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Dolphins in a home Super Bowl a nightmare?

There is truly a leadership void afoot in this country. I believe that, for whatever reason, many people we have stupidly installed into leadership roles have lost their way.

I'm talking about leaders in business, politics (from all the parties), the car industry, Wall Street and the financial industry and, sadly, everywhere in government.

We don't have people that get it anymore.

And that's where Broward County tourism director Nicki Grossman comes to mind today. This story in The Miami Herald tells how Grossman, a long-time South Florida public servant and Dolphins season-ticket holder (she claims), is rooting against the Dolphins making it to the Super Bowl this year.

Now, suspend the argument about whether the Dolphins are good enough to get to the Super Bowl or not. That's not the point. The point is how anyone can bring themselves to root against their own team for selfish reasons.

And Grossman, by the way, has selfish reason. As head of the tourism folks, Grossman wants to see the Super Bowl fill every hotel room in her county come next January and early February. And, she figures, if the Dolphins are in the game, the hotel rooms won't be filled because local fans can sleep in their own beds at night.

So there would be no great influx of Super Bowl fans.

But this is where Grossman misses the mark. She obviously does not understand that Dolphins fans are everywhere. I have become intimately of this fact because in every stadium the Dolphins play, there are typically  at least 2,000 Dolphins fans rooting for Miami. I am also aware that all my readers are not from South Florida. In fact, a majority are from outside South Florida.

You guys are Dolphins fans in Texas, the Carolinas, New York, Hawaii, everywhere. And I get the feeling many of you would come to South Florida to watch your team be in its first Super Bowl since 1984. Am I right?

Grossman also doesn't get the drift that a Super Bowl game is played by two teams. And the other team not being from South Florida will surely also bring fans.

So her vision, in rooting openly against the Dolphins, is myopic.

Leadership? Not so much.

So this is what I want you to do. Go to the comments section and tell me exactly where you are from in the country. Tell me if you would be inclined to come to a Dolphins Super Bowl celebration or not.

Now, I didn't ask if you'd be coming to the game. I know the tickets are expensive and hard to get. Grossman doesn't care about that anyway, she just needs folks that yearly come for the week of Super Bowl atmosphere and fun, filling the beds in local hotels. Whether those folks are in the stands on Super Bowl Sunday is moot.

Remember: Are you an out-of-town Dolphins fan? And would you trek to South Florida to join in the Dolphins Super Bowl celebration? 

Is Grossman right to believe the Dolphins playing a home Super Bowl would be a nightmare? Or is she lacking vision?


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I am a life long Dolphins fan. Grew up in Southern Mississippi, but spent my last 13 and a half years between Northern Virginia and West Virginia. I would in a heartbeat come down to Miami if the Dolphins made the Super Bowl this year. Of course, I wouldn't be spending money on a hotel since I have tons of relatives that live in the general area. So I wouldn't be contributing to the hotel room bookings. And, of course, it doesn't matter where the Super Bowl is, I will do whatever it takes to go to that game whenever the Dolphins make it.

I grew up in NJ but my wife and I moved to Los Angeles back in 1998. When we lived back east we would fly down to Miami for a game almost once a year and that doesn't include the road games. I've also seen the Dolphins play at the Ravens, the Eagles, the Steelers, the Jets, the Giants, New England and just a few weeks ago down in San Diego, where out of 62,000 total fans at the game my wife and I estmiated the Dolphin fans in attendance made up somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of the whole crowd and that was for one REGULAR season game. I went to a slew of games over the years against the jets up at the Meadowlands and the Dolphins fans were always a good 10-15% of the crowd.

When someone hasn't been to a Dolphins road game it's not surprising that they wouldn't have a handle on how strong the Dolphins fanbase is on a national level.

That lady should be talked to cause she's not thinking right.

No matter where I lived, I would make the trip...

Lifelong Dolphins fan currently living in Coleman, TX and when the dolphins make it to a Super Bowl, no matter where it is, I'll do everything I can to be there.

BK, NY. I would do anything to get tix and if I couldn't I would still go for the celebration. Shoot, just get us to the promised land!!!!!

I'm here in Vegas, and would love to go to Miami in Feb with my wife (after making a legal wager here of course) to see Miami play in the Superbowl.

I was at QualCom a few weeks ago with my daughter, and saw hundreds of Fins Fans in the Gas Lamp District Saturday Night (most of the fans we spoke to were NOT from Florida. Fins Fans travel (U Fans, not so much) and they are all over the country.

Write me down for 4 tickets.

Without a doubt I'd be there! Born and raised in Philly. Now living in Southern Jersey. Been to Dolphin games in Miami many times already. A Superbowl would be the icing on the cake for me! I'm in!!!!

I live in Ga. and have been a Dolphin fan eversince there has been a team.
We get to the SB this year and I'm doing everything in my power to be there!!!!

