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Dolphins looked at Edwards, and looked away

Game night and this is what's cooking at this early hour: In this column that appears in Monday's Miami Herald, I break down one major difference between the Dolphins and Jets.

The major difference is philosophy relative to winning now or building for the future. I give you examples of how those differences have affected personnel decisions, including this week's trade by the Jets to acquire Braylon Edwards.

The Jets needed a No. 1 receiver and they were obviously willing to give up multiple draft picks and two players to get Edwards and, in their opinion, fill the need. I talked to coach Tony Sparano privately about the matter and he revealed the Dolphins knew Edwards was on the market and studied the idea.

But ...

"We do our due diligence on all the things that might be, could be, should be," Sparano told me. "No question about that. I think everybody needs to understand we did that. But from our end, we are quite content with the people we have right now. We have a good group of people. This is the right 53 people."

Although Sparano did not say this, and no one within the organization has said this to me, I believe the Dolphins decided adding Edwards could subtract from the team even as they were trying to add. In other words, adding him might have brought more talent into the locker room, but also might have ruined some team chemistry or caused some internal issues they didn't want.

So, ultimately, it wasn't a fit in Miami's opinion.

And oh, by the way, it's not like Edwards is a home run on the talent front. Yes, he can be dominant in flashes. Yes, he has the size and speed to be elite. But he can also drop the football in crucial situations and, in fact, is tied for the NFL lead in drops over the past four seasons.

And the dude's tempermental nature is not necessarily a good thing.

Anyway, my column does not side with one philosophy or the other on the build-for-the-future vs. win-now issue. Why?

I believe you should do both. I don't think there should be a hard and fast rule about anything. It's just as crazy to say, "We will never trade away any draft picks," as it is to say, "We're having a fire sale on all our draft picks."

I don't buy the idea of signing a 26 year-old player who is good, but ignoring a 30-year-old who is great, simply because of his age. All things being equal, sign the younger guy. All things not being equal, sign the better guy.

There are, in my opinion, exceptions for everything. Don't agree? If Andre Johnson was offered to the Dolphins for a first-round and third-round pick in 2010, you wouldn't do it? I would, assuming the Dolphins aren't picking in the Top 5.

Come to think of it, I might do it faster if they're picking that high and having to pay the prices those unproven rookies are getting these days.

But Johnson probably is the only WR I'd do that for and one of only maybe a handful of players I'd do that for. By the way, check out this video of a TD catch Johnson had yesterday. It is seriously impressive.

Anyway, the point is, players that merit that sort of trade do exist. And not to consider them because you have some immovable concrete philosophy would not be smart.

So, do everything, when building a team. And hopefully, do most of it right.

[BLOG NOTE: Come back later this afternoon and I'll have another post up for you leading to our live blog extravaganza of the Jets vs. the Dolphins!]


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The right 53 people?OK...just gotta belive!

We do have a great team but it seems our WR's are lacking confidence just like our OL was at the begining of regular season-All bieng said let's crush the Jets!!!


Wis we would of traded for Brandon Marshall...

Although i do believe in team chemistry, I also believe that that locker room knows that a true #1 WR is what is lacking in the offense. Winning is always the key to Team Chemistry.

case in point, what has T.O. done for the jills? crying does not count.

oh, and a big contract buys really big & ugly sunglasses to hide the tears.

Great column, Armando.

I think the Dolphins deserve credit for embracing both philosophies to a degree. They show a commitment to the current roster to win now, but refuse to sacrifice the future. Picking up Pennington when he became available before the season is the perfect example of their philosophy. While Henne might have been more advanced at this point had they decided to sacrifice the season last year and let him play, they recognized they had a better chance of winning with Pennington; plus they appreciated the guidance and example he would provide for younger players.

As Herm Edwards famously said, 'you play to win the game.' Cam Cameron's biggest philosophical mistake, IMHO, is that he thought players would simply continue to get better every game that they played just because they were playing - that there was some inherent upward trajectory (his 'falling forward fast' idea.) Over the course of that season the Dolphins went from losing games in which they played competitively to getting blown out. The team showed no real progress at all.

This administration refuses to sacrifice opportunities to acquire future talent for potential improvements in the present, and the history of the game (and other sports too) bears this approach out. None of the great teams were built via quick-fixes, and I think history will show the Dolphins are generally making the right moves now (even though passing on Matt Ryan may haunt them.) The Jets have talent, but the way they are mortgaging their future looks a lot like what the Jets did under Kotite, the Broncos under Philips, the Mets when Steve Philips was their GM, and the Redskins ever since Snyder has been there.

All that being said, couldn't a certain disgruntled Arizona WR give Henne a playmaking target and provide leadership for our younger WR's? If the Dolphins could get him on the cheap...

