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Win at all cost or just another game on Sunday?

You know the facts. Since 1990, only three teams have started their seasons 0-3 and still made the playoffs.

The 1992 Chargers started 0-4 and made it to the playoffs. The 1995 Lions started out 0-3 and made the playoffs. The 1998 Buffalo Bills started out 0-3 and made the playoffs. Everybody else that started out 0-3 since 1990 was playing golf by late January.

The Dolphins are 0-2, so history tells you they must beat San Diego Sunday to salvage a good opportunity to make the playoffs. The issue is so important, compelling even, that the great minds on the ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown set this weekend will look at several 0-2 teams -- the Panthers, Titans, and yes, Dolphins -- and tell their respective fans whether they should be patient or start to panic.

The issue will divide the cast among those that believe Sunday's game for Miami is a must-win and those who might think it's not any more important than other games. And in that respect, the divide cuts across the very Miami locker room.

I asked nose tackle Jason Ferguson this week if this game against San Diego is a must-win.

"Yes," he said quickly. "For me it's a must-win. We got to win this game. 0-3 is really hard. I've been there before. You give yourself a reason to go 0-4 and it's all over. And now it's 0-3 and it could be over because when you're 11-5 you may not make the playoffs around [this division.] It's definitely difficult but we put ourselves in this hole. And the good thing is you can look at last year and say we did it before. So let's get W, that's the main thing. 

"Every guy in this room got to be thinking we got to get that W."

Perhaps so, but every guy in the locker room is not thinking this game is make-or-break, must-win, pull-out-all-the-stops time.

"It doesn't make the game any more important," linebacker Jason Taylor said. "Every game is so important. You try your darndest to win them all so we're not going to put extra pressure or focus on this game. It's going to get the same amount it deserves and it always would."

Suggest to Taylor that this game truly is make-or-break and thus requires added effort and he does not buy it.

"I totally disagree," he said. "There's no more sense of urgency than there ever was. It's not like we were chilling the first game and then we lost and now we need to pick it up a little more after the Indy game. It's always been pedal to the metal. So the sense of urgency has not picked up at all. It's the same team. Our defense is going to stay the same. Our offense is going to stay the same. We just need to execute better and not make mistakes and finish games."

So why is Taylor refusing to put an added sense of urgency on this game that Ferguson clearly sees? 

"I don't want to start 'now-we're-pressing' and 'we're up against the wall' because we're 0-2. We're going to do what we do only do it better."

So where do you fall? And why?


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Jason Taylor never won a thing except for a big contract from the Redskins. If I want to hear about "must wins" I'd like to hear from someone who knows what one is.

I think Channing Crowder very funny guy, but average football player. He can be good football player, but put too much energies in to talk. I wish that he would wait to talk until he do something good, anything good. Maybe if Dolphins don't work out this year he can be good comedian for BET comicview. This seem like much better choice of job


LOL@KEN , Right on the money with that post.


Pats going to be destroy against Falcon.


would be very good for fins if new england deatory falcons b/c for sure jets will lose this week and fins can come back and win .then we have a race starting a new .
ps....fins must destroy bills in their 2 meeting .


Dolphins need for win 3 in a row and save season going into bye week and bring much shame to T.O. and Sanchito.

Notice at least Ginn have class unlike T.O. Ted Ginn didn't trying to say that he didn't make touchdown catch because his facemask shield was dirty. Ginn just say, my fault I should make the catch.

Carlito has some excellent points today.

"I'm not a BIG penny fan , but the guy was RUNNER-UP for mvp , threw for almost 4000 yds, brought a team from 1-15 to WINNING YES, WINNING 11 games. I recall penny winning alot of games ( including many come from behind wins ), Including the biggest game last year at the meadowlands for the division title. As far game managing goes , I remember bob greise helping miami MANAGE 2 super bowls... In recent memory i remember Trent tilfer , brad johnson and even eli manning MANAGE Their team to super bowl Wins. Fact are facts. And 1 fact is miami simply isn't talanted enough around penny on both sides of the ball yet."

just don't get it NJ, you keep saying your not a Penny fan, and your not supporting Penny, and then you go on an on about why Penny is the right guy, stats and all, and how he can when us a superbowl. well genius, since you brought up, Dilfer and Johnson, to support your arguement that Penny can takes us to the big game to...here is more on your arguement. out of the last 17 superbowl winners, only twice, did they have a QB that was considered a game manager. all the other QBs, 15 years out of the last 20, the QB's have been elite, great and a couple hall of famers mixed in; If you think Penny fits in this crowd, I would say your a Pennington fan-

Last 17 Superbowl QB's-
Manning, E.
Manning, P.
Johnson, B
Warner, K.

odds are much better if you have a great, elite or game changing type QB. Pennington is none of those. with his short passing game, dinking and dunking, checking down, no mistake football it is holding back this dolphins team. the oppossing defense stacks the line with 8 or 9 men in the box, receivers run open mid to deep down the field and Pennington throws screens. with no threat of a deep ball, our running game, passing game and defense suffers.

for someone that is not a Pennigton fan, and is a dolphins fan I am not sure why you don't see how Pennington hurts this team in the long run. all you have to do is look at the Penningtons we have had for the last 10 years...


