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Comeback! Dolphins beat Jets, 31-27

The Dolphins trudged and trucked for three quarters Monday night. And then the offense went crazy in the fourth quarter, scoring 21 points to erase leads of 20-17 and 27-24.

Final: Dolphins 31, Jets 27.

The Dolphins rode the wildcat package, triggered by both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, for three quarters. But in the fourth-quarter, the team needed Chad Henne to come up big.

And he did.

Henne threw TD passes of 2 yards to Anthony Fasano and 53 yards to Ted Ginn Jr. in the fourth quarter. He also had completions of 8 and 12 yards on the final 13-play, 70 yard drive that was culminated by a 2-yard run by Brown.

The 12-yard pass converted a third-and-10 situation from the New York 16 yard line.

Henne was the better QB on the field, completing 20 of 26 passes for 241 yards and two touchdowns. His quarterback rating was a whopping 130.4.

The Dolphins quarterback rewrote the headline of this one to fit, well, himself: Henne-given Monday!

Interestingly, the Jets didn't give Henne much props afterward. Linebacker Bart Scott said Henne, "managed the game well."

Safety Kerry Rhodes said Henne, "played a good game. He played good enough to win."

Mark Sanchez, the much hyped New York QB, completed 12 of 24 passes for 172 yards with one touchdown. His QB rating was 87.5.When this night was done, the Dolphins outrushed the Jets, 151-138; and out-passed the Jets 262 to 171.

Ronnie Brown was pretty solid also. He rushed for 74 yards on 21 carries and they were all hard-fought yards. But the payoff came on his 2-yard score with 6 seconds to play that gave Miami the victory.

"We've got 10 seconds left on the clock," Brown recalled afteward, "We were in the huddle, we're all like, 'All right, here we go -- we've got to score a touchdown. No settling for field goals. We've got to finish the game.'

"That's something we've been strugglin g with the first couple of games. We said "We're going to finish tonight. Whatever we've got to do, get the ball in the end zone." Blocked it up, ran the ball downhill."

Afterward, Jets coach Rex Ryan was beside himself, which is to say, he was taking up a lot of space.

"First off, it was a complete embarrassment by our defense and by me, obviously we need to prepare better," he said. "I didn't have the defense prepared the way they should have been and I take full responsibility for that.

"I've never been involved in a game like that in my life. Our offense did tremendous and gave us every opportunity to win the game. At the end, I though about using time outs but I said, 'You know what, they're not scoring.' I was wrong. I'm just kind of at a loss for words with our defensive performance. We made that quarterback look like Dan Marino. He was pretty good, though, he deserves credit. We have to do a better job at defending that long pass. It was just a horrendous day for our defense."


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Game of the year! Going down in Monday Night history, well maybe not, but a great game!!!!

Henne rocks. Ronnie rules. Ricky still has heart.

Henne is the truth Rex Ryan is pist he said they made Henne look like Dan Marino lol

What a game! Wish I was in Miami to celebrate...Off to work :/

Rex said it was an embarressment. Lmao.

Good night, Jets. I think I can hear the fireman guy crying too...I cant stand the JETS..

How come the website does not have a post game video coverage?


That felt so goooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best part....we don't have to listen to any loudmouth Jets fans....What a game! B

Sanchez was a stand up guy at press conf but fat ass Ryan or fat belichek "sore loser" he us an ass.
Hey fatty the Afc east goes through Miami just remember that

Love the offense(was nervous with white in the game during crunch time). Defensive back feild needs to cut down on the mistakes.

I loved this game. The jets defense is for real, and their secondary is one of the best in the league (we have one of the worst, worst safeties for sure). Could have been a heartbreakers, now we need to prove we can play on the road.

I am happy for Henne, Henne the Hero. Sorry Carlito, had to say it. Love the pass to Ginn and the one to fasano. I am glad we stuffed that wildcat up their @ss in the end.

Beautiful! I'll admit that I didnt have faith in the Fish but I'm glad I was wrong! 2-3-not a bad way to go into the bye! I'm not going to get overly excited; it's one game at a time and the Fins still have issues but with henne, a young OL, we are hoopefully (fingers, toes crossed) moving in the right direction.

Their confidence is building...cant believe they put White in there with the game/season on the line...AWESOME


Henne , player of the week . 135 qb rating BOIP !

Refs suck. That one ref is worse than Hochuli!!!

NFL NETWORK to replay the game weds night at 8 .

jets jets jets suck suck so bad so sorry

Did Ricky go out for some plays, nearly immediately followed by Pat White? I didn't notice Ricky back in till the final TD fake.

Game of the year

The refs do suck. That PI call was crap.

need to get to work on that secondary. otherwise.....

GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah Brees will pick us apart if we play like that

Amazing just Amazing! Now the Fins get a break... AND THEN: N.O., Jets, and Pats... back to back to back. WOW! What a monster schedule!

way to go teddy!!!!!!

I agree pat white in the end - character/ confidence builder for sure. Wow, Henne without a bonifide receiver. The defense with truely bad pass int calls. Two fake punts (relook at special teams coaching). The grit of this team - hats off they did great. I am glad I came from S Carolina to be witness. Go Phins!

