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Thoughts (I have a few) on White activation

I know for a fact the Dolphins liked Pat White early in the draft process. Bill Parcells personally fell in love with the kid's play at West Virginia and in the Senior Bowl and was sharing that fact with his buddies at Spring Training games up in Jupiter, FL. early on.

The stuff about the Dolphins being moved to pick White because they feared New England would snatch him is bogus.

And now that Miami has Pat White, it has to figure out what to do with Pat White.

That normally isn't a big issue. If you've got a player that is going to contribute, you suit him up, activative him and throw him out there, hoping he'll succeed. But White, who's position, plays and even game status are veiled in secrecy, is not your ordinary player.

First of all, the Dolphins don't want folks to know when and how they're going to use White. That's a problem because the Dolphins also have made it clear White is strictly a quarterback and the NFL has rules concerning the three quarterbacks on the roster.

Because White is a quarterback, the Dolphins last week decided to designate him the No. 2 while true backup QB Chad Henne was designated the No. 3, or the emergency QB. As ESPN's Len Pasquarelli points out in his Friday Tip Sheet, that immediately tipped off the Falcons that White was indeed going to be used against them.

"When we saw that White was No. 2," Atlanta coach Mike Smith said, "We knew they had some Wildcat stuff planned."

So the Dolphins, try as they might to keep White's status a secret, are dogged by the fact you must designate your QBs 90 minutes before the game so the Wild cat is out of the bag.

To combat this Pasquarelli suggests the Dolphins designate White as a receiver or running back instead, so as to not tip off the opposition before the game. Sounds logical on the face of it. But there are problems with that approach.

First, White cannot be designated a wide receiver because he doesn't wear a WR number. He'd have to change his number to officially change positions. Secondly, the Dolphins did little to no work with White at wide receiver during training camp.

And though White might be able to line up at receiver as he did against Atlanta, that's not what the team has planned for him. The Dolphins want him taking snaps from center and either running or passing out of the spread offense. They have receivers to play receiver a lot better than White can.

Finally, the idea of designating White as a receiver or a defensive tackle for that matter, doesn't change the fact he takes up an active roster spot. And if Henne is taking up an active roster spot, that means someone who was active last week has to be deactivated.

The simple math is if you have White, Chad Pennington and Chad Henne active, someone has to be take a seat in the stands as an inactive player.

That poses a problem in its own right because the Dolphins are freaks about how many plays they will milk from each player they take to the game. If the Dolphins lose one of those players, somebody has to pick up the slack.

So there is no easy solution for making White active. It might be that Chad Pennington, Pat White and Chad Henne might all be active for some game to not tip Miami's hand on the use of White 90 minutes before the game. But that is a fleeting strategic victory as most teams will assume if White is active, he'll get snaps regardless.

That leads me to these two scenarios:

Is White worth having active at all. I would tell you that if White is active versus Indianapolis -- which is NOT a certainty -- he must produce because two consecutive unproductive weeks might cause coaches to conclude he's not yet ready to contribute.

And what makes White any less accountable than any other player, particularly a rookie? You're not ready? You sit.

Also, White has to be productive and do so in a package of plays that numbers at least half a dozen to a dozen. After all, what good is having White active for three plays and plays that fail at that?

So the pressure is on White to show up soon.

One more thought:

This conversation would be so different had White actually completed that lone pass attempt last week to Ted Ginn. That pass connects and it changes everything.

Defenses, you see, expect White to run. So, if they react like the Falcons reacted, they will load the box when he was at QB. That was obvious on his run for zero yards.

But if White completes that fateful pass, defenses have to respect his arm. And now they're not putting eight defenders in the box. And now White can run, which forces them to respect the run. And now they have to respect both run and pass. And that causes problems for the defense!

Had that pass been two feet shorter, it would have changed everyone's outlook on Pat White.

Of course, had I picked the right six numbers last weekend and actually played those numbers, I wouldn't be writing any of this right now. That, like the completion, did not happen.

So White must make something good happen this week. Assuming he gets another opportunity.


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I disagree with your assessment that White must produce immediately or be benched. He should and WILL be given time to develop. He's not really costing anyone any plays. Chad Henne would not be getting snaps if White was inactive and Henne can still take over QB if Pennington gets hurt. There's no positives to making White inactive.

You can't blame any runner of the football for not gaining yardage when there's no running room. That deep ball to Ginn just isn't an easy completion. Tom Brady couldn't throw a deep ball to save his life his first three years in the league. White can throw a good deep ball. You just can't judge him on one throw coming of the bench cold.

