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The jockocrasy misses it on Bill Parcells

There are times I learn something from watching ESPN. Normally that happens on Baseball Tonight or when John Clayton, Chris Mortensen or Adam Schefter are sharing the fruits of their reporting.

The jockocrasy, as Howard Cosell used to call it? Not too enlighting.

I tell you that because Keshawn Johnson, part of the legions of former athletes that now are acting like they can analyze the game simply because they played the game, said Wednesday during an ESPN conference call that Bill Parcells is stepping into the shadows in Miami, even as this preseason has shown how the team belongs more and more to coach Tony Sparano.

“You can see where the Miami Dolphins of the preseason are starting to look like a Tony Sparano football team, under the guise of him more so than it was under Coach Parcells last year,” said Johnson, who was coached by Parcells with the New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys. “I can tell that Tony’s running the team more, and less of Bill having his hand in the situation.”

Johnson went on to stay Parcells would not stay with the Dolphins "beyond his obligation."

Really? So Johnson is "reporting" Parcells, who weighed walking away last offseason, will finally walk away once his current contract expires? When he's 70 years old? In 2011?


Look, the Dolphins this time of year are undoubtedly Sparano's team. He is, after all, the head coach.

But to suggest Parcells somehow has lost any interest or influence, or has become worn or tired of the team is simply dead wrong. Parcells is at practically every practice the team conducts. He engages aggressively with players. He determines the vision for drafting. He determines the vision for re-signing free agents and signing new ones.

When general manager Jeff Ireland wanted to trade for Tony McDaniel in the offseason, he got approval from Parcells first.

Parcells will not travel to away games this season. He's not in New Orleans for tonight's preseason-finale against the Saints. But he didn't travel to away games last year and he watches the games on TV and studies the film and makes decisions based on what happens in this and every game.

Bill Parcells is engaged and this is as much his team this year as it was last year.

Will he step away when his contract is up? Probably. He might leave before then, even. But by any measure, the Dolphins are every bit a Bill Parcells project today as they ever were.



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Armando very interesting

Child, please. We like our athletes where they are. At least they've played the game, not to mention kj has not only played with parcells he's worked with him to. It's like a war correspondent saying they know more about war that a gulf veteran. Child, please


We want to hear about tonights game. Who starts, how long will they play? Who's on the bubble, who makes it, who doesn't, etc, etc.

Unless Keisha.....er....ah....Keyshawnda....who ever, unless she has something even slighty relevent to tonight's game, tell her to STFU!!!!

Ditka, Cris Carter and MeShawn are terrible on ESPN.

Armando I spoke in your blog yesterday about Cossell. How funny!


Funny clip. Thanks.

The truth is stranger than fiction.......A LOT of times.

whatever happens, happens. god bless the godfather.

Pennington plays the first quarter, henne plays 2nd and 3rd, white plays 4th.

He could probably do this job until he is 75 when you think that he can continually give more and more of the reigns to the guys that he is teaching.
Hopefully he hangs around a lot. He has done a lot of great things for this team.

There are a ton of dumbass ex-jocks that are on tv. Espn leads the field in this area.

The best ex-jocks analyzing the sport they used to play today : Orel Hershiser, Marshall Faulk, Terell Davis, Mike Mayock.

Howard makes some good points, but there's a ton of dumbass journalists doing analysis that never played sports, too: John Clayton, Jim Grey, Bob Costas, etc.

I stopped watching pre-game shows a few years ago because of all of the shouting and general unprofessionaism being displayed. How about Shannon Sharpe who you may be able to understand every 4th or 5th word uttered from his unintelligible dialect.

DON't care about what espn says.
They say this they say that and after the day what they say doesn't matter.

Like people up here posing to be this and that and they have this and that and never had a woman because they are ugly and fat.

They go here and they go there but every single day I read their post up on here.

So on that note.

IT's a not so BAD so SHUT UP YOUR FACE.


At the end of the day, this is the Tuna's brainchild. He picked the right people to rebuild the Fins and looksey, it's working. WTF does Key Shawn's Johnson know. He's just another blabbing x jock.

unintelligible dialect.

Posted by: Turd Ferguson

looky looky JUSTIN he mean he cant understand shannon sharpe becasue he black. go get mad now

He's just setting himself up....so when Parcell's does walk he can say "I told you so!!!" and think of himself as a prophet.....it's obvious and I see it happen all the time.....that is why I do not let them influence the first thought in my mind....they are not really there to INFORM the public....they just want themselves to look like they k ow what's up while getting paid to do it.....

Good points, Mando. Some of these guys actually know what they're talking about and some of them don't. Keshawn is one that don't. And to make matters worse, he has to be the center of the discussion. Really lives up to his other name: Meshawn.

