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Dolphins in a home Super Bowl a nightmare?

There is truly a leadership void afoot in this country. I believe that, for whatever reason, many people we have stupidly installed into leadership roles have lost their way.

I'm talking about leaders in business, politics (from all the parties), the car industry, Wall Street and the financial industry and, sadly, everywhere in government.

We don't have people that get it anymore.

And that's where Broward County tourism director Nicki Grossman comes to mind today. This story in The Miami Herald tells how Grossman, a long-time South Florida public servant and Dolphins season-ticket holder (she claims), is rooting against the Dolphins making it to the Super Bowl this year.

Now, suspend the argument about whether the Dolphins are good enough to get to the Super Bowl or not. That's not the point. The point is how anyone can bring themselves to root against their own team for selfish reasons.

And Grossman, by the way, has selfish reason. As head of the tourism folks, Grossman wants to see the Super Bowl fill every hotel room in her county come next January and early February. And, she figures, if the Dolphins are in the game, the hotel rooms won't be filled because local fans can sleep in their own beds at night.

So there would be no great influx of Super Bowl fans.

But this is where Grossman misses the mark. She obviously does not understand that Dolphins fans are everywhere. I have become intimately of this fact because in every stadium the Dolphins play, there are typically  at least 2,000 Dolphins fans rooting for Miami. I am also aware that all my readers are not from South Florida. In fact, a majority are from outside South Florida.

You guys are Dolphins fans in Texas, the Carolinas, New York, Hawaii, everywhere. And I get the feeling many of you would come to South Florida to watch your team be in its first Super Bowl since 1984. Am I right?

Grossman also doesn't get the drift that a Super Bowl game is played by two teams. And the other team not being from South Florida will surely also bring fans.

So her vision, in rooting openly against the Dolphins, is myopic.

Leadership? Not so much.

So this is what I want you to do. Go to the comments section and tell me exactly where you are from in the country. Tell me if you would be inclined to come to a Dolphins Super Bowl celebration or not.

Now, I didn't ask if you'd be coming to the game. I know the tickets are expensive and hard to get. Grossman doesn't care about that anyway, she just needs folks that yearly come for the week of Super Bowl atmosphere and fun, filling the beds in local hotels. Whether those folks are in the stands on Super Bowl Sunday is moot.

Remember: Are you an out-of-town Dolphins fan? And would you trek to South Florida to join in the Dolphins Super Bowl celebration? 

Is Grossman right to believe the Dolphins playing a home Super Bowl would be a nightmare? Or is she lacking vision?


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Dear Ms Grossman,
I understand your loyalty to your Job, however I believe Armando has a valid point about the Fan Base.
I grew up in Florida but have lived in southern California for the last 30 Years.

The Sports Bar I go to on Sundays (in Anaheim, CA) has as many or more Fans in Dolphins Dress, than any other Team ---- since the Raider Fans have dwindled away. ha
Of the 10 to 12 Dolphin Fans in my Group of Friends -- at least 3 to 5 fly to Dolphin Games, around the Country.
I would be at the Super Bowl and so would half the Dolphin Fans I know.
The size of the Dolphin Fan Base out here has always amazed me.

Scotland here.

There are quite a lot of Dolphins fans in Scotland for some reason, not sure why.

I would def be in Florida if the Dolphins made it.

Now go get a big time receiver and some defensive players who can cover and we COULD DO IT!!

Cuban aka Luggi from Costa Rica is no Dolphins fan and has no right to utter the glorious phrase Henne the Hero unless its to say. "Henne the Hero kicked my Patsies butts..."

Upstate NY here. ABSOLUTELY I would do anything I could to get tickets to the Superbowl and would most certainly come join the festivities

Hello from mangolia where i live now for 12 years among a lot of strong donkeys.i will be there even if it cost my entire saving of 567 dollars.

Jacksonville Florida! Jville may be jags territory but the phins run strong here!

Scranton, PA! Fly down once a year for a Phins game. Read the Herald everyday for Dolphins news. I'll be in the meadowlands in 2 weeks for the sweep of the jets and Im sure I wont be the only Dolfan there!

Jacksonville used to be Dolphin territory...

Chesapeake, VA here. My brother and I would definitely be there and I would cash in every favor I have to get tix. So that's at least two hotel rooms filled by Dolphins fans.

I'm in Cali, have family in Central FL. and N. Carolina and we would all go to the game. At least 12-15 tickets, and 5 hotel rooms. Just the Fin fans in FL alone (outside S.FL.) would make a huge impact.


