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Win at all cost or just another game on Sunday?

You know the facts. Since 1990, only three teams have started their seasons 0-3 and still made the playoffs.

The 1992 Chargers started 0-4 and made it to the playoffs. The 1995 Lions started out 0-3 and made the playoffs. The 1998 Buffalo Bills started out 0-3 and made the playoffs. Everybody else that started out 0-3 since 1990 was playing golf by late January.

The Dolphins are 0-2, so history tells you they must beat San Diego Sunday to salvage a good opportunity to make the playoffs. The issue is so important, compelling even, that the great minds on the ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown set this weekend will look at several 0-2 teams -- the Panthers, Titans, and yes, Dolphins -- and tell their respective fans whether they should be patient or start to panic.

The issue will divide the cast among those that believe Sunday's game for Miami is a must-win and those who might think it's not any more important than other games. And in that respect, the divide cuts across the very Miami locker room.

I asked nose tackle Jason Ferguson this week if this game against San Diego is a must-win.

"Yes," he said quickly. "For me it's a must-win. We got to win this game. 0-3 is really hard. I've been there before. You give yourself a reason to go 0-4 and it's all over. And now it's 0-3 and it could be over because when you're 11-5 you may not make the playoffs around [this division.] It's definitely difficult but we put ourselves in this hole. And the good thing is you can look at last year and say we did it before. So let's get W, that's the main thing. 

"Every guy in this room got to be thinking we got to get that W."

Perhaps so, but every guy in the locker room is not thinking this game is make-or-break, must-win, pull-out-all-the-stops time.

"It doesn't make the game any more important," linebacker Jason Taylor said. "Every game is so important. You try your darndest to win them all so we're not going to put extra pressure or focus on this game. It's going to get the same amount it deserves and it always would."

Suggest to Taylor that this game truly is make-or-break and thus requires added effort and he does not buy it.

"I totally disagree," he said. "There's no more sense of urgency than there ever was. It's not like we were chilling the first game and then we lost and now we need to pick it up a little more after the Indy game. It's always been pedal to the metal. So the sense of urgency has not picked up at all. It's the same team. Our defense is going to stay the same. Our offense is going to stay the same. We just need to execute better and not make mistakes and finish games."

So why is Taylor refusing to put an added sense of urgency on this game that Ferguson clearly sees? 

"I don't want to start 'now-we're-pressing' and 'we're up against the wall' because we're 0-2. We're going to do what we do only do it better."

So where do you fall? And why?


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Man, there are veritable imbeciles mouthing off not knowing who to blame. Some of you are really barking up the wrong tree. There are issues. But remember, we are one Ted Ginn drop from winning on Monday. Don't blame Jason Taylor. He plays hard all of time. Wilson missed some crucial tackles. The team played hard...period. And those of you banging on Pennington's arm...it's getting old. Pennington did not lose that game. He gave us every chance to win-as he does almost EVERY Sunday. But when receiver impersonators like Ginn can't catch, what's the guy to do?
I blame the coaching staff for that loss. Ginn should NOT be starting. Patrick Turner needs to be available. He's the only physical/tall receiver we have. Ginn is way too easily tackled and can't make the big catches.
Also, Sparano should know that you don't beat Indy/Manning with field goals. We gave up on a 4th and 1 in the 1st half and went for a field goal. We surrendered on a 3rd and 6 in the 2nd half just to kick a freaking field goal. And guess what, we got beat by TDs.
I blame this on the coaches for multiple reasons.

Anyway this will be Penny's last game as starter.


Pricemaster is a clueless football idiot. Eat a dick. You probably played soccer or chess your whole life. Get a clue, bro.

Pennington's last game as a starter! yeeaaaah, enjoy it boys.

NJ, I am from ______ and love it. why would I tell you where I am from? where are you from? Jersey. congratulations. I hope you and Pennington will be neighbors. because you loooove you so Pennington.

