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Dolphins lead Jets 10-7 in 2nd quarter

The Dolphins and Jets expected to lock each other in a defensive struggle.

And then the game started and that idea went out the window.

The Dolphins have scored on both their first quarter possessions. they are doing things on offense they haven't done all year -- such as a 29 yard pass from Ronnie Brown to Anthony Fasano out of the Wildcat formation.

The Dolphins also set themselves up for a field goal after a 59-yard screen pass from Chad Henne to Ricky Williams.

The Jets, however, are in the fight. After Miami took a 7-0 lead, they tied it by driving for a 3-yard TD pass from Mark Sanchez to recently acquired Braylon Edwards. That drive was extended when the Jets faked a punt and gained a first down on the play.

Anyway, we are ready to start quarter No. 2. And the live blog continues in the comments section below. See you there.


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Thomas Jones is doing well.

This game is going to be won by the team that does not make the big mistake.

SANCHISE BABy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a great game. Can the Fins PLEASE play Wake?!?

No Jets fans allowed!

wake missed a tackle on the fake punt

What has dirty sanchez done?? NOTHING

Great penetration by the Dline and Crowder.

now cause a fumble!

A randy starks sighting!

Oh yeah rookie getting sacked

here we go again

There goes the D AGAIN!!! WAY TO GO LOSERS.


Mark Sanchez is getting EVERY frigging call

this is f'n ridiculous


I hate illegal contact

Will Allen costs the Dolphins again. Up and down and up and down.

The NFL needs their new hero...Mark Sanchez.

Are the jets the new patriots getting calls?

Loser Dolphin D getting ripped yet again. Rookie QB no less.

Here we go with BS calls

I thought the Jets are supposed to be the better team. It looks like to me there staying alive by BS penalties and lucky ass plays

OUR Defense is a joke

Its another NY JET FIRST DOWN!!!

Dismantle Leon Washington!

What bs

mando , sorry but that wasn't illegal contact , weak f'n call

Two drives extended already. One by Wake. One by Allen. Nice going guys.

Let's see some D

Can we please get a 3rd and long stop here???


Fergie's got humps.

Gruden is ridiculous.

I don't believe the Jets can run on the Dolphins consistently. If they win tonight, it will be because they are throwing their way to victory.


Bout time for that proverbial bailout penalty flag

The fans need to get loud in situations like this

what no flag?

Ferg was drivin!

wow no bs flag. im shocked

Finally some pressure!


Bout time D

I don't like to hear about the jets on espn.

Porter needs to do something...

Hey that was a good pass wasn't it jetset

Block in the back!

Porter, JT, and Wake. How about a pass rush guys?

What was that...........a stop the refs clearly missed one

Ginn time now!

Flags are for 3rd down.

maybe now we can actually play the game without the refs throwing a freakin panty on the field

Porter is not 100%

Jets are not running well, we are giving them yards with penalties, come on Defense

love to see a 6 minute pounding drive for a TD now. then sanchez will start throwing some more ints

espn sucks. they are totally bias. if you watched the pregame it was all about the jets. even thier ugly wives were on.

Need more screen passes to Ricky or cobbs!

Saying "Ginn time" is like celebrating a broken watch. It's accurate twice a day.

Where's the family?

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