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Calvin Pace: Chad Henne a 'clown quarterback'

Some guys should think before they open their mouths. And if Calvin Pace actually said the words he is quoted as saying in the New York Times Fifth Down blog, he obviously needs to take that advice.

After the Dolphins beat the Jets, 31-27, Monday night, a game in which Chad Henne completed 20 of 26 passes, showed out a 130.4 passer rating and authored his first career fourth-quarter comeback victory, Pace ripped Henne.

“Against a second-year clown quarterback, we didn’t affect him enough," Pace said, according to the blog. " I guess you have to give him credit. The defense lost the game today."

So Henne just lit you up and you call him a, "clown quarterback?"

Seems to me it is Pace wearing the big red nose and crawling out of a tiny car with the rest of his Jets friends.

And this confirms it as Pace discusses Miami's Wildcat package:

"I can't respect that stuff, all that Wildcat," he said, according to the blog. "We're in the NFL. Don't come here with that nonsense."

Excuse me while I laugh at this dude.

It occurs to me that perhaps Pace should question his offensive coaches about how nonsensical Wildcat is because the Jets also use a version of the look -- they call it Seminole, with Leon Washington as the triggerman.

And, in fact, the Jets were using a version of Wildcat before the Dolphins, back in 2007 when Brad Smith ran it. So they didn't think it was nonsense then.

Also, if you have no respect for the Wildcat, how about stopping it? The Dolphins ran Wildcat on 16 plays and gained 110 yards -- including 21 yard pass to tight end Anthony Fasano.

The Dolphins plowed the Jets using Wildcat, and everything else for that matter, and now Pace is ripping it?

Come on, man! 

Now NFL players did some pretty stupid things this weekend. Some of those are below. But how do you weigh Pace's ridiculous remarks with those other dumb things?


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Real class over in Jets land. I wonder if he's suffering from withdrawal or roid rage?

Didn't Pace say the same thing about the wildcat after we won the final regular season game?

I wonder if that quote is recycled, or if he just can't get over it.

Pace , is a PU**Y. I didn't hear his name called once last night . He's still sore miami didn't sign him. Pace , GOT JUICE !

Calvin Pace sound more like a Jet Fan than Jet Player. This is classless and unprofessional and show how stupid this man is.

This is something for post in Chad Henne locker so he steaming mad in 3 weeks and throw 4 td's against Jets in Giants Stadium.

Funny!Pace wishes he was a dolphin.If they had a real coach they would still lose because he is out there.Had nothing to do with not prepared.They just got man handled man against girl!

Curious, no political commentary but I'm just wondering...did ESPN drown out the the Obama boos or did they cover it over with fake cheering

Calvin Pace is cheater anyway. Chad Henne should say that he torched that steroid clown and can have no respect for someone who play so bad after they stop juice. Maybe this b.s. talki is side effect from have to quit steroid.

I hear that Pace, Rex Ryan and Chris Berman are all together crying over the phone about how the Dolphins schooled them again. You know Chris Berman the guy whose daughter works in the Patriots front office, MC's their kickoff dinner, grew up a self-admitted Jets fan, and has man-love for the Bills, so as a result picks against the Dolphins every week, calls the wildcat a gimmick, makes fun of Tony Sparano wearing sunglasses last year because of an eye condition, and hates the Dolphins because they threaten all his personal interests when they beat those three teams. He, Tom Jackson, Stuart Scott, Matt Millen and Dolphin hater Steve Young all picked the Jets last night. They must all be crying in their Northeast biased beer. If the Patriots had come up with the WildCat and perfected it to this level like the Dolphins have they would be raving about it, but because it's the Dolphins the team that crushed their childhood teams in the 1970's and 1980's, they can't stand it. Fools. If it it such a gimmick, and has been out for two years now, how come you can't stop it. I give Jon Gruden credit last night as he said in the 4th quarter, "I'm having the most fun I ever had in my life watching the Dolphins and the Wildcat!"

Revis is a clown corner

Is this the same Calvin Pace that spurned the Dolphins to sign with New York? His comments sound like a form of envy to me.

Ask pace about that Final game winning td run in which miami's OL knocked The jets DL all the way back to DAVIE ? LMFAO !

Those 3 db chase behind Ted Ginn like 3 stooges

Lmao Shula

When Ronnie Brown takes the direct snap from center everyone in the building knows whats coming. The sad thing is, calvin pace, you knew what was coming too and you or the rest of your sorry a**ed defense could do nothing to stop it. Now tell me whats foolish about that? Its not a "gimmick" if its used 16 times in a game and continues to work even down to the game winning touchdown! So eat it steroid boy!

Say it with me Mr. Calvin Pace the classless,

"Henne - The - Hero."

There it is. You feel better now?

I guess if you asked Pace he'd say that the Jets really "manned up" for those two fake punts.

then again if we want to discuss nonsense, maybe we could talk about how humiliated Pace's head coach was and how afterward Pace showed zero accountability. His other quote after the game was much more telling he said, "They did what they want(ed), and they did it at will."

