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Dolphins lead Saints, 14-3 to start second Q

The Dolphins are on fire!

They have scored two touchdowns on Ricky Williams runs, one that went for 68 yards and one that covered 4 yards.

The defense, meanwhile, has come at Drew Brees and Co. with blitzes and pressure and has an interception from Tyrone Culver that led to the 4-yard Williams TD.

So it is a good start.

Join me in the comments section to see if it continues.


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jason allen playing well....gerbil wilson too.....wtf is going on fellas?

Reggie bush is horrible

Bush is playin scared of Joey

I know the guy is a disappointment relative to his draft status. But the high pick and signing bonus are sunk costs at this point. The guy has become a good special teams player, though.

lol the saints are rattled today.....but somebody called it the saints are not a grass team

They're so scared of our D they're tackling themselves

Looks like Bush needs some feminum hygene spray cause he stinks

Soiled :)

Another safety blitz and another sack.


The D is back

the D is possedesddddd

i only farted LOL

Pasquoloni is gettn my game ball I they keep the pressure!!!

Guess Saban was right? Just kidding :)


Layin the lumber nice block by Bush


safety blitzes usually work for the dolphins.......the safeties are better are blitzing than coverage

Time to put them away


YB with the sack. Should have drove Jim into end zine

Great punt....Coach B just needs to get conservative on punt returns.

Bush looking more and more like a bust each week... Nice play by YB.

gREAT punt but

let's score

aw come on ginn.......you could have broke that one

WTF Ted Ginn!

Still time to score

Sean Payton must be piling

Need to pass for td to make a statement

everything going right.

Puking I meant

Time for a bomb to Ginn.

they tried to go play action on that play........ but lets see some passes to the tightends and some other intermediate passing......and the bomb will be there

At what point to you go play action and light them up?

Deep pass to the endzone!!!!

Just got out from work and checked the score, am I reading this right?

all of a sudden, we can't run...seems like NO is playing run exclusively--need to start passing-yes with a 21 point lead, need to pass

And we get the ball to start the 3rd

Can someone explain to me why they don't use Cameron Wake more on the offense? It almost seems like everytime he is in, he is able to put pressure on the quarterback. He is definitely faster than Porter

It is time to throw. They don't expect it.

I meant defense...sorry

First possesion 2nd half is when you light them up Wayne.

we need to throw the ball
but my guess we will run clock out
and get the ball to start the 3rd qtr

throw the ball could be int
lets not change momentum

come on miami one more score before halftime. now would be a great time for a play action deep ball.

the dolphins blitz package is working this game......they need to have like 2 more bye weeks during the season lol

Gots to be careful here. Don't get greedy. We get the ball in the 2 nd half

We dont use Wake on offense because he plays defense.

I hate our play calling at the end of the 2nd quarter. EVERY WEEK

may not pass

we get ball to start 3rd qtr

I'm going to play the lotto next. I'm hot.

Good call Mando


Let's get a least a FG

I luuuuuuuuvvvvvvvv

This team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saints territory. We will go for score now

keep ball moving

Polite missed the block on the blitz.

Go vertical now!!!!!

Have to hard count again

there we go .....lets pile on the points !!!!

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