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Dolphins sign Kory Sheets to replace Cobbs

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said Lex Hilliard would be replacing Patrick Cobbs. That is probably true, but he forgot to mention the guy taking Cobbs' vacancy on the active roster.

According to The San Jose Mercury News, the Dolphins signed running back Kory Sheets off the San Francisco practice squad on Tuesday. Sheets didn't sound all the excited about leaving his peeps in San Francisco.

"I've been with these guys all training camp, and we went through the grind together," Sheets said. "I've bonded with these guys. But this is just part of the business." 

Sheets played for Purdue University. He is second on the Purdue career rush list with 3,341 yards. Mike Alstott is atop that list.

Sheets -- 5-11 and 208 pounds -- was not drafted out of Purdue.

He's got a three weeks to impress the Dolphins brass.

Note to Sheets: Find a way to show up on special teams.


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Whatever happened to Jalen Parmalee? Is he on the Ravens active roster?

Nice pick up, the guy was third fastest rb at the combine. Kick returner anyone? He has to be placed on our active roster since he was taken from a practice squad. Check out his you tube vids.

Kory don't fret, you will be coming to a better team and get to play in the most dynamic o in the league.

Sounds a little ungrateful if you ask me...

Sheets is a good pick up. We needed that shifty fast back to complement the style of runners we have.

Sheets, be lucky you have a job, jerk.
Be thankful you've been blessed with the physical ability to play in the NFL and make more than most people...shut up and play you butt off or you will be without a job with Uncle Bill watching you.

I have to say this...if the man doesnt wanna come play for us and be on the 53 man roster, then let him stay there in SanFran on the Practice Squad...It most be a really tough choice for him...53 Man Roster or Practice Squad...how do I decide!? Stay or Come...it's your choice...But, I know there are a lot of guys on our own Developmental Unit that would like to be on the 53 Man Roster right now.

How stupid are the freaking jets? First they wanna talk crap about our offense using gimmick plays(the wilcat), but then they run the same exact play only they call it the Sentinel or some crap. Calvin Pace calling Henne a clown QB? I love it! Just goes to show u how much Chad got under their skin. Lmfao, No sacks all game for the jets against Henne. Can't wait til the rematch so Henne can throw. 300+ yards & 3 TDs. against Pace & the rest of his classless team & coach.

I thought Cobbs' spot would go to Matt Roth, possibly.

Phinatic, its time to move on about the jets, iTS A BYE WEEK, WHAT ELSE DO YOU HAVE to contribute to the bye week blog???

I'm sure that IF we keep Roth it won't be THAT difficult to find room for him. We aren't exactly overflowing with talent last I checked. I'm still wondering why we signed, or even NEED another RB. We don't run a 5WR set, we run a 5 RB set (FB included)

Phinatic I agree the jets are classless and your points are well take. Keep up the good work. Any time is a good time to trash the jerks - I mean jets.

The Jets called the play the "Seminole" because Leon Washington runs it, and he went to FSU.

Calvin Pace is a JOKE. He gets suspended for 4 games for PED, hurting his team and his reputation, then he comes back and gets humiliated against us on national TV, then he calls out our offense and our QB that just beat his ass.

The goal of first 1/3 of season is not to play yourself out of contention. Mission accomplished. This is going to be another fun ride to end the season.

Mando, excellent job with the updates and providing highlights. I use this app something like 20 times a day, love it!!!!!!

In regards to Jets linebacker Calvin Pace's statement, ``I can't respect that stuff, all that Wildcat'', how it is "Nonsense"; let me congratulate him on his “smart” comment and “brilliant” assessment. However to help him “make sense” of this “Nonsense Stuff”, I recommend he buy and read this book “The Art of War”. It will him help understand how in battle such as (Football game), an opponent is suppose disposition you and take advantage of your disposition, thus the “Wildcat, Nonsense”.

considering doing a RE-Live blog of the Dolphins vs. Jets replay on NFL network tonight ...

Will do it if there is a positive response for it ...

Who would join me?

"The Turning Point" Last year around this time we were 2-3 or 2-4 my main thing is this I sincerely hope ghat they are taking this bye week very seriously to correct the issues on defense and for henne to get more accustomed to the recievers he has now. This is it after the bye week the BIG BOYS are coming for real. I know they can pull through this tough stretch and I hope that the coaching staff puts them in position to do so. I forsee a 10-6 or at best 11-5 the rest of the way! Go Wildcats

Yes! I was at game and can't wait to watch it again on NFL network!

LOL If I didn't have to work I damn sure would!!!!

Armando , excellent idea . Im in . Just Knowing what already happened is a big advantage . We can look at specific plays and formations and then breakdown and comment.

I lose my voice yelling at stupid jests fans monday night

Well, that's one yes and one no so far.

Carlito was at the game all right from section - apartment row - the couch.

Mando . cuban.... i mean carlito is in, That's 2.

I can still play. I'm ready to strap on a helmet or just strap on a strap on if you know what I mean (and I think you do).

Some observations:

1) Rush Limbaugh's comment years ago about Donovan McNabb was not racist in the slightest. As a principled conservative, Rush (and I call him Rush because we are good friends, although not as close as Armando and me, but perhaps as close as Cuban Menace and me - come to think of it I'd put my friendship with Cuban Menace on a par with my friendship with Armando - not quite backyard buddies, but we have shared recipes, stock tips and girlfriends) was unequivocally stating that African-Americans should be held to the same standards as everyone else. The racist is the person who holds people of a certain ethnicity to a lower standard.