I am a loyal 30+ year, season ticket, holding pissed off Phins fan. when the boat is sinking you better have some one trying to bail the water and not saying, " the boat is not sinking, just wait till next game"

bailing water...bail Pennington. we have had 10 years of this managing the game philosophy. It is gotten us to just below good enough. Pennigton is more hurting this team than helping it RIGHT NOW. Without the Wildcat, defenses are stacking the line versus the running game at that is effecting everything we do on offense, except the wildcat. simple as that...


meant to say defenses are stacking the line versus the running game AND that is AFFECTING everything we do on offense...

dispute that NJ! can't believe you take Sanchez over Pennington. WOW.

0-3 is pretty darned hard to recover from. Especially with New England and the Jets in our division.

That's just the truth and history bares that out. So if we go 0-3 staring down the barrel of 4 or 5 GREAT teams we still need to play then what are we suppose to do then?

Start the kid if we go 0-3. We need to know this year and not next year.

"But remember, we are one Ted Ginn drop from winning on Monday."

-- J. Vidal

Actually, two Ted Ginn drops. That first one he should have laid out and got that one. Or jumped and got that one.

Look at the slowmo of that first MISS. He could have got that one if he tried. If he had some heart. I'm gonna start calling him the Tin Man.

Ginn also "misjudged" a pass from Pennington early in the second quarter, forcing the Dolphins to settle for a field goal. "I thought I was close to the out of bounds farther than what I was," he said. "A receiver always wants to come down with every catch. Those two I missed."


Shawn , so you're from FLORIDA. LMFAO ! and you're talking about jersey ? LMFAO ! Are you kidding ME ? . You're to embarressed to even say where your from. I don't blame you though. Hell , half that state is from NY and joisey. LOL ! why would you tell where your from ? Because when you questions one's state , like you did on your earlier post , at least have the balz to say where your from . :}

Im watching nfl network and Im seeing all those rookies, 2nd yr guys, and vets throw the ball and they don't look like anything like Penne's.

Are we a better team in there? Last year, yes; this year some. But I am not sure we are going to win anything this year, unless the defense mans up. And with our rushing and dumb turnovers, we can win-you can than Penne, but its a team thing.

Now what about if we had a qb who can throw; or imagine the Colts with rickie and ronnie. What? That would be sick. But our opponents know they we can't/wont'/don't throw deep. So they stack it.

Remember last year with the ravens...they stuffed the rush...and we couldnt throw. Forget about quick strike-can't happen.

And get off Ginn...he's a wimp but imagine him running and beating 3 defenders and the ball can't reach him-that sucks huh.

The offense is so predictable, here it is:
1. Run, 2. Run, 3. Short slant, 4. punt
1. Short dink, 2. Run, 3. Wildcat
1. Run, 2. Wildcat, 3. Short screen, 4. Punt
Who the hell is that scaring?

I hope the team mans up this sunday bc it is depressing. But if they are going to be 9-7 or less this year, then lets evaluate the young guys, including Henne...wouldnt that suck that we do another draft and find out that Henne can't throw either.

Isn't it depressing that the Jets get a new coach, new defensive plays, outstanding pass rushers, and play to win; while we are content with mediocrity.

Wow ! , i can't believe you have sanchez as a superstar QB after 2 freaking games of MANAGING his team and riding the defense's coat tails to victory. LMAO! Over a runner-up in the mvp voting . Clueless ! :} By the way penny is from lives in tenn. Have fun living next to jimmy buffet. LOL !

Dispute That.


dispute that! If you so in love for Sanchez why dont you be Jets fan where you can root for you honey in the open?

I am not sure Sanchez is a superstar, but I know Penny isn't. Wasn't he Comeback Player, too?

I like Penne, I have alot of loyalty and respect for alot of those guys: Penne for what he did last year; Camarillo for that catch; Crowder bc he is so stupid-it is funny; and others.

But watch the highlights, those balls look like cannon balls; and Penne's look like hit a bird in the air.

Honestly, I think that is a problem. But in life, you have to bluff sometimes...like trhowing deep even if it goes nowhere or catchable. Open the friggin field up...And there's no separation bc it takes 5 sec for the ball to get to the reciever-hmmm same amoutn of time for the cb too.

What kind of record do we need to have before we put in new players? I'm not talking about just Penne and Henne; Wake, Clemmons, Moses, etc.

i am from monte carlo .

