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Dolphins lead Saints, 14-3 to start second Q

The Dolphins are on fire!

They have scored two touchdowns on Ricky Williams runs, one that went for 68 yards and one that covered 4 yards.

The defense, meanwhile, has come at Drew Brees and Co. with blitzes and pressure and has an interception from Tyrone Culver that led to the 4-yard Williams TD.

So it is a good start.

Join me in the comments section to see if it continues.


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that sack was on ricky

they should have autobiled out of that play.......the saints was clearly blitzing on that first down

Cobbs not being there is apparent

The worst thing that could happen now is a turnover and the Saints score. It would kill momentum.

He's Down


Knee was down

Please don't malfunction replay machine-PLEASE!!!!!

Call stands

play calling is conservative again--playing scared results in this crap

his knee was done but why call that play........

He is down

I am so tired of Ginn taking crap and Bess getting a free pass.

They are blitz happy right now ; quick pass to Fasano and 20 yards


The worst thing that could happen now is a turnover and the Saints score. It would kill momentum.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | October 25, 2009 at 05:43 PM

think it was coming out.

Bess not playing great today

the dolphins not trying to score totally astounds me.....at least try to add a field goal

he was down.

Why are we so conservative. Got to stomp these new orleans roaches.

no fumble..please

Knee was down

Might b 2 close 2 overturn!!!! Please b down!!!!

Terrible playcalling

not enough to overturn......feel that negativity creeping in


Make up call for when the replay wasn't working

Blund replay refs

yeah i dont understand why you not try to score at least 3 points....... come on dont make the same mistake the hurricanes made

Cmon D

momentum killer.... attribute that to bs play calling

Mando...Whats everyone in the booth saying about this 1st half beat down

Guess I'm not the psychic Mando is


Hold em

great....hold them d

that was a bs call..........

Come on D

Momentum just swung to the Saints.

We got one our way now they did...its even lets play ball. If only Crowder would tackle

crowder is the king of missed tackles

naples---it ain't a beat down yet.....wait to half, dude....brees + 1:12 = time to score

Secondary is playing lights out!!

Have some faith in the D


yeah i agree that was a makeup call for earlier.........smh @ crowder missing the tackle......

That was the first successful third down conversion by N.O.

good job by the defense pressuring the receivers and im loving the blitz package

Great going Devon Bess...everyone's favorite hero...he sucks.

Please dont substitute our Defensive coach for Tom Olivadoti

Soiled :)

No matter what we played a great half of football

It's hard to go into the half feeling good when the saints are the last team to score

Just a FG we have to hold them to a FG

is wake in the game right now? porter messing up.

come on defense!!!!!!!!!!

you suck.

Great going Devon Bess...everyone's favorite hero...he sucks.

Posted by: Wayne Fontes | October 25, 2009 at 05:49 PM

Need to sack brews here teeth out hit, cmon Pasq

I'm getting Indy deja vu

the Dolphins at the very least are limiting the YAC New Orleans is so used to getting on pass plays.

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