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The moves as Dolphins roster heads to 53

So here's the list of moves so far today:

The Dolphins have cut ILB William Kershaw, DE Rodrique Wright, CB Joey Thomas, WR Brandon London, S Courtney Bryan, OL Brandon Frye.

OLB Matt Roth has been placed on Reserve Non-Football Injury list. NFI means Roth does not count toward the 53-man roster now. He must sit out until after Week 6, then he gets a three-week window during which he can be activated. If he isn't ready within the span of that window, Roth will have to miss the remainder of the season. Roth cannot practice with the team between now and Week 6 of the season.

The Dolphins have not released a complete list of cuts yet. They must get down to the 53 man roster by 6 p.m. this evening. The team needed to make 13 moves today. The above is six moves shy of the necessary total.

That means guys at practice today will be cut, which is business and cold and necessary.

RB Lex Hilliard, on the bubble because Miami's running back stable is quite full, is at practice today.

WR James Robinson, a late signee during camp, is at practice.

Rookie linebacker J.D. Folsom is also at practice.

Joey Haynos and John Nalbone, the third and fourth tight ends, are at practice today. David J. Neal is reporting the Dolphins are keeping Haynos. It is entirely possible the team keeps both tight ends, at least initially. The Dolphins would have four TEs on the roster.

Will Bilingsley is at practice today but I'm told that is because Vontae Davis (knee) is not practicing and his status for Atlanta will be graded as questionable. When/If Davis is good to go, Billingsley will be gone.

Nate Garner, playing behind Vernon Carey at right tackle, makes the team (for now) even as the OL is made up of five-starters, two reserve tackles and two reserve interior players -- Shawn Murphy and Joe Berger. That's nine offensive linemen. Mark Lewis is still on the team at this hour. He and Garner were at practice. Doubt both will be on the team by 6 p.m.

Today's dispatching of Wright means the Dolphins now have one player on the roster from the 2006 draft, which can now be described as a huge waste of time. Jason Allen, primarily a special teams player after being selected in the first round of 2006, is the only player from that draft remaining on the team.

Gone from that draft are Derek Hagan, Joe Toledo, Fred Evans, Wright and Devin Aromashodu. Cleo Lemon, who came to the Dolphins in exchange for a A.J. Feeley and a 2006 sixth-round pick is also gone. And Manny Wright, who was selected in the 2006 supplemental draft, is also long ago gone.

So four years later when the players from that draft should be hitting their prime and composing the nucleus of a team, the Dolphins have one special team contributor out of the whole thing. Sad.

By the way, Joey Porter and Erik Walden are not at practice today. They have excused absences, according to the team.


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Only semi surprise so far is Brandon London. Guess they are going with 5 wideouts. That might have been the cost of keeping Hilliard.

Mando---how does PUP and Non-football thing that Roth was put on differ?

Sad indeed...

excellent but depressing thought re 2006 draft, Mando---it only goes to magnify the feeling that Tuna & co. still need more time to get us back to upper echelon.

Saban turned out to be a total flop in all categories. No wonder he chose Alabama. He knew he was out of his league.

Too bad about Kershaw. He was playing like a man possessed the other night...No real shockers though...

Tom what are you talkin about??? I heard his interview. Saban didn't go to Alabama. "I guess I have to say it, I am NOT going to be the Alabama head coach!"

Strange Saban was so bad at drafting, coming from the college ranks...

Armando, Baker still on the team?
Kershaw played well, but they're good with Ayodele and Torbor. Walden is much better in Special Teams. Hilliard might be a keeper.
2006 was a waste of time, indeed.

Presumably, most of the guys who are at practice but will be cut later are ones being considered for the practice squad. The six moves left to make matches up well with that.

They probably let the players who either aren't eligible or not being considered go earlier so they could get a jump on finding another team.

Was surprised that London got cut. With him also playing special teams would have been an advantage in staying on the roster but @ this point of roster cutdwon, it is alll about numbers.

so with Kershaw gone, wake, and walden might both make the 53? suspect jd folsom will be PS?

I'd take the young Kershaw over journeyman Torbor any day, but, that's why I'm here...

Mando- what is vontae's injury? Any prognosis?

Excellent reporting as usual Mando. The Dolphins haven't cut a draft pick yet, but with Nalbone and Folsum, that might soon change.


We still say the Dolphins ain't playing Donald Thomas in the preseason. They savin' him.

They also negotiatin' with Vern Gholston.

And one more thing, the mobsters are a bunch of Joe Schmoes.

how ya been FLPD? long time no see?

... Oh, an Jason Allen, as we reported first, is gonna be a starter.

And then we reported next that he's gettin' cut.


Thanks for the update

Been good Harricane. Waiting on Monday night, playa. Big night for the Canes.

Very good update Mando. Very thorough.

Mando, I'm wondering when you will be back on the air at 790. My friend, if they take too long getting you on that station, walk on over to WQAM because they have no one on that station that knows the insides on the Dolphins like you do.

trust me, i'll be glued to that one FLPD

looks like the noles are banged up

Yea didnt Saban give welker to Patriots?