In my opinion JT is 100% correct. EVERY GAME is a "must win"! This is the NFL and there are only 16 regular season games unlike MLB, the NHL, OR NBA. EVERY player should give 100% EVERY SINGLE GAME. There shouldn't be an "added sense of urgency" in ANY GAME because it should always be there. Every time you step on the field you should have a sense of urgency and there should be no more to give. Meaning, telling or asking a professional athlete if there's an "added sense of urgency" to a game implies that the player or players didn't play as hard as they could in other games. To someone who has spent his life playing and coaching I'm here to tell you, that kind of logic makes no sense to most athletes and it actually scares me to think that Ferguson and other players have an extra gear that they haven't used yet. What exactly are they saving it for? JT is right on and if more players thought like him maybe they would or could be better players. That'a a perfect example of what gets a guy defensive player of the year and multiple pro-bowls.

By the way i'am a loyal 35 years + pissed off dolphin fan . Last super win i saw was in 73.

NJPhinfan, remember that there's no age limit on the net. The people writing these things are most likely pretty young and don't have as much knowledge and or experience as some of the rest of us when it comes to the NFL. I know where you're coming from because there are many times I catch myself pulling my hair out over some ignorant comment only to remember where it's probably coming from. And if they're not young kids,,,,,yikes!

nitmare , how did brad johnson's and trent dilfers cannonballs and balls that looked like it hit a bird in air look like all the way to super bowl wins ? just asking.

LOL@NYSCOTT. That's just it. The ignorant comments come from a guy who said he's a 30+ year season ticket holder. . Read his earlier post. He's not that young. YIKES ! You think he would no better after watching griese win 2 super bowls managing the team .


It would suck to finish the season 8-8 and not know if Henne is any good. Personally, 8-8 is not achievable given the schedule. If we go 8-8 or 9-7 then I believe that would be enough to win the division this year. Anything less than that we are in the cellar along with Buf.

I'm looking at 4-12 or 5-11 this year. The losers mentallity is already seeping into this team. JT's comments basically says it all. Sure, every game is a must win. However, the NEXT GAME IS A MUST MUST WIN. He fails to see that. Its pretty silly to say every game is a must win if you're 0-3. That means they were not must wins because you didn't win them.


Are you saying that Penne can throw better and farther than Johnson or Dilfer?

I'm not saying you need a phenom as qb; but you need someone who is not 2 dimensional. Do you think the defenders are worried about him throwing deep? Some people here want to blame the recievers; I think they are ok-good enough.

Just asking: do you see a difference in Flacco's, Sanchez's, Brees' or Ryan's throws and Penne's? Just asking.

If Dolphins have mofongo with dinner, aquardiente for desert, and gallo pinto with breakfast they will win for sure


I don't put much into today's blog...you can intrepret and argue either way as many have done already.

But I do agree, that we need to know who is ready and who is not, so the draft won't be futile. If we have a losing record and not going nowhere, do it-don't wait...But I'm waiting till we are totally down.

"I thought I was close to the out of bounds farther than what I was," he said. "A receiver always wants to come down with every catch. Those two I missed."


I'm not on Ginn. Ginn is on Ginn. Two catches he should have made. At least one he should have made.

He's basically saying he doesn't even know where he is on the field. That was proven when he ran out of bounds before getting the first down on Monday night. We could have used that first down right about then.

The guy is a waste of practice snaps. Those snaps should be going to Bess.

Nitemare, I think penny is a better qb than difer and johnson . I was comparing penny to those two because they won super bowls managing their teams. what the hell do the other qb's you mentioned have to do with it ? how many super have they won ? and please don't tell me you thing brees has a great arm . That guy is in a high octane offense with some serious weapons, Ryan with atlanta too.

NYScott is NJs new lovey

I really did not want to put my two cents in put I can't help it anymore!

We started 0-2 last year and those first two games last year looked a hell of alot worse than these two and if i'm right i think we made the playoffs!

I'm not trying to say we are making the playoffs but before some of you quit on the team give them a chance to play a little we have not even played any of our division foes

last year after that disater against arizona things looked pretty bleak but this year if Ginn makes the catch we would be 1-1 and talking about how good Ginn is!

I might be wrong but I don't remember any screen passes or at least not many of them in this game and those throws that went to Ginn and Fasano at the end of the game for the win we were somewhere between the 35 and 45 yd line and those throws where on the money!