NJ, Pennington is not responsible for bringing us to 11-5 and winning the AFC East...new attitude, a lot of new players / turnover, new motivated coaching staff and front office. I mean c'mon, it was all Pennigton that turned the season around?

curious, what do you think Pennigton would fetch in trade value? I bet you say a 2nd round pick or better?

Pennington is not Bob Griese and he is definetely not Eli Manning...why would you compare these QBs

I wonder if offense gain more yards against colts with Chad Pennington or Ronnie Brown at Qb?

Anybody notice Fred Taylor and Joey Galloway not doing anything for Pats? Everybody in offseason saying how smart pats were for sign these old players and they going to make team so much better. How come they don't say anything about how bad Galloway playing now?


Pennington much better than Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, and Rex Grossman. All 3 of this qb been to super bowl and 2 win.

to all farmers of the dolphin nation;

the dolphins came to boston last year having started 0-2.....| September 25, 2009 at 09:03 AM
The Dolphins didn't go to Boston. The Cheatriots play in Foxoboro, not Boston. That's why so many people who like the Sox, Celts, and Bruins, don't like the Cheatriots......they're not a Boston team.

I think you are misconstruing Taylor's comments. He's basically saying that every game is must-win including this one.

we are not going to the Superbowl with Pennington...he won't even be starting at the beginning of next season and possibly at the end of this season. he is only 32 years old and the front office has even talked to him about an extension for next year, WHY?

because he is a stop gap, average QB, until we can find someone good / great...

I'd say it's "win at all costs" time. All costs. I think Pennington is great and should be the starter, but Henne better be listed as the #2 quarterback for this game. If things start to go bad, let the qb controversy begin after halftime. If Wilson stinks it up again, pull him.

Shawn , it's called be a knowledgable football fan who's played the game right through div 1 football. I'm giving you facts . Where in my post did i say penny is the MAN for the job ?. I stated FACTS on how some QB'S who manage games won super bowls that's it. By the way , big ben's 1st super bowl win was him MANAGING ( don't lose the game ) the steelers that year. The steelers won behind a powerful run game behind a Real good ol and a graet defense. He capped off the super bowl with 2int's and a 16 qb rating, THAT'S RIGHT 16 in the super bowl. Miami 's ol isn't as good as that ol yet and miami's defense isn't anywhere near that defense. i'm saying miami COULD win a super bowl behind penny if it did. That's all. YOU just hate penny period !

The knee-jerk criticisms of Jason Taylor (and Zach Thomas) on this blog are foolish at best, and libelous at worst. "He never won the big one." Did Marino ever win the big one? Did Ted Williams ever win the big one? This is a team game, friends. Individual excellence can only take you so far.

Taylor and Thomas both have had outstanding careers. While perhaps not Hall of Fame calibre (although not too far off), they are DEFINITELY among the greatest Dolphins of all-time at their respective positions. Perhaps the greatest. And there has never been any justifiable criticism of their heart or desire.

And now, after much demand, I shall hypothesize on how the following Dolphins would perform statistically were they baseball players. (The numbers represent batting average, home runs and RBIs.)

Zach Thomas - Catcher - .246 24 69
Jason Taylor - 1st Base - .312 21 98
Mark Duper - 2nd Base - .287 11 54
Mark Clayton - Shortstop - .322 4 55
Dan Marino - 3rd Base - .297 33 117
Ricky Williams - Leftfield - .277 17 79
Paul Warfield - Centerfield - .346 9 73
Don Strock - Rightfield - .260 24 70
Larry Csonka - Designated Hitter - .265 41 105

Next week: How the Brady Bunch would fare against the Patridge Family in roller derby.

Pennington Is NOT responsible for miami being 11-5. LMFAO ! You have to be F'n kidding me. Any credibility you had just went down the drain with that statement. LOL! You hatred for penny is showing your true reason for your comments . We know you hate penny , lets move on to other dolphin subjects , Agreed ? :}

Let's see , I'll get two opposing quotes and start a debate . This job is way to easy, where are my golf clubs ?

