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Dolphins in a home Super Bowl a nightmare?

There is truly a leadership void afoot in this country. I believe that, for whatever reason, many people we have stupidly installed into leadership roles have lost their way.

I'm talking about leaders in business, politics (from all the parties), the car industry, Wall Street and the financial industry and, sadly, everywhere in government.

We don't have people that get it anymore.

And that's where Broward County tourism director Nicki Grossman comes to mind today. This story in The Miami Herald tells how Grossman, a long-time South Florida public servant and Dolphins season-ticket holder (she claims), is rooting against the Dolphins making it to the Super Bowl this year.

Now, suspend the argument about whether the Dolphins are good enough to get to the Super Bowl or not. That's not the point. The point is how anyone can bring themselves to root against their own team for selfish reasons.

And Grossman, by the way, has selfish reason. As head of the tourism folks, Grossman wants to see the Super Bowl fill every hotel room in her county come next January and early February. And, she figures, if the Dolphins are in the game, the hotel rooms won't be filled because local fans can sleep in their own beds at night.

So there would be no great influx of Super Bowl fans.

But this is where Grossman misses the mark. She obviously does not understand that Dolphins fans are everywhere. I have become intimately of this fact because in every stadium the Dolphins play, there are typically  at least 2,000 Dolphins fans rooting for Miami. I am also aware that all my readers are not from South Florida. In fact, a majority are from outside South Florida.

You guys are Dolphins fans in Texas, the Carolinas, New York, Hawaii, everywhere. And I get the feeling many of you would come to South Florida to watch your team be in its first Super Bowl since 1984. Am I right?

Grossman also doesn't get the drift that a Super Bowl game is played by two teams. And the other team not being from South Florida will surely also bring fans.

So her vision, in rooting openly against the Dolphins, is myopic.

Leadership? Not so much.

So this is what I want you to do. Go to the comments section and tell me exactly where you are from in the country. Tell me if you would be inclined to come to a Dolphins Super Bowl celebration or not.

Now, I didn't ask if you'd be coming to the game. I know the tickets are expensive and hard to get. Grossman doesn't care about that anyway, she just needs folks that yearly come for the week of Super Bowl atmosphere and fun, filling the beds in local hotels. Whether those folks are in the stands on Super Bowl Sunday is moot.

Remember: Are you an out-of-town Dolphins fan? And would you trek to South Florida to join in the Dolphins Super Bowl celebration? 

Is Grossman right to believe the Dolphins playing a home Super Bowl would be a nightmare? Or is she lacking vision?


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I live in Northern California but have been a die-hard Dolfan since the Marino's first SB. Never been to Miami nor the stadium but if the Fins make it to the big show, there's no better excuse to make my first visit there. So, take that, Gross lady.

I'm from Albany, NY (Where Tony Sparano is at this moment to watch his sons play for UAlbany!!) and I would love to come to South Florida for Super Bowl week. Financially, it would be tough, but this is all hypothetical anyway, isn't it?

Im from West Virginia, and if you cut out the HIH cs of actualy attending the superbowl. I would go as Miami's Number one fan, there is also ALOT of Dolphin fans in WV.

Im from NC and my father and I have already agreed that when the dolphins make super bowl we are going. Cmon Grossman get with the program.

I am from outside Baltimore. I bring my kids to games every year. Hell ya I would come down if we were in the Superbowl. Actually, I grew up in PA and have never lived in FL. I have been a fan since '70.

By the way Mando, this App is great. As an out of towner reading the blog, I feel like I am right there with you guys in S. FL


There are plenty of fans here in the UK, just think back to Wembley.

The last time the Dolphins were in the Superbowl I was a student and couldn't afford to make the trip and so had to make do with watching on TV. Now, unless work commitments stop me, I intend to be at their next Superbowl appearance.

My wife and I live in Southern California. We went to our first fins game last year and been itching to go back. What better time to go then during the biggest game of all.

I'm from Wichita Kansas...I have been a life long fan I'm 26. I was brought up by my pops as a fins fan he's from Cali. We would deffinately make that journey and last time I checked I would need a place to stay grossman!!!! What a turd! Go fins!

Is she elected. If so when reelection

I am in S. Florida and this lady is no Dolphins fan!