London's had his chance and prove to be no better than ST's performer. Hartline and Turner made him dispensible. Your right Armando, the guys left will be praceice squad players.

However all jobs arent completely safe yet. It depends on what acorns fall from the tree when as all the NFL teams hit the 53 man limit. Plus guys who can be an upgrade to your practice squad. It aint over until its over.

I love the Dolphins.Can't wait for the season to start.

If the only reason you keep players like London is because of sp. teams then cut them our sp teams suck so pick up some one who got let go from elsewhere if they have more upside.

Even though I have not liked all the picks the Trifecta have made in the 2 drafts, I can say we will never have a complete wash out draft from this group. Man we all knew how bad Saban, Wannstach and Camemoron where but NO ONE left from sabans drafts ... wow! I don't count allen only money is really keeping him here.

Mando, any update on Vonnie Holliday?

Special Teams... Mike Westoff..one of the biggest mistakes JJ ever made. We have still not recovered...I guess sometimes a coach dose make the difference!

Wanstache,Satan& Camoron's evaluation of talent sent my beloved Fins to the depths of Hell.

Camermoron! That is hilarious.

I think Satan did draft Ronnie Brown. Everyone gets lucky sometimes.

Man I hate Nicolette Saban!!!!!! How can she not evaluate talent less than two years removed from
coaching in it???

Westoff was not JJ's mistake. It was the idiot Wannstedt who fired him because Westoff challenged him on his stupidity.

Allen is the only one left? And didn't he hold out, too? Saban is a sap. And forget Wanstache and the moron. No wonder we went 1-15. And I thought it was just a fluke. This administration loves to build from youth and draft picks. That is why they give you draft picks.

Please more updates. Thank you, you are so good.

Wannstedt was the Dolphin's worst mistake. It all collapsed from there on. Our poor special teams is only a consequence of Wannstache's decisions.

It's great knowing the Tuna is this team's personel evaluator. What a sad time it was in the mid 2000s. I say let's stop looking back, we got a great future ahead.

I'm very sure Saban drafted Ronnie Brown. He played against Ronnie when Saban was coaching LSU and thought he was better hen Cadillac Wms. Only thing he guessed right on.

Cam drafted Teddy Ginn and Paul Soliai who are still on the team. Take a look back at the 2006 draft, we only have Allen that we drafted but we also have Quentin Moses who we signed as a FA and there are a lot of underachievers from that draft. Some good running backs though, and I'm not talking about Reggie Bush

everyone is saying that London was so good on special teams. Maybe he got cut cause our special teams suck?

Quentin Moses came to the Dolphins in 2007 not 2006.

Remember what the great Yogi Berra said " the team that scores the most usually wins"... I chuckle at that...

And I'm still watching you Salguero ... Don't make me take that bucket head of mine to you in anger.

Good job lately, tho.

OK kids the menace is on the blog, shoot the "Qs" to the cuban..

Mando, Any truth that idiot jeffery(hollywood) Ross is trying to move the air breathing mammals to Los angles???????????? Please reply.....

Saban's first 3 picks were Ronnie Brown, Matt Roth, and Channing Crowder. All three are starting caliber players. Just because Saban spurned us to go to Alabama, doesn't mean he wasn't a talented coach. Let's not forget that if he didn't leave, we wouldn't have gotten Cam which is the reason we have Bill Parcells, Tony Sparano, and Jeff Ireland.

anything else yet?


Here are the rest of the cuts..

Nalbone /TE, Mark Lewis/LG, James Robinson/WR, Ryan Baker/DE, Lionel Dotson/DE,/ Eric Walden/LB and Will Billingsley/CB(later for a pickup from another team.


dotson does not get cut & hopefully not walden. i'd cut gardner instead of walden.

agree that billingsley will be cut as we have enough coverage til v davis isn't "sore". if he had a tear he would go to PUP/IR


I think Dotson provides some solid depth.
But don't you think Gardner has a lot of potential? He's young, huge, with a lot of upside.

odin...?? will know soon

I’ve just anointed myself Head Coach of the Blog.
I wanted to bring in my own GM, but due to stiff resistance from the ownership were going with Mando.
While it’s nice to reminisce about Saban, The Moron and the glory days(not!), it’s time to get busy. It’s show time fella’s, all the games count from here on out. Atlanta’s up and we need to start game planning.
I’ll need an Offensive and Defensive coordinator
First we need Names, heights and weights for Atlanta’s Offensive and defensive lines.
Second we need their base offense and substitutions for the slot and spreads.
Third we need the base D and substitutions for nickel and dime packages.

PS: Stop staring and your computer screen with that blank look and GET ON IT!!!!

final cuts yet?

Cuts final at 6pm, most teams have announced, where's the Dolphins??? This a secret??

Dolphin cuts a secret???

49ers cut 20 players, including CB Eric Green

ok, going to NFL Network


gotta be kidding me?

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