand was playing like a man that dude is tough

Something positive to look at:

Wildcat AVG. YD's per play
rest of NFL ('08) 6.1
Rest of NFL this yr 4.1 yds
Vick (career) 7.3 yds
DOLPHINS '09 8.5 yds!

And Vick called himself "the wildcat originator" child please!

Wildcat originator, in the modern era of the nfl was Randal Cunningham. He was the most dangerous player in the league til his knee got swiss cheesed. Could throw it 80 yards. Very accurate. Fast as hell. Even punted. (91 yards)

Soiled, my man. Just watch the game with the "ho" neighbour. Shoot her tv and drink all her liquor. You may have to get her to buy you your mash because pink coolers and football don't go together. Better yet instead of shooting her tv you could take you instant anger out on her pink poodle. I don't know what Mrs Bottom would have to say about that but she will stop her sunday afternoon whimpering.

Why doesn't he look at all the snaps he mauled Freeney in the run game? Don't those count too? David Neal should get out of scouting and work on his writing- which itself has been weak to start the year.

JAKE didn't have to go up against these type of DEs last year. It's great for the long run. He will be perfect when it's time for CHAD H. to play.

A 22 year old BIG BOY going up with 6 time pro bowlers. NOW he's seen everything the best has to offer and it will get easier after this year.

I hope we force feed GINN this week also.

GATES scares the shi+ out me. He might have 200 yards.

I can't understand why we didn't just turn the team over to CHAD H.

He saw enough of the DINK and DUNK the check downs the reads. CHAD P has just been in the way now. He can't learn nothing else from the bench.

If you people are worried about Jake Long than you all are idiots. I am from Michigan and watched him for 4 years and he is probably the best OL to ever play at Michigan, a school with a rich tradition of good NFL linemen. He is as solid as they get. He had one bad game. Get off his back and find something else to whine about!!!


who cares about what Michigan school.dolphins are becoming the joke again .long didn't play good so far and that's what matter ,they signed him to big money to show up at games not to hear the Michigan tradition song .

Dear Soiled,

As a long time sufferin' Dolfan I learnt a long time ago to use mirrors. Here's how. Just set up the couch or bean bag to face a mirror positioned to show the reflection of the TV. Have multiple mirrors handy and shoot away. Mirrors are much cheaper and are readily available as there's not much need for them in a trailer park otherwise. Be sure to place the mirror where you're sure noone will be positioned behind it..... say, with it's back to the kitchen. Where if your 'ole lady is anything like mine, she'll never consider going. Also keep the kids from slobbering up the "screen" while watching Hannah Montana, by spraying with Bug spray.... the mirror that is. Off should work fine. This idea will also allow double the seating area as those less prone to volatile displays of emotion can sit facing you and the balance the trailer out!
P.S. Don't use paintballs! You could put an eye out.

soiled, use meatballs not paintballs .

Freeney is awesome and Long kicked his butt all over the field. And on the Freeney sack he was blocked for like 15 seconds before he finally tackled Chad for a half a yard loss. It was basically a tackle on a rushing qb for no gain. This blog entry is really misleading.

Don't use paintballs , but shoot mirrors and have glass shatter everywhere poking eyes out and slicing jugular veins. This while poisining your kids . Yeah ! that's a plan. LMFAO ! :)

AARON , I don't know what dolphin games you've been watching , but Long has been struggling ALL season . it hasn't been just 1 game. Long got alot of help last week.


Plus ATL. got MATT but who else that year.



ALL season is ALL of 2 games.

Long was also horrible in all 4 preseason games . He got burned for a sack in 3 games and got a holding call on a DE that would've got the qb killed in the other game.

this blog means nothing to me. jonathan ogden never had help on the outside? or inside? give me a break, its only his second year and its only the third game.

Read reason # 4 in mando's blog above.

fasano my azzzzzzz

why nj phin never talk about his favorite player FASANO .could be the 2 FUMBLES ? or he's just full of hot air ?

Every player on the FINS had a bad play here or there. To put it all on GINN,LONG or even CHAD P. would be wrong. That game would have been won if the play calling was better.

and the defense.

ARMANDO - Why no mention at all about the great run blocking? Even though they lost, to put up the numbers on the ground they did against any defense in the NFL is impressive, and deserves some praise. Thanks.

The Wildcat is Back Door football.
Depending on the wildcat makes us all like like a_ssho_les.

On my way to Canes-Hokies; daughter's in the VT marching band.

Justin. McBride's tommorrow ?

I don't think the D is having a bad year. They stopped both teams running games.

They stood strong aginst the wide outs however the TEs went crazy.

TWO teams with probowl wide outs combined for about 100 yards.

Both teams rushed for a combine 100 yards give or take.

I think that's great.


I don't care hom much the guy is getting paid or where he was drafted. The fact of the matter is he is in his second year and we might be seeing that notorious sophmore slump. Some of the best players in the league have gone through them so this is nothing new. Jake is smart, athletic, and a physically imposing player (the dude is 6'6" over 300 lbs with abs people!) and will be a great player in this league for years to come. It's really nice to see how fast "fans" turn on their own players, coaches, and team. Second f**king year into a rebuild of a completely terrible 1-15 nightmare and some of you are calling for everyone to be cut and for the coaches to be fired. They had 10 or more frigging years of bad drafting but after 2 drafts with the trifecta, the latest being a rookie class playing in their first season, some of you are suprised that they haven't turned our phins into a superbowl contender. Ignorance, thy name is Dolphin fan.

Hey Mando,

Are your articles a reflection of your personality or do your superiors dictate your slant ?

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