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A breakdown of Miami's passing game troubles

The Dolphins passing game is in trouble and not just because inexperienced quarterback Chad Henne is taking over this week.

The Dolphins passing game the first three weeks of the season is ranked 30th in the NFL, averaging a paltry 155.7 yards per game. The Dolphins have only four pass plays of 20 yards or more and only St. Louis has fewer. The Dolphins have zero pass plays of 40-yards or more and that ties them with eight teams for the fewest.

It is no small wonder the Dolphins are struggling now because in today's high-flying NFL, where most teams throw more than they run, the Dolphins aren't throwing the football very well.

Many people believe that will change with Henne at quarterback because he has a strong arm that Chad Pennington did not even before he went on the injured reserve list Tuesday.

I've been telling you and will continue repeating it -- yelling from the mountain tops if I must -- that Miami's receiver corps is more the issue than the QB.

I gave the rundown of Miami's receivers yesterday and intend to do so again today to make more clear to you why this group is not good enough to give the Dolphins an excellent pass offense.

Look at it from a scout's perspective. As Nick Saban used to say, every position has "critical factors" that a scout should weigh to decide if a player can play the position successfully. Since there are no perfect players, no one achieves all the critical factors. But the blue chip players come close.

The critical factors for receivers?

They need great hands: A receiver is nothing if he cannot grasp and hold on to the football.

They need great speed: A receiver must be able to threaten the defense and not only close distance between himself and a backpedaling DB, but then create separation from that DB.

They need great quickness: A receiver must be able to turn and change direction quickly.

They need great ball skills: A receiver must be able to come down with the football when it is in the air and he is being challenged for it by another player, or often, two other players.

They need football intelligence: A receiver must be smart enough to learn the offense, learn the philosophy behind the passing game, learn defenses and recognize coverages. Then he must put all those together instantly on the field -- sometimes before the snap -- so he can adjust and overcome situations accordingly.

They need toughness: Football is a blood sport and everyone has to gut things out at one point or another. A receiver needs to stay on the field when he's hurt. He needs to be willing to block, because a great blocking receiver can turn 12-yard running plays into 62-yard running plays. He needs to be willing to expose his body against bigger players across the middle of the field when necessary.

So let's go to the elite, the best of the best, and see how that kind of player sizes up. Let's break down Andre Johnson, who I believe is among the best if not the best WR in the NFL today. He's also a fellow alumnus of Miami High and the U so I have to show him respect for that.

Hands? Johnson has good hands. Yes, he's had a couple of fumbles in his career, but never more than one per season. He typically catches with his hands and not his body and when the ball touches his hands, it typically sticks. 

Speed? Johnson runs in the low 4.4s He has no issue getting behind defenders. He never gets caught from behind.

Quickness: Despite his size, he can change direction and it does not take him forever to get started, something a certain Miami receiver has issues with.

Ball skills: Seldom is there a ball in the air that he must fight for, that he doesn't claim. Ask Yeremiah Bell about that one on that fateful fourth-down play last year.

Football intelligence: The Hurricanes ran a pro-style passing game and he had no problems picking it up. The Texans run a fairly complex pass game and Johnson is nails at recognizing adjustments and blitzes. He gets it.

Toughness: Johnson has had some injury issues, but not lately. The guy is 225 pounds of chiseled flesh that imitates granite. His downfield blocking is one reason rookie Steve Slaton gained 1,282 yards last season. And yes, Johnson goes across the middle and often initiates the contact with defenders.

So that's the breakdown of an elite guy. Now let me give the breakdown of Miami's top three receivers so you can understand why the Dolphins are struggling with their passing game and desperately need upgrading here.

Ted Ginn Jr.

Hands: Good until this year, but lately inconsistent. He dropped two touchdowns vs. Indianapolis, including the game-winner and let two balls get into his body, rather than catching them with his hands vs. San Diego. Those resulted in drops. So this season he's average here at best.

Speed: Ginn has elite speed and easily breezes through the 4.3 range. But it takes him a while to get going. He's a long-strider.

Quickness: Very little here. Ginn doesn't change direction like, say, Davone Bess. Study them together. The gulf in quickness between them is startling.

Ball skills: Offensive coordinator Dan Henning said something telling last week when he claimed Ginn would come down with the game-winner vs. Indy "five out of 10 times." You want a receiver who is better than 50 percent. You want 70-80 percent.