She's an idiot, there are also thousands of people just like you Armando (media) that will be flooding the area in masses. Casusal fans and fans of neither team playing in the Super Bowl will be in attendance for all the Pre-Game extras (Pro Bowl). I'm sure those participating in the Pro-Bowl might want to stick around an extra week on the beach just to enjoy some of the festivities. I grew up in North Carolina watching the phins and now live in Maryland and would make the Trek ONLY IF the Dolphins got the chance to dance.

I'm from Colorado and I would be at a Dolphins home Super Bowl without a doubt. Ya hear that Mando, If the Dolphins make it you better fire up the weenie roaster and pitch a tent in your backyard baby. You've got some out of towners coming..... hey, we're all friends here right? FU Gross, stupid terd!

I'm from France, and will try to come in FL if the Dolphins play in the SB.
I already saw them in London, and that was worth the trip.

Fan since the KC playoff game in '71.....from
Ottawa, Canada. I've attended Phin games at home and many roads games in Buffalo and New England..
If they play in the superbowl...I'll be there.

Phins still have a strong brand worldwide....From Shula until Wanny, Miami fielded two losing teams in 34 seasons...that builds interest and loyalty. Since 2004 some fan loyalty has waned with some very bad seasons. Last year reinvigorated the fan base across the planet.

Well A-MAN, think ya made people think?(ya I know)Damn,You are the man!.

I live in finland and work in italy. i'd try to get game tickets if I could find them if the dolphins got to the super bowl - and would be more likely to try to go if they were playing in florida.


For ten years, I block of a few days before and after superbowl sunday at work, just in case. Also, this takes the available time away from Patriots fans I work with.

I now live in West Virginia with a wife and three beautiful children. I was born and raised in Miami from 66 to 84. I saw all of Marino's games and would be back if they went to the superbowl. Go Sparano.

From King, North Carolina (Home of the King Dolphins!). I am 29 and have been a Dolphins fan since I came out of the womb. This lady is an idiot and doesn't realize that we Dolfans are not just from Miami, honestly I think the hardcore fin fans don't live in Miami anyways, and I would definitely go to Miami for the Super Bowl!

You know what, while I am here and everyone is talking about where they are from, if there is anyone that lives in the general area of Martinsburg/Charles Town WV, let me know. I am dying to find some more Fin fans to hang out with and watch the games on Sundays.

Fan fro Maine and I would absolutely make the trip

I'm from statesville, NC. If the dolphins were In the superbowl I'd be there

Columbus Ohio, I'd be at the superbowl, I'm glad te buckeyes lost
To purdue btw. I'm
A canes fan.

Alabama here. Grew up in Ocala. I have been a fan since 70. Love thd fins! Hate Saban! I've been to two games in Miami and got to go to the game in Atlanta this year. The Gross woman is wrong............

from Jersy to Miami Beach, to Sunset Beach Hawaii to Playa Grande beach in Cota Rica, always have been, & always will be a Dolphin fan. went to opening night, we shulda beat inde though. if they make it to the big game, i will be there no matter what. that lady should be run out of town, never root against your home team. 1 game @ a time. & thanks should go out to the trifecta for giving all of us what we need during the hard times we all are feeling. Alan from CR

I live in California, I used to live near Dallas and have been a Dolphin fan for 37 years. I typically travel to one game per year. If the ticket was affordable I think it would be the experience of a lifetime to travel to see the Dolphins in the superbowl in their home stadium.

We are from Tennessee On our way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I grew up in Miami Beach, but since then I have lived in Israel, Maryland, Upstate New York, and now Philadelphia. As excited as I would be, I just couldn't afford to come in for the game or the celebration.

I have been a Dolphins Fan since a were at the Dolphins -new England Season opener in -94. I live in Sweden and are following the Dolphins reading MiamiHerald on the net and this year I can watch the games on NFL Game Pass HD. I have friends who will go to this years Superbowl from Sweden and if the Fins would be there I would try to get there myself.


Point proven, nice one Mando

I am 44 years and I have been a Dolphins fan my entire life. I'm from Memphis Tn. There are a great many fans in my state that would gladly make that trip to the Super Bowl. This ladie's line of thinking is ridiculous.

I'm from Massachusetts and get really, really tired of having to hear about the Pats. Been a fan since 1971. Given the opportunity I'd go to Miami to spend the week celebrating and partying.

I'm from Maryland. If we make it, I'll be there!

Live in Peshawar, Pakistan. A die hard Dolphan since 89. Follow them on the internet via NFL Gamepass and before that Internet Radio. Them going to SB will be a dream come true. Only regret is not seeing Marino lift the SB trophy. Even took my wife to see Phins vs. Giants 1996 at Joe Robbie's on my honeymoon.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Probably wouldnt make the trip; but I would be happy as hell!

Grew up in Miami springs, followed the dolphins since i was 4. Lived all over the world via the military.

