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Thursday buffet of Dolphins news and notes

Back to football.

A couple of days ago I told you the Dolphins are buyers as the NFL's Oct 20th trade deadline nears. The fact is very few trades are actually made at the deadline in this league, but that doesn't mean there isn't lots of talk between the teams.

And the Dolphins are talking. I told you it would make sense if the Dolphins inquire about Cleveland Browns return man Joshua Cribbs.

Well, this report in the Dayton Daily News says the Browns have heard from Miami.

Look, Cribbs is the AFC's leading punt returner, averaging 16.3 yards per return. That makes him No. 3 in the NFL. He is the NFL's No. 8 kickoff returner with a 26.1 average.

The Dolphins are averaging 8 yard less per punt return and four yards less on kick returns.

So this situation requires continued monitoring. The odds are against it happening as Cribbs will cost the Dolphins a draft pick or a player, plus a new contract. The Dolphins don't like giving up draft picks in trade and giving big contracts to new players.

But ... He is really good. He is 26 years old. And the Dolphins can use the upgrade and the big-play potential. Miami still has not decided on a kick returner following the loss of Patrick Cobbs to season-ending knee surgery.


Matt Roth is eligible to begin practice either Monday or Tuesday and he will do exactly that. The Dolphins are seeking a clarification from the NFL on whether the player who is on the non-football injury list can begin working either Monday, if that marks the first day following the NFL season's first six weeks or Tuesday, which would assume the Monday night game is the final game of the sixth week.

A player on NFI is eligible to begin practice after six weeks -- not games, weeks.

Anyway, Roth, who has missed the season to this point, will return to practice.

"I would say we want him get him out there and get him going and take a look at him," coach Tony Sparano said today. "We just don't know when he would play."

Roth has said he feels healthy and ready to go. He also said Wednesday he was told he would likely play in the Nov. 1 game against the Jets. He was placed on the NFI when he complained he was sick the first day of training camp and failed his conditioning test. Later it was learned Roth had a groin injury.

Roth could play as early as the New Orleans game, but more likely will not barring a serious change in circumstances.


The Dolphins will not practice on Friday. "You only have a few opportunities to really gas up and this will give them a 64- or 65-hour block to make sure we get some of these bumps and things taken care of," Sparano said.

The Dolphins coaching staff will work Friday, take Saturday off and get back to work Sunday.

Sparano plans to fly to Albany N.Y to watch his two sons -- Tony and Andrew -- play for the University of Albany's football team.


Channing Crowder (ankle) and Joey Porter (hamstring) missed the second consecutive day of practice Thursday. They were simply being rested.


The Dolphins announced a scoring change off of the Oct. 3 victory over Buffalo. A third-quarter sack that originally went to Cameron Wake now is scored as half a sack for Wake and half a sack for Jason Taylor. Both players now had 2.5 sacks in the game.


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Enough with the Tyler Thigpen talk, he is career 3rd string qb. Geez, quit hoping for bums and root for you team, they pretty good!

Ronnie you belive in unicorns and pots full of gold at the end of a rainbow...Gin's one catch will win him no respect here, he was and is not worth the number one we used on him he needs to go now that some are fooled by him again and can get a player or a No.3 with lots of luck.

Soory Carlito you are not guilty. But Armando saying he is not CM is like Clinton saying "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

Defense101, Ted Ginn goes nowhere...This staff has stuck with him through two years and now believe with Henne that he can be a productive receiver...that catch has definitly built his confidence, (see previous Armando blog) and he will not be going anywhere..

Too many people on here still believe this team is focused on the Wide receiver position...Even in this upcoming draft you will see Parcells concentrating on fixing and upgrading this defense before you see a wide receiver pick...look at Parcells record, he straight up don't believe picking high or trading/signing for WR free agents..nothing has changed with his philosophy...

What will transpire in the coming weeks between Henne and Ginn will seal Ginn's fate? Or will we default to the Ginn is not a #1 receiver and needs another receiver to compliment his skill. I say if he does not step up, ship his ass out.

Biggest Needs on Team


This guy Ginn is ok. If he make the catch in Indy game we would be calling this guy the man.

Hey carlito dont you feel like you got out of prison. What are your thoughts on the next game?


We need big game from Defense against Drew Brees and Saints. Offense needs to control game with running and take up clock to keep Brees off the field. Saints are very good inside the dome, but not a very good team outside on the road. I hope it is really hot next sunday.

Hot and humid...the better. You know how bad it can be when it is really humid outside

So I belive Ronnie brown is up on his contract this year what do u think are we gonna sign him back or go for a younger guy I love brown he might be getting old but I don't know any other RB that can do what he does he looks really happy here I say keep him!!

Brown is at peak of his career proving he is elite back like he say so this summer.

Phins87 you are right. Brown does look like is happy here and playing well. I think we end up keeping him. He does not complain about sharing the load also.

Brown will be a free agent in 2010 unless the NFL and the players sign a new bargaining agreement...if that happens Brown gets 5 million in an option year and isn't a free agent till 2011..tricky situation for the Dolohins with their star player

Ya I agree he is happy here I just hope parcell sees this because I dint think with out him we would be as good at this point cause I know parcell wants a young crowed I just hope we keep him till he physcaly can't we have a team to recken with let's go PHINS

I agree though, signing Ronnie is imperative, he is the leader of this team

PFT now reporting that Browns unlikely to trade Cribbs.......pity.

