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Can Sanchise survive at the Meadowlands?

Please note the time of this post. The Jets and Bills are still in the first quarter of their 4 p.m. game.

And I predict Mark Sanchez will struggle today.


Well, my prediction is based on what I've heard from more than one NFL personnel guy. Mark Sanchez is solid, he is likely going to be just fine as a quarterback as long as the weather is good or he's playing inside a dome.

But in the Meadowlands? With the winds blowing? In the dead of winter's snow or rain?

The NFL folks tell me he's not equipped for that kind of weather.

Now, the winds are apparently blowing at Giants Stadium today. We'll see if the NFL folks are right or not.

Check back after the game for the results.

[Update: The game is over and in his first bad-weather game at the Meadowlands, Sanchez completed 10 of 29 passes for 119 yards with 5 interceptions. The Jets lost a game in which they rushed for 318 yards. Buffalo wins, 16-13 in overtime.]

That's all I got to say about that.


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it is abundantly clear....win or lose, the jets are going nowhere....


Please spare us the image of Rex Ryan's black hole.

P.S. That was a stupid challenge

Haha sanchez is what we thought he was, now if you want to crown him then crown his ass.

Snachize...What a joke 4 ints. J-E-T-S...Suck, Suck, Suck

I think the Bills are going to do it!!!

Oh if there is a God, please let the NFL Network carry Rex Ryan's post game news conference!!

Funny how quickly things can change in the NFL in a few weeks

bobby12, nobody is happy in philly, there's a reason why even Santa claus gets booed there, the city suxs, I've been there, the only good thing there are there Philly cheese steak sandwiches, then again that's only my opinion, if I've P.Oed anyone sorry..

Jets r going down

jets go to the raiders next....and they lost to them last year.....they may be 3 and 4 when the fins play them...

thank god leodis mckelvin isn't playing!

If Kris Jenkins is out when we play NYJ again, Ronnie the Rabid Beast and Ricky the Rhino will run all over them, nevermind Henne the Hero


First down Bills

I hate to say this, but "J-E-T-S" SUCK!! Suck!! SUCK!!! The Jets need to bring me back to play QB.
~Richard Todd

Don't use it timeout Rex, they won't score

No Scott Norwood impersonations

they aren't close enough

why would you hate to say Jets Suck?

The Fins D must fight for their lives againts saints. I know the wildcat can do it, and In Henne we Trust!!!...

can't believe it


that's what I get for rooting for the bills

What else do you expect from the Jills?

for a moment I understood what it was to be a Buffalo Bills fan...lol

the bills are going to give away another freebee to our division rivals.....pathetic....

Ryan's a fat F

5th pick on sanchise coming next. FLAG!

at least we aren't Bills fans. man NFL really needs a better overtime system.

I predicted a bills win, but leave it to a fa* kicker to blow it.

How many TDs does Brees throw against g. Wilson?

that why they had to get Edwards, they need a high jumper with sanchito throwing the ball over everybody's head

way to give it away jets

thanks bills....another freebee

i mean bills

Jets getting lucky. Why is Rex Ryan wearing a Halloween mask so early?

As we all see Jests are a mediocre team at best, too bad the Bills are just horrible

thank god the jets are cheaters!

uh oh

LOL. Sanchise is a fraud

freakin feeley



omg ryan is an idiot!



Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. "That was one of the worst fake field goal tries I have ever seen."


ahhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!

Fake just bit u this time huh Rexxy boy???

J E T S. Suck suck suck!

this is getting ugly


Fake fieldgoals fake qb. Nice gimmicks.

still laughing here

the redeeming possibility for this game is that the Bills win...lol

this is going to be a tie hahahahahah

thats what you get with that nonsense gimmick!


I say ends in a tie

block in the back, bring it back

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