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Dolphins lead Saints 24-10 going to 3rd quarter

The Dolphins have owned this game.

Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown have combined for 111 yards and three touchdowns.

The Miami defense has caused two turnovers.

And Miami is blitzing and pressuring Drew Brees, which is one reason he has completed only 12 of 22 passes for 104 yards and two interceptions.

But the momentum is with the Saints.

They scored on a 1 yard dive by Brees with two seconds to play in the second quarter.

We'll see how the Dolphins respond.

And we'll see that in the comments section of this post. Join me there.


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Dan Carpenter is quietly becoming an awesome kicker.

If I am not mistaken that is the 4th wildcat play in a row that has gone for negative yards. When you have that happen you stop running it. Its not working right now. Just blew a chance for a TD.

If you don throw or run forward wildcat does not fool anyone period

Up 10 now D needs to keep pressure on

why don't they just run a conventional offense for a full series? WTF?

What happened to chad hennes favorite plays that henne was supposed to call??

Long as D keeeps playing lights out we are good

We need to run downfield. Not sideline to sideline.


can the d keep up their good work?

Is Henning asleep? Does he not see that they've figured out the wildcat? They know were not going to throw and they're stacking soooooooooooooo THROW THE BALL DAN!

Worst playcalling in NFL history

No new wrinkles to the wildcat with 2 weeks of practice? Thats surprising

wasted opportunity, saints D has us figured out completely.

i love the wildcat, but if aint there it aint there. play action

D is going to get tired an then why?

Time to put the game on Henne's back.

The dolphins arent showing any confidence in Henne. Hes not even getting a fair chance to show he can throw....

im tired of this conversative bs

It does seem like they've figured out our wildcat.

Um, guys, the play-calling on offense is done by Dan Henning.

3rd and 10..look at that offensive set and again a screen that has already killed us once and was almost picked. what is dan henning thinking? WHY DON"T WE PASS ON THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD-CROSSING PATTERNS?? HELLOOOO???

And then what

they have to do better with the play calling we needed a td there! come on run out the base offense...Give Henne a chance...

I don't understand the insistence on running the Wildcat. It's not working. Try running between the tackles out of hte base offense!

running these screens in traffic is too dangerous. bess with a fumble already and almost an interception just now. N.O. is stopping this wildcat right now but we aren't running the play with the sweep option to ricky, which baffles me? this wildcat is a direct snap type thing and the saints are clogging it all up.

Have to play action next series to slow down rush!!!!

D Wade finally got some Jordans

Need to run the ball and make smart plays. Defense!

Let the Henne lose. Keep the defense honest they know were running first and second down every time.

Why are they running the widlcat to the outside? They ran it up the middle all night on the Jets.

gotta remember as long as we're running so is the clock.

Does anyone else feel like the Fins are playing not to lose?

Special teams have picked it up on good coverage

I say dolphins should run every down for the next 10 plays straight down the middle. Punch them in the mouth damn it you can do it!

Is the OC not watching this game, to see that running outside has not worked since the 1st Q?

How do you not know Sparano doesn't call the plays?

Nice ST improvement

yeah its a waste running the wildcat with henne in there

On that last WC play, the Saints came with a CB blitz from the back side.


come on man!!!!! you've gotta let Henne play the game more!!! Sparano is killing the Dolphins by not letting Henne play!! &uch!!


OMG They just jinxed us by saying we had only given up 25 rushing yards....jesus

Oh my god

yay @ clemons sighting.....

I hate being up big early. No we are playing not to lose.

They gave up passing

crowder got trucked...another missed tackle...who says everyone loves him?

Crowder got run over

crowder just got plowed


For all the good we need to be more consistant not feast and famine ....i dying

ok, Crowder got blown up there...

Dick stockton is better at basketball.

wow, crowder got knocked on his ass two plays in a row. LIABILITY

jus ran over channing

Big pass play

ok i guess we need another turnover

Crowder got fooled on that reverse

That last series where you could not score td will haunt us

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