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Dolphins in a home Super Bowl a nightmare?

There is truly a leadership void afoot in this country. I believe that, for whatever reason, many people we have stupidly installed into leadership roles have lost their way.

I'm talking about leaders in business, politics (from all the parties), the car industry, Wall Street and the financial industry and, sadly, everywhere in government.

We don't have people that get it anymore.

And that's where Broward County tourism director Nicki Grossman comes to mind today. This story in The Miami Herald tells how Grossman, a long-time South Florida public servant and Dolphins season-ticket holder (she claims), is rooting against the Dolphins making it to the Super Bowl this year.

Now, suspend the argument about whether the Dolphins are good enough to get to the Super Bowl or not. That's not the point. The point is how anyone can bring themselves to root against their own team for selfish reasons.

And Grossman, by the way, has selfish reason. As head of the tourism folks, Grossman wants to see the Super Bowl fill every hotel room in her county come next January and early February. And, she figures, if the Dolphins are in the game, the hotel rooms won't be filled because local fans can sleep in their own beds at night.

So there would be no great influx of Super Bowl fans.

But this is where Grossman misses the mark. She obviously does not understand that Dolphins fans are everywhere. I have become intimately of this fact because in every stadium the Dolphins play, there are typically  at least 2,000 Dolphins fans rooting for Miami. I am also aware that all my readers are not from South Florida. In fact, a majority are from outside South Florida.

You guys are Dolphins fans in Texas, the Carolinas, New York, Hawaii, everywhere. And I get the feeling many of you would come to South Florida to watch your team be in its first Super Bowl since 1984. Am I right?

Grossman also doesn't get the drift that a Super Bowl game is played by two teams. And the other team not being from South Florida will surely also bring fans.

So her vision, in rooting openly against the Dolphins, is myopic.

Leadership? Not so much.

So this is what I want you to do. Go to the comments section and tell me exactly where you are from in the country. Tell me if you would be inclined to come to a Dolphins Super Bowl celebration or not.

Now, I didn't ask if you'd be coming to the game. I know the tickets are expensive and hard to get. Grossman doesn't care about that anyway, she just needs folks that yearly come for the week of Super Bowl atmosphere and fun, filling the beds in local hotels. Whether those folks are in the stands on Super Bowl Sunday is moot.

Remember: Are you an out-of-town Dolphins fan? And would you trek to South Florida to join in the Dolphins Super Bowl celebration? 

Is Grossman right to believe the Dolphins playing a home Super Bowl would be a nightmare? Or is she lacking vision?


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Why don't you step in and fill the leadership void? You should stick with the sports commentary and stop with the social commentary, it's obvious your "boy" didn't win in the last election. Let's keep talking about our beloved FINS!

i am starting to believe we are going to super bowl for real.it's time for my meatball sub .

Portland, OR...hell yeah, I'm there!

I'm in Virginia. As a hardcore fan I'd definately show up.

I agree 100% about idiots being in leadership roles. I think it's because the population in America as a whole has degenerated in so many areas.

Good article Armando.
I live in South Carolina and go to at least one home game a year. Last year I made two. Absolutly WILL BE THERE, ticket or not if they get a home SB bid.

San jose, California and I'd be there in a heartbeat!

I live in Orlando. I would definately try to get tickets if the Dolphins were in the superbowl. I have family there, so I would stay with them anyway. But if they went I would go down south, if they don't then it's less likely.

Bethlehem, pa. I'd be watching for sure but from PA.

I definately will come to watch Miami or join in festivities all the way from Indianapolis just like I did for the Monday Night game against those wothless ponies(colts)

You can get Excited as you want, but Marketing wise, a Hugh %percentage of the Season Ticket holders are going to get 1st choice on the SB tickets. And their not renting a room. So YES we Dolfans want the 1st HOME S Bowl. But common Sence and the #'s show of a $$ Loss. Go FINS

Charleston, South Carolina. I would fly to China to see the Dolphins in the Super Bowl, and I would pay anything to be there. When it happens, I will be there.

Rochester, NY for me

and yeah I would be there!

