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Acorns & how they impact contract extensions

The loyal readers of this blog (and there seem to be a couple of you, thank God) might remember the subject of "acorns" has come up a few times here because general manager Jeff Ireland once brought it up, and because about a year ago the club plucked an acorn named Chad Pennington off the market, which helped turn the franchise around.

You might remember that I told you the Dolphins were budgeting for the possibility that another acorn might fall from heaven this year. The team was basically putting aside some salary cap space -- a couple of million, I am assuming -- to use on that acorn were he to materialize.

Hate to tell you, but no acorn has come available and it doesn't look great that one might be coming anytime soon. The Dolphins will continue to wait on that.

But assuming no such well-priced veteran that might help the Dolphins now come available, the team will definitely put the acorn savings to use. It will be used to extend the contracts of future free agents.

The Dolphins, by my unofficial count, have 15 players unsigned for the 2010 season. A couple of those such as Joey Haynos and Rodrique Wright may or may not be on the roster in a couple of weeks so that number could decrease.

But the team will be proactive in trying to extend the contracts of players it deems important to the future of the franchise. And trust me, Ireland and Bill Parcells have already identified those players.

Some of the players not currently under contract for 2010 won't be leaving the Dolphins regardless of whether the team does an extension or not if there is no new collective bargaining agreement and the NFL goes to an uncapped year. In that uncapped year, players with less than six accrued seasons of service are restricted free agents.

In capped seasons, players need have only four accrued season to be unrestricted free agents. In the uncapped season, a player must have six accrued seasons of service to hit unrestricted free agency.

For the Dolphins, that means Davone Bess, Dan Carpenter, William Kershaw, Brandon London, Quentin Moses, Anthony Fasano, Wright and Haynos are unsigned for 2010 and are scheduled to be restricted, assuming they're on the team and there is no cap. 

Want to know a secret? Everyone who has been running around saying Matt Roth is in a contract year and could be a free agent in 2010 is only half right. Matt Roth is indeed unsigned for 2010. But he will have only five accrued seasons to his credit.

That means if 2010 is an uncapped season, and Roth is not signed, he will be a restricted free agent, rather than an unrestricted free agent.

(Side note of worth: Most folks who follow the collective bargaining game as much as they do the actual game are of the opinion that no collective bargaining agreement will be signed before they play that uncapped year, so players like Fasano and Roth who might otherwise be unrestricted simply won't be.)

The Dolphins do have veterans scheduled to become unrestricted free agents regardless of the CBA because they have more than six accrued seasons of service. They are: Jason Taylor, Chad Pennington, Jason Ferguson, David Martin and Nathan Jones.

So it is quite possible the Dolphins will try to lock up a couple of these guys if the acorn hunt yields no harvest. The team might also lock up a restricted player or two -- Fasano is my guess -- to avoid having to place a high tender offer on the player.

Assuming Ferguson wants to play and his production doesn't fall off the table this year, Parcells will want him on the team at least another year. And remember that Taylor is hinting that he might want to play two more years, so perhaps the Dolphins approach him about an extension at some point this season if his production is good.

The issue of Ronnie Brown is interesting because, in the case of an uncapped year, he is signed for 2010. He is scheduled to make $5 million. If a new agreement is reached, Brown becomes an unrestricted free agent.


We've been through it a million times. That one will work itself out, with him playing at such a high level than the Dolphins are forced to re-sign him. Or he doesn't, in which case he will be free to find another team that wants him as a starter while the Dolphins go with Chad Henne.

Such is the case in the NFL. Acorns come. Acorns go.


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they can't just hand the team to Chad Henne because he hasn't done anything to earn it. He's looked bad this preseason.

Nobody ever found fault with the Dolphins on the Brendan Marion fiasco. I wrote in my blog that the Dolphins should be ashamed of themselves for letting him practice before he was ready. If he was a veteran or a key player that would never have happened. They put that kid out there way too early.

