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Dolphins jobbed on Sharper's TD, replay

If you haven't seen the photo in Sports Illustrated that should fry your frank, here it is:

The photo clearly shows that Saints safety Darren Sharper fumbled  before he crossed the goal line in the third quarter of the Saints' 46-34 victory over Miami.

The play was ruled a touchdown in the third quarter of the game, cutting Miami's advantage from 24-10 to 24-17. Dolphins coach Tony Sparano threw a challenge flag. And he lost the challenge and a time out.

What's the point?

The point is this photo proves Sharper did not score. It further means the Dolphins should have gotten the ball at the 20 yard line after a touchback while still nursing a 24-10 lead.

Sparano was asked today if he saw the photo (by the way, if you want to see a bigger image, click on it).

"Yes," he said.

And his thoughts?

"No comment," the coach said after a pause, obviously not wanting to say anything that would incur a fine from the NFL.

You, however, are encouraged to comment.


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so it was a bad call, whatever, the nfl seems to be full of that nowadayz. Just like u can't breath the wrong way on a QB in this league, there are many problems with the way games r called,(too many for this blog to go into) but it doesn't excuse the fact our secondary continues to struggle or that our recievers rarely make big plays and our running backs r the biggest differance in being 2-4, instead of 0-6. Truth is if tedd ginn makes that catch down the sideline instead of playing volleyball with it,then darren sharper doesn't make that pick and we don't second guess of what might have been or could've been the rest of that game. We just need to move on from this game and worry about those nine more coming up---oh yea, and did i mention the game with the hated jets is next up!!!

Just a big "SHUT UP" to all the Ted Ginn defenders posting what a wonderful job he did causing the fumble even though it was blown by the officials. If the jackass catches it in the first place this is all moot and he had another drop that granny Dean could have caught that should have been a first down. The guy sucks and all of you know it. Are you Ohio State fans or Cam Cameran fans? Either way you are kidding yourselves. We need to trade or draft a good receiver and trade or cut Ginn.

*lol*thanks for that DEAN, in a way,u just kind of reaffirmed the statement i just made.

I hate the Refs and I hate the NFL for what I feel sure is favoritism but if we don't stop feeling sorry for ourselves and concentrate on business we are going to lose to the Jets.

ginn should play safety. the patriots put troy brown on defense and he did great. he never played there before. gin has speed so he would be an upgrade to the safetys that run like there carrying a piano on their back. put him in the nickel on 3rd downs. he could intercept the ball and run for a touchdown.

The Dolphins lost that game...but it was only in doubt because of bad officiating.

The Dolphins had the half done at 24-3, but the ref blew the call...which we had to challenge to correct...but the challenging allowed the Saints a play that shouldn't have gotten....that cost us 7 points.

The play above made it 24-17...but should have been a touchback...so it cost us 7 points and used up our challenge.

So at that point it still should have been 24-3...we also have a interception returned for a touchdown on basically the last play of the game because we were forced to go for it at 4th and 13.

This game would have been done at 24ish to 17ish had the refs not handed the Saints 14+ points.

Scott I'm rite there with u you on the game changing calls...I knew they were the wrong calls.ESPN had nothing to say...they couldn't stop talking about the saints.I think what makes me even more pissed is our coaches not having the balls to stand up and say something.The players deserve more then that after the HEART and effort they played with.As a couch you have to stand up for your players...it wasn't just one call they missed.I got love for our coaches, but they need to say something.

Now we have to go beat the damn jets...shut them up for the rest of the year.So keep your heads up Phin Fans...we know our Dolphins will play hard for us all year.Lets see if the players that have been holding back will step it up...you know who you are ha

Learn and move on,but damn that sucks.


Maybe Ginny Could play CB?

Blown calls accounted for the Saints first 2 TDs.If the officials had gotten the call right without the need for a challenge on their score before halftime time would have run out and we would have gone into the locker room up 24-3.

A disgraceful fix call. Refs were in the tank for the Saints.

