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Thursday buffet of Dolphins news and notes

Back to football.

A couple of days ago I told you the Dolphins are buyers as the NFL's Oct 20th trade deadline nears. The fact is very few trades are actually made at the deadline in this league, but that doesn't mean there isn't lots of talk between the teams.

And the Dolphins are talking. I told you it would make sense if the Dolphins inquire about Cleveland Browns return man Joshua Cribbs.

Well, this report in the Dayton Daily News says the Browns have heard from Miami.

Look, Cribbs is the AFC's leading punt returner, averaging 16.3 yards per return. That makes him No. 3 in the NFL. He is the NFL's No. 8 kickoff returner with a 26.1 average.

The Dolphins are averaging 8 yard less per punt return and four yards less on kick returns.

So this situation requires continued monitoring. The odds are against it happening as Cribbs will cost the Dolphins a draft pick or a player, plus a new contract. The Dolphins don't like giving up draft picks in trade and giving big contracts to new players.

But ... He is really good. He is 26 years old. And the Dolphins can use the upgrade and the big-play potential. Miami still has not decided on a kick returner following the loss of Patrick Cobbs to season-ending knee surgery.


Matt Roth is eligible to begin practice either Monday or Tuesday and he will do exactly that. The Dolphins are seeking a clarification from the NFL on whether the player who is on the non-football injury list can begin working either Monday, if that marks the first day following the NFL season's first six weeks or Tuesday, which would assume the Monday night game is the final game of the sixth week.

A player on NFI is eligible to begin practice after six weeks -- not games, weeks.

Anyway, Roth, who has missed the season to this point, will return to practice.

"I would say we want him get him out there and get him going and take a look at him," coach Tony Sparano said today. "We just don't know when he would play."

Roth has said he feels healthy and ready to go. He also said Wednesday he was told he would likely play in the Nov. 1 game against the Jets. He was placed on the NFI when he complained he was sick the first day of training camp and failed his conditioning test. Later it was learned Roth had a groin injury.

Roth could play as early as the New Orleans game, but more likely will not barring a serious change in circumstances.


The Dolphins will not practice on Friday. "You only have a few opportunities to really gas up and this will give them a 64- or 65-hour block to make sure we get some of these bumps and things taken care of," Sparano said.

The Dolphins coaching staff will work Friday, take Saturday off and get back to work Sunday.

Sparano plans to fly to Albany N.Y to watch his two sons -- Tony and Andrew -- play for the University of Albany's football team.


Channing Crowder (ankle) and Joey Porter (hamstring) missed the second consecutive day of practice Thursday. They were simply being rested.


The Dolphins announced a scoring change off of the Oct. 3 victory over Buffalo. A third-quarter sack that originally went to Cameron Wake now is scored as half a sack for Wake and half a sack for Jason Taylor. Both players now had 2.5 sacks in the game.


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i never seen a harricane admitting he's a short man .

now u guys want to trade camarillo, crowder and long....WOW...give me some of dat smoke

Harricane , we just traded for thigpen with kc for picks. They owe miami nothing. It will end up being the 2 backup OL for thigpen.

ok, Aloco, if u call 6'0" short, guess i am short. if 180 is fat then i am fat & short, whatever makes u happy man...blow some of that smoke my way

nj, thigpen was only one pick

I can't believe some of you who want us to trade for a kick returner. Are your memories that poor? Do you remember your reaction when we drafted a kick returner with the #9 pick? Why in anyone's name would you want to give up anything for another kick returner? We have a great one here now, the problem is he's also considered our #1 WR and we can't risk getting him injured.

You Short fat midget

crowder got to go and long must go and we need real coach for the DL .we should trade roth for a returner .

Harricane . Right , so was the trade for the ol. Ike and allemann for a conditional pick. Thigpen for a conditional pick , hence thigpen fpr the OL . Capiche !

Kory Sheets, the new RB who replaces Pat Cobb, is fast and can run back kicks.

nj, i'm not italian 4 one..and two, we got two picks from KC for the O-men not one. they owe us one.