FYI: Love to watch 33 make his sacks from the nickel. Dolphins should jettison Roth or PUP him and he should also be called to mat on his avoidance. He would have lost his starting job to JT even if he was healthy. I think Haynos is gone this weekend. Dolphins should keep Anderson and say goodbye to Lex (even though he looked good in that one game). Camarillo is pure class and I love that he is a Dolphin. I do think he is also being rushed back a bit too fast.

FYI: Did you get a glimpse of Sparano's face in the news coference yesterday when asked about the new Dolphin offense (Wildcat 2.0). His expression said it all. Look out AFC East cause Pat White is about to show what a Dan Henning summer shoring up the Wildcat can do.

Go Fins


Henne took a step backwards in the Tampa game. He did throw for our only TD.
In the first two games he led us on scoring drives everytime he was in the game except twice.
He's thrown two picks and one wasn't really his fault. Are you sure you've been watching Chad Henne of the Miami Dolphins?

Odinseye , i left you a post on the previous blog . please get back to me.

Henne: Needs another year. The Trifecta has some answering for the following:

A. Merling
B. Matt Roth and this groin fiasco.
C. Taking Pat White so high. Although i will forgive this one only.
D. Henne
E. Eric Green
F. Wilford!
G. Playing Brendan Marion to soon.

The gloss from the Trifecta is no more. It is time to prove their metal once again.


I've traveled all my life. I still enjoy it. Take your time and be safe.

Serious question. The Cheifs just waived Amani Toomer. Do you think the Phins will be interested?


Does this mean the honeymoons over?

They did manufacture the best turn around in NFL history. I think this affords them a slip up or two. Cleaning up Sabans and Cams messes I'm sure wasn't as easy as they made it look.

Other than Green and Wilford your list seems a little harsh,

Just saying....

odinseye , thanks ! I will . i've driven to tenn before and seeing the country is awesome , it's just sitting on my a$$ for almost 10 hours is the killer. That and the virgina state police . They're everywhere. you have to be careful. so far so good, Knock on wood . I don't think they'd be intrested in toomer. He's old and injury prone.

Odinseye thanks ! I will. i don't think miami would be interested in toomer. To old and injury prone.

Should the fins ever win another SB I'll savor in it then hang up my Dolfan cleats forever! Because after that I never again wanna be associated with the total crap this team now attract as so-called fans.

If I can ever be able to savor one last SB as a Dolfan, screw them, the NFL, and all of you idiotic embiciles a once proud franchise has attracted.

My dearest apologies to the small handful of true loyal finfans whom Im sure numbers are steadily decreasing. I puke upon the day I ever discovered this hypocritic forum.

Dying ...a little dramatic no?
I miss Offerdahl and duhe and strock and duriel myself

Favorite fin play hook and l

Worst defeat. Catch against 3fins in the endzone against the raiders and stabler

Dying breed

Your post made me feel strangely violated......yet hesitatingly sympathetic.

Overall and Man to Man, you sound like a wuss!
I'm a DolFan to the end. The day they put me in the ground, I'll have but one regret. That I won't be able to see my Phins knock the snot out of the Pats or wets just one more time again!!!!

Even if we never win another SB, was the trifecta or done so am I.

once the trifecta's done so am I


I still hate Madden, Stabler and the Raiders!

This and the "replacing" of Shula with JJ are the worst memories I have as a true longtime hardcore DolFan.

You nailed it on that one.

PS: The Hook and Ladder was proof Shula had a play in his playbook for every possible scenario.
PSS: I hate Kellen Winslow Sr.

nj honies are:


You got any "honies"????

NJ is one of chief embiciles of the entire blog. Armando does a very good job of making sure he'll never advance any further than a "menial" blog writer the rest of his career.


I think your posts are great!

The only thing missing for me is for you to be a bit more discerning, honest, and out there with the mistakes of the Dolphins coaching and management. They need to have their feet held to the fire as much as the players. The problem as I see it is if you are critical or hold them accountable than you don't get the inside track. Howard Cosell would say be bolder.

Just a thought from a fan.

David M.

chorizo/Dying Breed

NJ knows football and he knows the Miami Dolphins. He's a true Dolphins fan. His post's are on the money. He's even suprised ME with a couple of "calls" that he's made.