My and my good friend are from central California and have been huge Dolphin fans for over 25 years and we've always vowed that when Miami went to the big game we'd be there to cheer them on.

orlando here, and grossman is no fan of my dolphins! Revoke her membership as a dolphin fan mando!

I live in OH, and yes I would spend a few days in FL to enjoy the atmosphere and the game.

I'm from the southwest Florida area and I would definitley come to enjoy the super bowl festivities if the fins were to make it. It would only be a three hour drive for me.

I live in Bend Oregon. I grew up In West Palm Beach. I am at every game at a bar here on game day. There is a small group of about 10 of us. WE are going to a Super Bowl with the Dolphins in it no matter where it is. PERIOD. having it in Miami.......All the better. My brother and Father still live in WPB and we would all stay in Miami for the festivities. We will find a way to get tickets.

You're right Mondo, I moved from Michigan ten years ago to the Tampa area in order to be close to my beloved Dolphins.
Now to answer your question, let's see I drove to Miami for 5 out of the 8 home games during the 1 win season 2 years ago, do u think I will come down to south Florida if the dolphins are in the superbowl?


Live in RI, just on the Mass border. There's very little I wouldn't do to go to Miami if the Fins were playing in the Super Bowl. Show Grossman this blog and see if she doesn't feel like an idiot.

Roanoke Va, I would be in Miami if they were in the SuperBowl

Cookeville, Tennessee and I have tickets for Dec 20 when they play the titans. Dam straight I would come down there to see them in the Super Bowl. Grew up in Palm Bay Fl. Loved watching Larry drag everyone down the field for a touchdown. And cant forget when he got an unsportsman like penalty for hitting a defensive player to hard. Would love to go up and hunt or fish in Alaska with him.

Semper FI

Dan R

I went to UF, then moved to Atlanta, and later relocated to Southern California back in 1993. There are a lot of Dolphins in SoCal, and I would definitely be at the Super Bowl if the Dolphins were in it. Grossman is incredibly stupid. Why do politics continue to attract people like her?

Armanda, I'm from Connecticut and I'd love to come down to see the Fins play in the big game!

Mark are you gay?

I've been a Dolphin fan my entire life and though I've never lived in Miami, I almost never miss a game. I live near Washington, D.C right now and would definitely travel to Miami if the Fins were fortunate enough to be in the Super Bowl this year. I have some fellow Fin fans in California and Maryland who I know would also come.

why would 2 gay guys want to adopt anyway?

I live and work on an American air base in South Korea. It would be difficult and expensive for me to fly to Miami to attend the Super Bowl, but I would try very hard to do so.

I make sure I got a truck route going down to south FLORIDA during the week so I be there.
NO way I take NJ, foolWONT SHUT his mouth, blabbering fool, my EARS would close shut. Sh+T
GO FINS Yes sir. Superbowl here I come.

SH+T that Biootch NJ would not shut up bout RUSH this RUSH that,politics garbage of his fuccch it

Grew up in Miami but now I go to school in Los Angeles and am a bigger Dolfan than ever! Wouldn't miss a Dolphins Super Bowl for the world!

did carlito say he live in the projects? Que basura.

I live in Delaware, there are not to many Phins fans I know of around here. I would def go Miami to cheer on the Dolphins. I would love the atmosphere and being around other Phins fans!

I live in NY and can see myself going to the game. I would probably sleep at my parents' house, but would still go down to Miami and spend money on apparel and food.

I graduated from high school in '84 and left Miami for good, but have been diehard Dolphins fan since. My parents are faithful season ticket holders still. Would gladly make the trip from CA to sit w/ parents for a 'Fins Superbowl!!!

South Jersey my entire life and yes i would come and yes there are many other dolphans here as well. grossman probably doesn't know the difference between chad henne and a hanging chad. now if the nfl would just give the game back to the fans and away from the corporations. . . .