As far as I'm concerned all the Jets can keep running their mouths and we'll see them again in three weeks and pick up right where we left off which is pounding the rock.... right down their pieholes.

Didn't his full quote also slam the wildcat as just trick plays and the NFL wasn't a place for trick plays? Maybe he should tell his special teams coach not to run fake punts because the NFL is not trick play friendly league.

This guy is so overrated, stupid, and disrespectful! Henne just torched this defense and they are still talking smack! Unbelievable!

Pace you and your coach are huge pieces of SH!TS...you wanna come down to mour house, run your mouths, and then we slap you all around the fiald, and then have the nerve to call us out...take a look in the mirror you ingorant ASS!! Pull the needle out of your ass for a minute to think about what you just said...that clown QB just beat you, and you thought your defense lost it? your defense didn't seem like it was even in the stadium...what a way to ruin your vacation to South Florida, as you Jets thought it would be...enjoy your quiet plane ride home. Maybe you and your fat ass coach can spoon on the flight while you watch the game tape of us stomping you up and down the field!!!! PUNK

Henne's rating would have been even higher if Brown had not taken his eyes of that short pass and made the completion. I am soryy but right now I have the biggest man crush on Chad Henne. Is there anything wrong with that?

Its called sore losing.

Calvin Pace?
Was he in the game?
Oh no my bad... as he said in his own words "he was beating himself".
I have heard of illeagal end-zone celebrations...but beating yourself on the field?

Who is Calvin Pace? I don't recall the announcers who covered all the greatness that is the NY Jets (cough cough)ever calling his name in the game?

Go Phins!

Henne the Hero

Buddy! Rex! Fido! Duke! Rover!

Come and get it!

Go Phins!

After what Henne and company did to the jets defense, ask pace why he sits down to pee. what a b**ch

Hey Calvin, why don't you go stick another needle in your ass.

Calvin Pace is proof that Roid Rage is real and steroids do cause brain damage.

Pace is a joke. He ripped the Wildcat last year when Miami won. No wonder he left Miami without a contract when he was a free agent.

Calvin Pace played? Funny how no one noticed until he put his foot in his mouth AFTER the game. Nice one Calvin...you might want to show up to the stadium first, before you show up in the news.

And that noise in your head?.... it's the piercing sound of inept frustration.

That's why the Fins didn't sign Calvin Pace - because he's a bonehead.

am i the only one who gets off on watching Lou Polite's blocking. he blows people away. i think he only missed one block last night! OUTSTANDING!!!

I guess everyone should respect Pace for taking Performance Enhancing Drugs?

This guy is a moron.

The jets really turned out to be babies, from their head coach on down.

Kinda sad... but really funny

And I'm sure Henne cares what he thinks since Miami got the W last night...

I usually don't like some of the stuff steve young says, he can be a jerk, but he said something interesting yesterday. He said the wildcat is a fad for the rest of the league, but for this team it's the real deal. He Is absolutely right. Why do we run it so much better than the rest of the NFL? Its not because we have better athletes for it, or our coaches see something they don't. It's simple. We are dedicated to it. We practice it every day, and we do it consistently in games. And it's like steve said, if more teams were dedicated to it, then defenses would become dedicated too and eventually it would be stopped. As for us phins, here's to hoping more teams don't catch on! Go phins. One more thing. I love my canes,but right after is Michigan and I have watched henne his whole career. He will have ups and downs, but if we stuck with him, he will give us the next few years of happiness at qb....not since Marino, guys. Hennes last hurdle: can he play on the road? That may take time guys, let's be patient!

Pace has no class and neither does the rest of the Jets and especially Rex Ryan, who just showed on the postgame that he lacks class by saying his defense stunk.

When Patsies lost to the Dolphins last year, it was the Wildcat coming out party. Belichek and the rest of the team said they just beat us off the ball and played better and made no excuses. That is what class looks and sounds like Ryan and Pace.

Armando, I saw this deception yesterday in all Jet's players , coaches fans everybody ( i was in the stadium) . They can't find the explanation for the game.
The Jets people coming to the stadium thinking that they won the game before play it. WRONG

Calvin Pace looked like a clown, one in a jets uniform getting smashed by the O-Line. I'm surprised, he showed more emotion on those comments than he did on the field of play. Very irrational comments......

Hey Trevor:

You are dead on about Polite. He has taken alot of heat in this blog in the past for his supposed lack of blocking, but he has been outstanding lately as a lead blocker and he is still the man on short yardage.

What's up Dolphins fans....Woooooooo sorry I'm still so excited ha I didn't get to post last night so I got a lot of emotion left:)Wish I was at Land Shark, but the Miami fans really did hold it down for the rest of us.

Man what a win for us Phin fans...I loved the heart we played with.I think our O line should get a tone of credit for not giving up one sack to a good defense.Our O line just tore up the Jets defense...it was like men against little boys ha

I can't say enough about Ronnie and Ricky...they play hard every down and give us all they got.These are two great RBs.Thank god we didn't trade Ronnie for anyone.They make me proud to be a Dolphins fan.

