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Dolphins lead Saints, 14-3 to start second Q

The Dolphins are on fire!

They have scored two touchdowns on Ricky Williams runs, one that went for 68 yards and one that covered 4 yards.

The defense, meanwhile, has come at Drew Brees and Co. with blitzes and pressure and has an interception from Tyrone Culver that led to the 4-yard Williams TD.

So it is a good start.

Join me in the comments section to see if it continues.


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Polite is now 6 of 6 on third or fourth and 1 this season.

Did I mention I have a man crush on Polite? Top 5 FB, blocking and on short yardage as mandy pointed out. I don't think Polite has EVER been stopped

well its about time we see a playaction saints got 8 in the box

Ronnie runs one in. Looked easy

Walks in haaaa

Loving it!!!!

What does that clown mean "but today"? Pilots is always nice

Mando, that was a telling article you had earlier in the week about 3rd down conversion rate... Polite is unstoppable for less than 3 yds. Oh and Ronnie/Ricky rock!

No penetration by Saints dline on run plays. TD..........................bayby!!!!!!!!!!!!

good run by ronnie.....td phins !!!

Why you always readin' my mind Mandy? This is incredible!

Does anyone else crap their pants every time White enters the game??

Spread formation TD by Ronnie Brown!

Notice he is responsible for breaking a tackle and he did it on that one. Saints are shellshocked.

Polite and RONNIE

WOW did anyone see the choke hold that Jake grove got away with.. Lucky ass!

laying the wood!

Did we need pat white for that ?

Soiled :)

Mark: Polite's my man crush so back off!!

Greatness baby: can't stop fins when we don't turn over ball.

I just went from 6 to 12.

Dolphinssssss baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BTW, who is the guy wearing Gibril's uniform??

Let's make a statement to rest of the NFL and keep the foot on the gas

Robbie...I've been creamin' praisses for Polite the passed 3 weeks...Keep up ;)

Looks like RB is using a watterpick!

Coach B is doing better with his group.

Got to keep our feet on their necks. Big series here.

this is a better start than i could have imagined. keep it up

lets keep wining the field position battle and time of possesion.......

Wow...Holy typos *screamin', past

Ronnie and Ricky are awesome but......Polite is a BEAST!

Go Phins

I'm so happy I told the old lady there's no need for Viagra tonight

Soiled :)

just enough to win comfortably....we arent the pats here

Let's make a statement to rest of the NFL and keep the foot on the gas

Posted by: Standley23 | October 25, 2009 at 05:20 PM

Trying to keep up on this game from Spain. Thanks for all the updates!

Wow, a receiver who lowers his head.

Oops meant polite

Gotta say, this game is not over.

It's still the Saints and alot of time left

why is crowder covering colston?

Come on d

Game on


Soiled :)

Crowder is hurting us ....is he tired! Missed tackle no effort last play

hmm saints not abandoning the run yet........ they starting to pick up a little steam now

Wow, crowder was within five yards. He is a liability.


Watch, we will blow this lead!

Jt sack

I love the pressure on breed



Brees looks lost


I do not understand how Soliai did not come up with that football.

Dangit! mcdaniel had it and got it ripped away from him.... You gotta be tough in there!

good sack by jason taylor that should set their offense back a little bit

JT havn best game of the year!! Mando, talking trash motivates both sides (in response to ur column)

Miami to the Superbowl!!!!!!! In Miami!!!

Who? Who Dey?

i think the defense is playing with confidence now but crowder is a terrible coverage linebacker and the safeties are playing out of their minds today

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