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Dolphins in a home Super Bowl a nightmare?

There is truly a leadership void afoot in this country. I believe that, for whatever reason, many people we have stupidly installed into leadership roles have lost their way.

I'm talking about leaders in business, politics (from all the parties), the car industry, Wall Street and the financial industry and, sadly, everywhere in government.

We don't have people that get it anymore.

And that's where Broward County tourism director Nicki Grossman comes to mind today. This story in The Miami Herald tells how Grossman, a long-time South Florida public servant and Dolphins season-ticket holder (she claims), is rooting against the Dolphins making it to the Super Bowl this year.

Now, suspend the argument about whether the Dolphins are good enough to get to the Super Bowl or not. That's not the point. The point is how anyone can bring themselves to root against their own team for selfish reasons.

And Grossman, by the way, has selfish reason. As head of the tourism folks, Grossman wants to see the Super Bowl fill every hotel room in her county come next January and early February. And, she figures, if the Dolphins are in the game, the hotel rooms won't be filled because local fans can sleep in their own beds at night.

So there would be no great influx of Super Bowl fans.

But this is where Grossman misses the mark. She obviously does not understand that Dolphins fans are everywhere. I have become intimately of this fact because in every stadium the Dolphins play, there are typically  at least 2,000 Dolphins fans rooting for Miami. I am also aware that all my readers are not from South Florida. In fact, a majority are from outside South Florida.

You guys are Dolphins fans in Texas, the Carolinas, New York, Hawaii, everywhere. And I get the feeling many of you would come to South Florida to watch your team be in its first Super Bowl since 1984. Am I right?

Grossman also doesn't get the drift that a Super Bowl game is played by two teams. And the other team not being from South Florida will surely also bring fans.

So her vision, in rooting openly against the Dolphins, is myopic.

Leadership? Not so much.

So this is what I want you to do. Go to the comments section and tell me exactly where you are from in the country. Tell me if you would be inclined to come to a Dolphins Super Bowl celebration or not.

Now, I didn't ask if you'd be coming to the game. I know the tickets are expensive and hard to get. Grossman doesn't care about that anyway, she just needs folks that yearly come for the week of Super Bowl atmosphere and fun, filling the beds in local hotels. Whether those folks are in the stands on Super Bowl Sunday is moot.

Remember: Are you an out-of-town Dolphins fan? And would you trek to South Florida to join in the Dolphins Super Bowl celebration? 

Is Grossman right to believe the Dolphins playing a home Super Bowl would be a nightmare? Or is she lacking vision?


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Chicago. I'd be there!

Western Kentucky- I'm there AND I will TiVo everything so I can watch it when I get home.

I live in Tallahassee, and have been a Dolphin fan ever since Joe Auer returned the inaugural kick-off to the end zone for a touchdown in 1966 - what a way for a franchise to begin!!!
"Auer's Hour" was the headline in that Monday's Herald, I believe...

I also have great memories as a McArthur Dairy "Huddle Club" member sitting in our west end zone section for about 10 or so minutes, and then moving to any of the numerous empty seats on the 30 or 40 yard line.

Though I can't see myself in a position to actually attend the game for obvious financial reasons, I sure could see coming down to join the parties all over town, and more to the point, spending money!!

Bahamas. Will be in town next week with at least 12 others for our yearly football trip.

I am from DC and will be in to go to a game on Nov 12. Yes, I would come in town for the superbowl. I would not buy tix. But I would be there. I was there for '83 and '85. It's been way too long..


I grew up in Miami and I still remember like it was yesterday when my heart broke when the Dolphins lost the Dallas then went on to go undefeated. I ran outside and could hear the city just going bonkers. Horns and cheers and celebration that seemed to have no end. I was all but 10 years old then and have bled Dolphins since.

I have been living in Los Angeles now for 30 years. If the Dolphins made it to the Super Bowl and there was a way I'd be there, just in the hope that I would be able to relive that one time, that one moment over again.

I have been to only three Superbowls. All three of them the Dolphins were playing and I wasn't even an adult then...If my phins go to the Superbowl this year, I plan on being there no matter where it is played!

I am from Denver Colorado, and I am a huge fins fan! I would go a see the Dolphins if they went there for I would be taking a little trip to a florida hotel if that was the case, hell I might even buy some florida lotto tickets to try my luck and we all know where that money goes!

I was born and raised in the MIA, but I would be flying in from DC to watch the big game ... and yes, I would come to watch the big game, and I would pay whatever I had to.

Born and raised I MIA, live in NC now and I would definitely be there if the Fins made to the Super Bowl!

I am from Nicaragua, where I live now, and I am a Dolphins fan since my college years(1968-1973)at Hattiesburg, Mississippi (Golden Eagle). I also lived in Miami in the late 80`s. Of course I will travel to South Florida to enjoy the Super Bowl game , if Miami is one of the teams playing at. Go Dolphins! Yes we can.