Man Chad Henne really showed me something...the kid can play.He played a great game,and I hope he's our future at QB.

Ginn has had a rough time in Maimi...I have been hard on him too.I was happy he made a play and I hope Henne brings out the best in him.Good Job Ginn.

Our Defense has some problems...we give up huge 3rd down plays.That can't happen with really great QBs like Brees,Manning ect.We need to take Wilson out and put Clemons in.Something has to change.I think Sean Smith should cover all big WRs for the whole game.Man W.Allen killed us in this game...he really needs to step it up.We still need more pressure on the QB.Does anyone think we should trade Joey Porter for a WR and S?

So to end this I would like to say that I was so pissed on the pre game show....Espn didn't talk about Miami at all.All they talked about was the Jets and Sanchez.Miami got no respect at all.We went into the game and beat the Jets and the Refs.Not only did our ROOKIE QB out play Sanchez, but our Wildcat killed that Jet Defense.We deserve RESPECT and will continue to kick some a** until we get it.

With all this being said...I love the Dolphins and the effort they showed us fans.Much love Phin Fans woooohoooo enjoy the WIN.

Oh this was about Pace huh ha Much like the game...you didn't hear his name at ALL ha ha

...because Ryan it wasnt the Dolphins O-line pushing your team back or the Dolphins had little to do with how your defense played. Right...yep Jets stunk and the Dolphins had very little to do with it! Frnk man up and admit it cry baby!

My hat goes off to Lousaka Polite who smashed Pace and Bartt Scott many times I mean bone crushing blows! Go Lou!

Also is Shawn still insisting that he would rather take Snachez than Henne?

Right another hater who does not know football because if he did he would NOT question the Trifecta!

Armando still after you golden prima donna WR hwo about Braylon? Still on his bandwagon?

Braylons case of the droppsies flared up towards the end of the game. Only the dam refs bailed him out and the Jets out...

What the he'll. Now come on Calvin just face it the Dolphins got up in that Ass last night don't hate

OMG I just watched Rome is Burning...he just got burned all over the damn Jets.I love it ha ha

The jest are really trying to say that our offense is something that is ran in college, and we can't run a real NFL offense.Rex Ryan never stops...even after we beat the team down last night ha

calvin pace = vernon goulston = invisible man

When I first heard this I had to check to see who Pace played for. Didn't realize he played last night. I guess the gimmick fake punts are ok? Just not a formation that gains almost 8 yards per attempt. Guess he doesn't like being made a fool of when everyone in the nation know Ronnie is running it from the Wildcat 99.9% of the time and they still can't stop. Laughing my bottom off at them.

I believe the dolphins will be 3-0 in their division after the new england game and 5-3 atop the afc east also. Who knows, they may not loose another game. The jets are sore losers. Did they honestly think that the dolphins was going to let them come into their own house and whip up on them? They just suffered the rude awakening of three facts: (1) they are not nearly as good as they thought they were (2) the dolphins are better then they thought they were. (3) that they (the jets) are due another whipping in about three weeks.

The Dolphins not only had to beat the Jets but the refs too.
Half of the Jets points came on pass interference calls and the last one was a real bad call I mean so where the others but that last one where Braylon lived up to his bad hands and a flag was thrown was down right ridiculas!

Dolphins4life , don't bother was wasting your time with shawn, he's a complete idiot !

Well, so far it is Henne, the wildcat and the Dolphins who are laughing at the clown.

Thanks for the bulletin board item, Mr. Pace. See you in a couple of weeks in Joisey.

So so glad we didn't sign that moron. Mr I get paid big bucks to cheat and do nothing!

...but here is the deal Good teams overcome even the refs and go on to win. That right there, is a very good team and though our record is 2-3 there is a lot of games left and like I said before those of you who jumped off the wagon and started begging for new WR or new QB, or even taking about next years draft, if you haven't jumped back on you will!

I hear you NJ Phin Fan, just you know after all that crap these so called Dolphin fans say on this blog...I had to mention it. But your right not wating any more time on these guys.

TyPo: wasting

Dolphins4life. Notice , he's MIA . :)

This just in from Henne: PACE YOU CAN EAT IT WITH A SIDE OF THIS WILDCAT(as he points to Rex Ryan groin)
GO DOLPHINS!!!! 'nuff said next post Mr. Salguero

I just added a question and a couple of videos at the end of this blog post. Go back, check it out, and tell me what you think.

Cobbs is out for the season

Thats cool we won and showed pur Mettle, now we have to shore up that defensive back field.

i saw that dre bly play , he's a complete idiot of epic proportions. He's in the same class with the other idiot LEON LETT. LMFAO !

A Clown?
Do I amuse you?
funny how?
Ha Ha Ha Ha ha!

Joe Pesci

Go Phins!

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