Hey jetset...where you at now and and your worthless jets you no good piece of crap...get off this blog loser

Gotta give props to the guts of putting in P White on crucial drive...and to PWhite for making the plays. and guts also calling wildcat on critical last play of game.

i'm enjoying the win Tonight . the negatives will come tommorrow.

There is nothing better then beating the jets!!!! Now get out of Miami.

Also, Pat Cobbs was an essential part of Wildcat 1.0, but he's out with a knee. We may have seen the inception of Wildcat 2.0, possibly a week or two before Sparano wanted?

also hats off to the O line and Ronnie, did i say Chad? dam he can throw the rock, and hats off to the jets qb and b edwards that guy could catch im sure the browns are saying what happend

i told everyone we have qb lord thank you our 10 year search is over thank you lord!!!!!!

The gameplan, offensively, was the best I've seen all year. We made plays when needed and chewed up clock. Defensively we just need big plays, turnovers, sacks, stops for loss. I am however happy with the progression of Smith and Davis. These guys are gonna be staples at CB for the next 10 years, now if we could only get safeties. Refs made some bad calls and special teams obviously can't snuff out a fake punt.........the second time, but enough to win is good enough for me. Henne is looking great ,20-26, and every bit as much the game manager as Penny, plus he possesses an arm stronger than a 12 year old girl. Big plays are possible again folks!! Let's go Fins!!!

and the guts of ted ginn and his touchdown. FUCH EDWARDS !


Im so proud of ths boys ronnie brown and ricky should be remembered as top miami backs period

Did anyone ask Ronnie Brown about the wierd endzone celebrations. I didnt get it. Jumping up and down. Maybe if they played the song jump around or something. AWESOME GAME THOUGH! IN YOUR FACE REX! Could have it been any better? "Teams only run on us when we allow them to run on us." Guess what we do to win the game!

Saw a lot of good things out there. Ted Ginn finally stretching the defense a bit....

The secondary needs to get it fixed in a hurry.

I couldnt believe that they brought out Pat White on the final drive. And he got a 1st!!

Ricky is just straight up a player.

Negatives are fluke fake punt and another fluke accidental fake punt AND TERRIBLE CALLS AKL NIGHT CALLS BY REFS...Armando what are your thoughts on the calls tonight

Dolfan abroad. Ted Ginn finally stretching the defense? Hes been stretching the defense all year. But either he was missed by a mile or the line didnt hold up in pass protection.

I think the offensive line might have jelled (gelled?) tonight. My heart is still racing. Nice game all the way around. Secondary better gel in time for Drew Brees, though.

OMG I can not wait to wathch Mike and Mike on ESPN in the morning, Greeny stays on the JETS D***

Really need to clean up takling was awful tonight and SP teams on the punts killed us no blocking on punts.

i go to sleep a happy knowing thousands of jet cant sleep tonite wow what a game

Safeties are bad Wilson is a step and a half behind everything and bell gets toasted to much as well

Happy Happy Joy Joy...See ya in Miami for the Saints game! Woo! Sleepless in NJ....Go PHINS! I am keeping positive! Woo FINS WOOOOOO!

If the Fins can get a receiver to step up bigtime, they could be even more dangerous. Perhaps Patrick Turner can show what he's got if Cobbs' injury is serious, which it looked like it was.

Oline A+ and the winning factor besides henne playing great when he called upon to do so...going forward is looking AWESOME

SLEEP ? I can't sleep tonight

But offence was just about perfect and Henne I believe is our anwser at QB, Now to see if Teddy is the real deal or just a sec or third wideout.

Henne outplayed Sanchez. And if you take away the crappy penalties that shouldn't have been called and the 2 lucky fakes the Dolphin win this one by 11-14 points instead of 4. Also only reason Edwards did so well tonight was because clearly Miami didn't game plan for him much if at all. Not saying Edwards is not good, because lets face he is pretty good. Miami will game plan for him for the next match up and should hold his numbers down some. Only thing I can really say is Miami has got to fix the secondary. Way too many big plays given up. If they play like that against NO they will get eaten alive.

How hard is it to think PoSITIVe.. We will adjust and fix and be in a position to WIN! Go FINS! Negative thinking sucks!

PRICELESS!!! It's been a decade but it looks like at last we have a QB!!!

Jets= Fraud! Fins ran the ball straight up rexy's fat arse!!!

Game was amazing. Loved seeing Ryan cryin' like a baby at the press conference. On another note; Is Mangini on the jets payroll? What's up with all the trades that are seriously weighted toward the jets. First, they give up nothing but scrubs to get a top 5 pick, then they get 1st round talent for a 3rd and a fifth plus more scrubs.

(Notice; I never use CAPS on the jets, they don't deserve it. Besides, living in NJ I'm tired of hearing the jet fans with their advanced spelling lessons.

jets SUCK!

155 million invested in this o-line Ronnie and Ricky better run like the wind sheesh!!!

Go Phins!!!

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