Did you hear the news Armando confirm I am not cuban menace? Or maybe you not answer me because you not man enough to admit you wrong! I tell you the whole time just like I tell you that Henne the Hero and Ronnie the Rabid Beast would bring Dolphins back from depths of sorrow and 0-3.

harricane, don't answer killer .he's trying to trick you based on yourr iq .


& ricky is still a monster !! hated losing pat cobbs, really like that guy, can run, catch & BLOCK

what's wrong w/ italian ? best meatblls ever .

So will we be 2-6 in 4 weeks, or not? Discuss!

yea i know an IQ of 142 to him is unreal, lol

that must make me a short, fat, smart alien

Realist = sore jests fan

I would go after D.Bowe from the chiefs, hes from SFLA i think a change of scenery would do him good.

carlito. you forgot to ask nj for an apology.


Ricky the Rhino! Did you know that Ricky and Ronnie are on pace for both have 1,000 yard season?!? Lose Cobbs will hurt, this guy is tuff smart player who is spirit of team.

I'm not a sore Jests fan. I just think we all are being a little overconfident based on a 4 point win at home pulled out in the final 10 seconds of the game. I want to know, realistically, what you all think about the next three opponents. Saints, Jets, Pats. Well?

hey carlito,

yep we both said Brown & Williams Company would each get 1,000. now lets see what Lex can do. plus that lou polite can lay a block. he had a great game....speaking of blocking, haynos hit more than a few himself

Win,Win,and Win!!!

anyone notice garner left of long on several line-ups...must have been what coach tony said, "we have a package for the blitz". but, they ran out of it too....awesome job Dr henning


the zebras gave jests at least two TDs...think about it

yes, saints will be tough....patsies will have their hands full. jests, beat them like the jills next time

henne just gets better as well as teddie bear

are the farmers still talking about rush ?


New Orleans not a very good team outside the dome. Hopefully Dolphin get them on hot day and control the clock with power running and pull off win. I think Dolphins will beat Jets and they clown coach at home. If not for 2 fake punt and b.s. int calls, Dolphins would win in blowout monday night. Pats game will be tuff, but there is always chance.

Henne the Hero!

denver and jests already beat patsies, so i know we can.

brees is another story...if he has time to look around....

Random thoughts..
I think it's a matter of time before Ginn is shipped out. he's not a Trifecta guy..and despite occasional good performances like Monday..he'll be gone.
I believe Pat White will be awesome out of the Wildcat eventually. He is obviously a little slow on the uptake..which is why they are working him in slowly. you can see the coaches on the sideline talking to him about every play..explaining how to read the defenses, etc...i think once the light goes on..he'll be a stud.
I see us winning 9-10 games based on the difficult schedule, making a mini-run in the post season..but losing before the big dance..
i believe next year is THE year.

Brees, WRs and TEs will destroy our safeties sad to say!


besides the safety position, what else do u see as areas of need? ILB?

jim I totally agree with you Ginn's days are numbered that one good catch might help us ship him out.

Whats needed more that a KR/PR is a new special teams coach. There are plenty in the Miami high school system who can coach better than what we have now. Fooled on two fake punts - pitiful.

I'll bet the defense had few choice words about that during team meetings.

Why trade for a KR unless its for some trash like Wilson Roth and a seventh rd pick. We do need wildcat help with Cobbs down. That third back was key and he is irreplacable. I think we should hold on to what we got for now and see what Ochocinco does. He is a free-agent and Boldin stock might go down after this season. Its so many good players in the draft we should wait unless Cribbs comes cheap.

great Post Armando. The fins need to explore some trade options while moving forward.

My question is what is it gonna take to get cribbs in a dolphins uniform? 2nd Rounder, 3rd Rounder? Let us know!

If its anything above a 3rd I would go ahead and Do it personally.

so we take boldin if he is not doing as well?

85 under coach tony? don't think that is gonna happen.

i'd rather stick it out and get Turner & Hartline half a chance. Hartline has hands & Turner has great size. let's give them a chance.