NJ Phin Fan, defender of Pennington. This is a very honorable position to have. Pennington is classy and smart qb that always do his best to get win.

One last thing on penny. Penny being runner-for MVP had everything to do with him bringing miami from 1-15 to 11-5 ( the biggest turnarund in nfl history ) and a division title . If anybody can' t see that , then i don't know what to tell you.

whatever happens by seasons end i hope this team develops a resolve that every weekend they refuse to lose, just like the canes, the patriots a few years back. I don't care about the playoffs, i want a team in january with a new mentality, that makes plays because they will not lose to whoever their playing.

Shawn , you never told me where your from yesterday ?

Fat Ass Crowder will be left in the wind again this week as another TE rips the Dolphins D. No way they win this one, but it will be fun watching Crowder blow up at the media next week after another sub par game.

Oh, and I dont put much stock in anything JT says re big games or must win games. God knows he hasn't been on a team that actually played in a meaningful game in a long long time. Stop the press. Libel. Libel Libel !!!

where is Jed to defend his honey JT?

Crowder should eat some MEAT BALL SUB before next weekend game

JASON is the best ever football player in the history of the nfl on the side line .

Where is the guy who always say dolphins need to eat omega 3 fatty acid? Maybe this was difference in loss to Colts.

I think this is must win game for Dolphins. Only thing I worry about is I hope Dolphins have got over losing to colts. Even though we playing very good team on sunday, colts is all you read about in most place.

Did you see Porter on the NFL Network yesterday? Dejected. It will be very interesting to see how this team responds to being 0-3. Will they continue to bye Sparano's message or will he be tuned out?

What did Porter say on NFL network?

Rich E was just giving him a hard time about not being his usual self and he acknowledged that being 0-2 has him down. He wouldn't comment on his injury and didn't have a whole lot to say. I wouldn't expect him to be happy about being 0-2, but it will be interesting to see how this team handles 0-3 (if in fact they lose). I just hope that all the good work done by Sparano last year doesn't unravel before October hits.

Porter said the following:

"It's pretty important all that. It's just the blood and bone and sinew that the great men of this nation bequeathed to the human race...

"You men don't know about lost causes. Mr. Payne does. He knows that lost causes are the only causes worth fighting for. And yes - dying for. Like a man we both once knew...

"You think I'm licked? Well I'm not licked! I'm going to stay and fight for this lost cause! Even if the Taylors and all their marching bands come in! Somebody will listen! Somebody - "

(Okay those were lines from "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington." But Joey Porter COULD have said them! He could have!"


This is my only comment. Doesnt anyone have better things to do than to complain about your football team? Does it really matter that much? It's not like theres more important things to worry about in life. I mean, i'm crushed if we cant get a pigskin over a certain line so we can score more than the other team. If the dolphins lose, I may as well end everything. Complain Complain Complain. This thing is like the view for miami dolphin fans. Most of you arent even fans. Just ppl that bash the players cuz you have nothing else to do. I will enjoy my team win or lose and continue to stick behind them. My life isnt ruined if the dolphins dont win football games. My goodness.

what's up fellow finfans? every game is a must win. winning games is what gets you to the playoffs and the big dance we call the superbowl. to say a game isn't a must win is like the player's saying before the game well we would like to win this game but we don't really have to. just doesn't happen. except if it's the lions that is. monday nights loss was heartbreaking but why did the plays take so long at the end and why wasn't turner targeted for at least 1 jump ball? pennington could accurately put one where only turner could catch it. the season is far from over and i think miami will turn it around against the chargers.


hey mando is it true that they converted anderson from OLB to ILB?

Playoffs ? Playoffs ? are you kidding me Playoffs ? Lets try and win a game !!! And unless offense defense and special teams all show up at the same game we wont win many games !! Playoffs ? you must be kidding..

Dear Mr. Salguero

Its been only 2 games and I've been through 4 TV's from the pawn shop.

I've decided to give the keys to the gun cabinate to a neighbor and have swarn off hard liquor and any beverage served from a mason jar till the season is over.

As for being a must win game this week my bookie says it is for me.

Soiled :)

Yes champ! Tell em!!!!!!

I would like to know why no one is calling out Dan Carpenters name during the "Blame Game" for the loss against the Colts.it might explain why Chad chose to hand off on 3rd and seven.Chads job is to get points no matter what, and seeing how Dan already missed from around the same distance (plus he had to kick from the dirt), it made sense to get at least 3 points instead of zero. Plus, Chad had to be thinking at some point, our defense will stop Peyton, or at the vey least, hold them to a field goal and we can run out the clock and get within fiel goal range to win the game at the last second.