How can you argue with that?

Ive read some of his stuff, its not bad. But the way he talks to some of the others, to me he comes off as an egocentric self-conceited jerk.

With NJ it seems if you're not willing to become a pubic hair in his crotch he has no use for you. LOL

Dying Breed

I'm not going to defend NJ allnight. He seems capable enough to do that himself. However, maybe it's those that you call "idiotic imbeciles" that makes him come off that way.

He always seems cordial and informative when exchanging with me.

Dying Breed, why don't you just dye and go away. You are not a fan, stop fooling yourself.

Ronnie is making five dollars next season?

First of all, his name is Brennan Marion. At least know the names of the players on the team.

Secondly, why do Sparano, Ireland and Parcells have to "prove themselves" again based on a pre-season. 'David' intimates that Miami are at fault because of:

1. Phil Merling. Why? Merling has always been a game player rather than a practice warrior. Always was at Clemson. He's also continuing to learn a new position and, given that he declared early, is still growing mentally and physically. Whether he loses his starting spot to Randy Starks or not makes no odds, because he's still going to be an integral part of that rotation and will end up, game on game, with a similar number of snaps to Langford and Starks. Merling was a top 15 pick who fell because of an injury and represented outstanding value at the top of R2.

2. Matt Roth. Not sure how ANYONE could blame the front office for what's happening with Roth. What, exactly, would you like them to do?

3. Pat White wasn't lasting much longer in the draft. Miami is the perfect team for him because when he learns the nuances of the offense, he'll be able to integrate himself into the Wildcat as that grows and changes, making him very dangerous, especially late in games. He's behind Chad Pennington and Chad Henne. There's no drama here.

4. Chad Henne. So wait, based on one average pre-season and essentially one average outing against Tampa, Henne is now an issue that Miami's front office has to deal with? Please.

5. Eric Green. In a substandard CB market, Miami took a chance on a kid who looked like he needed a change of scenery. Sometimes that works out and sometimes it doesn't. But make no mistake, his release was precipitated by the hugely encouraging steps made by Sean Smith and latterly by Vontae Davis.

6. Ernest Wilford. Again, Miami took a chance. It didn't work. Hardly needs an inquest.

7. Brennan Marion. Marion and the team doctors knew more about his injury and subsequent recovery than anyone on an internet forum or blog. They felt comfortable working on it. Again, where's the issue?


penny threw the TD against tampa, to fasano, not henne. just saying....

good catch keith....lol...$5 this year for ronnie

You're gonna hang up your WHAT?


To hell with everybody up here. But don't allow nobody to dictate how you feel.If you stop cheering then make sure it's what you feel not because of anything anyone else does.

But again if don't want to be a fan any more
I wish you well but if it's because of this site and you're going to let us get to you then that makes you sound weak. And sorry to say we need a strong FAN BASE as well as a STRONG TEAM.


YOU're right I'm a freak. POINT

Words of wisdom from an idiot's perspective

The World according to JUSTIN

The others were right about you. Please leave, do us a favor.

we are a strong base of ans to put up with your stupid rant daily

NOT WISDOM TRUTH. AND the idiots are those who don't see the whole picture. THOSE of you who grew up in a box. Who can't see pass your own wants and needs. Who like BUSH attack people for no reason at all but cry when someone comes along who's not afraid to fight back. THOSE of yoy who go on VACATION and stay behind the SAFTY of those compounds.I on the other hand have to see how the real people live.
I can't go to MANHATTEN THAT's NY but that's not the NY I know.

Anyway STAY IN YOUR BOX it's safer for you COWARDS.

THE OTHERS HAVE THE SAME UP BRINGING THERE FOR THEY ARE ONE PERSON. I've SEEN MORE done more and not scared to do anything or go any where. THEY can say the same but it's not true any you can tell by what they say.

I was in CONN yesterday and I STOPPED traffic because A DOG was running on RT 91. PEOPLE who wanted me to move said hit the dog. JUST so they can get to work. THOSE people remind me of those up here. They only care about them. Not the dog the owners just getting to work.

