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Dolphins lead Saints 24-10 going to 3rd quarter

The Dolphins have owned this game.

Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown have combined for 111 yards and three touchdowns.

The Miami defense has caused two turnovers.

And Miami is blitzing and pressuring Drew Brees, which is one reason he has completed only 12 of 22 passes for 104 yards and two interceptions.

But the momentum is with the Saints.

They scored on a 1 yard dive by Brees with two seconds to play in the second quarter.

We'll see how the Dolphins respond.

And we'll see that in the comments section of this post. Join me there.


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Cmon! Don't give up. We still got this. Everyone stay calm!!!

Great hustle by Ginn.

YOU CAN SEE THE BALL GO HIT OFF HIS KNEE BEFORE HE GETS INTO THE ENDZONE. Question is if the ref is going to have the balls to call it

Who is inactive for the game today?

Pathetic choking fish.

Once a loser always a loser.


Play stands. TD

i guess ted gotta get up and knock it out of two peoples hand. just a misfortunate play for us

first call should have been play action pass down the field.......saints are gonna stack the run......but that is a fumble for a touchback for the phins

Bad call

Wat a bs call

These refs suck!

Bull crap call


Remember I said keep it away from sharper

2 MAJOR calls the refs give them in the last 3 minutes...


how can they not change that??????????? the refs are screwing us again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was the score of last year's game at Hou. before we Dolphin'd that game away?

Bs call. Refs and NFL have hidden agenda.

Nice work Ginn. Pathetic choke choke choke.

Ginn should've had that no question.

No, Ginn doesn't have to defend it from two other guys. He has to CATCH IT!


this is what happens when you take your foot off the gas pedal.........

CUT GINN!!!! We are better of without him!

And no, he didn't redeem himself because that wasn't a FF. It was a TD.

Ted Ginn is a miserable player.

Offense be aggressive

Ginn sucks

ok even with the bad calls we got a freebie with bess earlier. so now lets get it going

Just think it wasn't even the Saints offense that has pulled them within 7. Phins need to buck up here.

That's not Ginns fault

come on. armando that was clearly out wasnt it?

lets go!!!

It went right through Ginn's hands!

Hey, "Tortured"- a dolphin is a mammal, not a fish. Idiot

thats a great played made by new orleans defense..... point blank but the dolphisn being converative is whats killing us

Henne held the ball toooooo long on that sack. That's on him.

Going downhill quick

Ginn was confused...thought the route should have been run entirely out of bounds.

Complete momentum and confidence loss

The OL is not getting it done. Period.


No way Mando...Touchback...could not disagree with you more.

Ref's have no shame these days, in how they just whiff big calls so awfully.

im beside myself. come on miami dont give up.

This is an unbelievable collapse.

I give on this team, why have they gone away from what works the Wildcat? They are not losing yet!!!!!!!!

What happened to the wildcat. More productive than Henne passing

How can you say that wasn't Ginn's fault? THe ball hit him in the hands!

all of a sudden, our OL is non existent on run or pass

Wow talk about self destruction. How do you pretty much blow a 21 point lead in a matter of minutes?

I saw this in Atlanta w/ fasano fumble, and SD w/ first drive fumble....this team cannot deal w/ setbacks---and now, even with a lead!!!

Time to punt

The Miami defense has to stop the bleeding here.

They have to stop the Saints on this series.

This is sparanos fault. Ginn should be on special teams and now the team has lost all moment


Bush is awful

I really hope we wont be blamming the Refs all week

Is this a home game. What's with these refs????

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