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Dolphins looked at Edwards, and looked away

Game night and this is what's cooking at this early hour: In this column that appears in Monday's Miami Herald, I break down one major difference between the Dolphins and Jets.

The major difference is philosophy relative to winning now or building for the future. I give you examples of how those differences have affected personnel decisions, including this week's trade by the Jets to acquire Braylon Edwards.

The Jets needed a No. 1 receiver and they were obviously willing to give up multiple draft picks and two players to get Edwards and, in their opinion, fill the need. I talked to coach Tony Sparano privately about the matter and he revealed the Dolphins knew Edwards was on the market and studied the idea.

But ...

"We do our due diligence on all the things that might be, could be, should be," Sparano told me. "No question about that. I think everybody needs to understand we did that. But from our end, we are quite content with the people we have right now. We have a good group of people. This is the right 53 people."

Although Sparano did not say this, and no one within the organization has said this to me, I believe the Dolphins decided adding Edwards could subtract from the team even as they were trying to add. In other words, adding him might have brought more talent into the locker room, but also might have ruined some team chemistry or caused some internal issues they didn't want.

So, ultimately, it wasn't a fit in Miami's opinion.

And oh, by the way, it's not like Edwards is a home run on the talent front. Yes, he can be dominant in flashes. Yes, he has the size and speed to be elite. But he can also drop the football in crucial situations and, in fact, is tied for the NFL lead in drops over the past four seasons.

And the dude's tempermental nature is not necessarily a good thing.

Anyway, my column does not side with one philosophy or the other on the build-for-the-future vs. win-now issue. Why?

I believe you should do both. I don't think there should be a hard and fast rule about anything. It's just as crazy to say, "We will never trade away any draft picks," as it is to say, "We're having a fire sale on all our draft picks."

I don't buy the idea of signing a 26 year-old player who is good, but ignoring a 30-year-old who is great, simply because of his age. All things being equal, sign the younger guy. All things not being equal, sign the better guy.

There are, in my opinion, exceptions for everything. Don't agree? If Andre Johnson was offered to the Dolphins for a first-round and third-round pick in 2010, you wouldn't do it? I would, assuming the Dolphins aren't picking in the Top 5.

Come to think of it, I might do it faster if they're picking that high and having to pay the prices those unproven rookies are getting these days.

But Johnson probably is the only WR I'd do that for and one of only maybe a handful of players I'd do that for. By the way, check out this video of a TD catch Johnson had yesterday. It is seriously impressive.

Anyway, the point is, players that merit that sort of trade do exist. And not to consider them because you have some immovable concrete philosophy would not be smart.

So, do everything, when building a team. And hopefully, do most of it right.

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