Bobbyd12, If there IS a new CBA agreement brown becomes a free agemt, if there's NOT a new cba agreement and they go to a uncapped year brown remains for a 6 th year at the 5 million option . You hope there's NO NEW cba agreement or miami resigns him now.

Test 1,2

Nj Phinfan, your right, my bad..the original website I went to "rotoworld" had it backwards...Miami Herald has it the way u reported it...

Cincinatti dont deserve number 8 ranking. Are u kidding? These guys rank higher than the U? Jacory would destroy this team!

Ginn needs to be the return guy. He has the speed and explosiveness and he is not panning out as the #1 reciever, just a good deep threat.

bobbyd12 "that catch has definitly built his confidence" oh my god one catch and this guy is all of a sudden a difffrent WR this guy is soft and he will show,what he has since he's been in Miami, that he was not worth the draft pick expended on him or Cash, Ted Gin Jr days are numbered, let's move on already this is not parcell guy he didn't draft him he's dealing with someone else's mess which he will dump!

the hell with my girl friend ,she's telling me to not to talk to these psters b/c she thinks all of you are like Ace the devil .
Come on honey ,please tea w/milk .
Jones of Brimngham


Don't forget that Brady Quinn, the player everybody wanted instead of Ginn is a much worse player than Ginn after 3 years. Not saying that Ginn is great, but he has done way more than Quinn. Don't forget his game changing performances in wins last year against Buffalo, KC, NYJ, to name a few. Ginn was taken too early, but not by this regime. They just dealing with it... it could be worse.

We need to so something wit Roth wake Taylor and peezy to put pressure on the QB I have a feeling our receivers will come along now that henne can stretch the field I would like to see patrick turner in the redzone

jones of brimingham,

Please go to hell. This way I can see you when I get back home.

Ace, i missed you lately since you were using another name ,still love you man .

NJ I like Berry as well...but I'm going to stick with my boy Mays.You can't pass up the fact that he's a freak ha He's huge and still has fast feet.I love him, but I agree that Berry is a stud as well...I would take either one over Wilson ha so we can agree on that.If I had to pick one...I would pick Mays though:)Still luv ya tho NJ ha

I just don't want Miami to trade aways picks from this talented draft for a return man...I would trade Roth for him though.I think Miami will make some kind of move before the deadline...so we will see.

The TO trade will never happen in Miami...this guy is a CANCER to a team.I don't think he's a bad person...just don't want him in Miami.One LB I would love to have is Demeco Ryans from the Texans...what a damn stud.Oh and if they want to throw in the best WR in the game,Andre Johnson, we will for sure take him with a smile ha


Oliver, drop dead fool.


go drink some bleach fool.

Taylor mays is louis oliver. Fast straight line speed but not fluid and little production. Eric berry is ed reed. Which would you rather have ? I know the scout agree. :)

NJ cannot admit when he wrong.


Louis Oliver used to be my favorite player


i would do the deal for Cribbs, the browns look desperate esp. in their trades. and we can always use good spec. teams players.

NJ Phin Fan

I'd take Taylor Mays over your boy Eric Berry any day!
Hes bigger stronger faster and hits hard. Berry is ajunior so he may not even come out.
I've seen Berry play and he is very good. But soo is Mays and more gifted. And comes from a long line of great USC safties.

Problem is you have to be in position to draft Mays and he will go early.

Louis Olivier never had 4.20 speed

Bowe would be nice. He's performing well in KC with a sub-par QB.

Trade Roth for Bowe.

Phin Up!

Mark In Ottawa,

you're crazy eh'! why would we trade ginn, who will most likely have a break out year now that henne is launching RPG's down the field, for a guy who is mainly a KR? i dont know how cribbs is as a WR but the only time i hear his name is when he takes a punt or kickoff to the house.
give henne and ginn time to get used to each other and well...you saw the result.

Too late Mando. You've committed the cardinal sin of journalists, especially sports writers... you revealed your politics. Now you've got a large portion of people who don't like you even more and won't read you. Smooth move dummy.

....hmmm lets see, saints on the road in the heat coming off a serious beat down by the jints of nj, we just took care of the nyets and i expect a victory in the stinkin jints stadium meadowlands that will not be as close as the land shark victory and i would submit that while that game score was close, we dominated the nyets and were done in by terrible refs and a couple of fake punts, so that game was not as close as it seemed...felt like we could do whatever we wanted when we wanted...the jets wont know which way to turn with us having two weeks off and the saints at home, we will be tuned up for the meadowlnads....the pats are not what they used to be and we absolutely destroyed them last year up there...im looking at 5 and 3 and sole possession of AFC EAST CHAMPS land and the number 2 seed when all is said and done as the Colts seem to be the only team to be feared...Broncs are pretenders who have played an extraordinarily easy schedg to date...I think after the next 3 games, we will be cruising...and our first 3 losses, we still dominated, other than the opener in Atlanta against a strong team on turf in a dome...hows that realist?

What most don't know about Josh Cribbs is that he was the starting QB in his college days. Wildcat time if the Dolphins make this deal.

What about Matt Jones for a wideout... He could help out alot. I think he would be a great pick up.

The more I think about it Matt Jones in the Wildcat offense would be great he was a qb in college it makes sense to pick him. He is big and has some speed....

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