There are dolphin fan everywhere! Dolphins are by far most popular football team in Costa Rica. I notice also in the games we played in Toronto and London especially there were huge number of Dolphins fan. I think there is very large international Dolphins following and there would be huge turnout from Dolphin fan from abroad.

Also, for past 20 years, huge number of people been moving away from South Florida to other parts of state and country. Many of these Dolphans would probably come too.

I'm from Canada and if Miami made a home Super Bowl, I would do just about everything in my power to make it to the game.

I was born and raised in Western New York State, right in Buffalo Bills country. Some of my earliest TV memories was seeing Larry Csonka barrelling over the hapless Bills with 2-3 guys hanging off his back and he still kept going. That made an impression on me and I have been a Dolphins fan since that magical 1972 season.

I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1993 and have been able to attend every Bengals-Dolphins game that happened here in Cincinnati, the Shula Bowl and others.

If the Fins were to be Super Bowl bound and I had a real chance at scoring a ticket I would be down there in a heartbeat rooting as hard as I can for my Fins and spending money in South Florida.

I have made two trips to Miami to see Dolphins games but to have a chance to see them in the biggest game on Earth then I would certainly be there.

I dont know why Ms Grossman thinks that Joe Robbie Stadium (I still pay tribute to the man, not some cheesy beer) would not be filled with out of towners, seems like every week when I watch on NFL Sunday Ticket that the corner endzones are fairly empty. Those tickets would be eagerly bought up by out of area fans like myself.

Keep up the great blogs Mando, you have been on a tremendous roll recently starting with that very heartfelt tribute to your dear mother and into the excellent defense of Rush and now into this discussion of petty local politicians.

Go Dolphins!

Armando we travel THE last monday from Chihuahua Mexico,justicia to watch THE game, then for a HOME superbowl we'll be there FOR sure!

I've been a fan since 1980. I lived in central FL my whole life. Finally a couple of years ago I could afford season tix. I could make the drive for a few games each season. I recently moved to ARIZONA. I would love to come back for a Fins Superbowl in Miami. I also agree...I love this app. I check it EVERYDAY


when you speak your mind we support you and when go against the crowd for a better resoning we see that .
i support grossman for she has a very good reason for the good of the whole including bussiness and get tax revenu for the state when money is neede .as for fin fans who can't fill 2/3 of the stands of a home game can't spend the way new comers are from flying,hotels,food,bars and renting cars plus a lot more .
you are wrong on this one .

I live in Massachusetts and would definitely make my way down to Miami for the SB.
There's no question there's a lack of leadership in government throughout the country. Grossman is clueless!

Mando, Arizona will be there when the FINS make it to the big game. Iwill drive if I need to.

Rochester, ny here. Recently went to the Indy game and had a great time. I will certainly go to see the phins in the superbowl! Grossman is way off on this one.

Luggi you support Grossman only because you are no fin fan!

Good morning, I'm a huge dolphins fan from Toronto , Canada and would definitly try my best to aquire tickets for the Superbowl in Miami especially if the dolphins were part of of it.

and you wrong that fin fans can't fill stadium. I have been at every game this year and everytime stadium full and I have to sit right next to someone who smell like beer and onoin

Here's another angle for you. I'm from Jensen Beach, Fl., and there is no way I'm missing out on the party if the Phins are in the SB. Being a responsible sort, I'm not going to party the weekend away and then drive up I-95 the same day. No Way! I would have my reservations before I left.

Mando, I live in Pennsylvania and have been to more away games to support the Fins than home games in Miami. Have gone into Philly, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo to support the Fins. I would definately go to Miami if they make the Superbowl. Nicki Grossman is just plain wrong and doesn't have a clue.

I dont get it. It's cool that you guys are Dolphin fans yet you've never even been to Miami..but I'm just curious as to why wouldn't you guys be fans of you HOME TOWN teams? I'm a dolphin fan because I'm born and raised in Miami, but if i was from anywhere else I would be rooting for my Home Town team, the place where I grew up and proud to be from..I don't get it. But hey its cool lol

Switzerland (St. Gallen) here, i will come to town, if the Fins make it to the Big Game.. One Week Florida, another 2 in Cancun an back to good old Europe... Perfect.

