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Dolphins lead Saints 24-10 going to 3rd quarter

The Dolphins have owned this game.

Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown have combined for 111 yards and three touchdowns.

The Miami defense has caused two turnovers.

And Miami is blitzing and pressuring Drew Brees, which is one reason he has completed only 12 of 22 passes for 104 yards and two interceptions.

But the momentum is with the Saints.

They scored on a 1 yard dive by Brees with two seconds to play in the second quarter.

We'll see how the Dolphins respond.

And we'll see that in the comments section of this post. Join me there.


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they were going to kick a field goal until Sparano called that time out why did he do that

bess needs to suck it up...defense needs to stay focussed

oh ..yeah...wildcat...wildcat...hennes to ginn....wild cat

we need a nice 7-10 minute drive to start off...

RUN THE BALL! Fins need to respond with a TD.

Momentum with the Saints is the scary thing. People can say we are up 14 points all they want. But 14 points is never really enough if you don't score also against a team like the Saints. You can't expect NO offense to sit idle all game. You only can hope to contain it, while continuing to put points up. Phins have to come out and score. Need the momentum back. That is the most important thing needed right now.

I am nervous...so nervous.

The defense will come back strong

I agree.. Eat up the 3rd quarter and limit brees' touches bc u KNOW he's pissed

I'm scared. We've got our foots on their throats. DO NOT LET UP HENNING!!!

Different offense out there today need to eat up the clock better defense is playingmuch better but we need Wake in there putting pressure on Brees.

Can you say wildcat! We need to pound the ball down there throats! Go fins!

Armando what is your guess on the timeout?

I've been told Dolphins had 12 men on the field so they had to call a time out.

Mando are the fans getting loud when Saints have the ball, hard to tell on tv?

We need to start running the ball out of the base offense early in the 2nd half. If we can establish that, the Dolphins will cruise to victory. If the Saints stop that, they have a great chance to come back and win.

I cannot believe we dominate the half for 13:30 and with one TD they have ALL the momentum.

Why do my teams choke?

there was no reason for Sparano to take that timeout. Bad move.

Time out was a mistake! They where ready to kick it.

We still have ronnie fresh on offense and wake fresh on defense, 2nd half will ne great

if someone would've told you the 'Phins would be up 2 TDs at the half, you'd have asked them if they were nuts. All of a sudden the "fans" are scared...deal with success guys. Cam isn't on the sidelines anymore!!! :)

oops nevermind.

it looked like the d was confused and wasnt sure which personnel should be on the field, and sparano was forced to call the TO.

There's gonna be a huge backlash coming...but Saint's Day is next Sunday, not this one!

needless to say, this opening drive will tell us how this game will go

We must not celebrate too soon! This gamebis far from over, we cannot get comfortable!

Need a long drive and a TD here.

Stadium was loud BEFORE that N.O. TD. Now, the seats are still empty.

12 men or stupid TO, either way....Sparano SCREWED UP!

He did alot of great things in that first half but that was 4 pts we cannot afford!

Ginn trying to run for the sideline...

that fake reverse is stupid, doesnt fool anyone

jaime maggio is hot..mando, hit on her after the game

the place is dead now.

smh the saints not going to let us run the ball this half



I was just going to say how bad we are coming out of the half this season, point being right now.

Heeeeeeeeeeere we go......

WTF Ginn!!!

That is why Miami Fans are nervous. You have to be delusional to think 14 point lead against the Saints is enough.


That's about right.

We're in trouble.

OK...now you can be pissed!

On second thought maybe the old lady better keep that Viagra handy

Soiled :)

man we need this review

Score or not, Ted Ginn has to catch that ball or try to knock it down.

that is a fumble-no doubt-should be our ball...ted ginn can't make the big, tough catch--agai


THERE GOES GINN FFFFN UP AGAIN!!!!!!......this better be ruled a touchback!

It's over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


could be a touchback. regardless the fins need to wake up

Wtf was that we need to run run



We need to get back to the running game now.

What is there to review. Talk to us who can't watch the game.

ginn has to catch that but may have redeemed himself with the FF.

Just conceede the TD, and try to crawl outta here with a win in the 4th QTR.


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