Football intelligence: We are in Year 3 and Ginn is said to still be perfecting the art of running routes. Enough said.

Toughness: If you've seen him play, I don't need to say anything here, you know the deal.

Davone Bess

Hands: The guy caught 293 passes in three seasons at Hawaii. He had 54 catches as a rookie and there was never a complaint about how he caught the ball. Great!

Speed: Bess is a 4.6 to 4.7 guy in the 40-yard dash. And that is the reason he's not an elite receiver. He will catch every ball and make somebody miss. But he can't run away from defenders.

Quickness: I just told you he'll make somebody miss. That's because he can change directions on a dime. Very good.

Ball skills: Above average in that Bess comes down with his fair share of contested passes.

Football Intelligence: Ace again. He's human and he misses some reads, but the guy knows to find an open area in the defense.

Toughness: Bess was a street kid, so he obviously doesn't back down from people. But his size limits his blocking. He's got the want-to, though.

Greg Camarillo

Hands: Ace here. Camarillo will catch the balls he's expected to catch and catch some balls that are improbable catches.

Speed: The big flaw again. He ran a 4.6 on a really, really good day before his knee surgery. He won't often get caught from behind, but he's not often behind the defense to test that.

Quickness: OK but not great. Camarillo can change direction but he is taller and lankier so it takes a millisecond longer to get that body moving in a different direction.

Ball skills: While there is no defining catch over a defender that I can remember, neither can I remember a moment Camarillo failed to come down with a catch he had a chance to make. So good enough.

Toughness: He never stops. He's always chugging. He fought back from a serious knee injury and is starting again in less than one year. And he has the desire to block and isn't afraid to run routes across the middle.

There you have it. Miami's top three receivers have traits that keep them on the roster and make them effective in some situations. They are all complementary players. But none is elite. And none is likely to become elite because they all lack important critical factors for that to happen.

Miami needs to add one elite receiver to this group of complementary players to turn this receiver corps from average or below average to very, very good.


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why you need to quote Nick Saban to get point across?

Holy redundance batman, I was just about to say, how is he going to quite saban? Does he knw he writes for the Miami dolphins?

Percentage of Passes Caught - NFL
1 Josh Reed Buf 100.0 ( 10/10 )
2 Kelley Washington Bal 92.3 ( 12/13 )
3 Dwayne Bowe KC 90.0 ( 9/10 )
4 Davone Bess Mia 89.5 ( 17/19 )

1st Down Catches, 3rd Down
1 Steve Smith NYG 10
2t Davone Bess Mia 7
2t Percy Harvin Min 7
2t Randy Moss NE 7

Passes Not Caught
1 Steve Smith Car 20
2 Santonio Holmes Pit 15
3t Ted Ginn Jr. Mia 14

Who is the real #1 Dolphins receiver? Bess may not have the speed but he is one of the more dependable receivers in the entire league right now.

But how can anyone watch the games (also live as I have seen this year and last) and not see that the receivers were open downfield and the ball wasn't thrown. We are at the bottom of the league in throws 10 yards or more. Henne has a gun. We will see what him and our receiving core can do in the next few weeks.

Freakin' great stuff!

It's pretty obvious that Bess is our best receiver right now and your breakdown, Mando, makes that point much, much clearer as to the reasons why.

Great breakdown, Armando. Great stats, Bra1n. Where do I find those stats.

And do you have drops? The passes not caught are not drops.

Chad Henne has good chance with Buffalo starting safety and cb out. Ted Ginn torch Bills last year. T.O. on verge of explosion. Chad Henne coming out party on sunday. Start with short passes for build the confidence and then take big shots downfield

Where the hell is Pat Turner?? he has great hands, he's big, and he has speed like an anquan boldin...lets give him a chance to prove himself

Sad to see Chad go down because he is a good leader. However, was getting VERY tired of seeing check down passes when recievers were open. We needed to see what Henne has anyway. From now to the end of the season we should know whether he is the guy or not. I observed that he looked scared to death back there against San Diego. But you're right about recievers getting open and the ball not being delivered and when they ARE deliverd correctly, they are dropped. Bottom line: EVERYONE on offense needs to step up. As for defense, I'd like to see more jamming at the line instead of 15 yard cushions.

