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What might have been with David Martin

Tight end David Martin has undergone surgery to repair "loose cartilage," inside one of his knees and is expected to be healthy in 6 to 8 weeks, according to his agent, Terry Williams.

"He'll be 100 percent soon," Williams said today. "He'll probably be better than what he was."

Martin won't be better for the Dolphins this year and perhaps not ever again. The window during which the Dolphins and Williams might have negotiated an injury settlement waiver has closed. Had such a settlement been reached, Martin would have become a free agent and could have returned to the Dolphins by Week 12.

But the sides could not come together on a settlement.

"I'm not going to have a player sign a settlement for less than what the doctor is saying it will take him to be 100 percent again," Williams said. "I would agree to get paid for the weeks the doctor says it will take to get healthy or just a little longer, in case something happens. But never for less time than the doctor says."

Williams said Dr. James Andrews, who performed the surgery Sept. 9 in Birmingham, Ala., was of the opinion the tight end would be healthy within six to eight weeks.

The Dolphins placed Martin on IR, thus losing him for the season barring the settlement. They thus decided not to hold Martin's roster spot, opting instead to go with Anthony Fasano, Joey Haynos and John Nalbone. Nalbone was inactive for Sunday's game at Atlanta.

Fasano had two catches for 10 yards and fumbled after each reception. Haynos had one reception for 21 yards.

It is possible the team might have held the roster spot open and tried to add Nalbone to the practice squad. That would have made Martin available once he got healthy.

"That's what we would have liked, but we're not upset or anything," Williams said. "If they wanted David, they could have kept him on the roster. But that's a business decision for the Dolphins and we understand that."

Martin could still be waived by the Dolphins once he becomes healthy. That would be a purely economic decision because it would mean the team is no longer paying the player. But that would also make Martin a free agent able to sign with any team except the Dolphins. The team is unlikely to open itself to the chance Martin might end up with a division rival.

As for next year, Martin is an unrestricted free agent. The agent said neither he nor Martin hold any grudge against the Dolphins and would consider re-signing  with the team.

"It'll be an economic decision," Williams said. "David loves the Dolphins and loves playing for them. But he'll go into free agency." 

[PRACTICE UPDATE: Everyone was present this morning when the Dolphins began working. TEs, QBs, WRs, and RBs, getting thumped with pads. Work is designed to help prevent fumbles. Obviously, Dolphins need that preventative work.]


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shawnhater, plane fuel melted the floors of WTC 1 & 2 and caused the collape, pancake theory. huh? how come it dropped at free fall speed?

how come WTC 7 dropped at free fall speed, symetrically, with NO PLANE hitting it?

Penne is a weak noodle. better for my pasta dish than leading my Phins team. Would love to see that Henne is the man, just have seen nothing from him to indicate that is true. guys with the abilities, game changing / superbowl caliber skills, usually show something by now, a glimpse, that they could be great. there is a reason Henne sits on the bench and even when average QB Penne plays bad the coaching staff is not even considering putting in Henne. Time to face reality, we do not have a stud QB, someone to lead us deep into the playoffs, on this roster. and it has been 10 years since we have had one...FIND A QB.

It's time to activate Korry Sperry. I've seen him play at CSU and there is now doubt that he is the best receiving TE on the roster. Not much of a blocker, but we need more weapons on the field right now.

i saw a 9/11 truther get the ever-loving sh*T kicked out of him by a returning soldier from afghanistan at my supermarket on 9/11.

Everything falls at free fall speed, that is why it is free fall speed.

having seen how our defense play as well as they did we should be encourage going up againist manning. if we have zero turnovers we should win that game.

i think they should take a look at Hank Baskett. Great special team player, good blocker,and fantastic hands and he's not expensive.

"i saw a 9/11 truther get the ever-loving sh*T kicked out of him by a returning soldier from afghanistan at my supermarket on 9/11."


Steve Austin, astronaut. A man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.

