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Dolphins lead Saints 34-24 to start the 4th quarter

It is officially a thriller.

The Saints erased a 24-10 halftime lead and got within 27-24 in the third quarter. But moments ago, Chad Henne and Brian Hartline combined for a 67 yard completion and Ricky Williams scored his third TD of the game to extend Miami's lead again.

And so we have a barn burner.

Join me in the comments section for the fourth quarter to see if the Dolphins can finish the upset they have started. 


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San fran, I've been saying that since he was drafted..

fasano is a joke

Hey Cuban you made a guess that had a 50/50 chance to come true and now you want credit for being some kind of football genius? If he had the breakout year that most wrs have in their third season you would've dissapeared so shut up. Here let me play, I think that Pat Turner will be an excellent wr by next season. There, now if he becomes something I will come in here and brag about how smart I am and if he doesn't Ill act like I never said it. Stop being a putz.

Ginn and the refs are the reason we lost. (Well Gibril too, but here are direct scoring plays)

1. Ginn drops pass that was intercepted and returned for a TD.

2. Sharper TD was a TOUCHBACK....and should not have been a TD. It should have been our ball

3. Colston catch at end of half should have been called down at the 1 instead of a TD (I know it was reversed). If the refs call it right on the field. The clock runs out and they do not score TD or FG.

4. Ginn drops TD pass in end zone.

I think Ginn had 4 or 5 dropped passes...and he is the biggest wuss and always looks to run out of bounds. Please cut him tuna...please

this one really hurts


this game was a joke

definitely disappointed in Fasano.

what a joke this coaching staff is

5. "Is there anyway we could possibly cover the intermediate pass over the middlle of the field . . .EVER"???!!!!
ANSWER--Not with Gibril Wilson QBing the DBs.

NYscott, LOL...Your a good sport...

NYSCOTT, the cuban kept the same thing for 2 years about ginn's hands and the side line and hands of stone ......IT'S NOT ABOUT 50/50 THING .ADMIT YOU ALL DONKEYS AND THE HEAD DONKEY SQUAD IS NJ PHIN FAN FASANO'S BEST AZZZ FRIEND .

I got to admit the loss was a combination of errors. But in the line you give the ball to ginn, you still got the chance to win, man, and he drop it, i see a constant and i see teddy dont have what it is needed to be a WR.

Also once you got the oportunity to hit a big team, keep hitting, dont create mistakes, just keep hiting, damn.

Mark from Toronto, don't pay attention to these clowns, you're right on the money. Cuban too, except for your self praise on the Ginn thing! :)

time for accountability on this team?

Ginn? out...
wilson? out...
porter needs to make room for wake to play. porter is not 100% and needs to cut his time.

did i mention Ginn!

The fins don't need a new coach, but Sparano and the front office need to seriously give up on Ginn and quit dodging the fact that he will NOT be an elite receiver. I seriously hope he will not be in Miami much longer... I was hoping he would pan out, but he hasn't at all. Give up a 1st or 2nd round pick and Ginn and get someone like Anquan Boldin, Vincent Jackson, or Dwayne Bowe...


oh yeah one more...

special teams coach? out...

its time now or never for accountability! come on coach sporano we trust you to do whats right here...

i agree please we need some recievers and a tight end

why does everyone use the term "not going to be an elite" reciever when describing ginn?

elite? how about an average reciever! he isnt' even that and never has been!

Guys its time to take a break and grab a cold Bud(or roll one if your into that)(not that there's anything wrong with that tonite) and just remember that the sun will rise in the morning(I hope so at least)and just chill out for now, the hated jets are up coming this week , so get your Hate on for them......

what's up dreamers ? Tom Brady your master is back from london after crushing the tampa team ,
my Pats are 5-2 .we are back going to the super bowl and thanks to the fraud jets and fins .

you are what your record says you mare and were losers

" But i degrees " lmfao ! It's digress

My bad with fasano . he sucks too.

Patrick Turner must really be stinking up the joint if they continue to play Ginn over him. If the coaches don't realize they need to start a real receiver (meaning guys who actually hond on to catchable balls), then we'll continue to lose these heartbreakers.

Oh well , what can you do??? are you attending next weeks game at the "House that was built on Hoffa"???


Yeah ! i'll probably end up in jail for assault after the game.

Saints are the best team. U cant send children to do a mans job. Dolphins suck. If we played the Dolphins 16 times we would be 16 and 0

Have to agree with the gripes about the play calling. I noticed in the first half, it was all run, run, run - and mostly to the edges. What happened to shoving the ball down their throats between the tackles?

Then in the second half, it was all pass, pass, pass, with no play action at all until the very end (4th and 13!?).

What happened to mixing it up to keep the opposing D off-balance?

Also noticed the Phins D went into vanilla mode for most of the second half. Great job on the first series against the Saints, but on every successive series, no shifts, no pressure, and we know the result.

What a huge disappointment! Even though the refs made some bad calls (Bess's non-fumble and Sharper's non-TD), the Dolphins still could have won this game, but they failed on practically every level (coaching, execution, discipline, game management). This game was like watching the team regress four weeks in one half.

I think this bodes ill for the remainder of the season. Although I have zero respect for our divisional opponents, this year is different, as Girl Brady is not on the sideline.


Posted by: ALoco | October 25, 2009 at 08:21 PM

Come back when you either obtain an education, or your mother types for you.

Ted Ginn could not catch swine flu in a crowded room.

what's up dreamers ? Tom Brady your master is back from london after crushing the tampa team ,
my Pats are 5-2 .we are back going to the super bowl and thanks to the fraud jets and fins .

Posted by: GOpats | October 25, 2009 at 08:32 PM

It takes a real loser to hang out on a division rivals message board. I bet you frequent hello kitty, and hannah montana sites too. Freaking weirdo.

shaggy is a dirty donkey

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