Born in Cali moved to phx,az and been a dolphins fan since 92 and I would not miss a fins home super bowl she dumb

I'm from Miami, just moved to NY 4 months ago. Hell yea I'd head home for the super bowl!!

I grew up I'm miami and moved to Mississippi in high school and there is no way in earth I would miss the dolphins in a super bowl ESPECIALLY if it was in south Florida

I've been a Dolphin Fan since their very first season. As a young child, my father took me to a couple of their games in the Orange Bowl. We moved to California when I was 14. Now I live in Oregon, but I'm still loyal to my home town team.
Yeah, I'd toy with the idea of coming to the SuperBowl Game if it was in Miami. If it wasn't too expensive.
This Nicki Grossman character is rather short sighted. Too bad the Superbowl couldn't be with Miami and perhaps Tampa Bay. That would fix her. I'd say she should be happy just to have the Superbowl come Miami's way as much as it does, let alone that her supposed, "favorite team" might possibly be playing. Nicki's thinking is just, "Gross Man"!
Keep up the fine Blog Armando. I look forward to your interesting, thought provoking and sometimes humorous anecdotes. I was especially touched by your tribute to your Mother. It was a courageous departure for a man to take time to pay his respects to what must have been a wonderful, devoted,and loving Mother.
I don't always agree with your opinions or views, but I sure gained some respect for you after that moving and well written piece. GO DOLPHINS!

I also bought tickets to dolphins panthers game in Charlotte and of I am willing to fly around country to see dolphins play you damn well better know I would be there for super bowl

Born and raised in the county of Dade but now stationed in NC.... and no amount of money or distance can stop me from making it to a Miami superbowl. She must not be aware how long dolphin fans been waitin for this. Her husband is probably a season ticket holder cuz I highly doubt she is

I'm from Belleville, NJ. I've been a Dolphins fan since I was 5 years old and I am now 21. If they were to make it to the super bowl this year, i would probably make every effort possible to attend the game. Good post, Armando.

I live in new Smyrna beach fl and Im a huge dolphins fan. I read ur blog daily. I would definitely go to see the game if the dolphins were in the big game. That lady ain't right.

Sydney, Australia and been a fan since 1990!
Got to my first ever Dolphins game Week 2 (MNF) against Indy and loved it (apart from the "L"). If our 'Phins made the Superbowl I'd be there no doubt....17 hour flight and all!! Hehe! Go 'Phins!!

I'm from Hayward,ca and I would love to come to a Dolphins Bowl. I grew up on Miami an was there for the perfect season. I still watch them on Direct TV each. I pay big money just so I can watch them each year. I need a good excuse to come there and that would be the best one I could think of!!
Greg Williams

Born and Raised. Now living in Las Vegas. I am flying and staying in hotels for regular season games. Wouldn't miss the big Party! GO FINS!!!

I live in Kansas and I have been a Dolphin fan since I was a little girl. I cannot believe her non-support logic, how sad!

Columbus, Ohio
Financially, doubt I could, but I would fight tooth and nail to get there

Fins fan for 35 yrs, moved 24 yrs ago and I've travelled to see them play. Stationed in Germany in 1992 and drove up to Berlin for a preseason game, and flew home at the end of that season for their playoff games against San Diego and the Bills (Jan 93). Flew home last year to take our kids to their first NFL game, Fins vs Chargers. YEAH, I would be there for a Super Bowl.

I'm from Minnesota, I grew up in jersey and I lived Miramar (fl) for ten years. I've been a dolpins fan as long as I can remember. I'd be there with fins on!!!

born and raised in South FLA-25 years..living in NYC now (J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK)--hell yeah i'd be coming back for a home superbowl

that's silly, the superbowl will fill the hotels regardless of who plays in it. remember, the pro-bowl is gonna be here the week before, this woman is foolish.

I really enjoy watching JETS lose

Live in Omaha, Nebraska. Dolphins fan for 25 years. Anytime the fins play close, I go and see them. Have seen them play in Kc, st. Louis, Minnesota, Chicago, and Denver over the years

I live in Miami Lakes but I guarantee I will be staying in a hotel because I will be so intoxicated I highly doubt I would make it back home in one piece lol

Born and raised in Broward County...my dad has had season tickets since I was six. I moved to the Jacksonville are 3 1/2 years ago. I would be there without a doubt! That lady is definitely not a dolfan or a football fan for that matter to make such a ridiculous statement. She is an idiot wrapped inside of a moron!!!

Live in Virginia and I'm a season ticket holder at Joe Robbie. I would definitely make it!!

If I lived on Mars I'd make the game

I'm from Los Angeles. I fly out to Miami every year for the home opener and if financials allow, for maybe another game or two. If the Phins make the Suoerbowl in ANY American city, I will be there--that includes Miami!

I am a hardcore Dolfan here in Minneapolis, MN. I would definitely be making the trek down to Miami for a super bowl party.

(I would have been one of the 2000 dolphin fans sitting in the Metrodome the last time the Vikings played the Dolphins up here)

I live in Germany and I'd definately be there.