Mando or any one else out there, what would Marvin Harrison cost besides his contract?? eg: draft picks etc,or is he a unrestricked free agent??

armando what about adding javon walker johnnie lee higgins or zach miller from the raiders via a trade before the deadline?

Tonight is the night we destroy Sanchez & Company, can't wait!

Is anyone in the front office considering Marvin Harrison! having him for the balance of the year......could do us some good.....thoughts?

Dam its too early for all this noise...

Lets see who's left...

Please cut the following players:


W. Allen
J. Allen
N. Jones
G. Wilson

yes some new additions but if you've noticed the offensive wish list has nearly been completed; it actually would have been done if that tard Ginn had half of a decent year to this point but he's nothing more then a special teamer

I would agree with you about Andre Johnson...did you guys see that TD he made yesterday against AZ? He ran over three guys withing 5 yards to get the score!

well im off to the trenches, GO PHINS!!!

Ok, tonight is the biggest game of the year thus far, the bronco's gave us some help, we win this and we are right back in it. We lose and it is probably over. lets go guys step it up and make a statement.


I think we all know Edwards would have been an upgrade over what we've got now. The problem:

Once you go with Edwards you're stuck with Edwards. For a very long time. It's like being a man that can marry any woman in the world if he's willing to wait a little while, or marry an okay chick now that's better than all the chicks he's dating.

Sorry, but I'd wait a little while. Especially since we already know Edwards is a like a bitchy woman.

I was just thinking that there are not a lot of black guys named Jeff.

why giving up draft picks if we can find out what we have this season and get a better WR for free next offseason.

Potential FA WR 2010

s big names:
Brandon Marshall DEN
Vincent Jackson SD

my favourite is Jackson as he seems to be a quiet guy, hard worker and sky is the limit.
Marshall is a beast but im not totaly sold on his now i figured it out, always injured at training camp, fallijng over a mcdonalds bag behaviour.

give me Jackson, wont be sad with Marshall as i feel surrounded by the right guy and attitude he'll give his all.

other sexy names:
M. Austin DAL
hmmm i know someone who was screaming for his name last offseason :) but i understand that giving up a 2nd rounder (RFA) was too pricey.
this year he'll be a UFA and i doubt the Cowboys will be able to resign him as their No. 1 priority will be D'Ware.

S. Breaston ARI
little to light for my taste + playing next to Fizzy and Boldy, even my mother could put up his numbers - system guy = bust risk

M. Floyd SD
what does SD have in their water? huge tall fast guy, poor mens V. Jackson.

A. Bryant TB
made some good catches last season, often injured and might be another B. Edwards aka One Hit Wonder Joe.

my favourites:
V. Jackson
M. Austin
both bring speed, physicality, height and are possible game chagners. VJ is also a monster run blocker, dont know about Austin, might be as well with his frame.

so stay put, see what we got and let the current guy on the roster play. i wouldnt be willing to give up any draft pick for the 2010 draft, as this draft will be loaded and one of the deepest since looong.

one of them will be gone, as we have just to many similar (slot posession) type of receivers. Hartline has tons of upside, Bess in my eyes already profed that he can be one of the best young slot receivers, will never break a 90yder but glue hands. Camarillo...thx for saving the season but i dont think he has much upside.

You don't win Super Bowls via trades, you win throught the draft. The Dolphins were 1-15, that means you have a host of problems from top to bottom. I like the 3-year plan. Sabah tried to win too quickly and look where that got us. We are on track, we just need to be patient.

Lake city, We think the saame, please seek psychiatric help my friend....

There is no doubt Miami needs WRs, and that Turner needs to have an opportunity to be on the field.

Trading for A. Johnson would be a no brainer. Of course you do it. I would also trade for Fitzgerald. There are two types of good and great receivers. There are the ones you see perform on Sunday and never hear about off the field. Then, there are the ones who think the world owes them something, and are constantly pushing the envelope. It seems that was the real deciding factor in the Edwards decision. Last off season, the biggest off field issue was Starks driving with too many people in his Freightliner on South Beach. Which turned out to be nothing. That's what all teams want.

Due Diligence? Just ask the two guys that played with Edwards at Michigan (Henne and Long)is he worth it? Enough said.

tonite we let our division and the rest of the league that were back in it and were still the afc east champs

cmon guys Fitzgerald and AJ will NEVER be available except you are willing to give up 15 x 1st Rnd pick.

if you wanna trade for a No. 1 guy there are in my mind only 2 WR:

Calvin "Megatron" Johnson DET
Dwayne Bowe KC

Calvin is an exceptional talent, im not sure if he is available because the Lions just invested big time money in Stafford, so i doubt they will let his best target walk.