IT's a SAD world we live in.

Don't come up here I can make it worst. Or don't read my post I don't care

beware of NJ justin cuase you speak bad of BUSH

Hopefully we have one more acorn ready to fall (Marshall) I'd be willing to give them Dotson, Camarillo, and a conditional 2nd. I bet both would be potential starters for Denver. He still needs to grow up a little but he doesn't exactly have the history of being a poor team player until they refuse to give a pro bowl receiver more than 2.5 mil, and change out his QB for Orton, and put his team at the bottom of the NFL. I would be wanting a change of scenery too. He is going about it wrong for sure, but I think once he gets traded he will be a stud receiver with a chip on his shoulder. And we would go from an above average team to super bowl contenders, because he would open up our offense. Teams could no longer play 8 in the box or double team Ginn.

Should they pick up Toomer, just cut from NYG?

Cho. & D.B. are right on. Yes they are!!

NJ's a tool who has turned blog into own teen chat room & pep rally........need more like new guy simon talking football not NJ love letters to his pubes.

nj owns a few restaurants also.i never seen such self centered in my life .
we should call this blog " the lies of nj "

Sounds like the team's being run by a bunch of squirrels--I'm glad it's not!

Dying Breed,

I only have two words for you,

Child Please!

and 2 more,


Casey Hampton


What did I ever do to you?

Oh yeah, that's right, I beat you and your half-wit friends in every single election in which I faced you. You were the one left crying after the 2000, and 2004 votes.

Peace (but -- more importantly -- 'freedom)

All the best


Hey Justin,

PETA wants to award for valor for saving that dog. I just could not help myself. Do yourself a favor and stop ranting, about this and that(Bush),and you will be fine. In the words of "Soulja" i say child please!

GW Bush was 43

award YOU for valor

I like Justin, give the dude a break, he is a good dolphin fan, a little eccentric, but very enthusiastic...

O Carlito, I know he is a fan, we all are. Sometimes it hurts my head to read his stuff. Of course if I am brought into his rants then watch out. How do you like Coconut Grove?

Ace I like it coconut grove but we talk football instead. Who you like for win 3rd TE spot, 2nd Wr spot, and Lex Hilliard backups fullbacks?

carlito, I would like to see Nalbone win the 3rd spot. For WR I think Hartline has a shot to start opposite Ginn. I guess it really depends on he does in the final preseason game. I like Camarillo, but do not think he is at a 100% yet. Hilliard I dont know man. I guess he can help or hurt his cause in the final preseason game. That's carlito I gotta wrok now.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! What are you saying?!?! there's ARE acorns! Marvin Harrison is a BIG one. His price has probably gone down since no one ha taken him yet, and he would be Miami's #1 Receiver. There are other free agent veteran WR's too...but miami will not go after them for some reason.

Hey Justin, not only do I leave the "safety" of my "compound" when I'm on vacation, but I do so completely nude. Have you ever experienced the cool breeze of a cool mornings mist across your bare ass? Or are you to "secure" in your clothing? GO FINS!

Hook and lateral...come on maaan. Any hardcore fan should know that...child please! (just bustin your chops...GO FINS!)


Child please! The trifecta has made it perfectly clear that they are fine with the receivers the dolphins have and probably wont be pursuing another one.... Marvin Harrison has not been very good the pst 2 years, he is old on the downside of his career and facing a murder case in Philly.... this acorn looks rotten

Dying Bread we's look forward to the moment we can call you Dead Bread. Kill yoeself homey you make me so depressed.

That's a great point on Roth, Mando. Haven't read that anywhere.

So basically if no new CBA is reached the Dolphins hang on to both Ronnie Brown and Matt Roth.

Guess I'm fine with no new CBA for the time being. I know if that happens, teams will have to rely on the draft to do most of their improving. And I like the way the Miami braintrust drafts.

If I were the Dolphins, I'd give Fasano a new contract and avoid having to tender him with first-round draft choice compensation.

Looks like we're going to have to find the NT in the draft next year. I read somewhere that Ferguson is kept together with bandages and stitches. Scary.

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