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Dolphins need heroes versus Jets

I hate those trite labels sports writers put on games such as "must-win," or "do-or-die," or "make-or-break," but looking at tonight's game against the Jets, they pretty much all apply.

The Dolphins are 1-3 while the Jets are 3-1, so a victory is good because it puts the Dolphins in position to chase the AFC East championship as coach Tony Sparano believes his team is good enough to do. A loss, however, would put the Dolphins three games behind New York and in a position to do no better than a season split with the team from Gotham.

So the Dolphins need a heroic effort to avoid that latter scenario. (By the way, speaking of heroics, check out the video below about heroic efforts by the Dolphins while wearing orange jerseys, as they will do tonight.)

It stands to reason if the Dolphins need heroics, they will need heroes. Here are some players the Dolphins need a heroic effort from tonight:

Center Jake Grove: The team signed him this offseason, in part, because he played so well against Jets nose tackle Kris Jenkins, he of the 360 pounds, when the Raiders and New York played last year. Grove's got to make the personnel department look good tonight.

Wide receiver Greg Camarillo: He calls New York cornerback Darrelle Revis, "the best cornerback we've faced this year." That means Camarillo has to step up his game to be the best WR Revis has faced this year. Got to even things up a little bit. I grant you, this is difficult. Revis shut down Randy Moss a few weeks ago. So what? We need heroes!

Running back Ronnie Brown: New York coach Rex Ryan, he of the inflated opinion of his team, has said that no one runs on his defense if they [the Jets] don't want. Well, the Jets don't want, because stopping Miami's game is priority No. 1 for them. The Dolphins, of course, must run on the Jets to have any chance. This is a matter of imposing one's will on the opponent.

Linebacker Joey Porter: He hasn't been 100 percent in two weeks and missed last week's game. He should be active tonight even though he still isn't 100 percent. No what? This ain't no time to complain about pulled muscles. Man's got to play well.

Give me other players that must show out and be heroic tonight. And tell me why. And watch the video. And come back here later for information on inactives and such. And stick around for the live blog!


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Presure, presure and presure. D line needs to be heros And no bubble screens that turn into 65 yard plays. GO !

HENNE THE HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is the only QB to beat Tim Tebow in a bowl game and earn mvp of that game? A: Henne
Who was the mvp of the senior bowl that featured Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco etc? A: Henne
Who holds the record for most ranked teams beaten? A: Henne
Who holds the record for most weeks in top 25 as starting qb?A: Henne
Who holds the college record for most games started at qb on national TV? A: Henne

Who has restored Manhood to the Dolphin's QB position? A: Henne

Who will be urinating on the faces on Jets fans tonight? A: Me (and Henne)

I was at that game. It was awesome.

I think the Dolphins will win battle at line of scrimage and ronnie brown will have another big night. The Jets run defense is average at best.

Anybody know how many yards Ronnie need to lead league in rushing?

Good ole #99 ...yea he hates the Jets like we do. Go Dolphins!!!


i like you style. Go Dolphins! Henne the Hero. I'm leaving for game in 10 mins!!!!!!

Ok everybody. I'm out, going to the game! GO DOLPHINS!

I remember when I left that game, there was this Pats fan crying saying "How could we lose to the Dolphins"...I got all up in his face and was just like BWAHAHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

It was classic.

Gabril Wilson has yet to earn a paycheck. We need a win tonight and it would be a heck of a time for Gabril to prove he's not a free agent bust.

Just win!!!

What song is that, anybody know? Amazing, it fit perfectly

Just kick the Jets In the rear end! Go Phins.

Wow Armandao I gotta say I love the energy here! I can picture you with Bill Cower-type veins bustin through your collar as you wrote this blog.
I love the feel of tonight's game. Reminds me a lot of how i felt as last year's season finale loomed in NY. Here's hoping for a repeat performance.
As for my hero, its got to be Ronnie. Today he shows the nation whether he is elite or just above average. The great backs can get you yards even when everyone knows its a run. Stack em up, 8-9 in the box...it doesn't matter. I want to see how tough Revis is when all 230+ pounds of solid Ronnie are plowing full steam ahead! For the Jets sake, they better hope their secondary can tackle!