Similar situation in KC, except that Cassell seems to look more often for Wade and the other guy, so Bowe is not his go-to-go guy. KC i guess would be willing to give him up. Price will be very hight, i doubt he will be available for a 1st and 2nd. And if you look at his physics, combine nbrs etc, there is a good chance we already have our Bowe on the roster in Patrick Turner.

So, rather draft another rookie WR, except the numbers dont translate from college to nfl too good. from thirteen 1st rounder only 3 put up solid numbers, solid not elite.

how about some smart tampering and sending V. Jackson a basket of Oranges and a free super bowl ticket with a little card, "we would love to welcome you at our stadium ;)"

i know there is only a very sliiiiim chance but if we could add VJ and Austin. Rename the AFC East in MFC Miami Football Conference

Tonight we smash the Jets and they gq baywatchboy qb

You want a number 1 guy? The guy is Dez Bryant. He has Calvin Johnson ability. Maybe his stock is dropping due to his eligibility but I'm telling you he is everything Michael Crabtree and all of the other WRs in last years draft weren't. We HAVE to find a way to get this guy.

crush douche face ryan and the dirty sanchez

I can't wait for see all the Jet fan cry for they Sanchito when JT, Porter, and Wake smash him to pieces.

section 412, row 2

I'm gonna have to side with Ryan here: ``I want to win now,'' Ryan said. ``In my opinion, I think it's a cop-out for any team to say, `We got a four-year program.' Well, how convenient, your contract is four years or whatever.

Maybe not on Edwards, but Cutler for sure! Hozmenzataaatat had 2 TD's last night...These guys WILL NOT sign a big name FA, PERIOD! Heck, look at father time on the Vikes...Ridiculous

Marco, I couldn't agree with you more. The Phins need to give Turner a chance to show what he's got. I mean he was productive in a program that's always loaded at his position. At USC in 4 yrs he caught 1758 yds and 17 TDs, these aren't great number, but they're decent. On the other hand, you mentioned BOWE and I've been saying that we need to get this guy ASAP. He was very productive in college amassing 2297 yds and 27 TDs in 3 years at LSU. At KC since 2007 he's caught the ball 156 times for 2017 yds & 12 TDs; oh and he's 6'2 & 221 lbs and from Miami. So, we need to trade for him send Culver, Ginn, & 4th Rnd pick to KC and I am sure that they will take it. Just think about it...Henne, Bess, Fasano, Turner, & Hartline would benefit from this trade.

UFL football for the love of the game.

oh boy all the madden football fans back with "trade and sign anybody even if they not available, Get cutler, sign Vincent Jackson and Patrick Willis, blah blah blah"

ignorant farmers

All these people who say these cliches like "you don't win through free agency, you won through the draft", POP QUIZ. How many Free Agents have Pittsburg, Indy, and New England signed over the years? SEVERAL! These are perinneal contenders...I rest my case

TJ Housh.... are you kidding me? i was releaved that we didnt sign him, sooo not impressed and he will never be a no. 1 guy. im not willing to get a FA guy for any price. but if a talent like Vincent Jackson, Brandon Marshall etc comes available and all pieces are in place. All pieces = we dont need to spend another high draft pick on a QB. Then yes go get'em. this is something you are able to do if you had 2-3 good drafts. and i feel like they did a great job of adding depth and deep talent and shake that roster up. if i think about what we are missing and could need?

FS (Mayes pops up in my mind, his size could be priceless, specially against all the tall fast elite TE)

ILB we need a playmaker next to crowder but its not something we have to fix this year (nobody is rushing on us)

NT soliali, got tons of potential and who knows what happens with Wilfork but i liked him better 1-2 season ago i feel like he is a little high on weight. so we need at least a back up. Fergy is incredible and i wouldnt be shocked if he does it another year.
he might not be a force like Jenkins, but he plays muuuuuuch smarter and makes up with that

TE thats the one area of concern, i like haynos and what he brings to the talbe that dude is 6'8 270 its like an additional lineman so i would resign him, Fasano, bring him back he seems to get better and better as a blocker and we know he can catch the football, what we lack is a tweener/ex basketball type of WR/TE guy

OG depending on smileys health status

RB we dont have to talk about Ronnie. Ricky is amazing and doing a tremendous job but what i would love to add is a change of pace type of guy, a leon washington, sproles, andre brown type of rb who brings speed and can return kicks/punts

root for you team farmers. dont wish for player from other team all the time.

