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Win at all cost or just another game on Sunday?

You know the facts. Since 1990, only three teams have started their seasons 0-3 and still made the playoffs.

The 1992 Chargers started 0-4 and made it to the playoffs. The 1995 Lions started out 0-3 and made the playoffs. The 1998 Buffalo Bills started out 0-3 and made the playoffs. Everybody else that started out 0-3 since 1990 was playing golf by late January.

The Dolphins are 0-2, so history tells you they must beat San Diego Sunday to salvage a good opportunity to make the playoffs. The issue is so important, compelling even, that the great minds on the ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown set this weekend will look at several 0-2 teams -- the Panthers, Titans, and yes, Dolphins -- and tell their respective fans whether they should be patient or start to panic.

The issue will divide the cast among those that believe Sunday's game for Miami is a must-win and those who might think it's not any more important than other games. And in that respect, the divide cuts across the very Miami locker room.

I asked nose tackle Jason Ferguson this week if this game against San Diego is a must-win.

"Yes," he said quickly. "For me it's a must-win. We got to win this game. 0-3 is really hard. I've been there before. You give yourself a reason to go 0-4 and it's all over. And now it's 0-3 and it could be over because when you're 11-5 you may not make the playoffs around [this division.] It's definitely difficult but we put ourselves in this hole. And the good thing is you can look at last year and say we did it before. So let's get W, that's the main thing. 

"Every guy in this room got to be thinking we got to get that W."

Perhaps so, but every guy in the locker room is not thinking this game is make-or-break, must-win, pull-out-all-the-stops time.

"It doesn't make the game any more important," linebacker Jason Taylor said. "Every game is so important. You try your darndest to win them all so we're not going to put extra pressure or focus on this game. It's going to get the same amount it deserves and it always would."

Suggest to Taylor that this game truly is make-or-break and thus requires added effort and he does not buy it.

"I totally disagree," he said. "There's no more sense of urgency than there ever was. It's not like we were chilling the first game and then we lost and now we need to pick it up a little more after the Indy game. It's always been pedal to the metal. So the sense of urgency has not picked up at all. It's the same team. Our defense is going to stay the same. Our offense is going to stay the same. We just need to execute better and not make mistakes and finish games."

So why is Taylor refusing to put an added sense of urgency on this game that Ferguson clearly sees? 

"I don't want to start 'now-we're-pressing' and 'we're up against the wall' because we're 0-2. We're going to do what we do only do it better."

So where do you fall? And why?


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I don't think Miami win this game. This divisionial playoff in 95, if dolphins won that game they go to AFC championship, this no happen in 95

Lol@nitemare , even if marino was on this team , they still woudn't win anything with the recievers we have not to mention this defense. Marino had some pretty good firepower but coudn't win with the crap defenses he had. NICE TRY !

Thank you finfan in orlando and bobbyd12. good points.

carlito, are you saying you know more than me ? let's ask the plumber .

fins are up 14-3 carlito.

Marino throw like a ninja shooting lightning laser out of cannon

FRyer played for the pats when they were the joke of the nfl before the fins signed him that year .

Cubano or aloco . Can you tell me about florida's education system ?

NJ why you scared of aloco, cubano? They put you in your place. You have nothing to say...godfather of football my azzzzz. You godfather of blowhards!

We lost that game on Pete stoyanovich's missed 47 yd FG. We were up 21-6 at half.
San Diego won in PIT to play SF in SB XXIX in Mia

Wow njphinfan, you must be in newark with all the smog bc I think it went to your head.

Let me repeat, I like Penne...but he can't throw deep. Why? Because he has a weak arm. Accept it-he has, the team has.

And if he doesn't then why don't they throw it deep to Ginn, he can outrun anybody and he "might" catch it. He did it last year twice (maybe). But it would open the field for the rushing and the dinks. Win-win no matter if he catches or not.

For this game, I expect them to throw it deep once or twice. And I think the rushing is going to be as good as Monday. Hopefully, the defense will step up.

Once again, this is a team effort. And a good team can win (your examples) but Penne still has a weak arm. Right or wrong>

Nitemare , your name fits and the smog from where ever you live must being getting to you. Wow ! did you see penny put the balls in ginns hands on some beautiful , long throws. The whole argument is if you can win with a qb managing a great team around him , which you just admitted. What's your point if he has a strong arm or not. I gave everybody arguments on both side. Guys with strong arms who won nothing and game managers who won super bowls. capiche ?