...There, we said it! Even though coach Sparano can't. You opened this topic up for us to vent and we're behind you and our team Armando. You can't fine us, you overofficiating jerks! But why doesn't Sparano send this photo to the league? At least to make a point and to shine light on it?

None the less...it would sting alot more if it was the only thing that changed the outcome. First, if Ginns makes that catchable ball, Sharper never gets the pick. Their were alot more things that our team did wrong that contributed to their meltdown also. But who knows what would have happened if we at least slowed down the snowball and changed the momentum (at least occasionally) at any of these times.

Funny -- you think the refs may have been betting on the game? How about running the last few seconds off the clock when the Dolphins were about to cover the spread?? Hmmm...

Why wasn't there a replay video from that sideline?? I can't believe they only have 1 camera at 1 side of the goal line. That is the ONLY reason they couldn't overturn the missed call.

DISGUSTING...he is looking right at the play! The guy is a waste.

boo hoo hoo...boo hoo hoo.

every team has calls go against them...and the 'fins were still winning (and got the ball back) after that TD. try not getting outscored by 20+ points in the 4th quarter next game and stop worrying about the refs.

There's a pre-game show on Sunday, forget what network, that has a segment on questionable calls from the prior week. It features some high up offical (always siding w/the officals) reviewing 4-5 plays.

It will be interesing to see if this call is one of the selections.....I bet not.

i'm not taking the day off. Ginn should have caught that ball

Perspective hit the nail squarely on the head. The NFL is a huge corporation in place to make money. If these incidents upset you then vote with your dollars and partronize other sports. The NFL has sucked the fun of out pro football anyway. You won't miss much.

Heh what's done is done. No point in staying al Ginned up". Let's put last week's fiasco behind us and move on to beating up on the Jets and Pats to remain undefeated in the division. If we are going to save anything from this season, like last year, our division record is going to be what carries the day.

This is ridiculous and makes me sick to my stomach. I knew that was a fumble and touchback when I saw it. I can't believe how terribly these officials are affecting the outcome in Dolphin games this year. If not for horrid officiating we won that Jet MNF game by 2 TD's. How is this allowed to continue?

I was born at night, but not last night! This had to be a "fix!" There simply is no other rational reason that can be given! So, New Orleans is the better team, right? The "fix" was in! If this does not get a referee fired, nothing can!

Not only that play, but I clearly heard whistles blow in the 4th quarter when the last INT happened because of the Illegal Shift penalty, yet no one mentioned it... I know I heard the whistles, because I was hollering at the TV that the play was dead before he scored! :-)

Now isn't it true that when the whistles blow the play is dead?

Henne continues on with the play and the ball is picked off, and the Saints score, isn't the play called back because of the whistle? Are there exceptions to this?

I've asked several times but nobody answers me!

How anyone can defend Ginn escapes me. So what his hustle caused a fumble that was not called. If he catches the ball to begin with (like a #9 draft pick is supposed to) Miami is not in that position. Forget the critical drop in the fourth qtr of this game, the potential game-winner in the colts game, or any of his many let-downs this year. Look at his entire body of work. He has been awful.

PS: And the Commissioner has problems with Rush Limbo! I bet "Rush" is not on the take!

Non issue.

New Orleans STUMPED our offense in the third and they were on FIRE the entire second half.

They would of scored another 21 points if there was time.

Not to mention the obvious being that this play should of never happened to begin with.

Move on and worry about the jets.

I was at that game close to the field in the end zone where the Saints fumbled the ball, that should have been a touchback for the Dolphins. I knew we were not going to win with not only having to beat the Saints, but the refs as well. Sad, very, very sad. There should be something done about this....

What's more of a pisser, is that you can see the NFL Films guy with his camera aimed right at the play when you watch the game....hmm...

During the game you didn't get to see that angle during the review.

This just gives more creedance to the rumor that the NFL controls who wins each game. To bad the NFL doesn't follow the lead of the SEC and start suspending refs for obvious bad calls.