Boldin is slowwwwww...he ran a 4.7/40 at the combine. I for one am GLAD we haven't traded for him. I don't think he will be what he is an Arizona w/o a strong group around him. I'm pretty sure if the trifecta thought we needed a WR to be the total package they would have gotten one. So with that, I think they realize we need A LOT more than that.

I think we are gonna see a shake up at the safety position...they are killing the team more than the WR's...Giturd Wilson needs to be traded for a 7th rounder asap

Here's what I never see.


Twice in two years we had a receiver wide open down the field. That was Cobbs. Why can't these guys get open down the field? I'm watchiing NFL replay and 31 teams get open down the field except us.

I am very excited to see what Henne has. Henne starting the rest of the year gives this season a whole different meaning. He might not have great receivers, but he has a great offensive line, 2 very good backs, and some decent pieces to throw to. Ginn, Bess, Camarillo, and Hartline are a slightly below average WR core. However, it is up to Henne to get the best out of them. I really cant wait to see what he's got.

I was one of the people who was against trading a #1 for Boldin. Now, it seems like it may have been a good idea. I thought Ginn was going to be better this year.

Ginn is a joke. Fasano has pulled a disappearing act. Camarillo isn't 100% from his injury.

As long as you brought Saban up......his drafting philosophy (that he didn't follow) was to take the best player available rather than drafting for a position of need. The reason was that you wind up reaching for guys and still don't fill the need. Then, you wind up doing the same thing the next year. It seems to me this is what the Dolphins did with Hartline and Turner. Neither of them look like they're ever going to be top WRs. Most draft gurus had Turner (and Pat White) going A LOT lower than the Dolphins took them.

So, after spending two mid-round draft picks on WRs, there's still a glaring need. Might as well have just bit the bullet and got Boldin.

You guys are all pathetic..Armando going by your criteria name a elite receiver on the JETS? Name a elite receiver on the New Englands Championship winning team? Name a Elite receiver on the Steelers? Yea, I'll wait... But I tell what all of those teams do have. A strong armed, great qb. How many time has D.McNabb got his team deep into the playoffs with the worse receiving core in the league.

I read a lot of comments on this blog about Pennington's weak arm. And it's true - he may have the weakest arm among all current NFL QBs. But as an ex-Canadian, I can tell you that the weakest arm I've ever seen is that of Tom Clements, former QB in the Canadian Football League for many teams in the 70s and 80s, and a star QB and Heismann candidate with Notre Dame in the 1970s. Check out this wet noodle of a pass in the 1979 CFL Eastern Division Semi-Final. Clements makes Pennington look like Superman!

(the play starts at 5:52)

Believe it or not, Clements was a STAR in the CFL - Rookie of the Year, Most Outstanding Player, and 2-time Grey Cup champion. (Not to mention my favorite player and hero.)

Armando, I really enjoyed the Tyler Thigpen YouTube video. Except for the horrible music. While I know you didn't choose the music, I still can't help feel that you are somehow responsible for that abomination.

It is funny you quoted saban. Pennington is the man, but it's time for henne to drow bullets for 70 yard touchdowns and 70 yard int returns. It's the way of the avg NFL qb. Hey, at least it'll be more dramatic. Regardless I'm excited, this team needed a change, they have looked completely lost out there at times..

Thigpen is a good qb. can run has a good arm and made things happen in a horrible k.c. offense. henne will improve with practice wit 1st stringers. can miami take a shot downfield just once? ginn is being misused. he is not a 10-15 yard possesion receiver. he needs to be let loose and thrown bomb after bomb.

I was at the game in San Diego on Sunday. Perect end-zone seats center and could see the plays set up.

San Diego pushed the safeties up to stop the run and Ronnie/Ricky were running tough extra efforts on every run. O-line great push especially considering you sensed the Chargers had no fear of the passing game. Penn just didn't look right especialy compared to Rivers.
Ginn had that dude smoked on the first pass and Penn was way off. His ball just has no zip at all and therefore he has to deliver it early. Rivers stood in there several times to the last flippen second the one that separates great qbs from so so's. Just before he got slammed he wings it 10-20-40yds with ease. The wildcat is no gimmick at least the way Ronnie runs it. From my seat you could totaly seee how that direct snap gives him that extra time for him to see the blocking set up. Not to mention the threat of Ricky. Bess is money and always fought for extra yards with good ball security. Patrick Turner has to get in there. With him and Bess they could make the Qb's job a lot easier along with the RBs. Ginn could be used on a couple of go routes a game and a decoy to stretch the field. This team is a play or two away in these three games from winning each. One thing is for sure Ricky and Ronnie come to play on every play.