Shes an idiot. Me and my dad live in kentucky wed be there for certain.

From Bogota, Colombia. If the phins make the superbowl, trust me, i will be there! and yes we have much love for the dolphins here in S. America!!! go dolphins # 1 !

I live in Maryland. I have been to 3 games in Miami over the last 6 years. Would I come down for a Super Bowl celebration? Absolutely.

I live in Texas and I am lucky that the money would not be the issue, the time off work would. That being said, I would do whatever I could to get to Miami and the Super Bowl itself.

Im a Dolfan from the South Pacific live and work in the US. If the Fins made the SB this year; I would attend! There's more to Fin football than that "head of tourism" doesn't understand!

I live in Springfield, Missouri. As much as I'd love to come, I probably would not be able to make the trek.

I've been a Dolfan since I was born. I'm from south MS and my friends and I drove 11+ hours just to go to the miami training camp this summer. If we make the super bowl I will be there no doubt!

Hell yeah I'd go, I lived 18 years in MIAMI, now I'm in N. Carolina where we even have a little fan club of about 15-20 that get together every game in a sports bar in our little town to watch, all but one of those fans have never lived in s. Fla.... a lot of fans out there and I'm sure they'd all go.... besides most people who go to superbowls are not real fans, they're just connected.... believe me after the drought we've been on since 80's I think all of S.Fla would take the week off and party, plenty of $$$ would be spent.......

Hell yeah I'd go, I lived 18 years in MIAMI, now I'm in N. Carolina where we even have a little fan club of about 15-20 that get together every game in a sports bar in our little town to watch, all but one of those fans have never lived in s. Fla.... a lot of fans out there and I'm sure they'd all go.... besides most people who go to superbowls are not real fans, they're just connected.... believe me after the drought we've been on since 80's I think all of S.Fla would take the week off and party, plenty of $$$ would be spent.......

I agree with you and I'd be there! Now how about an apology to Jake Long and the rest of the O line for throwing them under the bus games 1 thru 3?

I live 25 minutes south of Foxboro, Massachusetts.

i'M from MIami, but live in Boston. I would go down to Miami if they reached the Super Bowl, but I would stay at my sisters house in Kendall.

I live in Managua, Nicaragua....for those of you who are shaky at geography that's outside the US. I would defenitely fly in but I have a place to stay in Miami and would not be using a hotel room. Can you please tell the tourism lady in the article that I'd be more than happy to buy her seat at that game were the dolphins to make it to the superbowl.

I am from Richmond Virginia and a Dolphins fan since 1971 age 5. My Dad was a big Don Shula fan from Colts days & switched teams when Don moved to the Dolphins. We loved the style of play those teams put on the field and in many ways todays team reminds me of some of those teams of old. I would definitely try to be in Miami for a home field Super Bowl game are you kidding me! This government official probably thinks raising taxes during a recession is a great idea too......

I'm in Mechanicsburg, PA and on just my street in my neighborhood (which isn't that big mind you ... and its not like I even know everyone) there are 2 other Dolphins fans ... just on my street.

Melbourne, FL here, and I would absolutely come to South Florida and would need a hotel room.

Mando, she is lacking SERIOUS vision my friend. I'm born and raised in northern New Jersey, and am a die-hard Dolphins fan of over 20 years. I would ABSOLUTELY come down if the Dolphins made it to the Super Bowl, regardless if I had tickets to the game or not. Not even a question. And if they ever won, there is no way in hell I wouldn't be downtown with my people for that parade!! Wouldn't miss something like that in a million years bro!!

Miami, fl baby !! Born n raised dolphins fan !! N if I was an out of Towner hell yea I'd go watch my dolphins in the super bowl even If they were playing in south Africa !!

I am a south Florida NAtive but moved to Greensboro NC 15 years ago. I definitely would be in South Florida if the Phins made the Superbowl.

I'm in Toronto and have yet to go to a Dolphins game -- in Miami, anyway. I have been to various nearby stadiums to cheer them on as the visiting team. But a home Super Bowl is the one-of-a-kind of thing that would convince me to make the trip (I'm going to do it at some point anyway, I know, but that would speed up the process).

I'm a Dolphin fan from California, and yes, I would hope to come to South Florida for the game, but no, I would not be needing a hotel room. Too many Miami friends... and maybe that's what Nikki understands and you don't.

I live in Raleigh, NC and I'm a die-hard Dolphins fan! I moved up here 2 years ago from Miami and I'm already planning to make the trip down for the Pro Bowl. If the Dolphins were to win, I'd be down in a heartbeat especially since the 'Fins haven't won a championship in my lifetime (31 y.o.). I will be attending the Carolina vs Miami match-up in Nov. and driving down to the UF vs FIU match-up in Gainesville that weekend.
Grossman truly does miss the mark on the term "FAN"!

Im from Miami but now live In Los Angeles, CA. I am pretty much resolute about heading back home for the game especially if the dolphins are in it. I defintely won't be attending the game, but I'll be joining in the celebration.

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