If Bill Parcells is stepping into the shadows behind Tony Sparano, it is kind of like Dick Cheney stepping into the shadows behind George W.

espn is a joke, not only is live coverage a repeat of everything they have already shown for hours but some of the so called experts are lame as hell. who is tim hasselback and sean salisbury that come to mind because they never had any success in the league but always have something to say on a player. the way i look at it is, if you know all this stuff about what a player should be doing,they should have had hall of fame careers but not even close in their case. ESPN is a joke all they need is a serious network challenging their throne and it could easily topple. 24 hours of the same crap=6-9 replay,9-2 replay with current stuff,which aint much,3-6 something new if they dont show bs gm like tennis or women golf you get the picture, if not, from 4-6 you got print reporter talking the same subjects you heard talked all day, 6-7 supposed new sportcenter, 7-8 sprinkle, 8-11 i guess they are prime time with whatever sport is happening then,11-4 more replays of sportcenter and few 30 mins shows like nfl live,4-6 replay of game shown earlier, now its 6a.m. again lets do it again

I'm confused, what is it you didn't like about what Key said? When he said the team is Sparanos he means the PLAYERS, not the team as in organization. And he's 100% correct. Yes Parcells is the boss, but these players have to respond and play every day for Sparano. Key has a great relationship with Parcells and probably knows more then anyone else what he may or may not do. I think Armando is just trying knock down the jocks and pump up guys like Clayton, because that's how he sees himself.

spad13, u might be right about mando, but if the network that keyshawn works for dont cover the team of a supposed good friend in parcells, why give information or opinions of what he might be thinking. its funny how no matter who the dolphins bring in the organization we still dont get no love, we have to be the least covered team in football. outside of live games you can go months without see anything on the dolphins on a national level. i always thought we had one of the top 10 franchises in all of sports but we get no love, if someone has the answer please tell me why this is.


Here is what what ask from any color commentator -- whtehther they are a former player or a coach.

I am a layman. I consider myself an educated fan so, during games and try to look for things like the intricacies of line play, route adjustments, pre snap-reads etc -- as opposed to just following the ball or tracking the QB.

But since I have not played or coached the game, I'm probably missing 98% of what;s out there.

Yet this stuff is interesting and a mighty important part of the game. Any former player or coach worth a second look as a guy in a booth should understand that their job is to point out those things the layman misses.

This is what was so frustrating about John Madden. The Hall of Fame coach would spend an entire game TELLING ME THINGS I ALREADY KNOW.

I get it Madden -- Brett Favre is a competitor, fat guys get sweaty, and wide receivers are supposed to catch the ball.

Give me a Ron Jaworski or Chris Collinsworth any day. They explain the Xs and Os and game within a game, better than any booth guy out there.

Biggest upgrade in the NFL this season -- replacing Madden with Collinsworth.


This one is simpler.

Drar Mr. Studio analyst,

I watch studio shows for three reasons.

First -- to get actual NEWS from the Adam Schefters and Jay Glazers of the world.

Sadly, you are not dilligent reporter working dozens of league sources -- you're just a former player or coach trying to keep yourself on TV. So in this you are useless.

Second -- I hope to learn something NEW about the game of football -- the kind of things not already blatantly obvious to even the most casual fan (please see my previous post on colour commendators for more detail). There are like 5 guys on all of the networks combined who are worth a damn in this regard.

Third -- I want to be enterained. The storylines around the game you analyzing have already been covered to death long before you opened your mouth.

So say something funny.

Or if you can't do funny -- say something provocative to start an entertaining debate.

If you can't do either, may I suggest you look for careers outside of television?

Child, Please!

WTF?! WE ARE GIVING THIS YEAR AWAY! we are going to let the pats have moss and get Galloway, the bills get t.o., and the jets pick up Brandon Marshall, and we are doing NOTHING ABOUT IT!

Mando no one would've been upset if you just came right out and called Keyshawn an idiot. I'm amazed that ESPN employs this guy and I actually change the channel when he is offering up his little slices of wisdom.

Parcells first appreared on the coaching scene at West Point in the 70's (with Bobby Knight).
Everywhere he goes it's the same plan: build a superior offensive line and defensive line.
If your lines are superior you'll control time of possession, you can keep the game close and you'll own the 4th quarter.

Brandon Marshall will never be a Dolphin. He's been arrested 6 times since he left college. The Broncos want a 1st rounder, 4th rounder and a promising young player (anyone ready to lose Hartline or Sean Smith?). He's a primadona who throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way and on top of that he had offseason hip surgery and no one is sure if the Broncos are trying to hide his injury. Now you add all of that up and then think really hard about how Parcells and Ireland go about their business and what kind of players they covet. That will give you your answer as to why these guys don't give a s**t about Brandon Marshall or what the stinking Jets do.

I love when the jocks constantly refer to what happened "LASS SHEAR," to a team or player; how the "MUT" on the rainy infield makes it hard to play on; and how this jockocracy has inundated the King's English and taken it to levels never seen before in history!


CHILD PLEASE! Brandon Marshall isn't going to the Jests or the Dolphins. Calm down, take a seat, and a puff of you inhaler little buddy, not gonna happen.

Just for the record, Emmitt Smith was the worst analyst ever.

Puff on your you idiot soulja

Child Please!

Get out of here with that nonsense, you sound like a 5 year old trying to formulate a comeback.

Dolphins will not trade for Marshall.

Why would anyone who has NFL network even bother with ESPN? That place is a tool factory. Tom Jackson is the only one worth a crap, NFL N should snag him.

I will formulate a fist to stuff down your throat if you dont stop messing with me.

Souljabeat I will formulate a fist to stuff down your throat if you dont stop messing with me.

Parcells is the reason this team is anything. I'm not saying coaching is not important but as Parcell always say this is talent aquisition business and Parcells is the one evaluating talent.

You go girl!

Just because he is engaged doesnt mean he feels his job isn't done.......Bill said he will leave when his job is done and that doesnt mean his team has to win a Super Bowl but that the people in charge will beable to complete that task........I think his job is done.....Sparano and Ireland will continue the success of this team....with or without Big Bill.....Thanks Bill whenever you decide to move on, you brought the right guys in to compete for a championship.....

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