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Dolphins lead Saints, 14-3 to start second Q

The Dolphins are on fire!

They have scored two touchdowns on Ricky Williams runs, one that went for 68 yards and one that covered 4 yards.

The defense, meanwhile, has come at Drew Brees and Co. with blitzes and pressure and has an interception from Tyrone Culver that led to the 4-yard Williams TD.

So it is a good start.

Join me in the comments section to see if it continues.


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That TD is on Sparano. You under any circumstance never call that timeout. Why would you call a timeout when the clocks will start on the whistle. You did nothing but allow NO to pick the call they wanted and do what they really wanted to do and go for the TD.;

Tony better gat these boys back on track, if not this could be another heartbreaker.

Crowder fot there 1 second too late...

24-10 Miami. I am happy

They were going for that anyway

sporano just screwed us

I agree what a dum call, leave it at three! Why call a timeout give them time and a chance to make a play! Someone please explain!

that was stupid time-out

Great first half

U nay be happy because ur an idiot. I knew right when sparani called that to, he may be the dumbest effin person in NFL. I've always known he was stupid. Good football mind but forest gump stupid, but I had no clue he was mentally retarded. So sad


We are up 2 touchdowns.

Ok bad call but we are winning and get the ball first, so let's take adventage, ginn with a kickoff TD return

That is a huge momentum change. Why would you call timeout? horrible

Everybody just calm down...our boys are up by two touchdowns....Now its up to us to run run run the football and play great D when we have tooo...Great Half fins!

we have got to be the worst team in the nfl for the last 2 minutes of the first half. what was sparano thinking calling a timeout? terrible. he is not a rookie head coach any more and should not make these types of moronic mistakes.

Still up by 2 TDs. Here we go

That Time Out = Epic Fail

I have never felt so low with a 14 point lead!

time out gave them a TD and some momentum. very dumb call by sparano

By the way, does Joey Porter do anything? When is the last time that guy made a play?

why would you take a TO when they were kicking a FG...you already dodged one bullet...

guys, calm down! NO hasn't shown that they can take the ball down the field. This was a short field TD drive. Watch the play-action on the first drive of 2nd half!

Are the coaches HIGH! what do u need to talk about on a field goal attempt???//!!! why call timeout there and give them time to discuss if they want to go for the TD! Stupidist thing ive ever seen. Hope this doesnt bury us!

instead of the dolphins getting a field goal or a td, the saints get a td cause we get conservative and call a stupid timeout

Mando, please do an analysis of the Dolphins in the last 2 minutes of every 2nd quarter. Bad play calling, bad coaching decisions, negative results.

well hopefully we can come out and get the offense going and get it back. bess needs to make up for that fumble and sporano for that T.O.

Becase of that timeout, the saints don't know they are down and will go in the locker room heads high with momentum and dolphins look like they are downthe two scores. Well see which team is better coached in te second half that's for sure.

where are the ilb on that sneak? shoould have been right over the ball on that sneak..we always get killed by qb's in that situation

Love our defense but we always play soft right before half and at the end of the game. Need to fix it. Also if you corner wouldn't hve slipped end of half.

I just want to know why you dont have everyone in the endzone. there was 12 seconds and no timeouts! any catch the play isnt going to get off. They were already in field goal position

I hope The Tuna kicks Sparano's on that call. They have no time outs; at the very least the half should have ended because New Orleans had no time out after Colston failed to reach end zone. Further he did not have possession coming down. Sparano should have challenged that it was a complete pass.

joey porter needs to be replaced by wake on obvious passing downs.......

Can't even imagine if we were losin

I agree. What a stupid timeout!! They may have messed up the kick with the clock starting fast. Just dumb!! But we get the ball and a 14 point lead. No worries, but no need to give them 4 points ever!!

Will someone explain to me why the saints got to run another play? If he was marked down at the half yard line with 5 seconds left, it would have been impossible for them to get up to the line and get a snap off. The time should have just been run off the clock. That's nonsense.

Having the saints score is EXACTLY the wakeup call and halftime speech Sparano needs to give to keep the Fins motivated the second half.

The coaches and Devon Bess should be blamed for letting the Saints back in it.

1. Coach B's coverage unit that let the long return

2. Screen at the end of the half

3. Bess fumble on that screen

4. STUPID Timeout at the end of the half

great point, Matt in NC

yeah like i said michigan phin fan.... REFS SCREWED US WITH THE BAD CALL...

The Saints showed some life on defense late in the half. They started really stuffing the run.

As for alexvel30's assertion that the Saints haven't shown the ability to drive the ball all the way down the field, they've been doing it all season. The TD before halftime was a big deal.

We need points on the first drive of the 2nd half.

Boy the raiders sure do suck... That sorry jets team is blowing them out 31-0. Seymor should have a mental eval after his idiotic raider playoff prediction.

have faith we are not supposed to be even is this remember were winning back up the boys

Damnit Sparano. OK, OK, be ready to stop Bress in 2nd half. You know he's gonna come out throwing.

No, we cannot calm, down. We get complacent and we lose. We have not established anything in the air. They almost rocked us on special teams once and although the D has played good thus far, I do not trust them yet on dominating a whole game. Peyton Manning taught us you don't need a lot of time to score. Drew buts up like 48 point a game so he can definitely put up 24 in a half and win this. We can't have dumb mistakes like that esp from the coach.

big momentum change the Saints TD.

Well said drsamii. I think anyone telling us to calm down didn't watchthe colts game, and the coaches taking away the wins with conservative crap

I hope to god I am wrong but that Bess fumble could be the difference between a blow out, and a crushing loss. The last five minutes of that game were bizarre.

this ain't the Superdome, baby! NO's offense isn't quite clicking today... and it has A LOT to do with our D. I'm not saying NO is incapable...but dang, every team has turnovers like this...sky isn't falling!

One more thing, don't throw to Bess...he's got butter fingers today.

how bout those fins!!!!!!!!!!!! hell yeah!

We might be in for a heart breaker; GOD I hope not



Yall gotta remember now drew is
Great but is he a peyton manning?can he effectively get down the field in under 2 min like peyton? Im not calm but im not as antsy as everyone else. Drew and i repeat drew is not peyton.

Please tell me somebody is going to ask Sparano WHAT HE WAS THINKING by calling a TO when the Saints were going to kick the FG!?!

Shane I know Wake is on Defense...if would have read my next post you would have seen I corrected myself. Read before you comment.

Guys u know what we are all missing? The refs may have cost us this game. If they call it correct on the field they mark it at the half yard line and the half is over, we go in with ALL the momentum and saints go in with nothing. I am speechless.

Let's go O

Chill out everyone, we are killing the Saints!

Wow. No comment

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