Lets face it Pennington's arm did not drop any passes and if Ginn and fasano cant catch Pennys passes which according to some of you have no velocity they probably wouldn't be able to catch anything from these so called cannon armed QB's

The way I see it is fasano doesn't fumble twice in the Atlanta game maybe we dont win but things would have been different and as much as i would like to blame the D for the indy loss its not the first time P Manning torches a good defense he did pretty dam well against Baltimore last year and there nasty defense the loss in the indy game was on Ginn what reciever in the NFL drops a ball with both of there hands on it!

All I'm saying is let it play out and be a fan not a quiter or a hater!

Go Fins!

You can do it!
Cut the freakin heads off!

Yep, I think we lost both games bc the team as a whole fell apart. We lost Atl game bc the offense was sleeping; we lost the Indy game bc the defense was sleeping. Yes, we could have won both if they didnt fall apart. But ifs dont count. Do I think we still have a chance to win some games, yes. Can we do it with Penne, yes...but we are not goin to superbowl this year bc the off and def has too many holes. Not bc of Penne.

You see we disagree. You say that those qbs (ryan and brees) are in high octane offenses, and I say it takes two to tango. Their offenses are high octane bc they have good strong arm qbs and playmakers; without Ryan or Brees they wouldnt be high octane and without their receivers they wouldnt be high octane.

What I am getting at is that your passing is only as good as your chain. So if your qb is weak, then the passing will be. I tell you what, if Ginn gets cut today, any other team will grab him in a second. He might not be a #1, may never be, but aint terrible. I bet Manning would take him for a speed guy. How many teams will take Penne as a #1?

I bet if we had a true #1 (whomever) they would be so disgruntled and call out Penne after the game...bc he can't throw deep or with any velocity. Look at the videos. Do you want to remark on that? Can he manage the game, yes, but so can Ronnie Brown...basically having ronnie or Penne in the back is the same since neither can throw....

We will win this one GO DOLPHINS!!

If you took Matt Ryan and put him in the Raiders offense, no one would be talking about this kid, because he would be awful, and his confidence would be toast..is it time for Henne to go into the starting QB spot, obviously our coaches don't believe so...is it because Henne is not ready for the team or is the team not ready for Henne...I still believe it is doing the right thing having Henne sit, and I believe when it is decided he will be one hell of a QB, and he will be better from learning from Pennington by the time he spent on the bench...

Here is the clip and what i see here is Pennington throwing the ball from the 42 yard line to the end of the end zone not bad for a weak armed QB


Ginn just dropped the ball and a almost 50 yd pass is not weak

Here is another video that shows the highlights from the game and some of those throws the pennington made look pretty dam good


The team is in year 2 of a four 4 year project to get to the big game football is a game of adjustments the coaches and players will review the tapes and will adjust accordingly
but this dolphin team is not so bad we just had bad luck once they get it together they will be fine like last year

we all came in this season knowing that it would be hard to match last years 11 - 5 record
so relax and let them play.

It all starts with San Diego this week
I Garantee the fins win this weekend you will see

and Shawne or nitemare whatever name you want to use relax dude things will get better

Just because to ships sink that don't mean the fleet is lost. You get the surviors and keep fighting.

and like I said it starts against San Diego

Go Fins

Fins 31
Bolts 17

Finfan in Orlando,

Every NFL QB can throw a 40 to 50 yard pass. There some QBs who throw long passes with more velocity than some. What is your point? I like Chad P, but he does not have a strong arm. Like a weak armed catcher in baseball, sometimes they will throw out a base stealer once in awhile.

it's funny ,some of you guys thinks and talk like donkeys .still talking the same losers arguments.
1-chad penne
2-JT back talking to the media
3-nj phin keep bad mouthing every one and not talking about FASANO the fumble boy .

Ace, who cares who you love as qb .we suck like you man .


I never said I love anybody as QB. Learn to read first of all. When you say "we suck like you man" Speak for yourself!

Ace. sorry if i was little annoyed but really we suck as a team and when i read all the comments i feel that all of them were written in cameron or nick saban days.

Fred, no problem. I get fed up reading all the krap about Chad p this and that. Ginn sucks, Henne a bust.