They're going to do a lot of different stuff with White and he will be active all season because there's absolutely no downside to having him listed as the 2nd QB.

The damn throw, finally someone in the NFL arena talks about it. Sunday in Atlanta in went in the books as just an incompletion, but it was so much more than that. Jake Long the offensive line the history of Chad Pennington’s last two game error totals, on and on the media machines churned to the Dolphins fall in Atlanta. Not one mention or picture on any Sports channel, talk show, or newspaper of Pat Whites attempted pass to Ted Ginn. It’ll feel good to talk about game 2 and the end to game two week on Tuesday. Pat White’s downfield throw sent lightning bolts through defensive coordinator’s on Miami’s schedule. It was long deep and on line Ginn didn’t react as quickly as I would have liked but you can see the future of Miami Dolphins in a single pass. Ginn had two steps on the defenders and if he had caught the ball it would have been a touchdown. Just give us one more time with 8 in the box and White in the shotgun and Ginn on the island with a corner or shallow safety. White and Ginn will develop the TD touch on the play. Alternatively in Miami’s favor you’ll have one on one for Bess, Hartline or Camarillo and what a time to get rookie Pat Turner a one on one with his length at play on a smaller DB or a slower LB. In Atlanta Chad Pennington and the Offensive line never set it up for Pat White to get the 6-12 plays the Wild Pat needs to be successful. The offense sets up Pat White to enter the game down and distance and situations. Example if Greg Camarillo had not of fumbled inside Atlanta’s 10 yard line, I believe Pat White would have taken the next snap in the WildPat, or maybe Ronnie in the WildCat. Armando sure if Pat White completes the throw to Ted Ginn the football world is talking. The Defensive Coordinator’s on Miami schedule are taking note regardless, because it was a damn good NFL throw that will stretch the defense and keep 8 out of the box in the future. How would you like to be the first DC burnt for a 40 yard throw with 8 in the box out of the WildPat?

If Henne was the future, he would be starting, if he was as good, as all you fans HOPE, because we damn sure dont know how good he is, except he stands to much in the pocket, and over looks his options, if he was better than Pennington, then he would be starting.

WRONG Miami Thunder!!! Pennington bought us the AFC Championship last year, there was NO WAY you take a guy who turned a 1-15 team and made it into an 11-5 team out to start another guy!?! If you knee ANYTHING about football you would know that...and IF you followed the Dolphins at least a little you would know that Parcells and Sprano said even before preaseason started thatPennington was the starter this year unless he suffered a major injury...u have NO CLUE what your talking about

Let me ask every one ,
did you see other team in the NFL has not yet decided on who's their number one QB ? the answer is no and Henne must looking to land some where else unless they start in week 3 until the end of season .

start him

It's looking like the Dolphins are challenging their 1-15 record again ! And we will help you in Foxboro !

GoPats, what u talking about??? Pennington is the number one QB...tell me JUST ONE thing Sprano said that would make you believe that Pennington is not number one...and in what world do you live that a rookie draft pick has to start immediatly or he should be looking to move on??? I'm going to state a fact that I said before, THE MAJORITY of the GREAT QB's that played in the NFL have sat AN AVERAGE of FOUR YEARS before starting...Why should Henne have to play RIGHT NOW??? That's just dumb

And Bostonbeanhead, I certainly wouldn't be to excited after that rotten game ur team played last Monday...New England is one good Tom Brady knee shot away from being a 7-9 team

ok,fin fans

1- brady in his first game after a year matched his record of yards .
2- 4 years to start ? so why all these great young QB doing from first year without waiting ? i tell why , b/c the more you sit on side line the less sure you are of your game .then if you draftin pat white an d make play in first game in the season that will screw HENNE'S head .

eli manning , his brother, sanchez , matt ryan ...all started the first year while their confidence still alive and well .

ps...bobby12....we were lucky last monday to scape w/ a win but that was football not like your crap football you played against atlanta where they put you to SLEEP .

by drafting pat white and make him start playing the first game of the season that will screw HENNE'S head .

4 years are enough to teach a baby how to walk and read not to play football.

