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Dolphins lead Saints, 14-3 to start second Q

The Dolphins are on fire!

They have scored two touchdowns on Ricky Williams runs, one that went for 68 yards and one that covered 4 yards.

The defense, meanwhile, has come at Drew Brees and Co. with blitzes and pressure and has an interception from Tyrone Culver that led to the 4-yard Williams TD.

So it is a good start.

Join me in the comments section to see if it continues.


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Good point Inimounts. Refs f'd up bad, gave the Saints points.


Why doesn't the clock start right away in a situation like that. Why are the Saints given in effect a free play?

Start your crying now. Loser fish will lose by at least 14

Ted Ginn Jr is a Miami Dolphin

Oh, and "Tortured"- a dolphin is a mammal, not a fish. Idiot

Ted Ginn god damn you. in you hands again. I told you guys not to get cocky.

Announcer: "Channing Crowder is a fan favorite here"

Really? In the Crowder living room you mean?

Also Nice pick!

the ole d strikes again

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