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Can Sanchise survive at the Meadowlands?

Please note the time of this post. The Jets and Bills are still in the first quarter of their 4 p.m. game.

And I predict Mark Sanchez will struggle today.


Well, my prediction is based on what I've heard from more than one NFL personnel guy. Mark Sanchez is solid, he is likely going to be just fine as a quarterback as long as the weather is good or he's playing inside a dome.

But in the Meadowlands? With the winds blowing? In the dead of winter's snow or rain?

The NFL folks tell me he's not equipped for that kind of weather.

Now, the winds are apparently blowing at Giants Stadium today. We'll see if the NFL folks are right or not.

Check back after the game for the results.

[Update: The game is over and in his first bad-weather game at the Meadowlands, Sanchez completed 10 of 29 passes for 119 yards with 5 interceptions. The Jets lost a game in which they rushed for 318 yards. Buffalo wins, 16-13 in overtime.]

That's all I got to say about that.


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The Jets D made Fitzpatrick look like Jim kelly. hahahahahahahahaha I called this win, the bills always play the fails tough.


Sancheese maybe
Santrap maybe
Sanchump maybe

It's a great day for fin nation. Sanchize sunk the franchize! Only had 91 yards passing in 4 quarters til last pass. Fins broke their spirit and sent them crashing as usual. Love it

armando the only who would have an idea when you guys started calling the jets ,DIRTY JETS.




what site is the Jets blog on. I dont see nothing on the NY post. Only Giants. Guess da jets not important. lol

dirty sancho got exposed once again! what a bust!!!

REX is a Foney.

Wow!! Did Sanchez ever suck today!! Fairweather, West Coast QB struggles in the windy conditions...that bodes well for the Dolphins going forward. All of a sudden the Jets bubble has burst!!...love it!!

I think the Dolphins will be in tough versus Brees next week. He will pick our secondary apart. The only chance the 'Phins have, as someone else said, is to keep Brees off the field.

Jabba the Hut is going on and on about giving buffalo the credit. Sure didn't admit it about fins. Idiot

Fake punt.
Fake field goal.
Fake coach.
Fake QB.
Fake the Fake.
Fake Fake Fake.

J-E-T-S Fake Fake Fake...!!!!!

Jabba also threw his qb under the bus saying he was gonna pull him in the game but didn't. Why does he have to say that to public. Poor coach

brady offically is back.
to go to a jet site,try www.dirty jets.com

Sanchez couldn't recall all his picks during post game press conference.
he went blank after the third. HAHAHAHAHA

Good stuff. Now watching Sanchez Q&A....looks like he's getting ready to cry.

Bellicheat ran up the score, 59-0.....bush league!

Sand fleas.

lovin sanchise right now...the only thing sweeter than watching the jets lose is watchin the fins win baby!

lets go fins!

Any big mouth jettrash have any thing they would like to share?

Any Thoughts at all?

Sanchez, 5 INT's and the Jet's lose to the lowly Bills. This was a great day!!!! Jet's suck and the NY crowd will start to turn on Sanchez if he has more games like this.

Chirp chirp chirp....

Dolphins 29 Saints 28 (JT comes up with a safety for the difference)

the Pats run up the score on the Titans so that Brady can get some press coverage this week. Why run it up on a team that's winless unless your over compensating.

I hate Sanchez! I knew we made a HUGE F-UP trading up for him! Burrrp, Farrrt.

Fart.... Burp.....

AWESOME..!!!..The jets fans were already starting to BO Sandchise.


5 picks and people traded for Sandchise.

Jets blog calling for Clemons to start and he never got a fair chance in training camp!!! Gotta love it...

Is this a great day to be a NY Jets hater or what? They lose- AT HOME to the stinking Buffalo Bills! AND the Bills were playing a back-up QB! Sanchez threw 5 picks as his flash in the pan officially burns out! I never thought I would enjoy a bye week so much... BA hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! In the words of ACE VENTURA, Lahoo-zaher's!!!!!!! Go Dolphins!!!

Gopats congrats on beating a terrible team. Ok...really.

put link for Jets blog please??

Mike d.....thejetsblog.com

Like Ray Lucas- this brings a tear to my eye. LOLOLOLOL

I'm gonna dirty shot your QB just like I Did to Trent Edwards, right after I inject these steroids into my big fat Butt!

nevermind found it.


very funny

Dolphins will be the Saints next week to start the AFC East championship run for reals.

