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Dolphins lead Saints 24-10 going to 3rd quarter

The Dolphins have owned this game.

Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown have combined for 111 yards and three touchdowns.

The Miami defense has caused two turnovers.

And Miami is blitzing and pressuring Drew Brees, which is one reason he has completed only 12 of 22 passes for 104 yards and two interceptions.

But the momentum is with the Saints.

They scored on a 1 yard dive by Brees with two seconds to play in the second quarter.

We'll see how the Dolphins respond.

And we'll see that in the comments section of this post. Join me there.


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Play calling will cost us the game. If the Aints adjust to the run, hit them with short passes

I agree...lets run base offense and run out of it
and play action

if they run the wildcat, henne must go to the sidelines, we lose a blocker that way. and stop running to the right!!

Mando, stay focused.




I have been impressed that the Dolphins have four sacks against an offensive line that didn't allow a sack last week versus NY giants.

Peezy needs respect!!!


They can't stop the pressure keep itcoming

Great move by Merling

go porter

The d is stepping up big.

smh crowder is a liability in pass coverage and against fast rb's


These stupid f*cking coaches had better learn how to end a half... for two seasons they have played not to lose and given points away.


Miami ball!


needed that!!!

Our D Is just stout today

Awesome JT!!!!!!

the defense is playing inspired .......ill be proud of them after this game no matter the outcome



Huge game for JT!

Jason Taylor is playing one incredible game.

He has two sacks and two forced fumbles.

The fox announcers are right on, we are letting these pukes back in this. Thank god for the old dogs JT and JP.

I want the Dolphins to have my Baby

Soiled :)

lovin the defense

JT and Porter are playing great today. The old men showed up for once!!!!

Refreshing to see the D pick us up!!! C'mon o-line!!!!

Got to get a TD here.

must get td must get td

wow @ brees getting sacked with a 3 man line rushing.....big turnover

JT looking refreshed and fierce today.


When was the last time the front seven was this dominant?

Throw the Fu@ing ball

Got back to line

I agree throw the ball


Ok we need some wildcat variant plays.

Man, the wildcat is not working right now, stop it.

Have to throw off of the Wildcat

sparano get a td please!!

Good lord that was pathetic

Attack downfield.

Wow they figured out the wc!

These D is too fast for these crap screen passes.

WTF was THat christ

Terrible series

Dan Carpenter with the 33 yard FG.




man saints D is stepping up. time to change it up. Dont keep running the same thins if they arent working

im at a loss for words........whats up with this play calling?

Bad play calling the last few possesions, come on throw it deep

Carpenter is solid

who's calling the plays today

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