Armando I totally agree with u 60% of the blam should fall on management they brought these players in or didn't make changes when needed a lot of fans have been call our lack of a 1 WR out for a while

thigpen looks to have that brady style, sort of wrist flick type of pass that goes for 40 yrds. and what other qb has caught a td recently? plus a runner...i say nice. relitive to the d-bags we may have had to choose from:(ferotte, lemons, etc) nice.

Tony you hit the nail on the head good qb's make great receivers where would Jerry Rice be without Joe Montana? Where would Duper and Clayton be without Dan? Makes your think I agree with you a hundred percent. The Lions drafted number one type receivers year after year but what they never had was a QB.

Bess is by far the man right now on the receiving corps. He goes to the middle, finds seams and holes. In the Monday night game, I was watching one of the camera angles from behind the qb. Pennington is looking downfield during the play and the announcer is saying nobody was open. Across the screen comes Bess about 20 yards downfield and not a San Diego shirt near him. Pennington still has the ball. Now I like Pennington but the desire to check down all the time was nauseating.

We are not losing games because of receivers. The secondary sucks. And that is the guys in the middle backfield. The strong safety, the free safety and the middle linebacker play like turds. I honestly didn't like it that we re-signed Crowder. He is slower and dumber than an injured turtle. I thought Wilson would be better and I don't know if Bell is playing great because of the hole the other 2 are creating. The team is ok to great in most other areas. I wouldn't have bothered getting Thigpen. Run the ball and get someone to play middle linebacker, please. Zack was 10 times the guy this turd is. Crowder is often standing around or 2 steps behind watching tackles.

Nitpick: the Camarillo ass catch was just two weeks ago, and you can't remember it as a defining over the defender catch?

That was a very detailed explanation. Thanks for sharing this.

Now it's time for Chadley #2 to take his place. He was drafted and crowned the "future" of this team...The future is NOW...C'mon, Chadley, kick some butt like we know you can!

We are f'ed with henne...he can't even handle screens, and it's not like he is a rookie.

Bess is a real baller and I could see him contributing to a winning team somewhere.

Ginn obviously is no #1 WR, but if you look at that draft, there wasn't any talent left anyhow. At least we didn't blow a #1 pick on L. Coles. We should've gotten T. O. We'll hopepfully get Crabtree next year.

Armando you should apply for a scouting job somewhere. It apears that you have great understanding of each position in footbal, what is required, and who that magical player is.

Hey Armando,

Do you know the progress of Pat Turner, Vontae Davis, and Matt Roth? Are they pushing for starting positions, or getting back on the field soon in Roth's case? Also how did Wake do on Sunday, did he seem out of place or in the middle of it?


I agree with Mando. Also, what others said about Penny has merit. It's a combination. You don't need an "elite" qb or wr, but you need a very good one of each, with chemistry. Penny was forced into a 2nd year with no tight ends as weapons. With our style of rushing and short passing, no tight ends was a problem. There is no real passing scheme so all the defenses creep up. We nailed coffin down on Penny by setting him up for this. If he didn't get hurt Sunday he would have gotten hurt another Sunday. And same thing might happen to Henne. Henne has a different skill set than Penny, so it will open up some different offensive plays for us, but Henne is still huddling up an offense that does not have a functioning passing game. You can't fix that with one guy. But with a couple of guys, and some practice, yes. This is 100 percent a coaching/front office issue created in the offseason.

Nothing wrong with what you are saying Mando but you're preaching to the wrong people here, we all know we have a problem, talk to the TUNA, Sparano and Ireland they're the only ones who can change it unless all thge fans stay away from home games then I guess that would force a change/trade.
Now they've shown a willingness to trade for Thigpen lets see them do it again for a proven wideout, offer Ginn and a 2011 high pick, hell throw Wilson in there too.

What you failed to say or forgot is that a WR can be the best in the world. But if his QB can't get it to himm in stride or if the throw is not on target than it changes every thing you pointed out.

Being that you are going back


Why did COLE and MOSS do better in WASHINGTON.
Did you see that FARVE game winning throw.

Look where he put the ball. WAAAY out in front. The WR came from behind the CB to make that catch.

That GINN catch last year in the back of the endzone with two guys all over him. That pass was out in front of him and he was able to get to it.