I'm more pissed about the bad touchdown call at the end of the first half. If the refs don't call touchdown there, the Saints never have time to run off another play with 5 seconds left. I usually don't think this way, but it really did look like the refs we're giving the Saints all the calls.

Maybe the ref, #107, should get a few weeks off with no pay!
I am also sick of the political correctness of the NFL. Whatever happened to freedom of speech??

If the Commissioner does not fire the referee, someone must investigate the Commissioner and fire him!

This just confirms what I already knew. You could see it on the replay as well. The ball was starting to bounce off his knee rite before the endzone. You could see it between jake long and Anthony Fasano. I knew they wouldn't have the balls to change it though.

Something really should be done about this. There is no doubt that if they had called it right, Miami would have won. They would have had the ball back and NO would not have had the score, or the extra time to orchestrate the remaining comeback in which they would have needed an extra touchdown. Not to mention how it would have changed the tone of the game. It really does make you want to puke. The team should use this as fish food and just steam roll the remaining teams relentlessly. Score score score with no letup. Go Phins!

Wahhhhhh. where's the flag, we were robbed, we should have won; guess what idiots? You lost. You have to be the biggest bunch of whining babies. Dolphins fans need to get back on their inflatable rafts and go back to Cuba. Go get your Kotex losers because the beatdown is coming Sunday. JETS JETS JETS JETS....Maybe then you can get back to reality.

Just when I thought I couldn't possibly be more furious with what happened last week, this photo surfaces...

I love the way the ref's just did their normal job and when it was 24-3 they pounced into corrupt mode and only made calls that helped the Saints. Get real fins! You don't get outscored 46-10 because of bad officiating. That instant replay "malfunction" must have been a diversion, right?

It's just like the BCS, protecting the top teams. Maybe the refs worked the Florida and the Alabama games the day before. What's the sense in throwing the red flag if that call is not even reversed?

Scary... U r an ignorant disgrace and a poor excuse for a human. As for refs.. They suck what else is new


Perhaps if our so called "#1 Receiver" had actually done his job and not dropped yet another pass this would never have been an issue!

it is just unacceptable to have a ref stering right at the player and not be able to make the right call, the NFL should have rid of those old refs and get youger guys capable of keeping up with the play and having the balls to make the right call.

"Wahhhhhh. where's the flag, we were robbed, we should have won; guess what idiots? You lost. You have to be the biggest bunch of whining babies. Dolphins fans need to get back on their inflatable rafts and go back to Cuba. Go get your Kotex losers because the beatdown is coming Sunday. JETS JETS JETS JETS....Maybe then you can get back to reality."
Shut the F up. We kicked you arses and all you did was cry about "we didn't play well" and "clown QB's", and "Wildcat sux". Man up Jet fans, you're the worst complainers and blamers of all. Can't wait until Monday to use your pathetic paper threats to wipe my ass.

The refs killed us at the end of the first half giving the saints a touchdown with no timeouts left and then over turning it with 5 seconds...if refs get the call right, then time expires at end of first half with score of 24-3.

Even though the refs over turn the call, we get burned anyways!!!

the Saints game should have been a win - to have stopped Sharper as is now obvious and getting the ball back would have quite possibly given the Fins more points but the second half was just a total collapse by everyone. Could it be the Fins were in a very unusual position? When was the last time the Fins were up that much on an opponent in ANY given game, let alone the first half? Unknown territory for the Fins and perhaps they came out in the second half flat because they felt like the game was in the bag. Oh, this would not be the first game that was decided by a bad official call for the Fins.

Hey can you put the photo up of the Bess fumble that didn't happen either? We got robbed on that call too. That made it 24-10. Should have been 24-3 in the 3rd quarter.

having a few undefeated teams is good for NFL publicity. Clearly the refs were trying to do "the right thing" (as desired by the league) and keep the undefeated Saints story going. Good job guys!

The shocking part is not the initial bad call (it happens) but the failure to overturn the call during review. Oh well.