I think the Phins should take a look at Hank Baskett. Great special team player,big strong possession receiver and he's not expensive.

welcome back Mando and my condolences.....

Losing Martin was huge! Can Haynos/Nalbone realisticly fill the void by mid season?
I say doubt it

Errr... incorrect answer Shawn. We're so sorry but there are some lovely consolation prizes at the door. The reason Henne is sitting is the same reason Romo sat for 4 years, and Phil Simms was benched for a year, and Chadwick Pennington initially rode the pine for a couple of years. The reason he is seated is so that he may learn the commandments of one Duane Charles Parcells (aka Bill). All Hail Bill.

1. Press or t.v., agents or advisors, family or wives, friends or relatives, fans or hangers on, ignore them on matters of football, they don’t know what’s happening here.

2. Don’t forget to have fun, but don’t be the class clown. Clowns and leaders don’t mix. Clowns can’t run a huddle.

3. A quarterback throws with his legs more than his arms. Squat and run. Fat quarterbacks can’t avoid the rush.

4. Know your job cold. This is not a game without errors. Keep yours to a minimum. Study.

5. Know your own players. Who’s fast? Who can catch? Who needs encouragement? Be precise. Know your opponent.

6. Be the same guy everyday. In condition, preparing to lead, studying your plan. A coach can’t prepare you for every eventuality. Prepare yourself and remember, impulse decisions usually equal mistakes.

7. Throwing the ball away is a good play. Sacks, interceptions, and fumbles are bad plays..Protect against those.

8. You must learn to manage the game. Personnel, play call, motions, ball handling, proper reads, accurate throws, play fakes. Clock, clock, clock, don’t you ever lose track of the clock.

9. Passing stats and td passes are not how you’re gonna be judged. Your job is to get your team in the endzone and that’s how you’re gonna be judged.

10. When all around you is in chaos, you must be the hand that steers the ship. If you have a panic button, so will everyone else. Our ship can’t have panic buttons.

11. Don’t be a celebrity quarterback. We don’t need any of those. We need battlefield commanders that are willing to fight it out everyday, every week, and every season, and lead their team to win after win after win.

that guy, the dolphins are in state of misery b/c all this lecture from people like you in point 11 where you say you don't need celebrity qb .
who cares as long as you win like eli .M of the NYG .




I am going to save you guys the anticipation, misery and dissapointment of our QB situation. Basic, defenses are stacking the line because there is no threat of Penne throwing the ball more than 10 yards. Our Oline, receivers, running backs and our defense suffer this approach of dinkin and dunkin and managing the game. it is simple. more people in the box, and not in the secondary, means less room for Ronnie and Ricky to run the ball.

Is there anyone here that trully believes Penne can lead us past a solid D in the playoffs. ie Ravens? secondly, what have you seen from Henne that makes you believe he can take over the QB spot and lead us?

"Everything falls at free fall speed, that is why it is free fall speed."

Ken, how does a building collapse at free fall speed, when it has an inner core of 24 steel beams shooting from the bottom of the building straight up to the top. for free fall, the building below the impact point, all the steel and concrete would of had to been obliterated at the same time so as to not have any resistance and therefore freefall. You can't have the floors above, at the impact point, be able to move downward with NO RESISTANCE with a steel inner core resisting.

WTC 7 was a 50 story building that collapsed on 9/11 at free fall speed, symetrically, at FREE FALL speed with no resistance. NO PLANE HIT THIS BUILDING. How did it collapse at free fall speed? give me a solid answer and I will never bring it up again...

Cool nicknames for our players:

"Big Mouth" Joey Porter
Chad "Penne" (in reference to his noodle arm)
Ted "Where's the sidelines?" Ginn
Jason "Old men can sack too" Taylor
Jason "long tooth" Ferguson
Anthony "Fumble-ano"
Ronnie "2 YD gain" Brown
Cameron "Inactive" Wake
Greg "Franchise" Camarillo
Chad "The neck" Henne
Quentin "Red Sea" Moses
Channing "I wonder if I will ever get an INT or Forced fumble in my carrer" Crowder


football please. and what college did you get your engineering degree? Walmart or McDonalds U?