When I was young NC had no team so I grw up a Dolphins fan. Now if the panthers were around when I grew up I probably would be a fan. The panthers have been around for what 10-12 years?? I was a dolphins fan for over 20 years by then I wasn't about to jump ship just because they finally got a team however I am a HUGE Tarheel fan born and bred!!

i need the ok please carlito to us ( henne the hero kicked mt patsies butts ).

ps, henne didn't meet pats yet but still i will do what i was told.

I am a huge Dolphins fan living in eastern Kentucky. I probably would not go to a Miami super bowl in 2010 for economic reasons. However, I would love to do so in the future. I really think the 'fins will be back in the SB withing 2-3 years.

Haha Luggi, you are good sport... Go Dolphins!

I'm from the west coast of Florida and would get a hotel if I went.

I am from San Jose, Costa Rica and i will be there

Columbus, OH, and I'd travel to the moon if the Dolphins were in the Super Bowl there!

I'm from El Paso,TX --- ya kno, that faaaar western part that points towards California? --- and if my fins were in a superbowl I would so be there. I doesnt matter to me where the game is played!

Hey guys,

I am in Virginia and will be there if I can get my hands on a ticket.

San Diego and I'd be there!

I'm in Atlanta Georgia and I'm actually COUNTING on being there to root the 'Phins on to a Super Bowl victory!

Chapel Hill, NC, here. As FinFanEd pointed out above... we had no "home town" team back in the 70's or 80's, so everybody here had to "adopt" a team to root for. As a result, there are a lot of Dolphins fans and Redskins fans in NC. I started following the Dolphins as a very young child (got it from my dad) and I never jumped ship to the Panthers. Why would I?

I would go and I live in Vancouver, Canada; I came down last November and stayed at South Beach it was great.

Originally from Champaign, IL I watched a pre-season game against Chicago in '68 or '69 and becaome a fan at that moment. I loved Flipper and Gentle Ben, and loving the Dolphins was a natural progression. Now, from North Carolina I'me still following the Dolphins 40 yrs later, attending games sporadically, but, as they improve my attendance will also improve. No promises on attending the Super Bowl, but, hey, I would LOVE to. Thanks for everything, Bro Armando. I enjoy your columns and blogs, etc. God bless you.

N Ireland here, been to 2 phins games in the last 2 years. 20 years plus a phins fan. All I ask for christmas, slaughter the Jets again. The superbowl will come eventually!!

Toronto, Canada here...

I was at Rogers Centre when the Dolphins played the Bills in Toronto as a Buffalo "Home Game"

The crowd was mostly all Dolphins fans,(Id say 60-70%) even after the game, some of the Fins players commented on how it didnt feel like an away game.

Point being theres plenty of fins fans everywhere, even outside of the US.

And yes, i would be there if they made it to the SB.

ohhh and F*ck the Jets btw...

I am a lifer, a RoboFinFan, from North Carolina and I make the vow to you right now Mando, there is absolutely nothing short of death or our entire military will keep me out of South Florida in my Fins are in the Superbowl........I mean if nothing else I cannot even imagine what Steve Ross and Jimmy Buffett would come up with to celebrate something like that, it literally could be the biggest freaking party ever, haha I know its unlikely but my goodness....i need a drink right now just to calm down

What I don't get is why she would say anything? it's not like her rooting is going to change the outcome...

I am from Oak Harbor, OH, on Lake Erie just east of Toledo. I saw the first ever practice of the Phins back in 1966. I will be coming to the January 3 game against the Steelers.

There are Phin Phans everywhere. When I wear a Phin polo or sweatshirt I get lots of thumbs up even here in Browns/Lions country!

Dolphins fan for over 20 years. If the Dolphins are in the superbowl, I will be there.

from CO

Fort Wort TX. And yes I would be there! But for my own selfish reasons I would like the phish make the super bowl when it's played here in Cowboys Stadium AKA "THE DEATH STAR"

Armando:I live in 49er and Raiders territory. I took my brothers and my son to South Florida in 2008 just to see the Dolphins headquarters and the practice facility. We also went to a Marlins game just to see Dolphin Stadium. A chance to see a Dolphins Super Bowl and a Pro Bowl game? We would stay in a tent! Mike from California

Sam Bradford has future as next Matt Schaub

Jeez What about the fact that regular ass people who are not big into football come up to us all the time this year and tell us how fantastic it is to watch the WILDCAT. Dontcha think all the rich people who go to events like the superbowl because they can will def want to see this WILDCAT in action.

I moved from orlando a few years back up here to KY and prob would go down to miami for the weekend just to experience all the action even though i would be watching it on tv that night.
Ive been sayin that since i was a kid in orlando.

from glasgow in Scotland, uk. would love to come over to see dolphins in a superbowl. Been watching them for years from over here. getting a post-season would be nice just now though...