I live in port-au-prince haiti and wouldnt miss the dolphins in a super bowl in miami for anything in the world. and I know at least 25 of my friends and family that would make the trip to miami also... this grossman lady is pretty lame if you ask me...

Colorado Springs, and yes, I would travel...I am just not holding my breath.

North Dakota. Wild horsed couldn't keep me away from that game.

I am from Tennessee and would make the trip if afforded the opportunity.

Why pander to this clown politician anyway? I do not think she is a true Phin Fan!

Hail from Montana, currently living in Spain. Would love to come to Florida for a Super Bowl, but duty calls...

I live in NH, am a season ticket holder, go to at least 3 games a year and would certainly be at the game if Miami was in it. However, I'm not sure I would go for the entire week.

Maryland here. I try to get down for a game every year and would definitely be there for the SB.

I live in Colorado and have been a devoted Dolphin all my life(38) Interesting though I became a Dolphin fan living in Mexico City(DF) as a kid. I would love to make it out to Miami for the Super Bowl even if tickets are out the question. That would be the best money spent. Old fight song is the only Dolphin song that should ever be played at a game until they actually come up with something halfway decent. Peace

I live in Calgary, Canada. I used to live in Miami when I was a boy and have been a die hard fins fan since. Im flying down for the bucs game this year, I would definitely travel to Miami if we made it to the Super Bowl

I grew up in Cutler Ridge, and have been a Dolphan since my grandfather was working in the Orange Bowl. I moved to Massachusetts a couple of years ago, and every year my best friend (Pats fan) and I go to the game at Foxboro and the game down in Miami. So the question is, would I go to the Superbowl if my beloved Phins were in it? Hell yeah!!!

i'm from southern ontario, hamilton to be exact, and i will definitly be going to miami for the superbowl if my fins make it. even if i can't get a ticket the party atmosphere and tailgating is perfect for a fan of football. i experienced my first superbowl driving to detroit a few years back. nothing compares!!!!

Long time Dolphin fan here in Rhode Island, smack in the middle of Patriot country!! Read your column every day 24/7 and try to get to a game at least once every few years. When Dolphins do get back to a SuperBowl you bet I would be there in a heartbeat, never know when it will happen again!! And I would bet there are many people around the country who feel the same way!!

Hi I'm Rick and hell yes I'm coming all the way from Council Bluffs Iowa (across the river from Omaha Ne. ) for all that have no idea where that is. Also thank you I read your blog everyday technology is a great thing. Keep up the good work.

Im from Boise, Idaho and If Miami made it to the S.B I for one would find a way to be there.

I also grew up in Miami but now live in Las Vegas. Since I've left I've never missed a game and when the Dolphins are out West I go see them. We went to the Arizona game early last season and there were more Dolphin jerseys than the home team. After speaking with fellow Dolpfans I saw first hand that we are a huge following from all over the country. Not just residents born and raised in Miami! After how they played last week I think Superbowl is possible soon! And I'd travel to any city to see it! Keep up the great articles...

Number 1 dolphin here in La Quinta, Ca. Roughly 3000 miles away. Of course I'm showing up for the if the Dolphins make it to the Super Bowl. In addition (after they win) I'm staying for about a week to relish in the victory!

I live in Virginia and have been a dolfan ever since Shula came to town from Baltimore when I was only 9 years old.
I would love to come to Miami and celebrate with the rest of the dolfans.I know of dozens from this small community that would come even if we can't get tickets. Find a nice sports bar maybe Shulas steak house and watch the game and party on the beach.
Anyway it would be a nice vacation.
Good job Armando

brooklyn, nyc. I was born and raised in the mia and been a fan since the david woodley/a.j. duhe/killer b days. would b on the first plane down there if they go to the big game!

Couldn't agree with you more!! I'm from Wisconsin, an am flying down for the pro bowl this year. Wouldn't think twice about waiting a week to see Ronnie Brown rumble all over what ever NFC team would lose.

Also, on the leadership remarks- leaders are born, not made!!

I'm from Los Angeles,CA. I've been a Dolfan 30+ years and have never even been 2 Miami! You bet ur bottom dollar I'm gonna spend $ to go to Miami if the Dolphins r playing in the Superbowl. Heck, I'm gonna spend tons of money in Miami becuz I'll b so damn happy!!!

I would come from Tel Aviv to the superbowl, especially because it's in Miami. She obviously wrong, and being ridicules if she thinks her success is depended on one week out of the whole year in a great tourism site like south Florida.


I've been a Dolphins fan sicne I was old enough to start appreciating the game in the twilight of the Griese years. I'ved lived in Colorado nearly all my life and would do everything I could to snag a set of ticket to the Big Game if my Dolphins host it this year!

I'm from Pottsville, Pa, home of America's oldest brewery (Yuengling!). I would definitely be there for the SB!!

I'm from aptos,ca and I would definitely travel to Miami if they made it to the suprebowl! No question!

pointless article, as usual. FIRE ASSMANDO NOW!

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