Just beat the stinkin jets...Go Fins!

Ted Ginn, Jr. No one on the Dolphins roster needs a big game to squash the haters more than Teddy. If he can play like he did for the Buckeyes tonight and help the Miami offense put up some points, Teddy will enjoy two weeks worth of Dolphins fans applauding him rather than calling for him and his "family" to find another home.

how about Devon Bess, Ted Ginn, or Patrick Cobbs in the return game? A big spark on special teams could make a big difference in an otherwsie physical, low scoring type of battle.

Another pick 6 by a rookie would be nice too. Sean Smith needs to even the score with teammate Vonte Davis in number of pics taken to the house!

Go Fins! This is the first time I'm not going to the Dolphins home game against the Jets in three years..and I'm from upstate New York. Damn economy... I will be watching at home in HD though..

Ronnie Brown should be appointed Czar of NFL rushing-ness! Let's see him run over some Jets in the secondary tonight!!!!!

How bout Sean Smith? he's gonna probably be covering Edwards so he's got step up along with our DL to create some pressure

PriceMaster - who holds the NCAA record for passing and rushing yards by a QB - Pat White - if we use your logic than why not bring in The Boz, Tony Manderich, Ryan Leaf and Akili Smith - watch up this is the NFL!!!

The whole team, you want heroics, Dan Henning needs PLAYS, Gibril Wilson needs to step up, or step off, and stop the TE. Our entire 0-line needs to do there best, and Ronnie, and Ricky needs to have the game of there lives, Taylor needs to have his best game, and Henne needs to nut up, or shut up. Winning this game, would make the case for Henne, not winning would suggest, draft Bradford, or Tebow in the draft.

J.A.T. I couldn't agree more.Ted needs to step it up a notch.I've been critical of his playing,but I think the moment is right now to get everyone off of his back.

What song is that, anybody know? Amazing, it fit perfectly

Posted by: Andrew | October 12, 2009 at 04:52 PM

That's theme song from one my all-time favorite movies, Last of the Mohicans.

Go Phins!!!!!! Beat the S-U-C-K-S tonight!!!!!

Miami Thunder.....how can you even say if Henne loses to start thinking about drafting another QB.....it is VERY clear you do not know football that well.....GO DOLPHINS !!

We never have "heroes" in this spot.


I know someone that needs to strap them on tonight. It aint a player. It's Dan Henning.
His play calling needs to play to the strngths of our offense. How long will it take for this guy to pull it all together.
He needs to forget all the fancy smanshy $hit and pound the ball with Ricky and Ronnie.
Every now and then he needs a few well timed play action passes. Along with some RB screens to slow down the Jet pass rush.
It should be easy to catch that fat a%$ Rex Ryan with his pants down!
I know that's an ugly thought, but it can and should be done!

Go Fins!!!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Is it wrong for me to have a voodoo doll of Jets coach Buddy Ryan ?

If not, expect Mr. Ryans water to break around the 4th Quarter.

Your friend

Soiled :)

P.S. Socks first then shoes (best advise I ever got)


I, I wished you could swim
Like Dolphins, like Dolphins can swim
Though nothing, nothing will keep us together
We can beat them, forever and ever
Oh, we can be heroes just for one day

Miami 24. Jets 10

We don't need no hero's. Our team is more than good enough to win. Go fins

Two things that if we do we will win tonight. Run the wildcat more (or at least until it stops working), and try to score a td every time we have the ball. Hemming has never been good at understanding either of these, but if he does tonight he wins, if he doesn't we lose. And keep throwing those deep henne balls. Even if they don't connect it keeps the defense honest, which we have failed to do till the buffalo game.

I think if the DB's play like heroes, this will be a Mimi W.