Why is that before every season we all are thinking this is our year and then its crash and burn 5 weeks later ? At least the Lion fans know there team will blow . I think its called false hope.. I do think we will win if our coverage and pass rush is at the game sunday but if i had to bet money on it I would take the Chargers.. Dump Crowder, Wilson, asap !! Derrick Brooks could fill Crowders spot at a fraction of what were paying this bum and do a much better job for the rest of this season.

to shawn:

Last 17 Superbowl QB's-
Roethlisberger (J. Harrison reason they won, that one play was a 14 pt swing)
Manning, E. (Giants front 7 on D is really why they won and a catch on a helmet)
Manning, P.
Roethlisberger (played terrible)
Brady (cheated)
Brady (cheated)
Johnson, B (great defense/gruden knowing playbook was reason why they won)
Brady (cheated)
Warner, K. (marshall faulk,holt,bruce)
Elway (t. davis, notice elway never won anything and was labled "can't win the big one" until he came)
Elway (t. davis)
Favre (reggie white)
Aikman (all star team at every position)
Young (jerry rice,all star team at every pos.)
Aikman (all star team at every position)
Aikman (all star team at every position)

It wasn't like these superstar QB's put their mediocre teams on their backs and won it because of their arm, they were either legendary all star teams or had amazing Defenses, and elway never won anything until he got T. Davis.


Is there is omega 3 in mofongo?

Soiled Bottom,

Try listen to chargers game on radio, and then when you shoot it, it don't cost so much money. If you not going to drink rest of white lightning you can send some for me?

Wow...first, i think the coaches are full of crap about the 3rd and 6...they left it up to Penne to decide what to do...but then in the 2 minute drill they called the plays-doesn't make sense. But if it is true, that means Penne doesnt trust him arm and/or receivers and the coaches dont either- either way not good.

And that list of qbs and the new guys, they can throw deeper than Penne can +30 yrds. Penne cant throw-no velocity. Watch any other teams highlights and you will see the difference: ie: Penne=SCUD missile, goes nowhere and hits nothing.

Oh its true, its true. But I still want them to throw deep b/c it will open the field..rather than the dinks and dunks that we are programmed for-the ball hits the te or rb and BOOM comes the defender for Zero gain. Nonsense.

I don't know what this team is going to do. They don't have the juice on offense to rack up enough points to beat the teams they have to play in my opinion. They might start winning some games when and if the secondary begins to gel. To me, that's the biggest problem for the D - people are caught out of position because they are not communicating or just don't care. It's a different team than last year - perhaps some are not as hungry for a win as others.

I didn't read all the comments... I just wanted to say some people actually CAN think (yay) and Shawn... I would like to have your babies.

That is all...

LOL@CHUCK . Exactly ! Great post. Maybe he would rather have a strong armed QB like Jeff george , B. Leftwich , culpepper , etc. LOL ! :) God knows a how many super bowls they won. Drew brees sure has a cannon for a arm doen't He ?

Penny three for 3400 yards last year, not almost 4000.
The phins won 11 games in large part because Penny closed out all of those games with those excruciating 16 play 11 minute drives in the 4th.
I'll give you that.
But honestly how much of the yardage accumulated last year and this is being done with him on the sideline?

Soiled , I hate to say this but carlito has a good point. If you shoot the radio , it will be cheaper to replace. Then again , you did get the tv's from a pawn shop.

Funniest thing about the Fish 2 minute drill was that they were running play action passing play with just over 1 minute to go and still needing around 50 yards for a score. Morons.

Pricemaster , CHILD PLEASE ! Pennington threw for 3,653 yds. That's almost 4000 yds. Get your fact straight :) . The man helped miami to 11 wins and a division title. He was runner-up in the mvp. These are also facts. you have to give credit , where it's due. It's that simple.

nitemare, Pennington is just starting to realize Henning has "senior moments" sometimes.

I'm no Pennington fan but our Miami Dolphins would be better off letting him call more plays.

Chad Pennington=0-2......lol
if you give him credit for 11-5 then let's see him taking the blame for 3-13.

Well no doubt the team doesn't come close to winning 11 games without CP10 last year. IMO it was all about him not turning the ball over. Ya there were lots of completions, big drives, yards, however, at the end of the day it came down to turnovers. I mean the Dolphins barely beat the Raiders, Seahawks, Chiefs, etc. They were not a great team, but they were a winning team that made very few mistakes. CP10 doesn't make a lot of big throws but he is accurate. It all comes down to turnovers. If he isn't turning the ball over he is very good. He doesn't have the arm to make up for turnovers though.

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