Wow what a shocker...incompetent refs in the NFL....even with replay these morons couldn't get the call right...or wouldn't because of course they want to give the Saints every chance to make a game of it. Idiots. Ad to this the missed call on the TD that never was before half time....which required replay, which unfairly gave the Saints a freebee shot to go for 3 or 7... and you have a game, brutally mangled by the refs and handed to the Saints on a silver platter.
What a disgrace.

Dolphins got cheated! The refs were horrible, even after having the opportunity to review. Colston's catch at the end of the first half should have been marked down at the one foot line initinally, then the clock would have run out and the Saints would nto have scored any points. Bess' knee was clearly down that gave the Saints the final possesion and they still ruled it a fumble after having the opportunity to review it. Bess' drop in the frist quarter was ruled a catch, but unlike the others blown calls that benefitted the Saints, it didn;t lead to any points. It's hard enough to beat the Saints, but with help from the officials, it's almost impossible to beat them.

the refs blew it and ginn still sucks

I knew this when I actualy saw the play! I told my brother when we were watching the game that it was are ball at the 20 yd line because he fumble out of bounce and I couldn't beleive that they didn't reverse it! Also check the fumble by Bess before halftime, he was definatly down by contact when they said he fumbled! We got screwed on both calls!!

NY Jets.
Pathetic = 4 division titles

Forget the fumble. How could this play be called a touchdown ? The ref could not possibly have seen the ball cross the line of the end zone because it never even crossed the one yard line. The call at the end of the half was an easy one to make as well. NFL officials should be subject to fines and suspensions. A lot rides on the outcomes of these games and the zebras frequently get calls wrong. However, the NFL probably likes the controversy as it gets people talking.Also, part of the reason why people watch sports is to have something to complain about. This call was b.s.

I really think there is conspiracy in some NFL games and big money involved which is really sad . just take a look at SB pitt vs Seahawks , and also last one vs the Cards . it`s very obvious . money matters .

That fumble call didn't loose us the game, the 22 un-answered points in the 4 th did. Let it go already, out offense was anemic at best and the d couldn't get off the field, it looked like saint Thomas vs Cardnial Gibbons in the 4 th.

I will say that it gives me a small amount of solace to see that Ginn got in there and knocked the ball out, too bad the league gave sec refs jobs. I'll feel a lot better when we poo all over the jersey jests while they frolick in the meadowlands this week.

There was no question in my mind that this was the dolphins ball. The worst part is that the ref was standing right f&$@ing there on the sideline. And then we challenge and they get it wrong AGAIN! This and the ball call with bess fumbling (not a fumble, knee down clearly) turned the tides and gave the saints a win, no doubt. The problem I have is these change the outcome of the game. That's BS. The phins have gotten some absolutely terrible calls this year - like the PI call in the jets game on the 1 yrd line that was so clearly not PI. They weren't even touching in the air, not even close. And the announcers always say it's a bad call, but it keeps happening on HUGE plays. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but seriously, this year, it makes me wonder. This is what replay is for, it's not hard to get it right with a million HD cameras. This is just pathetic.

My 7 year old could tell he wasnt across the goal line...amazes me how grown men cant!! Maybe they had $$$ on the game!!

It's no surpise but it's f****d up tha refs haven't gave us a good call all year n tha jets game we won with tha refs on tha jets side let's face it tha refs and tha NFL doesn't like tha dolphins becuz if it was the pats or cowboys that this happened 2 everybody would be sayin something but since it's us (Mia dolphins) nobody said anything idk y they don't like us maybe cuz we tha only one wit a undefeated season

The refs are old retired has beens that never played anything professionally. What is it in major sport the refs are the out of shape old has beens. It is time for change get some young blood that are not AARP members. Come on this is PROFESSIONAL SPORTS not pop warner

That's just ridiculous. And with replay and a sideline ref looking right at the play. Still get it wrong? This is the best 2-4 team in NFL history.

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