Armando..you missed the Michigan connection

I'm sure Long & Henne both had input about Braglon Edwards during their time together at Michigan. I know they were both freshmen when he was a senior but I'm sure they had plenty of inside info to share with the coaches which helped in making the decision to pass on him.

i kinda drifted :)

what i wanna say, do the same thing like before. take care of our own players (specially RONNIE) and get young, hungry FA players with the attitude that matches the locker room.

players who fit that and might become FA:

WR Vincent Jackson SD
WR Miles Austin DAL
NT Vince Wilfork NE

and a talent like
Brandon Marshal
is in my oppinion worth taking a risk
because i feel like we are one of the best
coached teams and our coaches and locker can swallow one ego, specially Brandon might be a little divaish, but he hustles, blocks and fights.

so can you tell me why you would give up a 3rd rounder that could become a 2nd rounder, a 5th rounder and 2 players, one of them a Special Teams ace who helped you to beat the titans and the other a young WR with bether stats then the guy you traded for, when the upcoming free agency class is loaded with at least 5 wr who are more talented and bring less questionmarks with them.

PATIENCE. we might have made bad moves with Wilford, im not ready to call Wilson a FA bust yet as i feel like our coaches are not sure yet how to use bell and wilson. besides that look what they reached.

I find it perculiar that a bad player can be a bust, but a very good player can have a bust made in his honor. However a smart player will not worry about either of these, knowing that it is more important to have a wife with a nice bust.

Why not up the ante and give Ginn, Culver and a 2nd rounder for Megatron.

Henne the Hero!

Or Ginn straight up for Boldin? Boldin is going to walk from Phoenix at the end of the year anyway.

All this talk about busts makes me ,,,, well makes me ,,, well you guys know...Theres nothing like a great pair of busts, dont you agree??

Regarding Tonight: We Can Run & We Can Stop The Run. The Jets cannot say the same. We Win. No way we lose big tonight. We will win and might win big.

The Jets are the better football team, plain and simple. How Miami indends to score anything other than FGs tonight is a mystery.

Jets 21 - Miami 6.

@PCola Cane: Dez Bryant is good, but he has Deion Sanders advising him, and will probably sign with Deion crony Eugene Parker. Both these jokers were involved with the Michael Crabtree holdout. I'm not sure the trifecta will want to get involved with these people.

@cuban menace: Marvin Harrison is an unrestricted free agent. Tony Dungy was asked in week 2 or so on NBC Sunday Night Football on why Marvin was still unsigned, and he hinted that it was due to money - Marvin still wants to get paid.

I have 3 predictions for the Dolphins win tonight over Jests.

1. Henne the Hero!
2. Sean Smith pick 6 when Braylon cut route short
3. Ronnie Brown throw for td out of wildcats again

Tikkanen, we're a quarter into the season and miami still has no #1 reciever, cut ted(opps i fall down)Ginn, his clip board holding daddy along with his cousin Cleatis(the blocking dummie)Ginn and his sister Tednisha and lets sign marvin, what are your thoughts??

Brandon Marshall DEN is a Great WR. He didn't want to be there in DEN was dying to get out.
Then he turned in to the best teammate hugging his coach.
It looks to me like his agent made him understand shape up or there won't be any big money next year.
If you guys have been paying attention to the Big Tuna .You would know that he won't sign Big name FA. He like low profile players. Likes to get 2 players for the price of 1.

I agree, cuban, it wouldn't hurt to bring Marvin Harrison in for a workout. It would be nice to bring in a #1, especially since it won't cost any draft picks or players.

Killer, stay out of this. Your venom can not kill my be excite for Dolphins big win today! Dolphins going to smash Sanchito the turnover machine and go into bye week one game behind in division! Go Dolphins!

1. Henne the Hero!
2. Sean "Stilts" Smith pick 6 on Braylon route cut short!
3. Ronnie the Rabid Beast throw another td from wildcat!

Tikkanen , Excellent post on dez bryant. This guy is starting trouble already. Dez lied to the ncaa , is dealing with sanders and agent e. Parker ( crabtree 's agent ) He has trouble written all over him. I wouldn't be suprised if the trifecta has taken im off the draft board already !

Bryant diva in training?

Marco , taylor mays has been disappointing this year and so for his career at usc. He's a great athlete but he's been a underachiever as a football player. The safety miami should get is Eric BerrY ( ed reed ).


Send that Video straight to Ted Ginn. That is a WR with a pair. We all know that Ted Ginn doesn't have the size or strength of Johnson, but that video shows exactly what can happen out of nothing and history has proven that Ted Ginn never scores that TD or to be honest never would have had the opportunity to do so based solely on the fact that after the catch Ted Ginn would have turtled up right on the spot, not even giving himself or his team the chance to make something out of nothing.

As for the wr's mentioned . none will be dolphins except for maybe V. jackson. Harrison is on the wrong side of 30 and has that little gun issue . Boldin and marshell are to much of a headache for parcells and ireland.

Like LT wasn't a hand full

Or you think LT broke him?

Carlito you. Just can't live without me I see you been playing with my name again


the reason andre johnson sounds good for a 1st and a 3rd is because in reality he would cost more than that. he and fitzgerald, who are in the same league, would cost 2 first round picks and a third. the trifecta wouldn't pay that much.

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