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Can Sanchise survive at the Meadowlands?

Please note the time of this post. The Jets and Bills are still in the first quarter of their 4 p.m. game.

And I predict Mark Sanchez will struggle today.


Well, my prediction is based on what I've heard from more than one NFL personnel guy. Mark Sanchez is solid, he is likely going to be just fine as a quarterback as long as the weather is good or he's playing inside a dome.

But in the Meadowlands? With the winds blowing? In the dead of winter's snow or rain?

The NFL folks tell me he's not equipped for that kind of weather.

Now, the winds are apparently blowing at Giants Stadium today. We'll see if the NFL folks are right or not.

Check back after the game for the results.

[Update: The game is over and in his first bad-weather game at the Meadowlands, Sanchez completed 10 of 29 passes for 119 yards with 5 interceptions. The Jets lost a game in which they rushed for 318 yards. Buffalo wins, 16-13 in overtime.]

That's all I got to say about that.


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Wow, the NFL can change in a few weeks. It is amazing how quickly a team can crash and burn. Or another can rise from the ashes. Guess which team is which all you big mouth Jet fans. Losers. Our 3 losses sure look more respectable then yours. Although the refs tried their best to keep the folks tuned in Monday night. Glad we play again soon. Chumps. Bet you wish your season was over...don't you? Don't worry, the pain will not last long. You'll be eliminated soon.

Oh...and GoPats...real impressive showing today. Hope you are proud of your classless team.

The Phins are going to blow out the next game against the Jets.

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Shaggy, you're the biggest moron I've ever noticed on a Dolphins blog. Jenkins is the only Man on the Jets defense (the only one not overrated, anyway), and deserves our respect. Show some class. You think Jake Grove was giddy to hear Jenkins got hurt, even though he gave Grove all he could handle (which, fortunately, Grove did)? For those less craven than Shaggy, find what Jenkins had to say about Calvin Pace's comments last week, to see what a stand-up guy (instead of a cheap shot artist like Pace, who should get a BIG fine for a play he wasn't even flagged for) thinks of the "attitude" Ryan has brought to the Jets.

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Does anyone else think we should really try getting Dwayne Bowe from the Chiefs????


5 Intercections. That's awesome. He makes John Beck like look like an all-pro. It would have been one thing if he did that against the Steelers defense or the Ravens D, but Buffalo? Got to love the Jets sucking for the next 5 years.

The Jets played so bad, even Jimmy Hoffa walked out.



We have an easy schedule and will do what you smelly fish did last year while you get your but cracks kicked.

JETS 11-5
WIMPS 4-12 (you will start 2-6) write it. post it. Eat it.

Can someone tell Calvin Pace that it wasn't gimmick plays that beat them, it was their crappy defense!


That's 3 and counting. You should have heard the Jets' lumpen on sports radio only three weeks ago. Rex Ryan was a genius. Mark Sanchez was the next Joe Namath. (Caution: Be careful what you wish for Gangrenes-- Wily Joe has a 65.5 QB rating for his career.) And of course, the Jets had a rendezvous with destiny that would end in Miami and the Super Bowl.

I can't help thinking of 1967. While Nasser was perorating about driving the Jews into the sea, the Israeli were at work destroying his air force before a single MIGs left the ground.

Oedipus Rex Ryan- blind and bloated with overweening hubris

Oh Rex, "to the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee." -- Melville

And to every Jet fan, a White Whale or perhaps, a Turquoise Dolphin.

This is the first time I have commented although I have read your blog for years. I have been following the Dolphins since 1970 (I was 8)I don't care for the Bills but I HATE the Jets even more. After Calvin and Rex shot their mouths off last week I gained MUCH pleasure from watching the Jets choke.
Who's clowning now?

BTW, I too am concerned about how our secondary will fare against the Saints. If ever there was a time for them to step it up, it's now. Saints are ripe for a letdown.

I knew that kick in the head Armando gave fireman Ed was going to work. The Jets cant lose enough and if you listen to talk radio the fans are ready to jump off the nearest building.

Jetset why are you here talking trash when your team got beat by the buffalo gills?? You sir are one lonely loser

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