Don't say Ray Lucas, he suck as dolphins too

Calvin Pace is 100% nonsense

Armando, u did ur homework and made a good prediction on the outcome of the Jets-Bills game. On another note, as scary good as the Saints looked today, I hope the bye week, the extra rest/prep time and home field advantage will work in our favor. Dolphins by either a FG or TD in the final drive with no time left on the clock.

I hope it ain't bad luck to be writing about the opposition when he isn't playing us.

5 interceptions, you called it.

This is what I leave under Jets Blog with name Henne the Hero:


Hows the latest Jets savior about now? And you fat face good for nothing coach? Or Mr. Nonsense Calvin Pace?

You really gonna lose to Fitzpatrick????



Now I see the appeal of posting on another teams blog....

That was fun.

Oh yeah, JETS SUCK!!!!

after a year brady came back shaky a little b/c it's human to be afraid .now if he doesn't do well you say ( oh he's finished )and if he has a record points of 59 you say ( he's running up the score ) .why don't you stick w/ bashing sanchez?he's on your level.


ps...you guys win a game and you never go to bed at night for a week .i wonder what would you do if you win one wring ?

Saw that Carlito, I left one as Phinfan.

Saw that too Po, classic! If anybody want to talk to me on Jets blog my handle is Henne the Hero

i went to jets blog and i left 10 posts demanding sanchez to be benched and the coach to answer for the interception machine of sanchez the FAKE ? PEOPLE CAME ON MY WAGON RIGHT AWAY .LOL


lmao, these are same people that cheer when Pennington get injure, now they ready to turn on they sweatheart sanchez

The Jests are a fraud. Saw this coming from a mile away. And their blowhard excuse for a coach is a one man comedy side show. Bahahahahahahahahah.


You should try posting on that Jetsblog,It’s really cathartic!

gopats posting on Jets blog as meatballs and brady the hero

Looks like the NFL folks were right on the money with their assessment of Sanchez struggling in bad weather. 5 interceptions? Wow, I wonder if this performance will cut short Sanchez's honeymoon with the New York media.

So let me get this right! Last week even though the refs gave the Jets two touchdowns they got there heads beat in by the Dolphins


Rex - (NFLs) Best Coach ever & New Defensive Geniues of the NFL - Ryan declares that the Jets wern't beat....they gave the game to the Dolphins....

Now what? There so charitable that they "gave" one to the Bills too?

I don't think this man knows how to be a head coach! The problem is he will never think he is anything but the BEST...

This is big trouble because it will take five losing years to get rid of this blowhard losser..... oh wait why get rid of him?

He fits in with all the JET fans.......!!!!!!!

Jets lost to the lowly Bills. I think that Rex won the OTA superbowl! He won't win with Sanchez in bad weather.

Gopats I knew you would be on here stroking Brady big win playing a 0-6 team in the snow I for one was pissed he stayed in the game after the half that was just for self ego stats and showboating if he would have gotten hurt the pats would have lost the season again.

ok, I think the Jets blog has blocked me, I didn't curse or say anything offensive other than Jets Suck. What a bunch of sore losers

THE BEST POST I READ TODAY IS Brian McMullin at 9;23 pm

What happened to the Jets blitz scheme? David Harriss and that cheap shot on Edwards. These guys will turn on Buddy's son.

They are who we thought they were The WETS !!!!!!!!!


Its official, you have much better operation over here than at www.thejetsblog.com

Miami might lose to the Saints,but we'll give Brady and Co. a lesson on running up the score.I hate the Patriots more than anything .

GOpats never said Brady was finished. But i did say he needs media attention. But he's not the best QB in the league. That's either Brees or Payton Manning sorry. What I said was when your running the score up on a winless team you are overcompensating to boost your teams confidence. Why do that? Because your Pats are not what they used to be.

man i was sick to my stomach for the last 5 hours and i thought it was from the beer and wings but then i realized it was from watching the jets and bills butcher the game that i love wow was that brutal... go fins!

That's right.Brady is a prima-Donna has been.They(the patsies)know they are on the down side so they have to run up the score.What a bunch of losers!!!

The Pats weren't overcompensating they were stroking their egos like when a bully beats up a defensless kid. I wonder when a team goes 5-0 do they just not care to win to get a good draft pick?

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