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Dolphins lead Saints 24-10 going to 3rd quarter

The Dolphins have owned this game.

Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown have combined for 111 yards and three touchdowns.

The Miami defense has caused two turnovers.

And Miami is blitzing and pressuring Drew Brees, which is one reason he has completed only 12 of 22 passes for 104 yards and two interceptions.

But the momentum is with the Saints.

They scored on a 1 yard dive by Brees with two seconds to play in the second quarter.

We'll see how the Dolphins respond.

And we'll see that in the comments section of this post. Join me there.


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This games beginning to have the strange feel of the Colts game

Scoops Skullcaps- you are right on. This team cannot deal with setbacks.

gonna be on the D to change momentum

Agree mando!!! This could get ugly if they score!

3 & out. Please!

man we missed that play could have been a big play.......but we are going to have to pass the ball down the field

well i guess if you said we would be up by a touchdown in the 3rd id be happy but not like this. Now we find out what our team is made of. are we a good team or an ok team?

Ginn is a poser.

They're gonna blow this. O is getting soft and turning their back on the run already.

Armando can you send someone down and tell Sporano to go back to what works for us! Wildcat will open up everything else.

we're not running wildcat because they are crushing our OL on all plays...nothing is working and it starts with blocking.

If I see Pat White on our next drive, Im going to puke

D has to keep up the pressure

Is anyone else wondering how this could happen so quickly? Why we weren't going for the first down on the ginn throw(shouldn't throw to him anyways) and a bomb on 3rd and 8. Is that us? Does sparano not know how to 'play to win' at all?

Bush and Ginn blow.

D needs to blitz and repeat what they did 1Q; shake brees up and then run it. Sparano is dunce

Get Ginn out of this place he is so dumb!

Man, don't blame the refs for this one, Ted ginn once again drops a pass that hits both hands. Results in a pick six.




How goofy was that play!

We've gone from Superman to Lois Lane

Let's go d

Exactly. Blitz blitz blitz

Hey guys just thought I would check in and say what a COMPLETE LOAD OF SHIIITTTTTTTT THIS IS!!!! 3 F***ing bad calls have completely given the Saints the momentum back!! I guess the refs need the saints to win this one@!

Jimmy Olsen's more like it --- Lois was hot, we're not

What kind of ole' coverage is that?



The defense is going to have to win this one. How do you like our chances?


where is wake?

can't write -- air passage way restricted...

What the hell!?


we need to get a turnover back from new orleans


Will Allen needs to catch that

How fast this game turned, we need to turn it back

What did I say all f***ing week?! Our DBs still suck

Dropped 7 back and couldn't stop the pass.

Stop them on 3rd

This falls on coaching. Teams do not implode this quick on their own.

Nate Jones steals the ball on the way down. INT!

thats what we needed

That's how we turn it back

man looks like imma have to drink after todays game and the hurricanes game from yesterday.......brees is getting confidence now......he could be primed for another pick

Big play we needed. Yes!

NATE JONES!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a pick!!!

Pick. Thank god

Wow, this game is crazy.

way to go NATE JONES

im gonna have a heart attack

Can Nate Jones be the hero......What an interception!

ATTACK!!! Go get points....

ANOTHER fantASStic catch...This time it was Nate Jones...Picked it up right off his pooper

Nate Jones all 5'3 of him with an INT off Colston in the endzone


Out DB's are playing lights out. That was clutch


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