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Dolphins lead Saints 34-24 to start the 4th quarter

It is officially a thriller.

The Saints erased a 24-10 halftime lead and got within 27-24 in the third quarter. But moments ago, Chad Henne and Brian Hartline combined for a 67 yard completion and Ricky Williams scored his third TD of the game to extend Miami's lead again.

And so we have a barn burner.

Join me in the comments section for the fourth quarter to see if the Dolphins can finish the upset they have started. 


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bush is about as big of a bust as ginn!

Complete implosion


Posted by: DyingBreed | October 25, 2009 at 07:13 PM

damn fasano !!!

What was hartline doing?

What the hell happened to this team in the 2nd half?

nice catch fasano pfffft

Yeah I do krueg

this is game for the D tighten up or lose

Bush is a bust also. But I'd rather have him over Ginn.

Washington out for Jets.


I cant believe this.

This game was lost at the end of the half...we should have just ran the ball and gone into half up 24-3....

come on phins....we need a big play from the D here.

Hey Marc, didn't he call the time out before the end of the half? He is the coach isn't he? Moron yourself you idiot! He has to approve the plays that are called douche bag!


wtf????? they look like they are unrattling

Need Defense!

cant believe we havent run the ball for 2 straight possesions


Fasano sucks!

Looks like the city of Miami's teams should run a demolition business... I've never seen two collapses like this.

How's JT!????!?!

I agree it een over until its over

And on top of that theyre showing the cowboys gsme instead of miami!! Why!!!!

Why didn't they run it? This is what ticks me off. If they do their strength in the crucial moments I can live with a loss. But this?

Offensive lines falling apart, trying to pass, go back to tried and true running the ball and some wildcat. That's what scored all those points in the first half

Wayne .... no more true words were ever spoken

This is disappointing after the start we made, but if I am honest, I didn't expect to still be so close to this high powered, fast scoring Saints team.

Come on D, one big stand here.


Fasano and whoever is calling plays need to go

Defense get the offense back out there

JP just got a personal foul penalty.

Need more food and booze between this and the UM game I'm about to have a heart attack.

Ya I'm sry but we deserve to lose I'm so sick this is another Indy game ugh

Porter? He just killed us.

Oh, It's OVER!!!

Yeah I do krueg

Posted by: Rdiorio75 | October 25, 2009 at 07:20 PM

What a sad little person you are bro...

JP you idiot!

Complete self destruction

It's not over till it's over but by not running it they gave it right back to NO. I guess no one is perfect. A perfect play caller would have called running plays

joey so tough

the offense is losing composure ..... we need to run the football againt to establish momentum again.....but that was a good play call for the pass out of the wildcat ........the drop might have cost us dearly

Getting a little late to run, we set them up all game with it then let them back in the game never gave them the dagger. brees will make us look stupid now. Nice porter, brilliant. Smart man. This team is embarrassing.

what the hell. porter blows it

What a dummy

WOW Porter

While NO is now going to run it down our throats.

A lot of time. Need a stop.

Stay positive go d.

The Miami secondary isn't even close on its coverage now.

Season over, later folks! Still quite a few key players shy of competing

The game was lost when the refs decided to allow the saints back in the game. We had all of the momentum before TWO bad calls and could've been up 27-3 at the half. Instead the refs give the saints the ball eventhough bess' knee was down and the score was 24-10. Then a touchback wouldve made it 24-12 but they called it a td eventhough it was obviously a fumble. END OF STORY ON WHAT CAUSED THIS MOMENTUM SHIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If any time can fund a way to lose a 21 pt lead the dolphins can!!!

we have nothing for them now


what a major bummer fasano has been this year

oh its over alright

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