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Dolphins need heroes versus Jets

I hate those trite labels sports writers put on games such as "must-win," or "do-or-die," or "make-or-break," but looking at tonight's game against the Jets, they pretty much all apply.

The Dolphins are 1-3 while the Jets are 3-1, so a victory is good because it puts the Dolphins in position to chase the AFC East championship as coach Tony Sparano believes his team is good enough to do. A loss, however, would put the Dolphins three games behind New York and in a position to do no better than a season split with the team from Gotham.

So the Dolphins need a heroic effort to avoid that latter scenario. (By the way, speaking of heroics, check out the video below about heroic efforts by the Dolphins while wearing orange jerseys, as they will do tonight.)

It stands to reason if the Dolphins need heroics, they will need heroes. Here are some players the Dolphins need a heroic effort from tonight:

Center Jake Grove: The team signed him this offseason, in part, because he played so well against Jets nose tackle Kris Jenkins, he of the 360 pounds, when the Raiders and New York played last year. Grove's got to make the personnel department look good tonight.

Wide receiver Greg Camarillo: He calls New York cornerback Darrelle Revis, "the best cornerback we've faced this year." That means Camarillo has to step up his game to be the best WR Revis has faced this year. Got to even things up a little bit. I grant you, this is difficult. Revis shut down Randy Moss a few weeks ago. So what? We need heroes!

Running back Ronnie Brown: New York coach Rex Ryan, he of the inflated opinion of his team, has said that no one runs on his defense if they [the Jets] don't want. Well, the Jets don't want, because stopping Miami's game is priority No. 1 for them. The Dolphins, of course, must run on the Jets to have any chance. This is a matter of imposing one's will on the opponent.

Linebacker Joey Porter: He hasn't been 100 percent in two weeks and missed last week's game. He should be active tonight even though he still isn't 100 percent. No what? This ain't no time to complain about pulled muscles. Man's got to play well.

Give me other players that must show out and be heroic tonight. And tell me why. And watch the video. And come back here later for information on inactives and such. And stick around for the live blog!