Live just west of the Pecos in New Mexico and have been a Phin Fan all my life. Will be attending a home game next year and would love to be at the Super Bowl if the Phins are in.
One thing I would like to mention is that I meet Phin Fans all the time, so yes we are EVERYWHERE. Still Have never met a jet fan though. LOL

I am from Upstate South Carolina and have already discussed coming to Miami for the fun if the Dolphins make it to the Superboal.

I live in los Angeles and whenever the dolphins go to the superbowl, no matter where it is, we're coming, especially if it's in miami!!

Toronto Canada....\I'll be there!!!


im from hawaii and i have made a promise that iof the dolphins ever make it to the super bowl i will be there so naturally i would be there, that owner doesnt see the big picture and doesnt understand sports

I'm a dolfan for life from Memphis Tennessee!

Huntsville, Alabama (extreme north Al.).
I would not travel, but I don't think pros travel like colleges do. I can understand about not wanting UM in the Orange Bowl, but Super Bowl is all about corporations. I really don't think it would matter much.

Dallas, Texas here and I would travel to whatever city the super bowl was played in to be around the atmosphere and support my beloved Dolphins!

Nassau, Bahamas, Bahamian born and raised and believe me, there are THOUSANDS of us here who, given the opportunity, would hop a plane, a boat, a raft or freakin SWIM to Miami for a Fins Superbowl. Run Ronnie Run!!!

Virginia and I would be there is finances allowed in a heartbeat

"if" finances allowed...... ouch!

From Edmonton, Alberta. I'd come. Wow, 7 pages of fans from all over the world. Good call, Armando.

St Louis and I would be there. Grossman is not a true fan

I was born in Montreal, QC and now live in Toronto, Ontario. I have been to several Dolphins games in Buffalo (and Toronto). This year, I decided to spend a bit more to get 4th row seat behind the visitors bench in Buffalo so I could score an autograph on one of my 3 dolphins jerseys. I hope to soon make a trip to Miami to see them play in a home game. While I have never been to Miami, I imagine a home game experience would be similar to the home feeling I experienced when I made the trip to see Marino get inducted into the hall of fame.

If the Dolphins made it to the Super Bowl, I would do everything I could to get tickets to the game itself, but at the very least, I would make a trip there just to be with all of you for the week leading up to the game. For such an important game, I would want to be 'home'.

heh heh, I'm about 20 miles south of San Francisco. If the Dolphins made it to the Super Bowl, I'd be there, even if I had to walk the whole way.

Born and raised in Miami, been a FinFan since 74, I moved to Charlotte, NC in 1999...I would come in a heartbeat!

Hey Armando, I live in NJ. Yes I would come. I am planning on attending the Pittsburgh game later this year.

Ocala fla, and you bet your ass i'd be there.

I am A Dolphinsfan from Utah and I tell my wife every season that we will be taking out a second mortgage for superbowl tickets when Miami finally does get back there.

Mando, I'm a Dolfan living in Chicago. I was just at the Monday night game sharing season tix with my best friend (Miami Based). Although this year's been tough financially, I plan on going to the NE game in Dec and any playoff games at home. In the past I've traveled to see the Fins in Atlanta, Indy & ST Louis. So HELL YEAH, I'd be at the Super Bowl. No question, and btw thanks for giving us out-of-towners the platform for a day.

Chicopee, MA. Been to everygame around here weather it's against pats giants pitts jets. If Miami makes it to the superbowl I'm bringing my whole family down. Go fins

I just moved to colombia, south america. i´ve been a fins fanatic all my life. Flew from ny to mia to catch games, and went to london to catch them in the muck. chances are i won´t be able to find, let alone afford, tickets, but if they played in the SB, i´d be in miami for a week partying it up and ultimately watching the game.

I am from Indianapolis, Indiana! I have been a Dolphins Fan for over 20 years! I have been to Miami several times which have all included visits to Dolphins Stadium, or Landshark Stadium, or Joe Robbie if your sentimental about it! I recently just attended the Colts Monday night game a few weeks ago with my wife and the rest of my family who are all Colts Fans! I don't have a fond memory of the 84 Super Bowl, and would DEFFINETLY be there the next time my team makes it to the big game, no matter where it is!

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