I am from Fargo,ND and have been a fan going on 25 years. I have never been down to a game in Miami, although I have seen them play at Minnesota on a couple of occasions. If I was ever blessed enough for the Dolphins to make it to the Super Bowl I would do my best to go to that game. Doesn't matter where it is. Grossman clearly doesn't understand the national following the Dolphins have. I think you are right on the mark.

Living in NC and would be there in a heartbeat. I am already booked for two trips games in Miami and the Carolina Dolphin game this year. A Dolphin Superbowl would be a dream come true and I would travel anywhere in the country for it and definitely to Miami. I was 5 years old the last time the Dolphins made the big game so am ready to remember the next one.

I have been a Dolphin fan since 1966 (their first year). I am from Miami and attended many games with my father who was a season ticket holder. Attended college with Jake Scott and Bill Stanfill at Georgia. Currently reside in GA.

If the Dolphins get to the Super Bowl I will be in attendance. GO FINS!!!

I live in Bloomington,Minnesota and two of the 5 guys that I work with used to live in Miami and attended several games.I would rob a bank to go see the Dolphins play in the Super Bowl.I would sleep in an alley just so I didn't have to pay for a room though.

Im live in los angeles
And I've been a long hrd dolphin fan for 13 yrs
So I was a dolphin fan since I was 3
Amd yeah if dolphins made it too the playoffs I wood love too go

Miami dolphins #1

Ashburn, VA.

I would most likely not go to the super bowl

I grew up in Miami but moved 2 Orlando years ago. I am a die hard Dolphins fan. Sometimes I drive down just 4 the game while other times I make a weekend out of it. The majority of my family still lives in Miami and sure I could stay w them but most of the time when I drive down I go w at least 5 others. Drunk obnoxious people stumbling in 2 grandma's house at all hours of the night doesn't fly so if I go in a group we get a couple of hotel rooms. Now if we went 2 the Super Bowl 4 the 1st time since the year I was born I'd make sure 2 go 2 every festivity possible because u never know the next time u'd b able 2 again. I'm only a 3 hour drive away but I have family in Jersey who would most certainly come. This lady is insane n no way is she a true Dolphins fan. Ne way u look at it the guest team's fans will fill up the hotels, every1 including locals will go out n buy up all the merchandise n spend a lot of money on beer n food. Obviously she didn't go 2 the Dolphins Ravens game last year or else she would of realized how many Ravens fans came. My family n I went on a hunt the Friday b4 the game 4 1 more Dolphins chair n 1 more Dolphins car flag. We were shopping around until closing time n were unsuccessful in getting either. That was only the playoffs imagine how it'd b if we were in the Super Bowl. Think the Dolphins should read your blog n make it a personal goal 2 shut this lady up n bring us home a Super Bowl ring so we can say "I told u so."

Armando, I live in Dayton Ohio. I am a season ticket holder. I just sell the tix and try to make it to one game a year. I'm going to try to go to the Pro Bowl this year. I would almost certainly come to the the Super Bowl. it seems to me that for any Super Bowl, a great number of locals would go, regardless of the teams playing, just because its the Super Bowl

I'm actually going to be deployed to Baghdad during the Super Bowl, but you better believe if I was back home where I'm stationed in Maryland I would be in Miami and at the game no doubt.

the people who are saying we will come for the super bowl if miami in it, don't know that if miami in the super bowl all the tickets will be gone for the locals in heart beat and selling to each other but if miami not not in it the travle packages will be booming .

we moved out of that cesspool 10 yrs ago because of the corruption,the traffic, no good jobs and finally all the dumb politicians. We live in the Charlotte area and we would refinance the house if the fins made it and we had tickets. Nikki Grossman is the biggest idiot on earth. Look what she did to spring break, how did that work out....

Mando, I am a humble professor who lives in Mexico City and this is my statement and will: I have promised myself that after 27 years (I started watching football at 7 -precisely the SB Phins-Skins was my first match-) I will go to the next SB the Dolphins play, for, it is now clear to me, nobody knows when or IF that can happen again in my life time. So tell that moron tourist offcer he/she can k__s my love gun!

I live in Richmond , VA and am a die hard Dolphins fan. I went to two games in South Florida last year. One of which being in the playoffs. I would most definately make my trek to Landshark because, come on, it's the freakin Super Bowl! I am also tryin to get into Miami so I can be closer to the action. Even still I'd go to the Super Bowl. I don't know what Grossman is thinking, but she be crazy!!