I have a good idea: let's all think of suggestions to give to the Dolphins management on how they can improve the team's chances of winning and post them here.

The owner of the bulding told the fire chief to 'blow it'.
It's public information.
a month or so before the attack the building's owner took out more than $1 billion in terrorism insurance.
That is public information also.
This stuff has been out in public for 8 years now.
No one cares any more.

You don't have to say free fall speed.
Everyone knows that free fall speed is the speed of gravity.
Just say the speed of gravity or say 'it fell at a rate of 9.8 meters per second squared, the speed of gravity'.

This is why you can't get a women.


U beat me 2 it. I thought that I remembered they wanted a controlled collapse to mitagate rescue workers exposure. wasn't that also in that movie about the 9/11 firefighters as well?

i get so tired of michael moore and his hollywood freaks

And speaking of women have any of y'all seen Leticia lately?
White pupms, white cigarette pants, white tank top, red lipstick and crazy gold.
You should hear the soundtrack she lays when she is with my cousin Master.

Cuban tell em what I said.

I never saw the movie.
I saw a bumper sticker that said wtc7.com like 5 years ago and I went to the sight.
Five minutes later my girlfriend came over and 5 minutes after that she put on her headband.
I never went back to the sight or even thought about it again until Shawn brought it up.


U da Man. go go gettem....gettem

You guys miss me ?

NJ, That must have been a serious clog buddy, glad to see you back....

I'll be back saturday. I told you guys that jake long's play back in the preseason is a big concern . Also that that the safties were a concern , especially the tackling.

Shawn, there is no doubt that the Bush administration was behind WTC-7's collapse...yup, that's right. The Titanic was unsinkable as well..and Bush sank it back in 1912 with a stealth, steel cutting iceberg. Please stick to football, and go to watch the Bil Maher show with the other loons.

Gotta run. I'll be back with you guys on saturday.

nj, i didn't remember abraham as such a monster. i was certainly concerned with the SS & FS. wasn't that impressed with their passing coverage in the PRE. didn't realize how small wilson is. bell looked good to me against the run but wasn't hitting on pass coverage like last year, too much arm tackling.

good to have ua back

One last thing. I was at the tenn/ucla game and saw what a real saftey looks like up close and personal. You want to talk about a saftey ? Eric berry from tenn is a freaking beast ! This guy is a playmaker and a game changer. I want this guy on miami next year. I don't care what it take. move up and get him.

Instead of reading what some web site says, why not take a guess at it yourself. I have no opinion on the matter myself (translation I don't give a Sh... Shawn), but my guess is that it fell so fast (32 ft per sec squared) because after a few floors fell it picked up speed and the cumulative mass of the floors below (f = m*a) so the the resistance/drag below was moot. In fact don't take my word for it - hell I wouldn't if I were you. Its called critical thinking and its a good thing. Its good in sports too. But what is really really stupid and you will learn this when you get older and your mom kicks you out, is that trying to steer people to pre-packaged logic on a website is not helping you learn how to learn if that makes sense. Trying to be different for the sake of being different is just being the same. Trying to take someone else on the ride with you earns you a right to a beat down on this site.

I love Bill Maher

Price, got a beautiful blonde holmie. you? you seem to know so much bout me.

anways, really don't mind the personal attacks. baaarinnnng it. it doesn't matter who the person is proposing the arguement, could be Manson, on whether it is a logical truth or not.

another words. Penne is a suck arse QB with a weak arm that causes defenses to stack the line and infect our running game and receivers. and our own defense. you think I'm crazy...then I guess Penne doesn't suck and has a rocket arm that defenses are scarred of and he will lead us to the promised land...keep dreaming.

still, no one can give me a solid answer...how did WTC 7 collapse at the speed of GRAVITY (thank you Price) symetrically, with NO RESISTANCE? I really want to know. tell me and I promise to never bring it up again!

where's my boy BOBBY that would take Sanchez over Pennington and thinks Henne will end up better than Ryan and Sanchez?

now that is some crazy stuff!

