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Can Sanchise survive at the Meadowlands?

Please note the time of this post. The Jets and Bills are still in the first quarter of their 4 p.m. game.

And I predict Mark Sanchez will struggle today.


Well, my prediction is based on what I've heard from more than one NFL personnel guy. Mark Sanchez is solid, he is likely going to be just fine as a quarterback as long as the weather is good or he's playing inside a dome.

But in the Meadowlands? With the winds blowing? In the dead of winter's snow or rain?

The NFL folks tell me he's not equipped for that kind of weather.

Now, the winds are apparently blowing at Giants Stadium today. We'll see if the NFL folks are right or not.

Check back after the game for the results.

[Update: The game is over and in his first bad-weather game at the Meadowlands, Sanchez completed 10 of 29 passes for 119 yards with 5 interceptions. The Jets lost a game in which they rushed for 318 yards. Buffalo wins, 16-13 in overtime.]

That's all I got to say about that.


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That's 6 ints

6 int hahahahahaha

Nice run

nice draw

This kid for the Jets looks terrible. That begs the question, just how bad is our defense that we made him look like the next Joe Namath? Six picks today and last week he threw all over us!

This should end the fantasy of the Jests fans and their hallucination that they are a top team

beating this shitty team is what we have been hanging our hat on.....OMG...We are in trouble against the Saints!

The bills really do suck!

ok, the Jills have to get the fg here

Watching game pass in spain, man bills are aweful but sanchez is even worse!

Loving henne even more :D

Never thought I could enjoy football sunday this good with da Fins on bye week. LMAO

WHY does Buffalo keep pitching it 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage? That play hasn't gained more than 1-2 yards yet.

Sanchez may never recover from this. This is great

First down bills!

nice play Pace

1st down hahahaha

haha so tru!! we´re all here like it was a phins game hahaha

Bills offense must be nonsense

He got help from da Zebras last week





i was kind of hoping sanchez would get the ball back to throw another pick :(

Willy mays style

Brady 6 TD
Sanchez 6 INT


Yeeeesss!!!!!! Sorry ... Go Fins!

maybe not

JohhnyBlaze, let's not forget two fake punts, a questionable call against Gibril and a horrible call against Will Allen...Sanchez certainly didn't have a GREAT game

nice catch by evans, i'd take him on the fins in a second

i was kind of hoping sanchez would get the ball back to throw another pick :(

Posted by: mmmtravis | October 18, 2009 at 08:04 PM

I was too. LOl

It's a catch!

Will be overturned...

Now on a more serious note, what are we going to do next week against the Saints?

the zebras will ruin this

Reading the chat from Chile- this dolphins fan commentary on the jets game is making my weekend!! Go bills!! We need TO for a score here to really rub it in.

I have ALWAYS liked this kid Lee Evans. Don't see how they can overturn this call. Lets see where the "sharps" money went tonight. We are about to find out!

henne is better suited to play at the meadowlands than sanchump

overturned, only because the game can't end this easy...lol

Not enough to overturn the call on the field

This is almost as good as the fins gettin a win. I've got goosebumps


commentator is full of it....that is a catch

thought when you bring ball to body that's securing it, he was bobbling it though

Don't say saints. My knees buckle.



We will beat the aints, you heard it here first...

freakin refs. that was a catch.

That's too bad... Tie game now.

its ok, Bills win or tie!


Of course, why did I think otherwise

jets are out of good karma

We will get our respect if we beat the saints.

Laces out boys, laces out

make it ask hole!

God, the bills are playing sooooo flipping tight.

Saints are no good outside their dome

Redeem yourself Lindell.

Norwood again?

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