Is it just me or is everyone still confused about the difference between the Wildcat offense run by Ronnie and others and the spread offense run by Pat White? I'm not a fan of the Wild-Pat label.

it takes four years to teach a retard to walk...ohhh that is what is wrong with Gopats...moron


GoPats, give me a break from your nonsense, for every succesful rookie QB you named their are alot more failures...does the names Ryan Leaf, David Carr, Rick Mirer and on and on ring any bells for you??? I know people like you love to ignore FACTS but the fact is there are a hell of a lot more rookie QB failures then success stories in the NFL...and please, Sanchez played ONE that's ONE game and your putting him in the same category as Peyton and Eli Manning..and Pat White wasn't bought in to replace Henne...Parcells saw White with a special set of talents that could be used in a unique way, Henne is still the Fins future QB...and don't forget where the your Patriots ended up last year, home playing golf while the team that "put you sleep" as u say hoisted the AFC Flag

let the colts put 8 in the box if they dare, let them think White cant throw the ball deep with accuracy, it will be their loss. I believe Pat White can be a full-time QB and the ball should be in his hands, he is a winner, i totally understand why Parcells fell in love with him.

bobbbyd12 you are a smart fan in my eyes. i seen your post and yes i could afford a game ticket but the airfare and hotel costs are a different story. i watch the games with a group of dolphins fans here in ohio. GOpats if bledsoe didn't get hurt brady would never be a starter. and when brady got hurt who won the AFC championship game against pitt? that's right bledsoe. if an injury never happens brady doesn't happen. or else he would have beat drew out.

Dolphins pick up Zach Thomas???

The patsies fans need to drive their trucks off a cliff.

bobby12, the fins were great last year and to make you happy we loved it when you won here in boston .i was talking about this year pre season and their first game so far.

what flag bobby12?lol......we play for rings not flags .

sammo, no team wast second pick w/pat white unless they know that HENNE will not cut it .

what a waste of a valuable draft pick

bottom line waste of a pick IMO...your looking for a starter at the top of the second round not some guy thats going to play a couple of plays a game. Especially when you used your second round pick on a QB the year before...can some one please find me a difference maker on offense

Gopats miami knew they wouldn't have pennington for much longer so they picked white for depth and future competition at qb position. also miami needed playmakers on offense and white ia such as a player. the packers already had rodgers and they used a 2nd round pick on a qb for comptition and depth. if you guys liked when we won in boston that is pretty cool.

GoPats, read Sammos comment, maybe u will learn something....as usual, your egotistical know it all attitude comes through...Sprano and Parcells made it clear after Pennington brang us the AFC East crown, that he was the QB this year...If you actually followed the Dolphins you would know White was bought in as a unique talent that was to be used as that...if you knew NFL rules, you would know the Dolphins are required to list Pat White as number two QB in order to use him in the way they want to...it has NOTHING to do with the Fins not trusting Henne...why don't you go on your Pats blog and worry about then instead of bothering REAL Fins fans with your inane comments..your as bad as a Jets fan...Irrelavent and unimportant

GoPats...by the way, the Dolphins will be raising it's AFC East Championship Banner Monday Night...it's in the schedule the Dolphins sent me...A banner is also known as a flag since you don't know...so again you don't know what your talking about...please get your facts straight before you answer next time

GoPats, I'm very concerned, you haven't typed once today about the scintillating 9 points your team put up on the board today??? Please let us know why!!!

Give him a WR number and let him play QB! What's the problem. He'll just be a "WR" on paper.

bobbyd12 wow talk about putting Gopats down for the count! good job champ.

In the aspect of the Atlanta game, the incomplete pass meant a lot.

In the aspect of Opposition D coordinators having to plan for Wildcat... the fact that the pass was incomplete meant nothing, in as far as you explained.

The key point is... he threw a heck of a deep ball... 2 feet as you say out of reach (hmmmmm... not so long ago that would have ended up in the 3rd row)

They have now shown that they WILL and CAN throw the ball downfield with Pat White... that is the message that this one play sent... doesnt matter if it was complete or not. Defenses can not put 8 or 9 in the box now...

Now.. as an O coordinator who runs the wilcat as part of his offense, I actually run it out of a 5 Wide package... this I think is the next stage in the Wild"Pat"... not necessarily 5 WR... but moving away from the tight/heavy package currently employed when Ronnie is running it.

Philly used it quite well last night... and they had a WR and a RB running the main spot... and next week will be a QB in Vick running it...

Its all about to get very interesting me thinks.

If Chad P gets hurt during a game, is Pat W actually going to finish the game as the starting QB? I think not... The more likely scenario would be that Chad H starts. But since Chad P is the emergency QB, that means neither Pat W nor Chad P can come back into the game. Is that such a bad thing?

This will without a doubt go down as one of the worst draft picks (which is saying something) in recent Dolphin history. His accuracy is somewhere around that of a SCUD missle. Lets take Ronnie out of the backfield where he did a great job last year in the WildCat and use a rookie who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn from 10 feet away. Brilliant.

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