Fred, Nick Saban and Cam Cameron names are ban from this blog. This your first warning.

I think this last post impostor ace, why not in blue my friend?


Why do you say I am not the real Ace???

Thank you Ace.

Hey, I'm not all doom and gloom. But I absolutely know that he doesn't have a strong arm-Penne knows it- that is fine. You work your strengths and he is great at managing the game, hitting the dinks, but he can't throw with velocity. Therefore, since our receivers are not #1s, they can't separate that well, and his throws are so slow, the defender and the ball gets there at the same time.

Where are the videos of the receivers jumping up and down downfield and he just dinks it off? Or in the Atl game, when he got so much pressure that he got so frustrated and just decided to throw everything away. Face it, he can't throw deep.

I am just stating facts, here are some more:
1. Ginn plays scared, but he is gettign better
2. JT looks slow
3. Crowder talks too much and cant back it up
5. Wilson looks like a complete bust
6. Smith and Davis look like they are going to be good
7. Pat White has a bigger arm than Penne but looks scared
8. Henne has a bigger arm than Penne, but he doesn't have experience-heck he may suck- i dont know
9. Hilliard is a nasty up the middle runner
10. The off line played a whole lot better
11. The coaches call a conservative game

That is the truth. My point again is: If we are not going to be contenders, then we should give the young guys a chance to gain experience and impress us. And if they stink, then we know in the offseason what holes to plug. I don't want to go through the draft or freeagency and not get a qb bc we think Henne, White or Penne is the one, only to find out we missed again-that means another mediocre season.

I like Penne-I want to see him go out on top...but the team comes first. And where do you thing "noodle arm" came from- I don't use bc it is disrespectful. But he cant throw. Watch him take a running go to throw deep.


I like your points. I like Penne but I think he has his limitations. He used to beat our krappy dbs with his lollipop throws when he was a Jet. Do you remember?


Never hear you say Henne is bust, thought you were better dolphin fan to that

Yes, he does some of that now, with bess and camarillo. Ginn did some of that on monday but he is mismatched w/penne.

I am thinking what this team would be with Marino and the rushing offense we have now that was so elusive back then.

Think about that.


I meant that I was tired of hearing "Ginn sucks, Henne is a bust"

oh, ok Ace, sorry for question if you impostor. I hope against hope and believe dolphins to beat chargers.

I don't have to hope for Hurricanes, this team is explosive

marino again ? it's not enough we have jason to annoy us us with his words noooooooooo .we only have a fan base that has idiots like nj fan who kept saying fasano this and mosses that .

nitemare sounds like he has a noodle man hod candy .why you use bigger all the time ? it's not about size.just ask Ace.

"I don't have to hope for Hurricanes, this team is explosive"

They are explosive...unlike our fins.


BTW, I am a Gator but like the Canes-just fun to watch. I would trade Penne for Harris...lol

I watching 1995 playoff between Miami and San Diego on NFL network. Its amazing for watch Dan Marino throw football. I still never understand why they never give him running game.


the time for trades is over .it's time to eat meatball subs w/ mozzarella and goat teeth .

thanks carlito , i am also watching the game starting now .at least i can see why you guys love marino and live in denial .dolphins are 7-0.

let's pretend it's now and real .

I don't think Miami win this game, didn't charger play 49ers in super bowl in 1995?

Nitemare . You have to be kidding me . For crying out loud brees does NOT have a great arm. What happened to Culpepperer with his great arm and the vikings high octane offense ? Nothing . How many super bowls did jeff george win with his great arm. Bert jones , Dan fouts and even dan marino had great arms and won nothing. ! Look , tom brady doen't have a great arm . He's smart , accurate and has had a great surrounding cast. That's what win !

nitemare . How many teams would take penny as a # 1 . Lets see , how about the vikings , broncos , jaguars , redskins , panthers , bucs , 49ers just to name a few.

Nj Phin,

Did you know "I told you so" has a brother? His name is "Shut the hell up."

(just joking)

miami won that game in 1995 vs san diego .

nj, i don't see you talking about the nj boy fasano no more and how he became the great disaster for our beloved dolphins since his 2 fumbles destroying our season .

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