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Can Sanchise survive at the Meadowlands?

Please note the time of this post. The Jets and Bills are still in the first quarter of their 4 p.m. game.

And I predict Mark Sanchez will struggle today.


Well, my prediction is based on what I've heard from more than one NFL personnel guy. Mark Sanchez is solid, he is likely going to be just fine as a quarterback as long as the weather is good or he's playing inside a dome.

But in the Meadowlands? With the winds blowing? In the dead of winter's snow or rain?

The NFL folks tell me he's not equipped for that kind of weather.

Now, the winds are apparently blowing at Giants Stadium today. We'll see if the NFL folks are right or not.

Check back after the game for the results.

[Update: The game is over and in his first bad-weather game at the Meadowlands, Sanchez completed 10 of 29 passes for 119 yards with 5 interceptions. The Jets lost a game in which they rushed for 318 yards. Buffalo wins, 16-13 in overtime.]

That's all I got to say about that.


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Sanchez lacks arm strength. Most of his passes yesterday looked like lame ducks. Glad I didn't trade everything for someone that doesn't have the tools for the conditions he's expected to win in. GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!


Sanchez true colors came through Sunday. Five INTs in a crucial division game is beyond bad.

Sanchez is.....IS......IS GARBAGE ! LMFAO ! ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah

Where's the FOOL Shawn/911 now. This is the man who had a man love for sanchito and hand sanchito in the hall a Fame . LMFAO ! 5 MORE F'N INT'S . are you F'N KIDDING ME ! HEY SHAWN You still take sanchinto over penny ? What a fool ! ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Never thought Sanchez was good even at USC

Two glaring game stats......
Sanchez passer rating..8.3
Jones rushing per att...9.5...
And it's not even cold yet. Well maybe Sanchez is.

Wow Sanchez had a really really bad game...the JETS fans are just sad.They were in love with Sanchize(ha ha wow) and now they want him benched.I mean how fast can you change on your team...it was faster then Rex Ryan can eat ha It was so great to see the JETS lose...so weird to cheer for the Bills ha

GoPats Brady isn't the best QB in the NFL...sorry your way off.The league protects Brady like he is, but he isn't.Teams can't even look at Brady without getting a Roughing the Passer ha He's more like Tom Lady to me...step up and be a man damn...I can say this because I'm a Lady:) The best QBs in the NFL are Brees and Manning.Tell Tom Lady to stop crying and yelling at everyone but himself.It's amazing how no one talks about Tom Lady going off on his own teammates and coaches...but will call out anyone else who does the same thing(steve smith,T.O ect).

So I have heard that the Jags will trade Sims-Walker...I think we should make a move for him.Anyone heard of this?

Much love Miami Fans

Nice call. What do you think about Henne's chances in the same conditions?

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