That play aginst the BILLS when he had the guy beat by 5 yards and he had to stop and come back to make the catch but it was a harder catch than it should be because like the TD catch he had his man but the ball stayed in the air so long that the CB was able to make a play on it.


Agree with the guy who said that you probably couldn't name too many receivers who were tops in each category. And if you add another category "attitude" - which is essential as well - you can scratch a bunch of guys including TO and Moss. You could have another column to discuss who really is elite in each category and thus a 'real' #1 receiver. Probably can count the candidates on one hand.

Off topic, but agree with fan sentiment on Crowder. I used to have a high opinion of him, but he was awful in the two games I've seen this year. Any ideas Mando? Fixing this (if needed) by draft includes a two-year time delay for the draftee to get up to speed with the defense enough to 'run' the defense. (Still, depending on talent available when we draft it would be my #1 priority if the right person is there)

YOU COULD GIVE CHAD JERRY,T.O,MOSS,and YOU'RE BOY ANDRE in a 4 spread and he couldn't take advantage of ARMANDO,JUSTIN CREDIBLE,ACE,or NJ FINFAN. WE give them a 10 yard cushion with CHAD I like our chances.

I agree Armando, we certainly lack any receiver with all the skills you detailed. Devon Bess is our best receiver and he would be a starting complimentary slot receiver on most NFL teams. But it is clearly time to paint the bust label on Teddy Ginn. Judging by your criteria I would grade him high only on speed and that is just straight 40 yard dash speed. His directional speed is limited as you mentioned. Camarillo might be a 4th on another team. He’s a tough guy and I like him but he just doesn’t have enough talent to be anything more than complimentary.

The one thing that sticks out more to me watching our passing game verses our opponents is the ability to throw a pass 30 to 40 yards on a line when a guy suddenly comes open. We completely lack the slow developing deeper pass plays because Pennington could not see a guy 30 yards down the field and flip it to him before a defender could react. Everything in our passing attack had to be scripted, well timed so the ball could be delivered well before the receiver had made his break. With Henne we may have a chance to see some of the passes we saw Rivers deliver at the last second when a guy broke open deep because he has the arm strength to get it there. It should be interesting to watch.

Anybody else notice how Mando wont respond to anything on here anymore like he used to?Quit being friggin lazy Mando,or chicken s_it,we dont bite,man up dude,jeez,people are always confronting you on here.Quoteing an old Rocky quote:Dont you have anything better to say to the news? Or in this case,us!!

It's very telling that of the 3 Dolphin receivers you profiled, Ginn is the worst of the bunch, yet he's their #1 receiver. 'Nuff said.

Plus the best way is to look how teams play us.
Man to man in a bump and run.


You can't get a quick pass.
They can help in run support.
They can push our little wide outs off route.
and if they fall behind the chance of catching up because of CHAD throws is high.





if the 3 wise men at dolphin headquarters thought chad henne was any good, they wouldn't have drafted pat white so high in the draft. that's plain and simple.

I have my doubts about Ginn but lets look at the real deal. Ginn was taken in the draft the year after Hester lit up the league with returns for TDs. Ginn was to be Maimi's version of Hester ie. a great kick returner. Ginn was not drafted to be an elite receiver. Ginn has some potential to be a very good receiver who can stratch the field and he comes with a pretty high price tag. The trifecta could not get rid of him because of economics. No one would give good trade value for the unproven speedster.

In fairness to Ginn he is basically a sophmore receiver now and as such he may be going through the sophmore slump. HE does have the ability to stretch the field but he does have the weakness you mentioned. Ginn is very similar to HEster in that he will take time to develope in the receiver role. Hartline, Camirillo, Bess, and possibly Turner are better all around receivers but Ginn is a homerun threat. Keep ginn running in a straight line and air it out and Miami might get its moneies worth from him.

Toughness=testicular fortitude, Bess,has nutz, camerillo has huge nutz, ted(oops i fall down)Ginn, has NO nutz....