2) It is unlikely that the Dolphins will make the playoffs this year - certainly not impossible, but improbable. Nevertheless, I will treasure this year for the absolute uniqueness and effectiveness of the Wildcat, and the Dolphins' rushing game in general. In the current "copycat" NFL, being uniquely proficient in something is a rare spectacle.

3) It is one of the great Canadian ironies that the populist Left and populist Right became centered in bordering provinces (the Right in Alberta, the Left in Saskatchewan).

4) As a teenager, I didn't like it when a dark-haired woman would dye her hair blond. But now I kind of like it when they do. It makes them look kinda dirty, kinda nasty - kinda nice.

We can also a share a laugh or two at the expense of rex ryan's fat face and his expessions every time miami makes a big play or scores.


I know you like the big pass plays, how you feel about Henne the Hero's 53 yd bomb to Ted Ginn? I lose my mind after this play!

I personally like to see Ronnie Brown pound the ball, but this play was something special.

NJ phin fan,

This Rex Ryan facial expression is the exact type thing I want to watch for b/c you cannot see this when u at stadium.

Wow, he's built like Cobbs, and runs the ball like Cobbs. Hilliard's got some competition for a roster spot once Cobbs gets back from his injury.

whats the scoop on ricky's foot. anyone?

Hey Cuban. We just beat the jets! What i can't talkabout it for a day or two?Excuse me but who died & made u blog editor? Get off my nutz byotch

nice pick up adds some more speed to the team hopefully he can return kicks he looked pretty good at Purdue not like he was on a good team so that makes him look even better....really low risk move



This was my favorite chant of game going down ramp to parking lot. There was also a couple secctions chanting "F&^K the Jets! " during the game.

yeah, what's up with Ricky? He came in on the last play but tripped over himself. He was obviously a decoy. I doubt we'll hear anything if it's just a sprain because it'll be better by the end of two weeks.

I thought we would bring David Martin back. We could sure use him. Not sure if Haynos is getting it done and having Martin would be a big threat - faster and better at YAC than Fasano and certainly a MUCH better receiver than Haynos.

Intersting that this guy would rather earn, what, $30K on a practice squad than $400K (?) on a roster? Meathead. Way to start things off with Sparano. Can you say "inactive?"

I heard that Rex Ryan saved those two timeouts so he could eat them on the plain ride home.

Tommya , Cobbs is out for the year. Do you mean next year ? Did you look up the cheerleader oufits for toddlers on the miami dolphins store yet .

Carlto saw ryan expessions up close on the TV.

Carlto means he heard the chants from the ally way leading into his mommy's basement.

NJ why you so jealous at me for be season ticket holder to the greatest team in professional sport?

Why you just can't be classy person and say, Go Dolphins!? You one sick individual, you spend too many time around Jet fan.

He runs hard! I will give him that much. Purdue?

Ricky williams took snaps in the wildcat this morning. So he's ok. Kory sheets was taking wildcats reps with the rest of the rb's.

I would recommend not looking up a toddlers cheerleader outfit.....

this pick-up looks good, especially if he can return kicks, but Lex was stellar in preseason so me hopes he gets some PT. Sparano will not like this guys comments thou, considering Cobbs was his fav player.

Damn it would suck to be a fan of a team with Pace on it!

Hilliard looked real solid fumbling the ball. The outfit is for his 2 year old daughter , you sick Fuch.

4.3 Speed...

Ran the spread in collage!
Slash runner like Steve Slaton but with more size,... less power.
Has a nose for the endzone, and will over power tacklers with his power move.

perfect for wild cat!
Big time move,... he will get lots of carries!

it's ok for the guy to say what he said; just expressing that he'll miss the guys he worked in camp with and had been through preseason/a few games, etc., and everything else for the past months... that's very understandable

you guys don't have to take every single friggin comment literally, ok... geez get a life

49ers lost Gore for a few weeks, why wasn't Sheets activated? Doe sanyone know if he has any return experience?

Does this rule out any chance to trade for J. Cribbs????

I trust the Dolphins brass with their acorn scouting talent, but man Cribbs sounded like such a good, affordable Wildcat back/returner.

What about Roth?

Guys, is Ricky hurt? He limped off the field at the end of the game. Mando?

Devildog, do you read other people posts or you just come on and talk ? read my post at 1:08 pm about williams.

The 1st Cory Sheets highlight is nothing special (looks slow there).

The real highlight to see is the second one, titled "Greatest Juke Ever." Purdue down in Q4 w/ about 1 min. left. Sheets put on a juke that had about 5 moves in it to break a 50yd. game winning TD-run. Looks really quick there!

Thank you for the update on Ricky, NJPHINFAN

Hilliard looked real solid fumbling the ball. The outfit is for his 2 year old daughter , you sick Fuch.

I know what the outfit was for, but out of context it was, well, what it was. The fumbling can be fixed, he showed heart like Cobbs and lil versitility, which the brass kinda like.

love Youtube!

That new guy better be ready to play hard.

I can still play. I'm ready to strap on a helmet or just strap on a strap on if you know what I mean (and I think you do).

Posted by: Kareem abdul Jabar | October 14, 2009 at 12:41 PM


Funny you should chime in, KaJ.

I actually sported your #33 jersey at the bar I watched the game at on Monday night. Someone gave it to me a few months ago and that's the first time I've worn it. As of now, it's 1-0, it may be good luck.

People forget these rookies are just kids, he's going to a new town, with new players, a new coach, a whole new playbook, he'll adjust and be fine. I'm sure he didn't mean it as a knock on his new team, he's just leaving his friends and comfort zone. And I'm sure that wasn't the whole interview, that's just the most news worthy quote.

Hey guys does anyone know if video is avaliable of the locker room after mondays win?

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