I am from New Castle Delaware and i travel to Miami once a year to see the Dolphins play. If the fins makes it to the big dance this year i will be there to help them celebrate.
die hard dolphins fan since 1970

I live in Alaska and have been a life long Fin Fan, my awesome wife sent me to my first Fins game in Miami for my 40th Bday a few years back!!

It would be a great excuse to get out of the freezer for a long weekend in sunny Miami.

Dolphin fan since birth in Virginia. I have traveld to South Floridia on SEVERAL occasions to watch REGULAR SEASON games and one playoff game...so are you serious..I would be on the first flight!!!!!

I'm from Atlanta, and I would be in Miami for a Dolphins Super Bowl in a heartbeat. GO DOLPHINS!

I grew up in Florida and have been a Dolphin fan since David Woodley was quarterback! I dump a bunch of money every year on direcTV's Sunday ticket package just so I can watch Dolphin's games in my place in Los Angeles. Last year, I was so happy for them to make the playoffs that my wife and I flew out and got some tickets through ticketstub. (Sad loss, but I was so happy to support such a great team). Needless to say, if Miami makes the Superbowl a home game, I will be happily flying out yet again to come see the game. And, yes, I'll get a hotel room, just not one that Nicky Grossman is associated with!

From Virginia beach, grew up in lauderdale die hard fan would come down to visit friends to watch game and stay at a hotel. Just hope that comes true one year

I am from SW FL and can honestly say that Dolphins fans are widespread everywhere south of Tampa. A home Super Bowl would bring people from SW FL, SE FL, and even the Keys that would need hotels. I see the woman's point that it may be somewhat fewer, but local businesses in general would be just as busy. Not to mention that the local presence may allow more spenders in an economy that has many businesses and individuals choosing not to participate in this pricey event!

i was adopted 38 years ago and since then i am a fin fan ,i will come to miami for the game no doubt and stay w/friends and hopfully i get a cheep ticket for 34 bucs .henne the hero who kicked the jets butt .


I'm 7000 miles away in Dubai, UAE and if I managed to make it to the MNF against the Colts, you'd better believe that I would make it down to South Florida for a Super Bowl berth!

I live in New Hampshire and would/could acquire a ticket to attend. My grandparents were season ticket holders from 1970 until 1992. I was raised a Dolphins fan! I would zoom down for 36 hours at most. In an odd defense of this local tourism official, I think the Dolphins would impact revenue. I root with my heart but I bet with my brain... these people are doing the same thing. Ticket availability is spread amongst the participants and the league at large as I remember. I haven't been to a Super Bowl since I was a kid. I'll pony up the dough. Go Phins!

I am stuck in MD and originally from Miami.
I was there when we brought the Bears down!

I'm in Orlando, and yes I'd go if feasible.
This lady is a director of tourism? Her job is to think of ideas to draw people to Broward County? Sounds like she is wanting the game to do her job for her. It would be a good idea if she were trying to think up a few events to halp make the trip for all, a more enjoyable one, rather than concern with who will be playing. A concert on the beach would be nice. Oh yeah, that would cost money, I forgot. Have it indoors and charge for it then. Armando, you're right, the world has gotten far too lazy.

I currently reside in SO Cal but am originally from SC. I would love to come to Maimi for a Fins SB if money/ time permitted.

After syaing that I also will say that both your opinion and hers has some merit. She is most likely concerned with helping the economy of the area will you are more interested in seeing your team get aa ring. In the grand scheme of things her opinion has a more helpful short term effect. I will still be pulling for the Fins. Call me selFISH for it but I have been a fan since the early 70s.

I live in Rochester ny. I'm surrounded by bills fans. I love our dolphins and I can only see them once a year if I'm lucky. When the dolphins do make it to the super bowl, I guarentee I'll be there for any part of the celebration I can be apart of.

I live in El Paso,TX & we try to go see the phins play at least once a year in Miami so hell yeah I would go see them!! Plus when we go see the Phins play at their away games there are always lots of phin fans!!

El paso Texas, you're damn right I'd be there, I make it to two games every year, I would find a way trust me.

I am a long time dolphin fan. I would attend if I could. I from New Mexico and thier are many fans out here!

I am a South America's phin fan, and i will defintly go to the super bowl if the Phins are playing it

Hey Armando.....do we have enough fans to fill up the hotels yet?

Have been a Dolphins fan since Marinos days and have never lived a foot outside California. But you better believe being a die hard fan, if they made it to the big one, I'm spend every nickel and dime to go to that game!

I'm from the Philadelphia area. I would be there! It's hard to get into the Superbowl. Only two teams make it each year. If my favorite team were in it, I would not miss it. You never know when they would make it back to the big show.

I have been a dolphins fan for over twenty years and live in northern California... No dought in my mind, I would be there!

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