I agree 100% with you Mando!!! I only wish we would trade for a WR as quickly as we got a backup QB though! =(

Your pathetic fans need to get off Ginn... It's not his fault that he always had to adjust to a week arm qb that balls stay in the air forever...Now I'm not calling Ginn great but I have never seen anyone hit him on a streak pattern in three years with the team. Oh I forgot pennington ball just made it in between to defenders in the back of the endzone when he had to once again slow down...And he still made the unbelievable catch. You have to use Ginn to his strengths and that's going deep. Ten yard comebacks are not going to win a game. All superbowl teams go deep. My hope are very high that Henne can get the job done. The gameplan the dolphins were in on sunday was for a weak arm qb. I also think the pickup of thigpen was excellent he has a nice are and he is very mobile plus he can throw the deep ball very well. As dolphins fans we need to encourage our guys and stop being so negative...We have been doing enough to win all of these games without the bonehead mistakes that we made. I still believe that things can be turned around if the coaches and players get their head out of you know what and start playing to win and not to lose...They have to show some guts...Period!

Just more proof that on that Draft day when a QB fell into The Dolphins lap and we went with some guy named Ted Ginn instead, the fans were disappointed. The team came out and tried to tell the fans it was the right call, Ginn would be right up there with the greats. This is why our Dolphins suck right now, the powers at be have had no clue for several years. Parcells is trying to fix things, but he seems to be making some mistakes also.
Ginn can not catch , he has missed more than 50 percent recently ( is that a great WR as advertised ), including a potential game winner. He is painfully afraid to take a hit, which even my wife , who hates football, picked up on. So i guess that makes him one of the best as advertised. Not to mention yards after the catch ( when he makes a catch )... oh thats right, he is afraid of the hit , so he heads right for the sidelines where he is protected.
What a total bust.

Agree Steve..My favorite subject.

This is all great, but football isn't a bunch of individual performances. The threat of Ginn beating a guy plus a qb that can get it to him draws additional or softer coverage, the middle opens up. If you kill them in the middle, the other edge opens up. If it were as simple as putting the fastest, quickest, etc guys on the field then the Dolphins wouldn't have won the division and the Steelers wouldn't have won the superbowl.

Ginn can not catch , he has missed more than 50 percent recently ( is that a great WR as advertised ), including a potential game winner. He is painfully afraid to take a hit, which even my wife , who hates football, picked up on.

I guess your wife knows a wimp when she lives with one...

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!Idiots, draft picks as high
as Turner need to be on the field not in active
The no catch/drop by Ginn INDY game is a TD by
Turner 6" advantage and 10 times stronger then pussyginn

Mando! You working on a Pulitzer Prize this year? You been nailing it man.

Real good point about quickness. Speed is good in the open field. Quickness is better in traffic. No wonder Bess catches more balls than Ginn. Bess gets open using his quickness.

Ohio...figures. Your either married to your sister or having you way with Ginn.
By the way , maybe you should defend your boyfriend...oh thats right you cant so you attack his critics, nice.

PS...what a stupid thing for a coach to say. WTF good is a receiver that catches the ball 50% of the time. He should have said 8 out of 10 times. It would have made sense considering Ginn dropped 2 TD's in the endzone.

That first one sort of ticks me off. He actually pulled up and didn't even try to get it. Later he said something like he thought he had no room.

This guy don't even know where he is on the field.

armando's article is a very good look at players without bias .do the dolphins has a person doing such a break down to the players before they draft them or sign a new contract .

bona, If you looked at the replay coming into the picture was a colt player ready to put the wood to Ted(side-line)ginn,he was scared of thew hit he would Had endured if he caught it..

Cuban, do think ted ginn's dad told him to avoid hits at all coasts knowing that he's the bread winner in his family ?

one more ,do you think to make him return punts so he get more hits to get tough men fighting ?

GoPats, That's a distinct possibility, But don't forget that there's 3 other ginns on the airbreathers team, there's the clip board holding ted sr., there's Rufus the human blocking dummie, and there's Tednisha, the team.... well lets just say Tednisha keeps the teams spirit up, If you know what i mean(and i think you do).

Hey Armando,

Do you know the progress of Pat Turner, Vontae Davis, and Matt Roth? Are they pushing for starting positions, or getting back on the field soon in Roth's case? Also how did Wake do on Sunday, did he seem out of place or in the middle of it?


This is an excellent breakdown on the receivers. Without pass protection, none of it is going to matter. While the o-line has improved alot from game one, it has improved most in the running game. Now it's time for them to improve in pass protect. A split second makes a big difference.

Chad Henne will be you Hero on Monday. Watch what you saying.

Receivers do not need great speed - Wes Welker and Greg Camarillo are both excellent receivers in the NFL and neither are "fast".

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