Does anyone know if the Dolphins are wearing AFL throwback uniforms tonight?

Fasano the FUMBLER.watch out fasano .

Damn....I would have thought Armando was above feeding these dumbasses that think that the it was the orange jerseys that beat the Cheatriots in '04. Players win games, not uniforms. Dan Marino never put on that clown suit. Bob Greise never went to work looking like a pumpkin. This dumbass owner has undone the one good thing that Saban did.....putting those stupid orange uniforms out to rest in the pumpkin patch.

Not those uniforms dimwit - the AFL throwback uniforms that half the other teams have been wearing - do you watch NFL football? You know like the ones the Dolphins wore in the early seventies?
I don't think the uniforms have anything to do with anything - I just like a change of pace once in a while.

Awesome vid, wish I could be at the game! Anyone else notice what number the QB was wearing in the video? Oh yeah!

Its make or break time boys and girls!

Song: I think Last of the Mohicans.

Too bad the the two stars of this video are now starting for the Pats... Wes Welker and Sammy Morris. The funny part is that A.J. Feeley almost brought the eagles to beat the Pats on their undefeated season. Completely forgot about this game.


I will support the Dolphins even if they wear pink but they are wearing orange tonight to give the jets a Halloween surprise.

My point is that Henne does not have to do anything that he hasn't done before.
Michigan put up 35 points a game, every game, for 4 years with Henne.
The points scored against Buffalo were a shock to Dolphins fans, it was business as usual for Henne.
The Phins will put up 35 points tonight.
And the warm mist sticking to the faces of Jets fans will be urine.

Becuase Great QB's accel in games like this one, so far i havnt been impressed with Henne, like i said against a solid defense, he will either be dull, or shine like the sun. Thats the truth, against solid defense, you either shine, or are dull. Im not a Henne fan, he stands to long in the pocket, stares down his wr's to much, doesnt read a solid defense, which i feel in this game, the Jets will be throwing so many diff looks, that Henne is deffinatly going to throw prob 2 or more INT's, hell he might even throw 3, and will deff be sacked at least 4 times, prob fumble once too, thats how i feel what will happen, because the Jets will be using 8 nine, and prob a ten man front on occasion all game long. Dont say i dont know anything about football, im just realistic, and see it how it is, i hope he proves me wrong, and is the franchise, but this game will show it all, because next game is against of the best offense's in the league. Like i said time to nut up, or shut up.

big game tonight lets get it done nobodys giving us a chance except us dolphans because were dwo-4life lets shock the world tonight and win 1 on big monday night lets get it done


Such a cool video, I ran throught my office door to go home and get ready for the game!
Just kidding but that fired me up.

TyPo: through


They need heroes at CB and QB. Remember that!!

Dolphins 59 - Jets 6

Just checking out the itenary at LandShark stadium and wow Dolphin Nation must be having a blast! Guess I better catch up meeting friends for the game at O'Mally's Irish Pub. Checking in later guys! GoDolphins!

Are you ready For some F'N Football. I'm ready to smash sanchez's face.


Jets fans are used to having their faces urinated on, primarily by team management and ownership, game after game, season after season, decade after decade.
Why should this year be any different?

If your fantasy football team contains Sanchez, Thomas Jones, the Jets Defense and Braylon Edwards you have a losing team.

Nobody is making this point about the Wildcat...the Fins are not lining up Samson Satelle at Center and a rotation of Andy Alleman, Brandon Frye and Ike Endekwu at Guard.

Those guys were terrible and never could run block anyways. This group can run block.

For the record, I am not saying that they WILL run the ball, but I think the O-line has a better chance to run against Rex Ryan's defense.

Great video! I listened to that game on the radio so I loved seeing the footage. What a crappy year that was and what a great game!

Another heroic orange jersey effort was the sunday night game against the Bengals when Griese went out and they brought Fiedler in. the guy was not a good passer but he was a pretty good leader all in all.

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