I would think of that SD guy...he looked like a seasoned receiver....but at what cost?

harricane is the plumber

and if i were a plumber what would be your point? would that make u feel like a man mr some-thing-or-not?

i take back, you aren't nj phin.
i agree with your poind on the SD guy.he's fast and powerful .

no harm no foul....but i do have friends in nj, lol

Harricane , miami traded BOTH OL for a undisclosed DRAFT PICK ! ONE !. Look it up and get back to me . You"ll owe me an apology. i'll end up being thigpen for the 2 ol .


speaking of owing apology....

NJ, not how I read it...i read two conditional picks. actually, i read it here.

don't want to argue, but at almost 50, maybe my memory needs an upgrade?

either way, i'd hold pat (no pun intended) and wait for the draft. after seeing our "new" offense...let's let it evolve before we spend silly money....


i'll buy ya a rum buddy

I think you hit the nail on the head. We will have the big receiver next year through free agency probably. Hence our offense will be complete. We are a safety/LB away from total dominance on D. I think they fill the holes in the offseason and not now, this is not a knee jerk management team like the jets.Next year we get to the SB.

Finuke a rookie(draft) at safety will take time to develope let's look for someone with in a system like ours or that's a player and adress the other holes on the team in the draft and FA

LOL@ olive rubber...chipmunk face is f'n funny

I hope USF for upset Cincinatti

carltio golfito is cuban m, you know it

Actually last night, Armando confirm that I am not Cuban Menace. I tell all of you this many time, just like I tell many people Henne the Hero!

Ok carliot then in which blog did he say you are not CM

I really love Josh Cribbs and would love to see him in a Dolphins uniform, but I would only do so for a 4th round pick and maybe Matt Roth.

I don't know if there are any safeties worth trading for right now. Usually in-season you're going to trade way over market value and we need more than just 1 position to make the play-offs.

I think we need to address NT and/or ILB in the draft and look for a SS in Free agency. By next year Clemons might work out so who knows.

Let's say next year we aquire a #1 wide receiver and Turner or Hartline becomes a great #2 receiver we could move Ginn to rotate at #2 and use him more on KR

Carlito golfito we are calling you out. Which blog and what page? This is to prove your innocence.

Wow, you guys are still trashing Ginn!! Just see what happens when you have a QB who can throw the ball downfield. When yur QB can hit a receiver in stride you will get plenty of YAC. When a receiver has to come back to the ball or wait on it you don't get YAC. Same applies for any other receiver. Notice since Henne became the starter all of a sudden the Phins are scoring over 30 points a game. You guys just like to jump on who ever's easy. All of a sudden Fasano's looking good. Chad Henne in two and a half games has 4 TD's and 1 Int. Pennington in the same amount of games had 1 TD and 3 Int's. Teddy will be playing alot better now that Henne's the QB. Bank on it.

Yeah carlito-I never thought you were CM, but I was pouring through yesterday's blogs just to see what you were saying because it's interesting. What blog and what time? Curious minds want to know.

I say don't trade for Cribbs.We have Tyler Thigpen who has a strong arm and can run the wildcat and Ginn is coming around.He and Chad will make some plays together.Keep the chemistry flowing and work with the team we have.GO PHINS

Ochocinco?? TO?? Let's get real, the Dolphins, AKA Bill Parcells is not going to bring in OLD receivers, past their prime and cancers on their teams. Not gonna happen...I really don't believe Dolphins make any major moves except to maybe pick up a couple draft picks...and Matt Roth is hurt, does anyone really believe a GM is going to trade for an injured player who hasn't played all year??? Not gonna happen...and I'm pretty sure that the Dolphins feel their is alot of upside with Roth...Porter and Taylor are not the future of this team, Roth probaly is...


for all u haters. if you care to look. it was in live blog last night title "Pace backpedals before tonight's live blog" on page 3 at 8:37 pm. this is last time we will speak of this. eat it. Go Dolphins!

Henne the Hero

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