Denver here, and ABSOLUTELY would be there if the Fins made the big game. Stupid Gross lady!

Hi,i am living in spain....i follow the dolphins since the great dan Marino...i still rememeber one of his game when i was in Munich and i call my son in miami just ot hear the game in a long distance call.I hava a friend in Italy(Lucas is his name) italian and we will die just to see a game...if they are in the superbowl i will be there with my son...i promise that to him

I'm a lifelong Dolphins fan who grew up in Miami but now lives in Virginia. Not only would I come down if the Phins made it to the Super Bowl but my wife and I are ALREADY coming down this December to attend the Sunday night game against the Patriots on Dec 6.

So I'm a fan from abroad and HELL YES I would come down in February if they made it to the big game!

I'm from New Jersey tell Nicki grossman I'll take her season tickets and stay in south beach for the weekend

most fin fans who will come they will be sleeping w/family and if not they some spots to sleep for free and ask them are you willing to spend 1500 dollars for a ticket ?

But I guess this only Dolphins news we can get on bye week. Every player have his feet up with umbrella in his drink watching college football today.

I live in Northern California but I am from Miami. I was there when they beat the Bears in 1985, lost to San Diego in the playoffs in that epic game, beat Buffalo in the freezing cold Orange bowl, and many more games in the Orange Bowl and Joe Robbie. I have 2 seats from the OB on my wall. I was only 7 when they won their last SB. 84 and 82 still haunt me as a fan. Wherever they play for a SuperBowl I will be there.


I am a Dolphins fan in Scotland. I was delighted to get to my first two games in Miami (against the Bills and the Jets).

I would love to attend the Superbowl if the fins were in it - but as a teacher that is not going to happen :(

Go fins.

I'm from Hickory NC. I still have season tickets and have had them for over 35 years. Heck yea I'd be there for the Super Bowl. What is she kiddding? I went all the way from Florida to California in the foggy frozen tundra last Super Bowl. Darn straight I'd be there for probably two weeks for the game. And by the way anyone who would ever root for the Fins to not make the Super Bowl isn't a fan. When I got married my honeymoon cruise left the same day the Dolphins would have to play the AFC championship game. It was well understood I was missing the cruise for the game. I would never root for them to lose. Btw we lost the weekend before in the playoff and I was very bummed.

I am a North Carolina native but have been a Dolphins fan since I was old enough to remember my first game. I would literally sell my kidney to be present at a Dolphins super bowl. I wasn't born until '72 so I have nothing but video and books to recount the days of old rich Dolphins history. This Tarheel would go anywhere to see it espeially in Miami so I could drive by and moon what's her faces arse!!

Go phins and use this as incentive to prove her wrong and be the first team to not only be in but win a home SB!!!

Alhambra, CA. I am the ONLY Dolphins fan in Los Angeles County, lol.........NOT.

I am from TN and a hardcore die hard fins fan and I go down to south flordia twice a year to see them play and if they were in a superbiwl I would come down in a heart beat.

I'm from Jersey and yes I would be there Tix or no.

Jacksonville fl and he'll yea I would go to the game I will find the money some where... But if not at the game I will be In Miami partying it up!!!

the lady's job is to make sure the state make money to pay for it's bills not to be rooting for THE DOLPHINS , her job isn't going around and say ( HENNE THE HERO ).

I live in Jacksonville, Florida and would definitely be there for Super Bowl weekend if Dolphins were in it. I may live in Florida, but it is still roughly 5 and 1/2 hours away and would spend the entire week/weekend there if I could.

Godoy cruz, Argentina

I live in Missouri and am very excited about the thought of travelling to FL to see the Dolphins in the SB!

I'm reading from Miami, FL but one of my best friends who I know does not comment on this blog is currently in State College, PA.


I live in North West New Jersey and watched the 72 Dolphins win it all. 37 years later I travel the US and watch the Phins whenever I can!

I've been at Dolphins fan since I was about 3 or so (before Marino, which is surprising since I was born in 1976). And I've had a long, hard road of it up here in Boston... I'd move heaven and earth to get to Florida for a Dolphins home Super Bowl. Sadly, I don't know that'd be enough to get tickets, but I'd try...

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