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Dolphins lead Saints, 14-3 to start second Q

The Dolphins are on fire!

They have scored two touchdowns on Ricky Williams runs, one that went for 68 yards and one that covered 4 yards.

The defense, meanwhile, has come at Drew Brees and Co. with blitzes and pressure and has an interception from Tyrone Culver that led to the 4-yard Williams TD.

So it is a good start.

Join me in the comments section to see if it continues.


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Bell having a great game.

Y Yards
A After
C Catch

Hold em!!!!!!

nate jones an animal

Nate Jones, great job

the secondary is playing really well....

Momentum killer that TD is.

Why am I writing like Yoda?

You don't all out blitz there for that exact reason.

Nate Jones you suck

This is a whole new game. God F'ing damn it.

Blitz???????? Why

Thank god fins get ball first in half



booth review

Reminds me of Indianapolis.

Not a touchdown

Fumble was BULL, but sucky playcalling from here on out, is my biggest concern......

Doesn't look like a TD to me.

No td

What a bunch of friggin' chokers. Starts with Bess

The hlaf should be over. There is no way Colston scored and there is no way the Saints could have gotten onto the ball in time to clock it before time expired.

No td

yeah like they were going to get the snap!!!!!!!!!11


his knee is down but i blame the saints scoring on the dolphins refusing to not score

Half should have been over.

We dodged a bullet

Why are we taking a TO? To give them more time to think about it, so stupid.

That's called respect for a defense and being afraid

why the hell did they call that T.O. that screwed us

good call on that refs......... thats huge to hold them to a field goal........

OK D step up this is huge.

Interesting that if the call would have been correct originally, time might have run out on the half.

Dumb ass timeout

Awful coaching decision with that timeout


Stop of the year coming up

TD. All for naught.

Bad timeout by Sparano.

qb sneak


WTF, a timeout

lol @ the saints going for it since the dolphins called a timeout........smh @ sparano

Knew it, called it before they did it and crowder was late AS ususal.

Awful timeout

We need to be aggressive in 2nd hf

That sure as hell made sparano look like a jack@$$

Why did Sparano call a timeout?

What was crowder waitig for?

that was so freakin stupid the clock would have been running and they would have had to try the field goal. dumb dumb dumb. thats just freakin horrible


WTF was Sparano thinking? A FG there for the Saints was a gift. He cost his team 4 points and momentum. Terrible, terrible mistake.

That play could be a turning point.


Why the he'll he call a timeout they were going for field goal

We screwed that one up big times, we was tony thinking

Stupid rookie move with a timeout there. Will bite us in the ass.

Why do you need the special teams on the field for a 10 yard field goal? So stupid.

Throwing to Bess...so stupid.

This will be a game that comes down to the end.

that was stupid....... i would have been content with the field goal........WE MUST SCORE A TD COMING OUT OF HALFTIME

Not a good way to end the half. Inject life into Saints offense

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