CRAP...BOBBY would take PENNINGTON over Sanchez! anyone else feel that way? our front office would jump at Sanchez over Penne...

Penne (pronounced /ˈpɛni/ [UK], or /ˈpɛneɪ/ [US]) is a type of ridged NOODLE with cylinder-shaped pieces that makes an excellent and versatile pasta for many applications because of its very practical design and weak arse arm. The hollow center allows it to hold sauce, while checking down to running backs, while the angular ends act as scoops. mmmmmmm. better for food than for leading our Phins!

A dumb arrogant decision by Parcells not to take care of Martin. Have fun with Joey Haynos.

Hope thae chad p. doesn't have a bad game on monday nite, if he does i see Mr. 96 inch neck making a start come week 4, though i kind of think that wont happen till the bye-week....Though iam sure that indy will copie the same defense that balt. did last year and atl. did this past sunday, also you could give ricky and ronnie the ball every down there not going to gain much they'll be stacking 7 or 8 in the box

Shawn, I have the strange feeling you work in the restaurant industry...

I gave you the answer.
The NYFD blew the building.
It a was controlled demolition.
The building's owner authorized it.
It's all on tape and public info.
No One Cares Anymore.

Here is a better question that needs answering:
How many Super Bowls has Parcells won without Belicheck on his staff?
Answer: NONE

Dave(No Nutz) Wannstadt was responsable for wtc # 7 collapse..

Yo cuban!!!

Who do you thin will be fired after Stephen Ross is humiliated on nat'l tv Monday in front of all of his new showbiz partners?

I predict Dan Henning will fired Tuesday morning.

PRICE master,
eat your hot dog before it gets cold

I need you to ask Stephen Ross the following 2 questions after Monday's game vs Colts:
1. How did it feel to watch your first game here at Landshark with all of your new partners?
2. Who do hold responsible?

Dear Mr. Shawn

Its a well known fact that the twin towers were brought down by Lee Harvey Oswald and his magic bullets.

Soiled :)

Iam hoping the phins have a "PHINTASTIC" nite on monday, though i wouldnt bet any money on it...

Laura Prepon or Mila Kunis?????

ted ginn is the master of failure .

The dark haired ones always loook better to me.

ALoco, do you think NJ(The plumber)Phin fan is in tenn. to buy another house????

I need you to ask Stephen Ross the following 2 questions after Monday's game vs Colts:
1. How did it feel to watch your first game here at Landshark with all of your new partners?
2. Who do you hold responsible?

Price: WHAT? belichek, what?

soiled, your funny as hell. tv story was great and strange. this is a great blog, with cool peeps...don't care if people pick on eachother and argue. f it. we can hide behind our little computers and tell everyone else to get a life, get a woman, phins suck, jets suck, penne sucks, while we munch on doritos, drink beer and take HUGE smelly bong rips! hah Menace?


30 year season ticket holder, came out of the womb with a phins jersey on...born and raised in Miyami...AND Pennington is not our guy fellas. we need a QB if we are ever going to compete for a ring...Marino didn't have a running game his whole career. the problem was obvious. he had a D, he had a coach, he had receivers and he had a line. NOW, we have everything but a QB...


U deleted me for asking shawn that he thought Mariono never had a running game.....come on man.....

Its OK, I'll call your Editor, this is Nutz

I've not deleted anything or anyone. And call whomever you wish. Geez.

Nj only come to say "I told you so" for thing everybody already know from read Mando and other papers. Geez

I love me. me. me. me. I am so yummy.

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