Mark Sanchez is the future of football....get used to him, he's the Brady/Manning of the decade to come. Bums me out, but it's true. And I sensed it the day the Jets made a brilliant draft deal to acquire him. I am a dolphin fan, but I see the truth.

The godfather of squat! Talking Italian what a joke. Nitemare becareful NJ will want to know where you live. He is a blog bully

You so right.NJ bully everybody who dont kneal in front of the King. We in USA we dont kneal to kings jerk

Pennington is the man for the job right now he will get the job done he'll throw 40 plus yards 3-5 times a game the rest of the time he'll take what the defense gives him and not turn over the ball he is very smart and acrate QB but WRs and TEs need to catch the ball and make some YAC, remember Mannnig tossed most of his passes short to Mid range he only had a couple of 40 plus passes but his WRs and TEs are big, tough, and fast.
We on the other hand had soft small and one fast WRs starting, key word starting, Love the dolphins but we have to deal with reality we need to make some changes at key positions weather it's by getting some other players more time or trades somthing has to change or we are in for sad long season

I hear he got many businesses, he no good to his workers, spend all his time on this blog. bad

he is a loser with no life to be here on a friday night, maybe he qweer

nj so full of himself, he never wrong. His ego so big he name himself after a state NJ

nj flip flop with chad penne idea of good qb, he flip flop he is like a democrat

Bada bing bada bang

I saw that and I also saw men downfield open but he checked it down to a dink pass that went nowhere. Let's see what happens on Sunday. I hope they win, but they have to open the field with deep passes-caught or not. If they do that, it will open the field. Thats it.

Si, io capisco bene...Andiamo Dolphins!

you see he say LMAO, he is still in control, ego driven nut job

nitemare please dont mess with nj, he is nasty like a devil. we know you speak italian, nj so full himself he claims to know spanish too. he scares everyone off here.

who does nj imposter as ?

please tell us who he impersonates?

LOL@nitmare. My pizano ! I hope miami wins too. For all our sanity. Bada bing !

thats ok, i know ppl in nj too, you know wat i mean

what a phuking comedian, no he kisses azzz with nitemare, sick sick sick soul

hey che se dice? bergen county in the house!

Oh shyt , he knows bergen county. I'm in trouble.

I thought ace was the devil . LOL !

two good guys of this bog is shawn adn nitemare
nj is one bad guy of this blog.

we got you nj you goofed up, nobody mention ace, you screwed up. you and ace are the same ,you loser we got you

x you starting to sound creepy how much you think about NJ

x they talk no the same, he make it look like he talking to someone else he is so good at this. Now this will pump up his ego. you see ace not around now, ace was not around when nj was gone for over a week. you correct maybe

Armando, how dare you question Jason Taylor!

rivers blew his wad last week. we should and have to get it done this week. chargers are beat up. a loss this week means brace yourselves dolphin fans. ugly is comin!

chad.p manages the game as nj manages his plumbing biz .both uses a camera during work .nj uses one for clearing the main pipes and chad.p uses one to look for interceptions .

Um... NJ Phin Fan. You rip guys for not supporting Pennington then you say he won the biggest game of the season in the Meadowlands.

The BIGGEST game of the season was the Playoff game against Baltimore.
Penne lost that with FOUR INTS!!!!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Chuck wrote:
It wasn't like these superstar QB's put their mediocre teams on their backs and won it because of their arm, they were either legendary all star teams or had amazing Defenses, and elway never won anything until he got T. Davis.

Hey Chuck, superstar QBs don't need to make plays all of the time or carry a team on their back. There mere presence and ability to throw the ball downfield keeps defenses honest. Unlike what Pennington does.

If Crabtree is available, I'd like to see the Dolphins make a bid for him.

I think it depends on what your ultimate goals are for this season. If you're trying to make the playoffs, you gotta win no matter what. Their goal may be evaluting talent and seeing who is competing. This team is a work in progress people. Last year spoiled us all. Make no mistake. We're still building this team. The question is, at what point does C. Henne get a shot. Week?

I agree with JT and what coach said at his last press briefing. Making this a "must win" introduces the scared to lose mentality. They just need to keep on doing what they are doing while improving on the fundamentals that are lacking.

I expected 9-7 or 8-8. No big surprise if they are out of the playoffs JT has lost 21 straight games as a Fin, if my math is right.

Duh I forgot about the win vs the Ravens


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